somebody tell me why this was a deleted scene who in their right minds would delete this scene

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#96: The “Somebody Important to You” (7x16)

So in one half-season we saw both what Michonne would look like if she lost Rick and what Rick would look like if he lost Michonne. 😥

Now TWD, imma need this to be a sign that we are never going to have to actually see them lose each other and that’s why we saw these reactions since we’ll never have to see them again, okay? 😬 (Lol, a girl can dream.)

But for real this whole scene was gut wrenching. 

Negan has Carl kneeling and Jadis has brought Rick over to kneel right next to him. Here is our main character and his son surrounded by a psycho and his men, in the same physical position they were in at the start of the season. It’s a horrible predicament to say the least.

It’s interesting cuz, no joke, before I even knew about the deleted scene I was like dang I wish we could have seen Carl and Rick talk earlier in this episode just to see where they were at or what their thought process on all this had been before the fight broke loose.

Now knowing about the interaction in the deleted scene this moment becomes even more devastating. Cuz Carl was low key ready for this. 😭

And as Negan does his signature thing of speaking every thought that comes to his mind, Carl’s savage side make him bold enough to tell Negan just how he feels. 

I for one was here for it cuz Carl is so through with Negan and I respect that even in this vulnerable position he’s not afraid to let Negan know he doesn’t faze him. And I just appreciate that Carl’s not giving up all hope yet. 👏🏽 

(Side note: It’s cute the way Rick looks up at Negan and then at Carl like he’s taking in how his son is one fearless kid)

So Negan tells Carl it’s over and to look out and see just how much they have lost this fight. And as Rick and Carl look around they see, in real time, them “lose” their invaluable family member as they believe they’ve just seen and heard Michonne fall from a balcony.

And y’all, this is how you know you’re a good actor. When the whole audience can know for certain that the woman who fell was not Michonne and yet when we see your reaction we get emotional and allow ourselves to at least imagine that it could’ve been her just because of the expression on your face. The man is a revelation I tell you. 🙌🏾💯

Rick’s reaction was so heartbreaking to watch. The fact that Rick physically folds when he thinks he’s just seen Michonne fall. 😥 It’s almost like he was falling with her.

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Just the sincere pain in that look. Like in one fall he just lost his source of everything. Throughout these posts I’ve described Michonne as being Rick’s source of strength, peace, stability, positivity, security, and sanity. And he just lost all of that. 😥

It’s also interesting how much this moment parallels the moment in “Say Yes”. Like both fell from a high up place and just like Michonne in 7x12, you see the fight briefly leave Rick’s body.

The fact that Rick’s reaction is so telling that even Negan could tell he just lost somebody really important to him. It’s too much. 😭

We all know how Rick looks at Michonne different than anyone else and so of course Negan could tell from Rick’s look that whoever just fell is someone that Rick deeply cares about.

I feel like for Negan to notice and verbally address how Rick’s reaction was clearly in regards to someone special is such a confirmation that R&M’s love is extremely deep and visible, even to outsiders.

Again it makes me wonder how much Negan has put together about just the idea that Rick might have a significant other. Like by phrasing it that way did he think it was a woman Rick has a relationship with or just some important friend? Idk. All I know is Negan saying Rick just lost “somebody important to you” is an understatement lol.

Carl’s reaction is sad too cuz he just doesn’t want it to be real. Like as fearless as Carl is, you see him lose some of that fight too.

I think about how drawn to Michonne Carl was when he was young and how she really did become his closest friend and now he thinks he’s lost the person who seemed to get him most of all.

I feel like to have this moment where Rick and Carl see her fall really cements how much she is their matriarch. Like it felt like they were watching an immediate family member fall. 

She was the one speaking life into them earlier that day and now they think they’ve seen her life be taken so it’s like their hope has been taken as well.

And it’s interesting that despite everything else going on, it’s this moment of thinking they’ve lost her that seems to be when Rick and Carl both really feel dejected and it hits them just how bleak things might be. 

Rick and Carl have been through so much with Michonne right by their side and she’s a huge reason why they’re even alive. She’s become such a central piece to their family and she also means so much to Rick and Carl individually, so you can visibly see how losing her has devastated them and made the situation that much more dire to them. 

It’s interesting cuz you can tell Negan is not Rick’s initial focus after the fall. 

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Like Negan is all in his face, taunting him, and you can see that his words aren’t even registering at first, as Rick is preoccupied with trying to even wrap his mind around the fact that his wife might have just been killed.

That’s how you know what R&M have is powerful stuff cuz even Negan being in his face isn’t enough to pull him out of this shaken state at first.

And then as Rick’s forced to focus back on Negan you can see him also mustering the strength to be in that moment rather than freeze like he’d want to.

Like think about if Alexandria were to lose Rick, they would probably feel pretty disoriented and lost and hopeless cuz they lost their leader. Rick feels all of these things because he thinks he’s just lost his own leader.

I think Rick’s talk with Michonne in 7x12 really has a role in this moment. Cuz I think he absolutely felt the same light turn off for him as it did for her. Like you can see him briefly be just as dazed and lost as she was.

But because of their van talk he was reminded to put his words into action and try and make it “not about us anymore”.

You can just tell that this was not the route he imagined things going. Again, I really think when he told Michonne “I can lose you”, he meant it as in “We can both not make it or I could not make it.” But a scenario where she goes and he doesn’t? He doesn’t look like he was ready for that.

And then the tear. 😥 I cannot with the tear, y'all. 

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Like Rick thinks he’s just lost the love of his life and now Negan is all blabbing in his face and you see those tears welling in his eye and then, as Negan says what he plans to do next, that single tear falls and I’m telling you I cannot. 😭😭 

This is really the face of a man who thinks he’s about to lose everything he holds dear and the two people who have the hugest parts of his heart (apart from Judith) in a matter of minutes.😥

So already looking like a shell of who he was, something triggers in him and he’s able to tap into the emergency bank of strength he needs to let Negan know he’s still got the wrong one. 👏🏽

Like you can visibly see the shift when Rick becomes hardened and it’s like you get a glimpse of the empty bloodthirsty person he’d become if he had lost Carl and Michonne in this moment.

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It was interesting that Rick says, “You can do it right in front of me”, Which I assume meant kill Carl? And at first I was like…

But then I realized as far as Rick knows this is it. He literally can’t do anything to stop Negan from taking Carl in this moment and so to him it’s inevitable that he’s about to lose his son rn. And I think he says this line for two reasons. 

One; to not give Negan the satisfaction of begging cuz he knows how that goes from the last time Negan had him kneeling. If he begged and pleaded and wept it would all be in vain cuz nothing was going to change Negan’s mind. But there’s also another element to this that I thought about.

Two; If this is going to be that last thing Carl sees I think Rick knows Carl wouldn’t want his final moment to be watching his dad fall apart and beg and plead. 

Like Carl has always been this little G that sometimes wanted his dad to be more of a G like him. Even in this moment Carl is quite composed and I think he would prefer seeing his dad dishing out some signature OG Rick Grimes one last time than to see him just be broken down and begging to stop something he couldn’t stop.

And if Rick can’t stop it from happening then he at least wants Negan to know that once he goes through with this, Negan’s fate is even more sealed than before. Like it becomes signed, sealed and delivered that Rick will kill Negan cuz he has less to lose now. And Homeboy has a great track record of keeping his promises. 

Losing Michonne and Carl are what would kill Rick more so than actually literally killing him and so if Rick’s a dead man walking he’ll just commit his life to making sure Negan doesn’t live another day.

I think once again that use of “can” made Rick’s line about Carl sound different than it’s intention. Cuz Rick is so obviosuly not saying “Go ahead. You can do it and I’ll be fine.” He’s just acknowledging that Negan is going to do this right in front of him. Like it’s going to happen. And because Negan literally can do it right in front of him since nothing is stopping him, Rick wants it to be clear, not that Negan has permission to do it, but that the minute he does it Rick will make personally sure he’s the one to cut Negan’s life short.

Rick’s whole speech to Negan and telling him nothing is going to stop him cuz “You’re all already dead” was so perfectly delivered. 👏🏽 You just felt the intensity, seriousness, and certainty of his words.

It’s literally painful as you see Carl try and stay strong as he just waits for the hit and seeing Rick brace for the fact that he’s seconds away from losing his son, the one who has been driving him since day one. 

And then, just when all seems lost, you know how that common popular old saying goes; “Saved by the tiger.” Hallelu! 👏🏽😋

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