somebody translate!

                                            “N  a  t  s  u    D  r  a  g  n  e  e  l”

                                                    “Fairy tail 515 Cover″

{Btw i drew a part of Natsu’s hair here!}


showing off his Japanese skills



This is Tarjei’s next project, he will be performing in a theatre called “What Would Jesus Do” in Oslo, Norway this 2nd-18th December.

Diabolik Lovers Christmas ー Special Short Stories ;; ENG Translation

Hello everyone!

Somebody asked me to translate a Christmas-themed magazine article which has recently come out. Sadly, I can’t repost the original scan so if you want to see the cute chibi art featured on the page, you’ll have to go look for it yourself.

Either way, enjoy! 

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Detective Conan 986 Spoilers [English Translation]

Hello, cool Kogoro. Thanks to Neuro for proofreading!

  • C: If she can see both the Tohto tower and the Bell Tree Tower… 
  • C: Then Eri-obasan must be somewhere in Sutanchou! 
  • [Oi, we’re screwed!]
  •  [The lawyer sent out a bunch of nonsense about crabs and swordfishes…] [And judging by her daughter’s answer, it looks like she’s getting close!!] 
  • C3: Even though I impersonated her and spread misinformation!! 
  • C2: Give me that!! 
  • [Ran: We’re at Sutanchou, but which building is it?]
  •  [Sent: No-no! Not Sutanchou!] 
  • [Kisaki Eri: I don’t know, when I escaped from the suitcase, I was already inside of the building…] 

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When I thought Ignis couldn’t get any sassier...

[Party walks into numerous skelletons]

Gladio: Ugh, they’re so disgusting. So gross.
Noctis: Yeah, I don’t even want to get close to them.
Prompto: I’d rather not even look at them.

Ignis: That’s how I feel when I’m with you (all).

Nohrian Festival: Ryoma and Scarlet Conversation Pt. 1 & 2

Oh god. OH GOD. This was even more painful to translate than Flora and Jakob’s conversation. Ryoma, you friggin’ dense bastard. I had thought that in Revelation I had sensed something a little more… mutual between you two. CLEARLY I WAS WRONG. This misunderstanding was PAINFUL, poor Scarlet.

This is even more painful because Scarlet’s best chance of staying alive is in Birthright and SHE CAN’T SUPPORT RYOMA REGARDLESS. You heartless storyboard writers. 

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