somebody teach me how to properly colour

devilyukikun  asked:

Hi! Just wanting to know... Did you learn how to draw that good alone or did somebody teach you? Or where did you learn? idkidkidk

Hello there! It’s kind of both I guess? I learn by watching other people so in a sense, I’m learning how to on my own but they’re also teaching me. I’m a silent student. My teachers are everywhere on the internet, my friends, artists I admire, mangaka, people who share drawing tips…

I do want to properly learn it in a class or workshop one day. Especially with colouring. There’s a lot I need to learn that I can’t just by observation. Just so you know, how I got this ‘good’ didn’t happen in a fortnight. I’ve been drawing for 13 years (8 years digital art).

The real question is actually, how am I still this bad? OTL

Has it been 2 years since my first Arslan fanart? Holy shit