somebody told the stars

somebody once told matt holt that he had to pick between star trek and star wars, and he just. got really upset about it.

“they’re both incredible sci-fi legends–” “ok but which one is better?” “they’re both better!!” “that’s not an option!!” “wELL WHICH IS BETTER, BREATHABLE AIR OR SUNLIGHT” “that doesn't– are you crying??”


Through ‘Hacksaw’ and 'Silence,’ Andrew Garfield searches: 'I want to know how to live’
“Big Sur is my favorite place in the world, one of those places that vibrates, I love the hiking and the walking and the ‘Henry Miller Library’. But I can just be there. I don’t have to do anything. I can just sit. I remember sitting in the ‘hot springs at Esalen’ one night under the stars and somebody told me about the ‘Esalen tribe’, that there’s about 70 of them left, and how they believe that Big Sur is the window of souls, meaning it’s where all souls travel to enter the other world. And when I heard that, I got a shiver. It felt true.”