somebody stop this madness

Ugh. Rant. Using this blog as an emotional outlet for a second.

You ever have this problem where the state of a relationship is really not your fault, but still feel like the main person actively trying to rebuild it & make progress & show love & forgiveness & understanding & attempt & attempt to keep patience through the pain & try to talk through stuff (like you know they’re trying too but you’re both reeling in fear) & then also, at the same time, have to apologize ‘cause any expression, even the jestful expression, of your hurt feelings over how things have transpired or the rejection you’ve felt or the insecurities you’re experiencing seem to hurt/offend the other person? Like, sorry I’ve made you mad or stressed you out w/ my heartbreak, dude. I’ll try caring less next time? Idk?

Like I’m just all of the:

And they are all:

And I’m all:

And they are all:

And then I’m just:

I think I need a hug. Or just a really long, productive, understanding talk about things & stuff. Or both. Someone hug me?


Holy molly I’m having a really bad time (lol no pun intended) designing the skeletonbros, since you see @toddnet designs is pretty hard to imagine something different from them. Also he inspired me even more the idea of Sans and Paps as latinos, so it’s even harder.

And somebody stop Mad, he’s gonna end bald and Metta loves his red hair too much to let that happen.

aguacatito  asked:

"But consider this: she looks better in green." Best argument ever. Also, am I the only one who's super into the idea of a Gryffindor/Slytherin ship (I love how none of us even questions the idea of Scott in Gryffindor lol)?

I was just kidding, lol, you must admit that she looks great in green (and as Moir said, it makes her eyes go KABOOM).

I AM COMPLETELY TOTALLY 243982% ON BOARD WITH A SLYTHERIN/GRYFFINDOR DYNAMIC OMG CAN YOU IMAGINE THE AMOUNT OF TROUBLE THEY WOULD END UP IN (‘dammit Moir, why do I always listen to you..’ - ‘Soh-ree Tess, I didn’t know that armour was still patrolling the 3rd floor, how was I to know it would chase us agai-’ - ‘Zip it Scott, this is the last time I let you talk me into sneaking in the trophy room to make out’ - ‘You said that the last tim-’ - ‘I SAID ZIP IT SCOTT’)

And what else can he be, with that roguish charm and that cheeky grin? *heavy sigh*