somebody stop the plot bunnies from plotting

A Darcy/Sif fic where Sif can’t get back to Asgard for some reason, but happens to remember the name of Darcy’s college and gets there somehow and sees Darcy as she’s just walking back from class and Darcy almost drops her bag in shock but thankfully not her laptop and Sif has to live with Darcy until she can figure out how to get back to/in touch with Asgard so Darcy has to take her shopping for some college-appropriate clothes and she introduces her to her friends and Sif instantly becomes their favorite person ever because she’s totally awesome at that Norse mythology stuff and takes the captain of the fencing team down a peg or two by beating him in a bout “the first time she picks up a sword” and Darcy gets jealous and can’t stand it so she confronts Sif and semi-accidentally pushes her back against the wall intending to yell at her but whoops snogging commences.