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If you're not too terribly busy, the world could always use more Holsom fluff :)

Holsom fluff, my favorite! I combined this with a secondary request from @zombizombi for some ref!Holster, which I could not resist, because Holster+bitching speaks to my soul. Also, team dentist!Ransom, because it amused me. (Warning: mention of teeth.)

(Now also on AO3.)

Ransom landed in his seat barely five minutes before the game was supposed to start. Lardo, feet propped up against the glass, sketchbook against her knees, fingertips just peeking out of the sleeves of yet another sweatshirt stolen from Shitty, spared him a glance and a “You’re late” before going back to sketching warm-ups.

“I know, I know. Kid broke off two of her teeth on the playground, right up to the nerve, so I had to do some composites.”

She grimaced. “Ugh.”

“Why do you ask me these things when you know I’m going to talk to you about teeth? I’m a dentist, for fuck’s sake. And we’re here to watch hockey.”

“I’m in it for the butts.”

He grinned as he took in the player stretching on the ice in front of her and then her sketchbook. “Think Shits will like that one?”

“I call it ‘Spread,’” she said loftily.

He choked and was suddenly glad he hadn’t had time to stop by concessions on his way in. “So, uh, where is Shits tonight anyway?”

She waved a hand vaguely, barely missing whacking him in the face with the end of the sleeve. “Up in the office. They needed some documents looked over.”

He recognized that tone. “How long have you guys been here?”


“Couldn’t get anyone to strip for you?”

“Shut up.” Then she turned to him and smiled slowly.

Ransom was immediately alarmed. “Oh god. What?”

“There is some news you’ll want.”

“Yeah?” he asked cautiously.

“New ref.”

Ransom’s eyebrows went up. “And I’m interested in this… because why? I mean, is he supposed to be good or biased or something else?”

“Tall. He’s supposed to be very tall. You’ll see.”

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Cuckquean in training

The way he looks at me telling me I’m somebody else. Slides his cock inside me saying her name and how good she feels as soon as he enters. Hearing him think of other women and how he looks at every girl I know with intentions of fucking them soaks my panties. Can’t wait to watch him or hear stories of how he fucks my friends💦💦💦🔥🔥🔥. So wrong but feels so right!

Dear Friend,

April 1, 2017

It’s April Fool’s day. 
I promise you I won’t be telling you any jokes in this letter. 
Instead, I promise you that it will be a handful of truths that you wish were a joke, or maybe just a story that I’ve made up. 
Unfortunately, my life doesn’t work that way. 
It’s been a mess ever since he left me. 

I don’t think I’ve ever told you his name - nickname at least.
I call him Voldemort. 
Why, you ask?
Well, there was this time in my life - about a year ago - he left to another city up north in Texas called Austin. 
He didn’t tell anyone bye. 
Not even me. 
I didn’t know I was an “anyone” to him. 
I thought I was at least a “someone.”
I guess I was mistaken. 

He left without notice. 
It caught me off guard when he did. 
I sent him so many texts. 
I never got a reply. 

This was going on for over five months. 
Text after text after text AFTER text, I kept giving in! 
Why do I give in?
You would think that after a month of not replying I’d get the hint. 
I did get the hint, I just didn’t want to give up on him. 
He was such a dear friend to me. 
I couldn’t just pretend that he didn’t exist even though he was doing just that to me. 

As the months went on, it got harder and harder for me to think about him. 
Every day, I’d hear his name, see his face, or hear his voice in my head. 
It was so difficult. 
It got to the point that I hated hearing his name so much that when I’d talk about him to my friends I’d call him Voldemort. 

“Voldemort? Who’s Voldemort? Like from Harry Potter?” my friends would question. 

“Yes. Voldemort! That’s what I’m going to call him from now on because I hate hearing his name. He’s my version of JK Rowling’s ‘He Who Must Not Be Named.’”

So, that’s how he got his nickname. 
It’s quite funny though how history decides to repeat itself. 
On January 15, 2017, I sent you a letter telling you about the last time I saw him. 
Referring to that - I still haven’t seen him since then. 
In the past three months, he has only sent me one text message. 
It’s happening all over again. 
And this time I feel like I have lost him for good. 

When he did this to me last year, I was so worried for him. 
I was constantly thinking about him and his health and his well-being. 
I was always wondering what he was doing. 
And most of all, I always wondered if he was happy. 

Now, it’s different. 
Now, he’s not over three hundred miles away from me. 
In fact, he’s less than two miles away from me. 
I haven’t seen him in months. 
I haven’t talked to him in months. 

I still worry about him. 
I still want to know if he’s healthy. 
I still constantly think about him.
And I still wonder what he’s doing,

He doesn’t know this, mostly because it’s a little creepy, but I do take a drive by his house every once in a while.
I got a new car, so he doesn’t know what I’ve been driving.
I always go with the hopes of running into him while he’s outside.
All I want to do is see his face.
Is that too much to ask for?

There wasn’t many differences between the first time he pretended I didn’t exist and the time that I’m going through now. 
The one main difference between then and now, is that I know he’s happy.
He’s happy… 

He doesn’t need me anymore. 
He’s with the girl of his dreams and I’m just figuratively watching him from the sidelines.
I’m watching him be happy with someone else. 
He just used me. 
I was just a distraction until she came back into his life. 
He ran faster to her than he would’ve ever run to me. 
I love him, but he loves her. 
He’s my soul mate, but I’m not his. 

I hate hearing his name again. 
I hate seeing his blue car when it’s not even his. 
I hate going to places where we shared the most memories. 
I just hate thinking about him so much because I know he’s not thinking of me.

I wish I was more prepared for this.
I’m going through the exact same thing as last year, so why does it feel worse than better?
Is it because I want to believe that he was starting to fall for me?
Is it because I know he was happy with me too?
He was.
Is it because he broke the walls around my heart down?

We started doing so many things together. 
He started to make me come out of my shell - as did I with him. 
I saw the look in his eyes when he looked at me. 
I heard the tone of his voice when he told me he really liked me. 
And I heard the sarcasm every time he told me “I hate you.” 
He didn’t mean that. 
Maybe he was secretly telling me “I love you,” but he was just too afraid to say it. 

It’s sad… because I can’t begin to understand what he goes through on a daily basis. 
I don’t know what it’s like to be in love with a guy when you can’t even admit to yourself. 
I can’t begin to understand what he goes through when someone would ask him who I was. 
Was I “just a friend?”
What if they questioned him why we would hang out so much. 
How would I handle that if I was in his shoes?

I want to believe that he was falling in love with me, because it would be the only reasonable explanation as to why he won’t talk to me. 
He got scared. 
I get it. 
His family doesn’t know about his attraction toward men. 
I get it. 

What I don’t get is why he would go back to her?
From what I can recall, in my opinion, she makes him feel so insecure about himself. 
She tells him things like:
He’s a bad influence.
He’s making you do things - drink and other things that happen behind closed, locked doors. 
He’s not a good person. 
You’re better than that. 
That’s not like you. 
You don’t do those things. 

Why does she have to degrade me like that?
And to her own boyfriend too.
I honestly feel like she makes him feel ashamed of himself. 

I hope he doesn’t listen to her. 
I hope he knows that it’s okay to be gay. 
I hope he knows that it’s okay to be in love with a guy. 
Especially someone that would treat him right for the rest of his life.
He’s too beautiful, inside and out to not be treated the right way. 

I remember one thing he told me when he started talking to her again and he and I were on good terms. 
He was telling me that one time when she said something offensive to him, he replied with, “You know what? Sometimes you treat me like a nobody. Unlike Alex, at least he treats me like I’m a somebody.” 

Hearing that brought so much joy to my ears. 
It was wonderful. 
If only he still stuck by that comment and chose me instead of her. 
To be honest, I hope he still compares me to her a lot. 
I want him to know what he’s missing. 
I want him to know what he could’ve had. 
True, real happiness with no judgement. 

I’m not saying he’s not happy now.
I’m just saying, maybe all the comments she made about him not being “him” aren’t true because she doesn’t know the real him. 
Maybe he opened up to me in ways he never did with her.
I feel like I met the real Voldemort.
I feel like I made him feel comfortable. 
He knew I wouldn’t have judged him. 
I think that’s all he needs. 
To be with someone who won’t judge him for what he truly is.  

I want to talk to him. 
I want to hear his soothing voice, especially during sad times like these.
When I’m home alone on the bar writing to you, lights flickering, music playing and surrounded by darkness. 
I feel so empty tonight. 
I wish I knew how to fill this void without needing him.

To be honest, I don’t think it will ever be filled until he comes back to me. 
I’ve tried seeing other people. 
I’ve tried letting someone see my vulnerable side.
I’ve tried finding someone with the same taste in music, games, movies and tv shows like me.
I haven’t found anyone so far.
He and I had so much in common. 
He’s going to be so hard to replace. 

Incidentally, in my previous letter I mentioned some things that I should probably keep you updated on.
I ended up talking to my Management professor after all. 
She almost cried during our talk. 
Her eyes got so glossy, especially after I told her that it’s been difficult for me to get out of bed. 
I could tell that she understood.
She gave me some advice and told me I should go see a counselor - if I wanted to of course. 
She wasn’t forcing the decision upon me. 
I knew she was right when she told me that it would help me a lot. 

Also, my friend from Chicago left this week. 
I miss her already. 
We had such a good time while she was here. 
We went to the beach. 
We went shopping. 
We ate my favorite restaurants. 
I took her to her old home. 
And of course we watched our favorite movies. 
I had such a great time with her. 
I can’t wait until I get to visit her next. 

Love Always,


Secret Santa for @twindoodle! Sorry I’m late! 

They run across the rooftops, grinning excitedly. It’s been ages since they last got to hang out like this. She watches her partner, her best friend, laughing as he manages to stick a landing to a jump that nobody without a superhero suit would ever be able to manage. He’s a great guy, honestly.

She just wishes they could actually talk more.

Well, maybe they can! They have all night, so long as no akumas attack. So why shouldn’t they just talk, a little bit? It’s not like one conversation will reveal all.

“Hey, Chat? Want to play twenty questions?”

He nearly falls over. “What? Really?”

She laughs. “Really.”

He beams, and nods, leaning on his staff with a wide grin. “Want to go first, or shall I?”

She taps her chin. “Hmm… what do you want?”

“Anything my lovely Lady decides!” he beams. And… this. The flirting would be nice… if she even once thought it might be real. But honestly, who would be that candid with their crush outside of the movies?

She grins, an idea popping into her mind. “Okay, I’ll go first: Who do you like?”

He stares at her for a minute. “Um…  you, obviously? I mean, who wouldn’t fall for the lovely Lady of Paris?”

She laughs, slightly, and smacks his shoulder. “No, I’m serious! Who do you like? I want to know for real.”

He smiles, and shakes his head. “I’m serious too. I’m very serious about you, my Lady.”

“C’mon, really,” she smirks. “I know you’re a flirt, but there has to be somebody who’s capture your heart, right?”

She’s not sure why, but his smile seems to falter. “Yes. You.”

She frowns. “Okay, okay. If you don’t want me to know…”

He stares at her blankly, and then a sad look crosses his face. “There is someone.”

She perks up. “Tell me about her! Or him? Or them?”

“Her,” he says quietly. “She’s… amazing. Her eyes are like bluebells… and she’s just… lovely.” A sad smile plays at his lips. “She’s creative, and clever, and brave. And I love her, so much. But… well, I don’t know her as well as I’d like to. And she doesn’t know I love her, because every time I try to tell her, she doesn’t take me seriously.”

Her eyes widen. “What? How dare she? Who is this girl? I’m going to have WORDS with her!”

Chat gives her a slightly panicked look. “Nonononono! It’s okay! You do not need to do that! You do not! At all! It’s fine!”

“Just give me a name, Chaton,” she looks up at him with wide eyes. “Please let me play matchmaker?”

He shakes his head quickly. “Really, it’s fine, I swear!”

Meanwhile, her mind is whirling. “Okay, so you don’t know her that well-”

“Hey!” he frowns, crossing his arms. “I know her plenty well… just… not as well as I’d like to. You know?”

“So you don’t know her that well.”

He pouts, rolling his eyes. “You won’t figure out who she is.”

“Shh!” she puts a hand up. “Okay, and she doesn’t take you seriously… I’m assuming you flirt like crazy around her, right?”

“Yeah,” he mutters. “You got it.”

She thinks it over carefully. “And blue eyes… creative… Not Chloé?”

“NOT Chloé,” he confirms.

“So…” she rubs her temple. “Who have I seen you flirt with other than me…?”

He sighs. Nobody, he wants to say. Only you. But he can’t just say that. She won’t believe him…

And it’s technically not true, as she’s starting to remember. Suddenly, her eyes widen in shock. “Oh my god. Oh my god, it’s so obvious. Princess, why didn’t I see it?” she looks at him. “You like Marinette?”

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Today I fucked trusting a “hot local single in my area” on a dating app

Greatest/worst thing ever just happened to me, so buckle up’s story time:

Girl on a dating app tells me in the first few messages that I’m really cute (true) and interesting (also true) and asks me to meet her at 1140am for coffee at a random McDonald’s. When I ask if she’s a 45 year old man trying to harvest my organs, she proceeds to send me 15 pictures in a row that look like they’re straight from Facebook. Because that’s how you convince somebody you’re real (not true).

Now normally I don’t accept propositions like this because I’m thinking “what’s the catch?” Well, I decide to live a little on the YOLO side…and since it’s right next to a Subway Sandwich shop I think that the worst that could happen is it’s a 45 year old lonely man, I give him a big hug because I know the feeling as a 25 year old lonely man, get a tasty sandwich, then go home. Apparently that was NOT the worst thing that could happen.

I show up. She shows up. She’s real. I’m surprised. I buy her coffee because I subscribe to traditional gender roles unless requested otherwise. She uses her McCafe frequent buyers card so she gets stamps. Its cute. While the guy is making her drink, she tells me to go find a table outside in the sun. I go outside and find the perfect goddamn table because I’m a romantic at heart. 5 minutes later. 10 minutes later. 15 minutes later. No girl. I text her the typical guy message “lol u get lost???”. No response. Turns out she took the coffee and left.

So I’m not saying it’s bad to leave a date if you feel uncomfortable or aren’t attracted to them. It’s totally your decision. But I don’t think that’s the case…I think this girl is a serial McCafe dater. And I don’t think this was her first time. It was too professional. Too clean. It was the perfect McHeist. And I’m starting to think I’m not even mad…she didn’t steal my credit card, or my organs. Just a few euros.

And my heart.

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This whole post is born out of a post I saw in the Swan Queen tag, basically it was one of those “can’t we all just get along”, “ship and let ship” posts. While I agreed with most of the things they said, there was one thing I read that just got under my skin, “C$ is confirmed True Love” and all I could think was

Originally posted by find-a-reaction-gif

So as not to be that person and hi-jack the post I decided to make my own.

I will never understand why people think that C$ is confirmed True Love (TL). Is it because of that contrived test that they “passed”?  I don’t know why this bugs me…no wait I do, OUAT’s tried and true method of proving TL is True Love’s Kiss (TLK) which C$ does not have. In fact every couple that we’ve seen have TLK it was their very first kiss, C$ has had a gratuitously numerous amount of kisses, including a few failed TLK attempts. To me that automatically discounts them but there are still people out there who think that ridiculous test was what confirmed it when in fact it completely and utterly disproved them as a TL couple and I’m gonna prove it. Let’s take a look at the test scene in episode 5x20 “Firebird” just because I have a strong desire to rip it a new one. Brace yourselves this is gonna be long.

I’m gonna do this in sections and put it under the cut because it’s going to be so long.

I. The Dialogue

II. The Test

III. What the Show Says About True Love and Comparing/Contrasting with Swan Queen (just because I can)

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Fuck. Off.

I legitimately like working at the gym, and since it doesn’t look like we’re moving (soon) I’m staying - the dumbass who “won’t clean up after men” was let go for some reason. I’ll be done at the restaurant real soon, and I don’t think I’ll miss it.

Anyway, the gym participates with the community for different events. A 5k or some such was run here recently and somebody won a free 2 month membership, which she gave to her husband, who is an asshole.

Asshole comes in. Asshole presents his gift certificate. 

Asshole asks if I’ll give him a 4 month membership instead.

No. The certificate is for 2 months.

Asshole demands 4 months.

No. The certificate is for 2 months.

Asshole tells me I’m going to give him 4 months.

No. The certificate is for 2 months.

Asshole tells me the manager said he could have 4 months.

I look to my manager (the only manager,) who is standing there listening to this exchange has a look on her face that screams “uh…no?”

I tell Asshole no, the certificate is for 2 months. Take it or leave it.

Asshole tosses the certificate at me, which flutters onto the counter. He tells me I will give him the four months he was promised.

Oh? Will I?

I will not.

I pick the certificate up off the counter, and point to where it says 2 months. I tell him it’s good for 2 months, and 2 months only. I will not extend it more than 2 months, so he can accept 2 months, or leave.

Asshole calls me incompetent and begins yelling at me. I look at my manager, who has decided to ignore him in favor of doing inventory - since I clearly had things handled.

I hold up my index finger to get his attention, and once I have it, I tell Asshole he can take his certificate and just fuck off.

Asshole, clearly used to getting his way especially when he raises his voice, asks me to repeat what I just said.

Fuck. Off.

He stares at me a moment.

Need me to repeat it again? 

No. Asshole is ready to accept his 2 month membership.

Fine. But I’ll have no more arguments. 

Asshole suggests a compromise of 3 months.

I tell him the compromise is still getting the 2 months. 

He finally signs for it and leaves.

My manager, who listened to the entire exchange, is rather impressed with how long I kept my cool. She tells me that in the future it’s a better idea to tell them to just leave, not to fuck off. 

It’ll be interesting in 2 months. I’m sure Asshole will try and extend it without paying. It’ll be a joy to shut his key card off.

I think I’m done with restaurants for a while. I haven’t been having fun, and that’s almost a prerequisite. Probably would have had more fun if I’d been making good money. 

Also, if you’re not watching playoff hockey there might be something wrong with you. -J

The Perks of Being a Wallflower

these are all quotes that I have hilighted in my copy of my favorite book, The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky(:

Aries: “I didn’t know that other people thought things about me. I didn’t know that they looked” (38). // “I walked over to the hill where we used to go and sled. There were a lot of little kids there. I watched them flying. Doing jumps and having races. And I thought that all those little kids are going to grow up someday. And all of those little kids are going to do the things that we do. And they will all kiss someone someday. But for now, sledding is enough. I think it would be great if sledding were always enough, but it isn’t” (73-4).

Taurus: “Sam has brown hair and very very pretty green eyes. The kind of green that doesn’t make a big deal about itself” (19).// “It’s just hard to see a friend hurt this much. Especially when you can’t do anything except ‘be there.’ I want to make him stop hurting, but I can’t. So, I just follow him around whenever he wants to show me his world” (161).

Gemini: “I guess when you see somebody in the hallway or on the field or something, it’s nice to know that they are a real person” (34). // “I am very interested and fascinated by how everyone loves each other, but no one really likes each other” (56).

Cancer: “To tell you the truth, I love Sam. It’s not a movie kind of love either. I just look at her sometimes, and I think she is the prettiest and nicest person in the whole world” (47-8). // “It’s like looking at all the students and wondering who’s had their heart broken that day […].  And wondering why. Especially since I know that if they went to another school, the person who had their heart broken would have had their heart broken by somebody else, so why does it have to be so personal?” (142).

Leo: “My mom is beautiful. And she’s always on a diet. Sometimes, my dad calls her beautiful, but she cannot hear him” (16). // “I just thought to myself that in the palm of my hand, there was this one tape that had all of these memories and feelings and great joy and sadness. Right there in the palm of my hand. And I thought about how many people have loved those songs […] I bet if I wrote one of them, I would be very proud. I hope the people who wrote those songs are happy. I hope they feel it’s enough. I really do because they’ve made me happy. And I’m only one person” (63-4).

Virgo: *About To Kill a Mockingbird* “It is now my favorite book of all time, but then again, I always think that until I read another book” (9). // “I never once thought it would mean that Sam might start liking me. All I cared about was the fact that Sam got really hurt. And I guess I realized at that moment that I really did love her. Because there was nothing to gain, and that didn’t matter” (179).

Libra: “I look at people holding hands in the hallways, and I try to think about how it all works […]. And I wonder if anyone is really happy. I hope they are. I really hope they are” (24). // “This all feels very familiar. But it’s not mine to be familiar about. I just know that another kid has felt this […]. And all the books you’ve read have been read by other people. And all the songs you’ve loved have been heard by other people. And that girl that’s pretty to you is pretty to other people. And you know that if you looked at these facts when you were happy, you would feel great because you are describing ‘unity’” (95-6).

Scorpio: “’We accept the love we think we deserve’” (24). // “When I was done reading the poem, everyone was quiet. A very sad quiet. But the amazing thing was that it wasn’t a bad sad at all. It was just something that made everyone look around at each other and know that they were there. Sam and Patrick looked at me […]. And I think they knew. Not anything in specific really. They just knew. And that’s all you can ever ask from a friend” (66).

Sagittarius: “I am very in love with Sam, and it hurts very much” (49). // “So, I guess we are who we are for a lot of reasons. And maybe we’ll never know most of them. But even if we don’t have the power to choose where we come from, we can still choose where we go from there. We can still do things. And we can try to feel okay about them” (211).

Capricorn: “’You see things. You keep quiet about them. And you understand’” (37). // “People who try to control situations all the time are afraid that if they don’t, nothing will work out the way they want” (130).

Aquarius: “’Sometimes people use thought to not participate in life’” (24). // “It’s like when you are excited about a girl and you see a couple holding hands, and you feel so happy for them. And other times you see the same couple, and they make you so mad. And all you want is to always feel happy for them because you know that if you do, then it means that you’re happy, too” (96).

Pisces: “I turned around and walked to my room and closed my door and put my head under my pillow and let the quiet put things where they are supposed to be” (26). // “I don’t know if you’ve ever felt like that. That you wanted to sleep for a thousand years. Or just not exist. Or just not be aware that you do exist. Or something like that. I think wanting that is very morbid” (94).

My friend has told me that Prince could be really nice & friendly, that he has brilliant sense of humour & that he liked pranks too so I’ll include the funnier things she said before to me (and I got her to tell me more positive/funny things about him as well):

Prince & Carmen, when on good terms, once went outside on a sunny day when recording her album to play basketball & both of them were wearing exceptionally high heeled shoes. At one point when Carmen had the ball (& was losing) Prince just lifted her up, put her on his shoulders & got her to shoot till she scored. He kissed her real cutely once she did.
Once after a gathering/party/event at Paisley, somebody found a lost little kid inside Paisley & Prince actually sat down & played hide and go seek with this kid for about an hour till his parents came back to get him. She said that this kid then started crying when he had to leave & Prince gave him his own signed basketball to keep.

At a concert in Chicago this girl in the audience was wearing a nice jacket that Prince had taken a shine to so he asked my friend to go ask her where she got it. Well this girl actually took it off & said that Prince could have it if he liked it. It was really fancy, all silk and lace trim. Somehow he found out her name & her address & sent her huge bunches of flowers as a thank you everyday for weeks
—  Confessions of a previous employee of Prince’s ‘Paisley Park’ studio
You’re Negan’s daughter? // part 3

Words: 1485
Carl grimes x reader
The walking dead

part 1 / part 2 / part 4 / part 5


The following days are with me spent locked in my bedroom, I don’t eat, barely sleep. I ignore the constant knocks on my door and completely shut out my dad. The only time I leave is ‘feeding time’ for Daryl. I took a personal interest to not let the saviours mess him around too much, Dwight makes a point of giving him a dog food sandwich. Dwight stands there as he takes his first bite then leaves. I wait for them to get completely out of sight before sneaking over. I peel the door open and see Daryl sigh thinking its Dwight again. When he sees its me he furrows his eyebrows. I take the sandwich out of his hand forcefully and he frowns thinking its malicious. I reach behind me and grab the actual sandwich and can. There is a dark corner the other side of the box room and I point to it. 

“leave the rubbish over there, they won’t see it and I’ll get it later.” I say and stand up to leave, his hand wraps around my ankle and I bend down to him again. “are you ok? do you not like chicken? I could get you a ham, or beef-” I say but he cuts me off. 
“your daddy know you’re here?” he grits. I shake my head.
“no” I sigh. 
“well I ain’t getting caught, take it back” he huffs. I shake my head again. 
“no please, I hate that they’re treating you like an animal. You need to eat some proper food. please.” I exhale. He nods and unwraps the sandwich, moaning at the taste of human food. I go to leave again. 
“thank you” he whispers, I just nod. 

I decide to get a little sun. As I walk outside I hear multiple gun shots. I look over to the truck. 

My eyes widen and I start making my way over but my dad beats me to it. They talk and then they set off for the wives room. I follow them, trying to stay quiet. As dad is about to shut the door he calls out “y/n, come on in I know you’ve been following us” with a sigh I show myself and storm past him. 

“Ladies, don’t mind the kid.” he announces to the wives who all move away from Amber. I make my way over to Carl and Negan and catch the end of their conversation. 
“-you’re gonna want to look at their titties” my dad smirks but Carl shakes his head looking down, I wrap my hand around his elbow. My dad sighs and heads over to the corner with Sherry. I move my hand down from his elbow to his hand lacing mine with his. He looks at me through his hair and I smile at him awkwardly. He huffs and removes my hand. I sigh and look over to my dad, watching us. He turns away, immersing himself in a heated conversation with Sherry. I take the chance and reach up, pecking Carl on the cheek. 
“I’ll find you” I whisper into his ear, he gulps and nods his head slightly. 

I leave and go back to my room thinking about the last few days. I barely know Carl, really the only thing I know about him is his name and his dad. I sigh and after a while go out for a stroll. I see Daryl and give him a slight nod. I see my dad in a truck with Carl and Dwight. 
“princess! there you are, hop in, we’re going on a ride” my dad calls out to me. I glance at Daryl and his eyes widen. I look down and walk over to the truck getting in, I sit on my dads lap and stare out of the window the entire way. 

A while later we pull up to big gates, I presume its Alexandria. We all step out and Carl leads us towards his house, while the other saviours tear through the houses. My dad looks around and goes in every room, he finds Carls little sister Judith and I gulp. He plays around with her for a while before leaving to do some business. 

“Carl I’m so sorry, I’m going to fix this” I sigh. He snorts. 
“what are you going to do?” he huffs. 
“just trust me please, I’m nothing like my dad!” I plead. He bites his lip and nods. I take that as my queue to leave and I see a saviour with a huge box of food and medicine. I hear Carl sigh behind me. 
“hey, you taking that to the truck?” I call out to them. They turn around and nod. “I’ll take it” I say and they nod with a smile handing it to me. I wait until they leave and run up the steps of Carls house. He  opens the door quickly and I rush in. “hide this” I pant. He takes it from me and pushes it behind the couch. 
“thank you” he mumbles. I smile at him and walk out of his house. I go help with collecting things which means taking things off people and hiding them again. I go back outside and see everyone crowding around my dad and a man playing pool? 

I walk over to them and see my dad tauntingly walk over to the man. He says something to him and then stabs him, everyone gasps and my eyes fill with tears. 
“dad!” I gasp pushing to the front of everyone. Again, everyone stares at me. 
“ah princess, just in time” he cheers but then a bullet goes off. 
“ shit! What the shit?! shit! You just…You tried to kill me?! You shot Lucille!” he fumes and Arat pins the girl to the floor, knife on throat. 
“She got in the way.”she grits. Negan picks the bullet casing up. 
“What is this? What is this? This little bad boy made from scratch? Look at those crimps. This was homemade. You may be stupid, darlin’, but you showed some real ingenuity here. Arat, move that knife up out on that girl’s face. Lucille’s beautiful, smooth surface is never gonna look the same, so why should yours?! Unless… Unless you tell me who made this.” he spits. 
“It was me. I made it.” she hisses. 
“You see, now I just think you’re lying. And you lying to me now?! Such a shame. Arat’s gonna have to cut up that pretty face. One more try.”
“It was me.”she repeats.  
“Oh! You are such a badass! Fine. Have it your way. Arat… Kill somebody.” my dad says and Arat turns around shooting someone. 
“No. It was me! No!” the girl on the floor yells. Carl and the woman on the porch go down at the same time and I gasp, tears springing to my eyes. We wait for a second then Carls head pops up, extremely angry. I sigh out, it wasn’t Carl. 
“We had an agreement.” Rick grits coming behind the crowd with a severely beat up man. I rush over and hold the man up as Rick lets go, Rick gives me a weird look but leaves me with him, another man also went to the other side of the man. 
“Rick! Look, everybody, it’s Rick. Ah, your people are making me lose my voice doin’ all this yelling.” dad laughs. I sigh and turn to the man. 
“are you okay?” I whisper. He nods. “we need to get you cleaned up” I mumble. 
“I’m fine, and why do you care anyway, your dads men did this” he sighs. 
“I’m going to stop him, I’m going to do something” I say with determination. 
“well do it quick” the other man grits and turns around pulling the injured with him, they head to the infirmary and I look down. 

“princess? where did you go?” my dad calls out for me. People move out the way and he sees me and smiles. “lets go home” he grins. I sigh and start walking towards him. Everyone stays silent watching us. He goes to put his arm around me and I grab it shoving him off. “princess don’t be like that” he tuts. I groan and turn around pressing my finger into his chest. 
“YOU DIDN’T HAVE TO DO THAT! YOU ALREADY KILLED TWO OF THEIR PEOPLE, YOU TOOK DARYL. NOW TWO MORE AND EUGENE! I HATE YOU, I HATE YOU I HATE YOU!” I scream pushing him over and over again. His eyes flash hurt for a minute before he grabs my arms and picks me up, slinging me over his shoulder. I scream and thrash against him but he doesn’t seem fazed by it. Just keeps walking to the truck. 

oh shit, is that LINDSEY MORGAN ? can’t be, they’re too hot. that’s just NATALIA PILAR INEZ. they are TWENTY-ONE and identify as CIS FEMALE. she’s a long way from PHOENIX, ARIZONA. they’re known to be ALERT & ENERGETIC but let’s be real, i only care when they’re JUDGMENTAL & MEDDLESOME. i hear they’re a junior here at billsbury studying to be a SOCIAL WORKER. damn, good luck with that. and for some god awful reason, everytime i hear WHEN SHE LOVED ME by SARAH MCLACHLAN, they come to mind.

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An Other Side of the War (Part 4)

Draco Malfoy x Reader

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7

Originally posted by fantasyimagine

~ Before year sixth ~

The Malfoy Manor was huge and impressive, but you couldn’t fucus on that more than two seconds. You all stopped at the living room - Draco close to your side, his mother in front of you; she had a hard time to start to speak. When she did, your fears became real. 

“Y/N… “ - she started in a low, teary voice. “There’s no good way to telling this… and I’m sorry that you have to hear it from me. After the events at the Ministry, your parents died.” 

The feeling was like somebody hit you in your chest extremely hard. Your heart skipped a beat and you wanted to scream really loud, but your breath stucked in your troath. Tears blurred your vision and you felt dizzy - you couldn’t see or hear anything anymore, only your heartbeat.  Slowly you started collapsing, until Draco’s hand catched you and pull you over to the couch. He sat beside you and you hugged him instantly, so hard and tightly that your hands started to hurt around his shoulder after a few minutes. You cried and cried and he said nothing, just gently storked your back. 

When you started to calm down a little and could use your brain again, you stood up quickly.

“How did they die?” - you asked Draco because Narcissa wasn’t there anymore, but when she heard your shout, she came back from the kitchen.

“I’m not sure you should know.” - she muttered.

“I think I deserve to know how my parents died! It was him, right?” She hesitated for a few seconds, but then she started. 

“The Dark Lord wasn’t pleased after the incidence at the Ministry. He cast the Cruciatus Curse on your mother, and when your father tried to protect her… well…”

She didn’t continue, but you didn’t care. Now you were angry; the words did not stuck in your throath anymore.

“Was it worth it?” - you shouted at her. “Is it worth it? Being so loyal and all to your beloved lord, yeah my parents were loyal, and look at where are they now! Look at where your husband are now… All of you just ruined your families lifes!” 

Her eyes was mildly teary as she answered you. “As long as you stay in my house, I’d like to ask you to show some respect.”

“Staying in here? Oh no, I’m not planning to stay with you any minute longer now.” And you were already on your way to the door, but Draco grabbed your arm. 

“Y/N, please. Your aunt will come and pick you up later on this month, but now, you’re alone. Let us help you.” If you wouldn’t be so emotionally unstable at that moment, you’d just probably stormed out, but as you looked in to his eyes that you never seen so sad earlier, you stayed. 

You stayed your room at the rest of the day, and nobody bothered you. But in the next morning, Draco came in to tell you the breakfast is ready; you were still in bed. 

“I’m not hungry.” - you answered without glanced at him.

“You should eat something. You skipped dinner yesterday too.” You didn’t answer to this, just stared the wall. He came closer and sat the edge of the bed, his hand on your shoudler. 

“I know how are you feeling…”

“You don’t.” - you cut him off with an edgy tone. He pulled his hand away from you.

“Right. I don’t. My mother is alive. My father is just in the Azkaban. But don’t forget they are on the same side. D’you think I never think about that that easily can happen to them too?” You felt ashamed. It was so easy to forget that he’s in a similar situation.. As you sat up you hugged him and murmured an “I’m sorry” in his ears. You went down to the dining room. At the table, Draco’s mother sat in front of you.

“Mrs. Malfoy, I’d like to apoligize for my behaviour yesterday. I didn’t mean to offended you or your family.” - you said. 

She let out a small smile. “It’s alright, Y/N, you’re hurt. And please call me Narcissa.” 

Your relationship with Draco and his mother now was restored, but your day wasn’t any better. You felt emptyness and deep sandess in turn. At night, you couldn’t sleep, so you decided to go to Draco’s room. You knocked and found him awake. “Is something wrong?” 

“I just couldn’t sleep. Can I… sleep with you?” He nodded and you went into his room, layed beside him. At least an hour passed, and you were still wide awake when you startet to cry silently. Draco probably was awake too, because he heard you immediately. He leaned above to you and gently made you to turn on to him, and you hugged him instantly, crying just more loudly. You buried your face into his neck as he wrapped his arms around you, running circles in your back with his hand. 

“It hurts so much.” - you whispered. 

“I know.” You fell asleep in his arms, and in the next morning you wake up in the smiliar positon.  

And from that day you got close to each other every day. It wasn’t like that cheeky flirting what you did in the last two years. It was more mature, deeper and honest. You kept sleeping with him, though you spent most of the night with deep converstations. He opened up to you and you opened up to him in a way that you never did before with anybody else earlier, and you were sure it was mutual. When he kissed you after months again, you felt you want him, no matter what will happen after that. 

After what happened with your parents, this summer could have been easily the worst period of your life. However, staying at the Malfoy Manor was a good choise afterall - Draco not just helped you to feel yourself better, but you clearly fell in love with him every day just more and more; you had so many sweet moments. 

Like when you took a hot bubble bath and he sat next to the tub in a chair, reading to you from his favourite book. Or when he teached you how to play Quidditch in their backyard - even if you thought you were hopeless in this. Or the night when he took your virginity; and he was kind and gentle and worried - “I don’t want to hurt you.” - he said too many times before you convinced him you’ll be fine. 

And that sleepy late morning, when both of you were still in bed, eyes just slightly open, and you draw circles on his bare shoulder with your fingertip. 

“What will happen now? There’s war.” - you muttered. 

“At this point I only know one thing - I love you. And I’ll do everything to keep you safe. We’ll figure it out.” he smiled, and you knew it’s not that easy, but his words was so calming. 

After a month your aunt came for you. It was hard to say him goodbye, even if you knew you’ll see him again within four weeks. 

“Write to me.” - you said at the doorway, wrapped in his arms.

“Of course I will.” He kissed your forehead, you hugged Narcissa aswell, and disapparated with your aunt.



PERFECT WORLD, by Rosamund Hodge

“Hello. My name is Claire Lewis. I had my bad luck removed at age ten, and it’s made a wonderful change in my life.”

Because ten year olds, such underachievers, am I right?

I glare at the bathroom mirror. My stomach is a knot of fear. It’s fine for Mom to stride onto the TV screen, wearing her stilettos and her pinstriped suits and that steely smile make everyone love and fear her. And Lara, my older sister, she’s got that warm grin, a double degree in pre-med and politics, and the Fulbright scholarship to Oxford. 

But me?

I try a smile. It looks way too full of teeth.

“I’m seventeen years old, I got a perfect score on the SAT, and there’s a full ride waiting for me at Harvard.”

Except I don’t have any of that yet, except the seventeen years old part.

Right now I’ve got a tutor, a load of AP classes, choir practice, soccer practice, and student newspaper duties. Also: bloodshot eyes, no boyfriend, and twelve extra pounds from all the stress-induced doubleshot mochas. 

And I’m supposed to walk onto a sound stage and convince the nation that early-intervention luck adjustment is such a good idea it ought to be mandatory.

I have to make Mom proud.

I take a deep breath and look myself in the eye.

“I know people say that early intervention puts too much pressure on kids. Makes them feel like they have to achieve. Doesn’t let them learn from their mistakes. But all it’s ever done is give me freedom! I’ve made plenty of mistakes—like the pink hair incident, ha ha—”

I pause. Try the laugh again. Give up on it.

“—but the procedure means my mistakes don’t have to define me. That the deck isn’t stacked against me. That I’m getting a chance to stretch my wings and fly.”

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I’d like to leave this game a winner

part 1 ( I’ll take what I can get)


 "Heyyy y/n" he said, hoping she would miss the small tint of red upon his cheeks. The effect that she had on him always decided to physically show.

 "Are you free today?“ She asked. An evil glint in her eye as she threw a quick glance over her shoulder as Calum walked behind her and into the kitchen where the two were talking. She made sure Calum was listening to her every word. 

 "Yeah, why?” Luke replied knowing he had plans with guys all day, but he would drop them in a second if it meant being with her for a few hours.

 "We should go out, like for coffee or something" she suggested, twirling a loose piece of hair around her index finger.

 Rule number one; subtle flirting. No one wants to come across as desperate. 

She gave Luke a sly smile as she waited for his reply. Calum, who was now standing behind Luke with a bowl of cereal, watched the two of them, leaning on the kitchen counter, casually, raising his eyes at her in a mocking way, as if he found this whole thing amusing.

 Rule number two; make the guy who doesn’t want you… Want you. In other words make them jealous. Make their heads swarm with thoughts of you, tease them, get their heart thumping, make sure their eyes are on you and show them what they could have had.

 Calum didn’t look jealous but she didn’t let it deflate her Act. It was too late now.

 "Really?“ Luke sounded shocked. “With … With me?” He couldn’t help but smile widely.

 "Yes with you” she chuckled 

 "Well yeah, of course, id like to, I’d love to-“

 "Okay good, we can go around lunch time” she smiled.

 "He can’t" Calum said interrupting. She didn’t miss the pointed look Luke have him which telepathically told him to shut up as he had wanted this to happen for ages and now it finally was and Calum could ruin it. 

 "Yes I can" Luke protested 

 "Why can’t he? Calum?“ She asked, eyebrows raised as she waited expectantly. 

 "Band practice” he said simply and smugly. Truth was he was suddenly scared of losing her to Luke. But she was never his in the first place. 

 "You guys can do that without me!“ Luke practically shunned, this could be his one chance to show y/n how much he really liked her. He wasn’t going to have Calum ruin this.

 "You’re lead singer Luke, we can’t.” Calum said, a hint of annoyance. Maybe it was anger or jealously or who knows but he really didn’t want him to go out with her. He was maybe so close to having her as his own, he knew he might have ruined all the chances he ever had with her. He regretted a lot of things he told her.

 ‘Do you think you could ever love me?‘ 


 Of course he could. He couldn’t love anyone else but her. He was scared right now. Scared that Luke could so easily take her away. Because he could love her and she knows that. Whereas she thinks Calum could never love her- because, well because he told her he couldn’t.

 "Just practise songs where you or Michael have the most solos and get Ash to do mine" Luke said frowning at him. “

That’s not fair Luke, this band isn’t going to work unless everybody puts in the effort” Calum said, trying to make Luke feel guilty. It was working but Luke was pissed at him

. “Well if you’re busy then i guess we’ll have to go some other day” she sighed dramatically, smirking at Calum before walking out of the room before Luke could stop her.

 "What the fuck did you do that for!“ Luke almost growled at him

. “We have band practice, you can’t bail on us for just some girl” Calum shrugged.

   “She’s not just some girl though Cal. You know I’ve liked her for so long, that was my chance, you ruined it.” Luke huffed Calum knew she wasn’t just some girl.

 "Oh crap sorry, I forgot about that” Calum said walking past Luke. Of course he hadn’t forgotten. Luke shoved him as he walked past, he was beyond pissed at him and probably wouldn’t get over this for a while. 

 Calum had to admit the felt bad for the blonde boy. He knew that y/n didn’t really like Luke like that, she was just trying to make him jealous. She gave Luke false hope and Calum was only trying to stop it from going further to save Luke the heartbreak. Plus he wouldn’t let anyone else have her. Not when he felt confused about his feelings towards her. 

 Luke was sulking for the rest of the day. There was no point even having band practise as he sent glares at Calum all day making him feel uncomfortable. In the end Ashton threw one drum stick at Luke’s head and the other at Calum which hit his back before he stormed off mumbling about “sort your shit out” Michael following him.

 Leaving Calum and Luke to put their instruments away.

 "Luke" Calum said only to be ignored. “Seriously Luke, you’re ignoring me?” He asked chuckling spitefully before whispering “grow the fuck up”

 "Me? Me grow the fuck up? How about you grow the fuck up Calum!“

 "I would have had to do something childish to be told to grow the fuck up” Calum spat back.

 "You’re the most childish person I know Calum" Luke chuckled 

 "How?“ Calum asked amused 

 "You act like a troubled spoilt child all the fucking time and expect everyone else to help you or do things for you, and when things don’t go your way you throw a huge hissy. Like… Like when y/n asked me out this morning… You got jealous… That’s what it was you were jealous” he said figuring it out. It all made sense now. “You were jealous that she asked me out and not you! And because it didn’t go your way you ruined my chances!” Luke almost screamed.

 "Don’t be stupid" Calum mumbled.

 "I’m not, it’s the truth isn’t it? You like her but she likes me because she asked me out! So you ruin it" Luke said

. “I DO NOT LIKE HER. Its y/n! I would never, ever like her Luke.”

 "Good to know" he heard a small voice say from behind him. He turned around seeing a hurt y/n. He cursed silently at himself. 

 " y/n… I-im sorry-“ he said but she cut him off. 

 "I honestly couldn’t care less if you liked me or not, I mean it would be weird” she said chuckling to cover her previous hurt expression. She already knew Calum didn’t like her like that but it didn’t hurt any less.

 "I was just wondering that now band practice is over, because I saw Ashton leave and Michael stormed up stairs, if Luke was free to go get coffee or something now" she said not even looking at Calum.

 "Yeah let’s go, oh wait Calum do you think you’ll be alright here by yourself? Or do I need to get Michael down to babysit you?“ Luke joked still pissed at his friend. 

 "Fuck off” he mumbled.

 Calum was the one sulking now. Luke and y/n had gone out and it had been 2 hours and 14 minutes and they hadn’t returned. He was pacing in Michael’s bed room while Michael was playing on his playstation. He noticed how Calum kept checking his phone for the time and kept looking at the window impatiently. He paused his game 

 "You okay Cal?“ He asked concerned.

 "Yep” Calum replied shortly looking more impatient

 "No you’re not. You keep pacing and its fucking annoying" Michael said bluntly. “Tell me what’s up? Or whatever happened with you and Luke" 

 "He was just being a dick…” Calum said. “Well actually I was being a dick… I don’t know I just, I don’t know” he said slumping down on the small sofa Michael had in his room.

 His eyes focused on a dusty picture on the side of Michael’s bed. He sighed seeing her, the picture was of the y/n and the four boys on her 18th birthday, the night where the whole thing between them started.

 "It’s her isn’t it?“ Michael asked not surprised when Calum gave a slow nod. He wasn’t stupid. He knew his sister better than anyone. He knew she was head over heels for him and that she had half the band under her spell. 

 "How did you know?” Calum asked “Its my little sister, I know her better than anyone except you. I know she tells you things she would never tell me, she wouldn’t trust anyone else.I see how she looks at you, I see how you sneak out of her room most mornings, I hear the whispered conversations you have when you think no ones listening. She likes you Cal” Michael said

 "She’s just… Different, she’s so real, you know what i mean? It’s like what you see is what you get, she’s not fake at all and shes just so …so…“

 "Ask her out” Michael said as if it was that simple.

 "I can’t I told her…“ Calum cut himself off.

 "What did you tell her?” Michael asked slightly protectively now, the brother side coming out.

 "She asked me if I could could ever love somebody and I said no" Calum said sadly. “That’s not even the worst, she asked if I could ever love her and I said no” he said ashamed. “And now… Now she asked Luke out, and Luke’s so much better than me, she’ll realise that he can love her-”

 "But you love her" Michael said.

 "But she doesn’t think I dO" Calum stressed. 

“Than make her realise it then”

 "How? It’s too late" Calum said.

 "You can’t just give up on her, you want her you go get her or at least try" Michael said. “She likes you Calum, you have nothing to lose here”

 "What about Luke? He likes her so much, it would hurt him so much" Calum wanted to cry. Luke was a good person who deserves someone good like y/n. He didn’t want to hurt him. 

 "Luke will understand, I’ll talk to him, Luke’s your best mate, he’ll understand"

 "I don’t think I can do it to him". Calum said caught in a dilemma. He didn’t know what to do.

 Get the girl he wanted and hurt his best friend. Or leave them how they were. Let her think he couldn’t love her, let her be with Luke who would treat her so good that she would be happy and Luke would be happy.

 But Calum wouldn’t be.

 But sometimes you have to sacrifice your happiness for other people’s.

The Clockwork Prince: ITV Victoria’s Albert and social anxiety

Watching ITV Victoria’s 1x04 The Clockwork Prince for the second time, I picked up on something that I didn’t seem to focus on the first time around: Albert isn’t a dick. He just suffers from severe social anxiety.

When he first appears, he’s very stiff, uncomfortable, unable to relax, and comes across as rude when trying to pay a compliment; his brother Ernest cuts in immediately to diverge attention from him and allow him a moment’s rest, as if it is a practiced dance: this happens often, with Ernest placing himself between Albert and the rest of the world in order to ease him in, to protect him, even if just by affectionately putting his hand on his brother’s shoulder for a moment.

He often seeks space, and time alone; the very first night at the palace, he sits on his own and breathes in and out slowly and deeply, trying to calm his nerves; later we learn that he gets up before dawn every day: that’s the only time he doesn’t have to be around people, that he can enjoy for himself. Similarly, he loves activities that require solitude more often than not: riding and walking in the forest, studying artworks, playing the piano.

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We should talk about Da Brat more.

I saw a few people posting about some songs Da Brat has added a few bars to yesterday.  Plus, I was having Missy E. Moment earlier this week, so I was like “Nobody gives Da Brat her props anymore."  I think the problem (apart from her going to prison for all those years and thereby disappearing from music) is her best stuff is frequently on somebody else’s song.  I went and grabbed these videos real quick, but y'all can tell me if I missed a highlight.

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  • post on tumblr dot com: don't tell somebody that if they leave you, you'll have nobody else! that's abusive and manipulative and it'll most likely guilt them into staying in a relationship they don't want to be in!
  • me, a borderline: *clawing my face* :) YEAH!! :) WHY WOULD YOU SAY SUCH A THING TO A PERSON?? :)

anonymous asked:

iridiscentao*tumblr*com/post/147235859797/sorry-but-if-you-dont-ship-kaistal-or-kaisoo-why I don't know what to say tbh, she doesn't know what she is talking about, she knows nothing about kaisoo yet arguing about how wrong we are!

She talks about how bad must Krys feel… but what if it’s actually Kyungsoo who has to live with the fact that the whole Korea thinks his boyfriend is dating someone else. I KNOW this sounds like some fanfiction but hell, they cannot tell me this what we see is not real. 

Their only argument is that SM, Shady Mofos, confirmed them to be dating and everything else doesn’t really make sense. Yes, they have photos of KxK leaving this restaurant but JI doesn’t even look happy? Restaurant which Jung sisters visit quite often? And those photos look so staged? Tho some sources that know KxK said how KxK love quiet places. Then why the hell would they just go there if there is a great possibility of somebody seeing them? JI isn’t stupid. He knows what happened with Baek_yeon. Also, didn’t Jess say that she told Krys to be careful?  Also, they took those photos a month before revealing KxK? They kept it a secret over a whole month? And that is the only thing. From then we see no photos, no proof (even rumours were confirmed to be fake) of them meeting again. And they can’t even say how busy JI and Krys are because they had this ‘photoshoot’ during time when they were extremely busy. And don’t let me start about that post from 2012… 

There are so many proofs they just don’t want to see. 

They don’t even consider the possibility of Kaisoo being real. For them, it’s a clear fantasy. For them, it’s impossible for idols to be gay. 

Even if they saw Kaisoo making out, they’d probably say they were practicing for JI’s sake so he would kiss Krys properly. 

Yeah sure, this is what friends do…

And this is how friends react…


The hardest part of being a stepmom is when my stepdaughter call me mommy and somebody tried to tell her I’m not her “real mom.” I parent her. I protect her. I feed, bathe, care for, love, and nature her. I’m as much of a mother as it comes. She is TWO. She chose to start calling me mommy out of her own free will - we never pushed a name for me. I am 33.333% her parent. I may not have made her, but on our parenting time it is 50/50 daddy & ‘mommy’ taking care of her. (Maybe even a little bit more 'mommy’ than daddy lol.) Don’t you dare tell me that sweet innocent child can’t call me mommy because I didn’t give birth to her. I realize I’m not her bio mom. She will always have a strong bond with her bio mom, but her bio mom is also unstable and not the best person or mother. I’m her mother, too, point blank.

It’s probably the shipper goggles but wth

Okay Jasico shippers, I want to talk about the extremely bizarre and strange event that was Piper consoling Jason as he was dying by telling him that Nico would be alright.

Because, it may be the shipping goggles and I might be crazy, but the only way the scene makes sense is by the implication of Jasico.

“Once the war is over…everything will work out for Nico. You’ve done what you could, being a friend to him.”

First of all, how the hell did she know he was thinking about Nico? There was nothing in his previous line of dialogue that should have tipped her off as to what was troubling him. All he said was that team statue was in danger and that they needed to warn them, and he stated Reyna’s name first. By all accounts, if Piper was to logically come to a conclusion about who Jason was worrying over, it should have been Reyna, long time friend and romantic rival to Piper herself. Even more strange is that Piper skips over the immediate concern (of surviving the trip to CHB with the statue, Jason’s current source of worry) and makes such a broad statement about the future.

Jason wasn’t sure what to say. He hadn’t told Piper anything about his conversations with Nico. He’d kept di Angelo’s secret.

Piper was the one to pass on the rumor that Nico had a crush on Annabeth to Jason. She had no idea about what was going on between Jason and Nico, and was just as surprised as Leo when Jason stuck up for the kid.

But this paragraph is the real kicker, let me tell you.

Still…Piper seemed to sense what was wrong. As a daughter of Aphrodite, maybe she could tell when somebody was struggling with heartache. She hadn’t pressured Jason to talk about it, though. He appreciated that.

Maybe it’s just me, but this whole scene reads like Jason was the one struggling with heartache, and that is how, as a daughter of Aphrodite, Piper was able to sense just who Jason was thinking about. Further, Piper’s ability to say anything about the future should be contingent on romantic possibilities (as she can sense them in some way (according to Aphrodite). By this point in the book her dagger had long been locked up, and had ever only showed the immediate future anyway. And Piper is looking at Jason, touching his lip as she makes a future statement about Nico. Piper never paid any attention to Nico in her POVs, let alone thought about his romantic entanglements. My guess is that she never had a future possibilities reading of Nico. It makes more sense that Piper was able to make that statement because she was looking at Jason. It makes more sense that she can see that everything will work out for Nico because it’s directly related to the possibilities of Jason’s romantic future.

In other words, Jasico.

Alternately, Piper could be hella mind reading psychic, but I don’t think so.