somebody's mother's

Can we please stop associating one’s happiness with the happiness of somebody else?

Stop saying mothers are the happiest when their kids are.

Stop saying wives are the most fulfilled when their husbands are satisfied.

Stop assuming anyone should feel okay just because they fill your definition of happiness. It creates nothing but pressure. It makes people hide their sadness and anger because someone who is rich / healthy / in a relationship is not allowed to feel bad.

Let people feel whatever they feel.

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Good day to you! I was just wondering if and when we would be seeing a bit more of "Writer's Block". Loved it so much! I love your humour. And thank you so much for sharing it with us. Sending love and inspiration your way.

Good day to you as well @cowrintimrousbeastie! You know, I stare at this story daily, and I get about a paragraph in and my brain disappears and takes all my ideas with it. Obviously I toyed with Karma when I named my fic Writer’s Block, because it’s in full force with this one. Maybe I should change that - any ideas for a new title? Something like - ‘Bitch, this is so easy to write you’ll have it done today’…? You know, use a little reverse psych. ;) Anyway, it’s 3000 words so far. If I keep pecking away we’ll get to posting status eventually. *sigh* Thank you for the love! Pbg

BTW - I see that extra U in there. Canadian? British? Aussie? ;)

The reason I really dislike school/college AUs for Overwatch is that for fucking once there’s a game with women my age in it. Like, you know how fucking rare that is? They’re main characters, they’re allowed to have sexuality, they’re not confined to being housewives or somebody’s mother (although they can be if they choose to be!) and they’re fit, skilled warriors and they’re badass

Most games have cute, sexy, young and nubile women who are barely fucking legal and it’s just really nice to have women over 30 not just disappear into oblivion. I don’t want to imagine that away under any circumstance. 

Do you ever think about

How first year Baz showed up to his mother’s old school (aka painful memories) for the first day and was then given Simon (aka the death of his mother incarnate, the Mages Heir, the person who’s going to replace his dead mother) as somebody who he’d have to live with for the next eight years. Imagine how devastating that would be for him. He didn’t hate Simon. I don’t think he ever did. He hated the feelings Simon stirred up. He hated that Simon was supposed to be the one to replace his mother someday and every piece of incompetence that Simon showed hurt him. Everybody seemed to think that him and the Mage were better than his mother. Imagine how that would feel.

Simon was to Baz what the Insidious Humdrum is to Simon.
Simon was the gap that was left when Baz’s mother and humanity were stolen from them.

Simon was a fucking nightmare. And Baz wasn’t allowed to show weakness. But if you know anything about the kind of painful love that Baz felt- Simon was his ONLY weakness.
Love is like there’s a giant fucking hook in your chest. And it’s dragging you towards the “happy end”. And it’s tearing you to shreds while it pulls you.
Baz had that, +his mother’s death, +his family’s pressure & homophobia, +his vampirism to deal with.
When he was only 10 years old.

Dealing with Simon on top of his burdens before Watford just crushed him and he stayed crushed for eight years before he even began recovering.

You can’t blame him for hating Simon for that.


I love this. A lot.