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What she says: I’m fine

What she means:  In one episode of The Fairly Odd Parents, Timmy’s dad stops wearing pants because as he explains, “Pants are for squares.” Was he referencing SpongeBob SquarePants? And another Fairly Odd Parents episode involves Timmy meeting the king of Atlantis, who says that he once ate an underwater squirrel. Holy shit, was that Sandy, or at least one of her relatives? In fact, an episode of Jimmy Neutron where Jimmy was swimming in the ocean showed a pineapple on the ocean floor. Was that another SpongeBob reference? We already know that Jimmy Neutron and The Fairly OddParents had a couple crossover specials. And remember when the Rugrats met the Wild Thornberrys? Or when iCarly and Victorious met up at Kenan Thompson’s house? Or when a Crash Nebula video game was seen in an arcade in Danny Phantom? Or when Drake and Josh’s nerdy friends Craig and Eric appeared at a convention to see iCarly? What about all those video games where multiple Nicktoons join forces to fight evil? Does this mean that all Nickelodeon shows exist within the same universe?

A child gets in trouble at recess,

rather than being forced to sit out the remainder of recess they’re told they can’t play with their friends and instead must go play with a child who has special needs.

Ummm, so playing with my kid should not be used as a punishment.

School officials seem surprised that the kids might interpret this as a punishment.

Let’s see. You’re an elementary school aged child, around third grade. You break a school rule. You’re not allowed to play with your friends but instead must play with a child the school has selected. How the hell do you think kids this age are going to perceive this? As a punishment, obviously.

Casually aiming this to jareckithekid’s direction because holyshit I know this isn’t much and they didn’t want anything drawn for them when asked, but I just couldn’t do nothing. So here’s a little something since without them (and their moment of insanity, probably????) I wouldn’t be here raving about DH2, so yeah, a HUGE THANK YOU DARLING! You literally made my year haha 

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So I'm stalking your blog lol ok. I saw somebody request single parent mc or s/o. I think you said no because it didn't apply to your rules, which is understandable. ANYWAYS, could I request some Jumin, and 707 hcs about mc or their s/o that's a single mother? (I'm trying so hard to get Jumin's route rn lol.)

We know that this two sweet boys will not care if you come with extra sauce.So let´s get that out of the way and start.


  • He was an only child, your son was an only Child. PERFECT MACH!
  • Your son respects Jumin so much and wants to be like him.
  • Jumin doesn´t care and dress your son like him (I love kids with suits THEY ARE SO CUTE)
  • And BANG! You have a mini Jumin. It´s so funny to see Jumin and your son together because If Jumin had a purple tie, your son had one too. If Jumin was drinking coffee, your son doing it too. If Jumin got out the newspaper, your son will get the newspaper (even if he doesn’t understand it).
  • Literally doing everything jumin did.
  • Dad brings Son to work are on Wednesdays.
  • Jumin feels great to have a “Fan” and finally can understand Zen.
  • BUT (Here it is the plot twist) one day.
  • Your son watches one of Zen´s musicals and now he admires Zen more the Jumin and wants to be like Zen.
  • Zen loves how your son is obsessed with him and not with Jumin.
  • Now you have a kid that wants to he an actor and WAIT! Is that eyeliner? And did you put cologne? ZEN!!
  • BUT (Second plot twist to give it a little bit more spices.)
  • Then your Son notice the “DEFENDER OF JUSTICE! GOD 707”
  • And your kid wants to be a hacker, rule the world and eat HBC and Dr. pepper (Obviously you don’t let him eat just that because you’re a good mom)
  • NOW! Copy paste and your son did that same thing with Jaehee, Yoosung and any adult that he founded.
  • Jumin is a little bit sad that it was just a phase, he really like to be admired by your son.


  • So sentimental when he sees how sweet you are with your kid.
  • (You know what? Let´s make Mc have twins)
  • You have twins and they are so adorable, they are a mess but you love them.
  • He thinks of how could his child life with Saeran could have been.
  • Plus, your twins are like Saeran and Seven.
  • Seven will do everything for your kids to have the best life.
  • The best dad every.
  • But he tries so hard that scares the twins.
  • So it gets hard to get there trust.
  • You had work and left them with Seven.
  • Your sweet boyfriend was planning a very complicated plan to get your kids trust but they were in a bad mood. 
  • Let´s say that twin 1 took without permission the Juice of twin 2 and twin 2 hide twin 1´s favorite toy, that mad Twin 1 angry and didn´t say anything until mom wasn’t there (IN Seven´s house).
  • After 15 min. in Seven´s house, Twin 1 yelled at twin 2, and twin 2 hit twin 1 and twin 1 kick twin 2.
  • The thing is that they got fiscal.
  • Seven notice this and separate them telling them “What are you doing?”
  • And you know what kids do in that situation (Blame the other. So there was a lot of “He started” or “He got too far”)
  • After all the drama Seven said: “STOP” very loudly and that made the twins get a jump scared “You both have the blame on this. OK?” no response from the twins and just faces of shock because Seven was always gentle and submissive with them, “I said OK?” the twins nod “Look, you are brothers wanted or not. Maybe sometimes you have fights or don´t get really well.” Seven looks at the couch where Saeran was sleeping “One day you will get apart and it will be one of the most heartbreaking moments in your lives because you share everything with them and they are one of the few people that you can trust. Remember that you are twins, more important! You are family and you have to watch each others back, ok?”
  • Silence.
  • And the twins put this face

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Twin 1: Stop being so melodramatic


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Twin 2: Yeah! It was just a little fight is not like a big deal.

Double HIT

Twin 1: We know that you had problem with your brother.


the Twins at the same time: BUT WE ARE NOT YOU.


  • Seven thought that after his pep talk, the twins will see him like the “Defender of justice” but now they think Seven is a drama queen.
  • You can hear the laugh of Saeran on the distances because of the big fail of his brother.

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Special Agent 606, Out.If you want to request here are the rules: HERE/Masterlist: Here

This pride month, don’t out your friends without talking to them first. Or watch what they’re saying. If they’re openly saying they’re queer in front of a certain group of people, then it’s cool for them in front of that group of people. Don’t be a a prolapsed anus and out somebody to their parents….

Shirou: Illya, why are you so… homicidal?

Illya: I like to blame it on daddy issues.

Rin: *raises eyebrow* Daddy issues?

Sakura: Daddy issues?

Saber: You would speak of “daddy issues” in my presence?

Mordred: You’re the last person I want to hear that from!

Nero: Ugh, parents.

Caren: Did somebody mention parents?

Kiritsugu: I have come back from the dead to tell you that you need to stop talking.

David: *kicks down door*


Protagonist: Great, now look what you’ve done.

David: THE YEAR WAS 1040 BC

Protagonist: I’m gonna have to spend all day with this.

Imagine Hvitserk taking a bet over you

Request: Hello doll! If your requests are open can I request a Hvitserk (or Ubbe you choose!) story where he is arguing with his brothers about which of them is best with women and they dare him to seduce the reader and bet he can’t do it. Reader likes him so accepts when he asks her out. Eventually they genuinely fall in live but then reader finds out somehow that it was a bet and is upset. He has to go after her and try to convince her of his love and win her back? Happy ending please :) Thanks!
Note: Will contain a lot of Hvitserk fluff, more don’t I have to say. ;-)
Words: 1747

Hvitserk P.O.V
Hvitserk stood against one of the wooden poles that supported the great hall. Just like his brothers he was looking to the people walking fort and back, trading, getting some sheeps throught the crowd, handling their own lives while the four sons of Ragnar where looking at it. Ubbe sat on the stairs, with a cup of ale, smiling like an idiot when Margrethe walked by. Talked about a slave they all had. But she saw Ivar lurking and she walked away without saying a thing. ‘It isn’t fair that we all have the same woman.’ Sigurd began from were he sat crouched down.
'Are you complaining brother?’ Ubbe asked him. Hvitserk chuckled and Sigurd trew him an sharp look.
'Not like you find somebody else brother.’ Ivar mocked on his turn. Ubbe looked over his shoulder towards Hvitserk, trowing him a promesing look by the discussion that Sigurd started … about woman.
'You shut up cripple, you can’t even get a woman on your own, we had to do it.’ Sigurd snapped. Ivar his eyes grew colder and Hvitserk was a little more alert. He hated it when Ivar became angry and certainly if Sigurd was the cause of it.
'You know what.’ Ivar began, his sudden angry in an instant away again. 'I bet Ubbe and Hvitserk can’t get a girl on their own.’
'We can.’ Ubbe and Hvitserk protested on the same time. Ivar started laughing, shaking his head in disbelief.
'You two always do it together, stealing our woman.’
'You need to be faster then brother.’ Ubbe joked. Hvitserk kicked his cup of ale against Ubbe his one and smiled. Ivar spitted on the ground, looking back to the people around the great hall. It was still for a moment, Hvitserk and Ubbe had the victory for this one. But Sigurd and Ivar … they sticked together on for once. Sigurd turned around to his two brothers.
'I bet you can’t seduce a woman we pick for you.’ Sigurd said to Hvitserk. Hvitserk drank his cup empty and gave it to his brother.
'Tell me, witch one.’ He reacted with a cocky grinn. Ivar chuckled and Sigurd started to look around.
'That girl.’ He pointed to you. Hvitserk followed his gaze to you, a seductive smile spreading over his lips.
'You make it way to easy for me brother.’
'I bet you can’t get her by tomorrow.’ Ivar started.
'I bet you can’t get her at all, she is a shy type.’ Sigurd smiled. Hvitserk turned around and looked back to you, the weight of buckets of water pulling your shoulders down.
'Brother can get her by tonight, and I bet even I can take her.’ Ubbe grinned. Hvitserk gave Ubbe a shoulderpet and walked away.
'See you brothers. Got a girl to catch.’ He winked.

Reader P.O.V
It was hard laybor, being a slave. You filled the buckets with water and walked back to the smith were you worked. The buckets were that heave you needed to put them down after a little walk. Your hand with red lines from their weight. 'Need a little hand?’
'Hmm.’ You turned around and frooze, looking to one of Ragnar sons. Why was he speaking to you? Why was he even looking, you were a nobody, just a slave. You know all about the sons of Ragnar but he probably would’t know a thing about you. 'No.’ You took the buckets and walked away fastly, embarrassed by the fact you could hold those buckets in one way.
'Let me help.’
'Oh, I got it. Thank you.’ You answered fastly. He stopped you by cutting of the way in front of you. The sudden stop smacked some water over the egde, soaked in your dress. You looked down while he appologized for it. It took you some time before you finally looked up to him, he smiled, a comforting one.
'Hvitserk.’ He introduced himself. Yes, you knew that, he was the second son of Ragnar. You watched those sons more than they would think.
'I knew that. I need to,’ you pointed to the way he was blocking, but he intterupted you.
'You are?’ He asked friendly.
'Y/n. I really need to go back to work, my owner,’ you swallowed your words trying not to thing of how mad he would be if you came to late with the buckets of water.
‘Can I help you y/n?’ You liked the way he spoke your name, it had a different touth, enjoyable. You looked down to the buckets, asking yourself if he would ever shut up if you just kept on handling things on your own. People where staring at the both of you, or more to him than you. You stood a little in the way of the other people passing.
‘Good.’ You sighned. He smiled the kind of smile that holded your eyes fixed on his lips for a moment. But as soon as he took the buckets you startled out of your gazing and walked aside him to the smith, noticing his strong arms, the ease in witch he carried the buckets for you. When you arrived on the smith he placed them down. ‘Thank you.’ You didn’t look at him, you just grabbed them before he could walk into that smith and ruin your boss his mood, he hated the sons of Ragnar.

Your life was a lonely one, you didn’t have somebody, hardly friends, no parents, only your boss and his son who worked in the smith. The only thing you owned was that little cabin in the woods. Your feet brought themselves forward while your thoughts drifted to the son of Ragnar helping you. In all those times you looked at them, Hvitserk was the one who jumped out. And he talked to you today, to a shy piteous girl like you, a nobody. You got so into you own tought that you just walked into him without even noticing. And before you could safe yourself from falling he holded you up by laying his hand on your waist. ‘You again.’ He smiled friendly. You totally frooze, feeling his hand on the small of your back, you being so close to him.
‘Sorry.’ You stammered, getting away from him as soon as you could.
‘I was looking for you.’ He announched, causing you to freeze a second time. Why? You slowly turned around to him again, looking to that handsome face and that bright seductive smile.
‘I should get home. Sorry for that,’ you pointed to the crash of earlier. But he grabbed your hand, pulled you as slowly back on your weak legs.
‘Y/n, don’t you see what I’m trying to do?’ He asked you on a soft tone. You gave him a short look before you looked down to his hand holding yours. What was he trying to do? Talk to you? Flirt with you? Accompany you? You never had this kind of attention before, not even in the slidest and now it came from Ragnar’s son. ‘Can I walk you home?’ He asked with a tilted head. You looked up to him, forced a insecure smile on your lips and nodded slowly. He smiled and gestured to the road in front of you, leaving your hand on his own again. You had to admit, you liked his touth, the way he spoke to you, his smile, bright eyes, the fact he called Hvitserk. ‘Do you life alone out here?’ he asked as soon as the trees swallowed the both of you into the forest. For you it didn’t present a thing, living in a forest, all by yourself, but his voice almost sounded concerned.
‘Lost my parents, this was their cabin.’
‘And you don’t have anybody else?’ He asked. You looked aside to him and shook you head. No, you had nobody. The fact that he was here on this moment was a little comforting. You didn’t felt tensed around him, only shy. ‘A shame that a girl like you lives here all by herself.’ He noticed when you arrived at the cabin. You stood still before the door and turned back around to him.
‘You get used to it.’ You shrugged, not looking to him, only to a fallen tree in the distant. ‘Thank you, for walking me home.’ You finally said, wanting to get in.
‘Y/n,’ He began. You sighned, closed your eyes and looked back up to him. ‘What is a beautifull girl doing here all by herself?’ He asked.
‘I don’t know. Like I said, I’m just to it.’
‘You shouldn’t.’ He protested, walking over to you. Your fingers tensed around the doorknot a little, axcious for what he was going to do. He stood still before you, laying his fingers under your chin, leading you head up so you maked contact with his eyes again. ‘A beautifull girl like you should live her life to the fullest.’ It was a kind of advise you gave yourself more often. But the fact you were that uncertain, shy, maked it hardly possible to do that.
‘I don’t know how.’ You shrugged. His finger stroke your cheek and you closed your eyes absorbing the gentle touth he gave you.
‘Let me show you. There is more in you than meets the eye.’
‘Why are you doing this Hvitserk?’ You asked him right back, uncertain. He brought his other hand up and cupped your face on both sides.
‘Because I noticed you a little longer than only today. And I hate it to see you so miserable, alone, uncertain.’ He whispered, bringing his face a little closer to yours. Your eyes scanned his whole face, his lips, the sencere concern in his expression. ‘Will you let me?’ He asked, pulling you just that little closer, almost causing your forehead to come in contact with his. You nodded slowly into his hands. He pulled you the last inches and placed his lips on yours in a rough kiss. This was your first kiss ever. You hand grabbed the fabrics of his clothes, surpriced by the feeling that he caused into your body. His kiss was gentle in a way and rough in another. The pressure his lips caused maked you even more weak in your knees. The first moment you did nothing, ajusting to the idea he was kissing you. But as soon as you opened your lips a little, kissed him uncertain back you know you fell for him.

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Seven, unknown and saeran How are they like fathers?? They are good with a baby, or not?


  • At first, Seven was in a complete state of denial. “No, I don’t have a child… I’m not having a child, and I can’t-!”
  • It took Yoosung to talk him into visiting his child.
  • But when Seven lay eyes on his child… A little cute thing in MC’s arms…
  • He was in tears. It was an emotional day for him… He’d lived his life, thinking that he would never get to have a life, a family of his own, yet here he was…
  • He would at first try to keep his distance, and leave MC to look after the baby. His reason why?
  • I’m just going to end up like my mother, and neglect them…
  • But eventually, when he noticed MC being highly exhausted, he decided to look after the baby, just for one night.
  • He’d look at the baby for a short while in his arms, before he felt his finger be taken hold of. Then… His finger was all slimy.
  • “You think your dad’s yummy, huh…?”
  • He looked at how engrossed in sucking his finger the baby was, before he laughed.
  • “Here’s a secret… Your mother likes the taste of me too. Shh…”
  • Then there was a quiet giggle from the baby.
  • He was even more in love with the baby than he had been.
  • He asked MC if he could look after the baby a bit more often, and promised that he would look after them whenever she felt too burdened too.
  • As soon as the baby was old enough, he introduced them to Honey Buddha Chips and Doctor Pepper.


  • He had no idea how to look after a baby.
  • He was the very embodiment of a ‘clueless father’.
  • Despite that, after being showed simple things of what to do with the baby, such as feeding, changing them, holding onto them, and playing little games such peek-a-boo with them…
  • He was actually pretty good at being a dad.
  • He would do some rather stupid things with the baby, like sitting them at his computers and getting too engrossed in hacking to get revenge on Luciel and would only remember the baby’s existence when he picks up a bad smell.
  • “… Is this what babies are meant to do…? Damn it…”


  • He loved sitting with the baby, it was a very calming presence in his life…
  • When the baby cried, he cried. When the baby smiled, he smiled. He was basically just a big baby himself.
  • However, he would get all deep in thought when the baby was asleep in his arms.
  • I was small like this once… did my mother love me and look after me then? These babies… They can’t do anything without their parents or somebody to look after them…
  • Saeran would swear (probably on his brother’s life, lol) that he would look after that baby as best as he could
  • He was going to make sure that his child knew that he was a much better parent than his own parents
  • And he was determined to never let any of his lingering mental issues have an impact on his child’s upbringing, because he didn’t want them to worry about him when they were older.
  • He’d try to make an effort with going to therapy too, for his child’s sake.
  • Basically, this child is his entire reason for living… And he didn’t want to lose this opportunity to have a better life, and to let somebody have a better childhood than him.
  • Saeran Choi for sweetest, most over-protective dad ever.

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Hoi! can you help me find a fic where dan had fire powers that flared up with his emotions and when he was a kid the curtains caught on fire, and then his girlfriend broke up with him so a plant at the mall caught on fire, then his parents called somebody to take him to a special school where he woke up in some room where a girl took him and showed him around? That was as far as i remember reading. Thanks!

Hawk and Dove: In a world where powers plague people everywhere, Dan Howell fights to keep his emotions and pyrokinesis under control. After years of hiding, Dan is outed and whisked away to a school to learn to use his abilities safely. Still unable to control the fire that seems to rage under his skin, Dan’s only solace is in his roommate Phil, who can’t seem to stop turning things to ice. 



“Now I know why all the trees change in the fall/ I know you were on my side/ Even when I was wrong/ And I love you for giving me your eyes/ Staying back and watching me shine.” Taylor Swift Art Challenge - The Best Day