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'The Blacklist' Boss Teases Big Liz Keen Reveals in Season 4
Liz Keen is having a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day. After faking her death in a bid for normalcy last season on The Blacklist, Liz ...

NEW interview with Jon Bokenkamp.  Some highlights - there is LOTS in here:

- Kirk views Tom “as a threat.”

- the audience “might be a little surprised in how some of our characters feel about [Liz faking her death] and how they want to deal with it.”

- “we are going to answer, in ways that we have not answered to date, the questions about exactly who Reddington is to her, exactly who Kirk is to her. It opens up a question that was there in the very beginning of the first episode, which is why are you so interested in me? We’re really going back to that core, simple, emotional question.”

- Katarina Rostova - “absolutely she could be alive”

- they still don’t know exactly when Redemption will air but it won’t be until midseason.

- Regarding Redemption: “I don’t think the paternity issue is going to have nearly as much relevance in that show. It’s a bit of a different animal. It’s a little more of a spy show. It’s a little more fun, sexier. We think of The Blacklist as like a crime drama, whereas that’s a little bit more of a spy show. It shares specific DNA, but it really is its own animal and will be its own show. I think it needs to stand on its own. Somebody should be able to watch that show without having ever seen The Blacklist. And yet, die-hard fans of The Blacklist should be able to watch that show and find little Easter eggs that would be meaningful to The Blacklist and still fun for the Redemption audience.”

- Regarding why Tom will leave Liz for Redemption: “It’s an incredibly tricky situation that we’ve written ourselves into.” and  “I feel a little bit the same way with Tom and Liz and this kid, because it’s this really complex situation. I have a kid. I wouldn’t walk away from my kid, yet Liz is a mother and she wouldn’t walk away from her child. We know that, in some way, those two characters are going to have to drift apart. If anything, I do think Liz understands, and, by the way, she knows nothing about the idea that Tom met a woman named Scottie Hargrave. That is story that is yet to be revealed to her. Just knowing her character, I think she would understand the dilemma that he’s faced with in knowing that there are truths about him out there that he wants answered. Just in the simplest, most emotional form, I think she might understand that. It’s going to be really interesting to see how we handle this situation. We’re still finding our way." 

- “There’s an incredibly awkward and difficult story to tell of Mr. Kaplan.”

-betrayal is a huge theme of the season and “Everyone continues to hold and protect certain secrets that they have within the show, but I really do think what’s immediately in front of us is how do you survive this incredible betrayal, and how do you move forward from it? And can you move forward from it?”

- Regarding what’s next for Ressler: “People may be surprised by the way that Ressler handles this betrayal. It’s interesting. It’s fun writing for Diego. It’s such a specific character, but I think what I d say about him is watch for the way he reacts to Liz’s betrayal.”

- Regarding Cooper: “Well the guy’s the rock. He’s a father figure in another way. There are elements of these father figures — you could probably say that about Kirk, Red, and Cooper as well. Cooper is just this emotional rock for the team and he’s the foundation.”

- Regarding Aram “I think Aram might have a secret or two that we might not expect.”

- Regarding Samar “Betrayals and how does she handle what Liz has done? What does this do to the task force? Ressler, Samar, and Aram — this sort of core group, and Cooper to an extent, the task force, how do they specifically react having this person who they bent over backwards and saved before? Now they feel incredibly betrayed and how that core group of that task force reacts to this is going to be key.”