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BNHA 132 - Regarding Amajiki

While we wait for Fallen Angels / Viz Translation, I just want to point out the scanlation we have right now is not really 100% accurate especially with what Shigaraki said:

I don’t have the raws but from what I found, here’s a part of Shigaraki’s words:

The whole text is : Mr.コンプレスは“個性” がしばらく使えなくなった。

Literal translation is : Mr. Compress’s Quirk was unusable for a while.

Now somebody might have a more accurate translation, but just by looking at this, we can infer that:

The effect of the bullet is temporary / not permanent.

We don’t know how long it lasts, we don’t know if Mr. Compress can use his Quirk now or not. If he still can’t, Shigaraki seems pretty sure it is only temporary and also knows Overhaul has a fix.

So yeah, Amajiki didn’t lose his Quirk permanently. But it will most likely be a plot device, like an additional motivation for the kids to defeat Overhaul so they can save Amajiki and return his Quirk if it really doesn’t get fixed on its own. Please relax everyone 💖✨


A New Year

I feel like I saw a lot of young people in suits this morning.
Tomorrow starts the new school year huh.
My generation is taking the first steps toward the workforce.
My friends are all finding various jobs.
There’s no way I can lose!!
And for students it’s the start of a new semester.  
I hope they all make some great new encounters.  
Let’s have a happy day today too.

Translation by @nimbus-cloud

anonymous asked:

you know for some reason your Gaster reminds me of Kurosensei from assassination classroom, i really don't know why, but they do, is that intentional or is it just me?

Gaster: And also the culprit who blew up like about 80% of the moon www

Gaster: Now you have a whole year to kill me, your teacher!
Okay, I’m dying of laughter because the anime really suits well..! wwwww

Sadly, it wasn’t intentional and you’re not the first to point that out! Somebody on Undertale Amino at the comments of a reblog also said the same thing too, except it was before I created any animation-comics..! X’DD

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c-jay321  asked:

Is it true that bnha will only have 400 chapters?


Short answer: 400 chapters is a rumor.

Long answer: The rumor started because of an interview with Horikoshi last year, when the manga had 80 chapters released:

I believe this is the interview from last year (but was only recently uploaded to Youtube). If anybody can translate it fully that would be great.

In the meantime, somebody had translated a few snippets from this interview. Only a few because they said it was actually very hard to understand Horikoshi with his mask. (Horikoshi-sensei please take your mask off gdi) You can read the translations in this reddit thread.

Some interesting bits for me:

  • He feels embarrassed when people looks at things from the past
  • He doesn’t have any good memories from Sensei no Bulge
  • After it was cancelled he thought he wasn’t fit to draw manga (awww)
  • When BnHa started to be popular and succesful he felt heartened, at that time his mind was weak
  • Hori has all the story already written, but he does some changes to make it better.

Here’s the relevant part: In this interview, Horikoshi estimates that he’s 20% done with the story. At 80 chapters in, this means he estimates he’d take 400 chapters to tell the entire story of BNHA. It’s still only an estimate, but it’s Hori’s estimate so it has credibility to the number, doesn’t it!

What I really like about this is that Horikoshi has already planned all of this from the very beginning. I hope he gets to tell and finish the story the way he wants it.

Dear Kim Sanggyun a.k.a A-tom,
Thank you for working so hard in Produce 101 for Topp Dogg and for us Topp Klass. Even though you were eliminated, I’m still proud of you. I still believe in you and I still love you. Even though, mnet gave you an unfair screentime, I’m still thankful because I discovered someone like you.
I’m glad you didn’t cry and you stayed positive in your last speech. Thank you. It helped me accept the fact that you’re not in that show anymore. I’m going to miss the happiness that you brought me with just 1 to 5 seconds screen time. I promise not to be too sad because you told me so.
Right now, please eat a lot and regain your weight. Rest well and don’t get too stressed. Everything will be fine. You’ll be our forever MVP. I promise to support you forever and the rest of Topp Dogg. I’ll wait for your comeback, ok? 사랑해요 김상균 ❤😘


Pps. If yall stan Kim Sanggyun, please also stan ToppDogg ok? Stream their MVs right now. 😘

Ppps. Can somebody please translate this in korean so I can send it to him on his SNS? Jebal 😭 TIA.

So, somebody is gonna translate everything the Skam cast does for the rest of time, right? Like I can continue to follow their careers after Skam? Please?

Nohrian Festival: Ryoma and Scarlet Conversation Pt. 1 & 2

Oh god. OH GOD. This was even more painful to translate than Flora and Jakob’s conversation. Ryoma, you friggin’ dense bastard. I had thought that in Revelation I had sensed something a little more… mutual between you two. CLEARLY I WAS WRONG. This misunderstanding was PAINFUL, poor Scarlet.

This is even more painful because Scarlet’s best chance of staying alive is in Birthright and SHE CAN’T SUPPORT RYOMA REGARDLESS. You heartless storyboard writers. 

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showing off his Japanese skills

Diabolik Lovers Christmas ー Special Short Stories ;; ENG Translation

Hello everyone!

Somebody asked me to translate a Christmas-themed magazine article which has recently come out. Sadly, I can’t repost the original scan so if you want to see the cute chibi art featured on the page, you’ll have to go look for it yourself.

Either way, enjoy! 

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I’m re-reading Treasure Island in Japanese.  It’s been translated into Japanese by different translators over the years and the one with “Treasure Island” written in the center was the third book for me to read in Japanese (and the another one the second and the first one is in iBooks).

The very interesting thing about those translated versions is each translator uses different words to translate “Billy Bones his fancy”:

ビリー・ボーンズのお気に入り (1935年、佐々木直次郎),

ビリー・ボーンズの夢     (1959年、阿部知二),

ビリー・ボーンズの願い    (2016年、鈴木恵).

If I translate those into English, they would be:

the favorite of Billy Bones,

the dream of Billy Bones,

the wish of Billy Bones.

I understood “Billy Bones his fancy” as the first one, the favorite of Billy Bones, and I love it the most.