somebody stop me before i get stupid all over this fandom too

I usually make a point to avoid getting into this kind of drama. 

That stops now.

If you’ve been following the kind of people I follow, or if you’re part of new fandoms that experience a sudden explosion in popularity and number of fans - Undertale. Steven Universe. RWBY. Fire Emblem. Overwatch. Disney. Gravity Falls. Star Wars. Marvel. Etc -, you will have seen something like this.

Every time, without exception, there’s a small group of people who think they are entitled to say what is right and what is wrong. Who erect themselves as judge and jury of what is GOOD and what is PUNISHABLE. And now, they may well have erected themselves into executioners.

There was a tumblr user by the name of tyrant-rex. Emphasis on WAS. If you go to his blog you’ll notice it’s deactivated. That’s because he did it, right after leaving a suicide note.

Rex shipped Pewey. That is Pearl/Mayor Dewey, both characters from Steven Universe. Pearl is a canonical lesbian character. Mayor Dewey is a guy. And that, it seems, was all the reason this toxic part of the fandom needed to want him dead. They showered him in hate and this is the result. Rex may well be DEAD because some people decided a fictional ship was worth more than a human life.

And the most sickening part? They’re not sorry. They revel in the pain they’ve caused. They try to justify it.

“But Pearl is a canonicaly lesbian!” Doesn’t justify killing a person over it.

“But it was lesbian erasure!” No it’s not, just as shipping two heterosexual characters in a gay relationship isn’t heterosexual erasure. And even if it were, it would still not justify killing a person over it.

“But seeing that ship hurts me!” If a non-canon drawing of a fictional ship is enough to cause you pain you should go to therapy because you are obviously not well off on the head. Oh, and it STILL DOES NOT JUSTIFY KILLING SOMEBODY OVER IT.

I mean, really, did these people even think about what they were doing? What they are celebrating? If he’s dead, that’s a whole person gone from the earth. Did he have friends? Family? Loved ones? Hopes and dreams? And now those people will never see him again. His goals will never come to be. And why? Because of a ship? Because people on the internet couldn’t stand others loving things they didn’t like? Can you think of any subject more STUPID to hate somebody? To drive somebody to death?

This is not the first time the SU fandom drove someone to the edge of suicide. And I tell you right now, it’s not going to be the last. This is gonna keep happening. And you might be reading this and thinking I’m overreacting. I wish I was. I wish I had no reason to make this post. But Rex, and those who came before, are the horrible proof that no, I am not exaggerating.

And just like they came for him, they will come for you. Because you drew Connie’s nose too small, or her skin too light. Because you drew Pearl with boobs, or Mei and Rose skinny. Because you made Frisk’s eyes too asian, or Hanzo’s eyes not asian enough. Because your humanization of Nick Wilde and Judy Hopps is not the color THEY want it to be. Because you dared to ship the “wrong” ship. Because your opinion is something they don’t like.

I honestly don’t know how to close this, so I’ll just say, if anybody’s shitting on you or trying to get you to hurt yourself, block them. Your mental health and your life matter so much more than all the fictional characters in the world.

Big Weekend || Dan Howell

A/N: this imagine was requested by @let-it-go-and-live-again! I really like the idea. yeeah body positivity!! btw I added an about me page to my bio in case you want to check it out!

Word Count: 1.6K

POV: Reader


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The sky was cloudy but the air wasn’t too cold. Thousands of people were just hoping that it wouldn’t start raining. I was one of them. I stood there and hoped while my body was made of 60% pure adrenaline by now.

“I can’t wait for them to start!” I had to yell because the crowd of talking people was just so loud.

I smiled at Dan whole heartedly. The huge grin on my face was so big that my cheeks hurt.

“You are cute when you are that excited.” Dan laughed and took my hand in his.

His dimples were showing and just the sight of him made me feel like my heart was going to burst. Although Dan and Phil had stopped doing their radio shows they were still asked to do some interviews at Radio 1’s Big Weekend, an annual music festival.

Dan surprised me by inviting me to come with him. I obviously had to say yes, especially since my favourite band was performing. They were going to enter the stage soon and thousands of excited fans including me and Dan were impatiently waiting for them.

Although Dan was allowed to watch from back stage we decided to mix into the crowd because there was so much audience participation during the band’s concerts.

For a second the crowd grew all silent, then the first fans started screaming. Welcomed by loud cheers and squeals my favourite band ran onto stage. They immediately started with their first song. The air was filled with bursting energy and excitement. I hadn’t felt so alive in a long time.

I started singing my heart out to the songs I had listened to a million times before, but they sounded and felt so different live. When the whole crowd started chanting the chorus of my all time favourite song I jumped up and down, not being able to stop myself from moving and dancing.

“You are damn beautiful, Y/N!” I heard Dan shout into my ear.

I only now realized that he was watching me the whole time and blushed a little bit.

As one of the band’s slow songs sounded from the speakers Dan wrapped his arms around me from behind and we swayed to the music. His broad chest was pressed against my back and he rested his chin on top of my head, kissing my hair now and then.

After the ballade ended I got on my tip toes again in order to be able to watch my favourite band member’s every move.

“Do you know how lucky you are, Dan?” I asked him laughing, pointing out the height difference between us.

Dan was by far one of the tallest people in the crowd and I looked tiny next to him.

“You could sit on my shoulders.” Dan suggested with a wink.

“Dan, everyone behind us would hate us.” I laughed but had to admit that I kinda liked the idea.

“Enter the world of us giants. Just one song.” He pleaded with puppy dog eyes.

I had to admit it sounded tempting. Very tempting actually.

“Okay, but if people start shouting at us it’s all your fault!” I gave in and Dan didn’t really have much convincing to do.

He bent down so I could sit on his shoulders. After I had gotten on top of him I was able to overlook the whole crowd. His head was in between my thighs and I couldn’t stop myself from running my fingers through his soft chocolate brown hair. I crossed my legs behind Dan’s back and he held my thighs for extra stabilization.

Dan and I were enjoying ourselves and I was so happy to have an amazing boyfriend like him.

Just as the song ended and Dan was about to set me down, we were stopped by the band’s drummer and my favourite member.

“Listen everybody! Do you see this pretty girl who got on top of somebody’s shoulders? I want you all to do the same!” he shouted into his microphone and pointed right at me. The crowd started cheering and moving around.

Everybody who was here with somebody followed his instructions. I, on the other hand, had an immensely hard time processing the fact that my favourite band member had just called me pretty!

The heat rushed to my face and my hands started shaking. I felt like my 16-year-old fangirling self again.  

“O my god he called me pretty!” I squealed once my feet touched the ground again.

“Because you are!” Dan said with twinkling eyes and made me smile even wider.

I pecked his lips quickly before I faced the stage again. Just as my eyes landed on the drummer again he took off his shirt, revealing his toned chest and perfectly defined abs. The whole female part of the crowd completely lost it. Never before had I heard such high-pitched screams.

A few teenage girls actually looked like they were about to faint. I had to stare at him in awe. I squealed along while he smashed his drums, sweat dripping down his forehead.  

“Damn I forgot how hot he is.” I breathed in disbelief and was too busy to notice the look on Dan’s face as those words left my mouth.

I was still jumping up and down like a bouncy ball after the concert had ended. Dan was guiding me backstage with him because I was too busy talking about the concert to concentrate on where I was going.  

“I can’t believe that just happened. Best concert ever!” I babbled ecstatically.

“Mhm” Dan mumbled quietly and I was again too excited to notice his resentment.

Back in the hotel we were staying in for the weekend I had calmed down a bit again. After changing out of my sweaty shirt and drinking what seemed like 4 bottles of water I was back to normal.

Since Dan and I were extremely exhausted we decided to go straight to bed. It was only Saturday so we still had the whole of Sunday ahead of us. When I was done with brushing my teeth and exited the bathroom I noticed that Dan was in bed already. I got under his duvet as well and was immediately greeted by his comforting body warmth.

I snuggled up next to him and rested my head on his chest.

“Thank you for taking me with you. I really enjoyed today.” I whispered softly and pecked his pink lips.

With a grin, I decided to deepen the kiss and quickly straddled my surprised boyfriend.

“I thought you said you were tired.” Dan asked raising a brow, teasingly.

“I am never too tired for this.” I breathed seductively.

As soon as those words had come over my lips Dan immediately flipped us over so he was on top. I ran my hands up and down his chest, taking his t-shirt off soon after. He connected our lips again, we didn’t start out slow, it was heated since minute one. The tiredness from before was gone as Dan moved his hips against mine. I couldn’t hold in a silent moan.

“Am I hurting you?” Dan asked suddenly sounding insecure.

I broke the kiss to look at him in confusion. Did he misinterpret my moan?

“Why would you be hurting me? We haven’t even.. you know.“ I asked him confused, looking up at him.

“I thought I crushed you under my weight..” Dan’s words were barely a whisper. He swallowed hard as has face turned the colour of a tomato.

My eyes widened in shock and disbelief.

“Daaann-“ I trailed, waiting for him to tell me he was joking, but he didn’t.

“What are you talking about, Dan?” I wanted to know, scared of his answer.

He got off me and let himself fall down on the bed next to me. I lifted myself up on my elbow to be able to look into his dark brown eyes.

“I- I’m just really heavy. I don’t wanna hurt you.” He explained and I could tell that he was uncomfortable.

“You are way over 6 feet, Dan. How are you supposed to not be heavy?” I argued.

“Yeah sure.” He mumbled unmotivated. My face fell, finally getting what he was implying.

“That’s not what you meant, right?” I breathed totally aghast.

“No.” He whispered and slowly shook his head.

“Why do you suddenly feel like that? You are so beautiful, baby.” I gently traced his biceps, taking in his beauty.

He seemed to quietly ponder for a while before he decided to voice his thoughts.

“I just, I don’t have abs or a toned chest and I’m not that fit and-“ he made himself stop in the middle of his sentence.

He grew all silent. His words brought tears to my eyes. Why didn’t he see how perfect he was?

“You are not saying this because I called that stupid drummer hot today, right?” I tried, but the look on his face at the mention of what I had said earlier totally gave him away.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t think it would make you feel that way. Listen I don’t care if he is hot or not. He will never be you and I love every tiny bit of your body and your soul.” I whispered softly, meaning every word I said.  

I cupped Dan’s face with my hands and deeply looked into his eyes. “You are perfect the way you are and I love you more than anything.” I slowly said so he could take in every single word.

Dan blushed and I noticed that a small smile had found its way back onto his face.

“It’s not just about having a fit body, you know that. Now c’mon let me show you how beautiful you are.” I breathed and started leaving kisses all over his chest and neck, straddling him again.

A/N For the person who requested the Carl Grimes imagine based on the song Shape Of You by Ed Sheeran, I hope this is okay!

Summary: Carl finds reader fixing a CD player in the library, when she does she forces him to dance with her

Warnings: None

Carl Grimes

The club isn’t the best place to find a lover
So the bar is where I go
Me and my friends at the table doing shots
Drinking fast and then we talk slow

Come over and start up a conversation with just me
And trust me I’ll give it a chance now
Take my hand, stop, put Van the Man on the jukebox
And then we start to dance, and now I’m singing like

“Hey, Carl!” You grinned as you noticed the teen walking into the library that you sort of worked at. He looked up at the sound of your voice, a small smile on his lips.

“Hey.” He spoke, a small smile on his face. “Is it okay if I sit with you for a bit? I’ve got nothing to do.” You gave him a nod before going back to the CD player you’d found, attempting to make it work. “Yeah, that’s fine. I was pretty bored anyways.”

Carl sat down next to you at the table, setting Judith down so that she could play with some toys that you’d set out for her the last time she and Carl had come to visit you. The library had sort of been your ‘safe haven’ if you will, it was always the place you went if you needed some peace and quiet or just needed away from everyone else. Not a lot of people went there, but you practically lived there. And thankfully, it was the one place the saviors hadn’t completely raided.

“What’re you doing?” He questioned, glancing to Judith every few seconds to make sure she was alright. Your eyebrows were furrowed and your bottom lip was half sucked into your mouth in concentration as you worked on the CD player,“I’m trying to get this stupid thing to work. I haven’t heard actual music in a long time and it’d be nice to hear some.” He nodded, leaning back in his chair,“Yeah, it would. I didn’t realize how much I took it for granted.”

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One Rule.

Drabble request from - @winchesters-favorite-girl

Dean x Sister!Reader, 1. “Yell, scream, say something! Anything!” 16- “I’m not gonna let you get yourself killed!” 52- “Have you been crying?” ANGST IT UP.

Warnings- angst, swearing(I think?), mentions of anxiety.

A/N- I forgot to add in the first one and couldn’t find a place to put it, but I hope the ending it fluffy enough for you, also it turned out longer that I anticipated… 


Silence… That was all that you heard… Well, silence and the rumbling of baby’s motor. 

You glanced up at your brothers who were sat in the front, Sam kept on glancing at you through the mirror, sending you glances of sympathy and disappointment. 

Dean, however, had his hands gripping the steering wheel so tightly his knuckles were white, hit eyes were hard, staring at the road in front of him and his expression was stony and filled with rage.

You had snuck out to hunt, it was a salt and burn, nothing too difficult but of course your oversized brothers found out and tracked you down, you had just about burnt the bones when they showed up. 

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mac and cheese (robb stark au)

omg i love robb sm and i rlly hope you guys love him as much as i do. another college!au for you babes (lots cursing lol)

(no gifs are mine!!!)

“Its 3am, in the dead of winter, some motherfucker pulled/set off the fire alarm and I am being very vocal about how I’m gonna make that fucker pay. I’m the fucker who set off the fire alarm with my awful cooking.” ft Robb Stark

You knew you shouldn’t have done it but you really needed some fucking mac and cheese. You also really needed to fucking sleep, seeing as it was almost finals week and you were cramming with little to no sleep. You should’ve set an alarm, something. But the second your ass hit that couch, you knocked out and you know that no damn alarm can wake you up. Well, the fire alarm did but that’s besides the point. Now you’re standing out here in a pair of very short spandex shorts and an extra large sweater with a damn disney blanket wrapped around you, all because you almost burnt down your entire dorm building.

“What the fuck is going on?” Your floormate, Dani, walks over to you, glaring at everyone as she jumps up and down in her onesie. You give her a look and she rolls her eyes at you, taunting you right back.

“Somebody set off the fucking fire alarm and we’re all freezing out here!” You growl out, hoping that your anger masks your guilt and complete fucking embarrassment.

“This is so annoying,” she yawns, zipping up her dragon onesie as high as she could. “I was sleeping and this shit woke me up.”

“It woke me up too! I swear to fucking Zeus if I ever get my hands on the person who set this alarm off, I’m going to be so mad,” your teeth jitter and you look across the quad, making eye contact with your handsome floormate. Why was he looking at you like that? Why was–oh fuck. He knew. He knew it was you. You quickly turn away, hoping Dani didn’t see the interaction, but to your luck she saw it all.

“Robb’s eye fucking you from across the quad and it seems to me that you don’t mind it,” she smirks and raises her brows at you.

“Erm, yeah, that’s exactly it!” You almost scream out, jumping up and down as you try not to freeze. You look over the quad and your eyes land on him again; you find him looking at you, this time with a slight smirk on your face. You have to do something. “You know what? I’m gonna go to him, yeah. I’m gonna talk to him.”

“That’s my girl!” Dani nudges you forward as you see her boyfriend Jon approaching her from behind.

“Seems like you have some company, too,” you shoot her a smile before quickly making your way to Robb. What a stupid name, Robb. Who does he think he is with his beautiful curly locks and those blue eyes and that stupid accent? You hate him.

“Fancy meeting you here, Y/N,” he coughs to cover a laugh as you stop next to him, determined not to let him get to you.

“Not really. Some idiot set the alarm off and neither of us really had anywhere to go, so here we are,” you cross your arms over your chest and do your best to harden your eyes and look for a suspect.

“Well, the smoke was coming from our floor’s kitchen, wasn’t it?” He turns to look at you and you swear you can feel his smug smile burning a hole into the side of your face.

“Oh that’s right! Are you saying one of our floormates set it off?” You turn to face him, eyes widened in a fake excitement as he tries his best not to laugh at your desperate attempts.

“I mean, it could only be one of them,” he picks his words carefully, wanting you to think you’re off the hook. You, unfortunately, grab the bait, excited that the heat is no longer on you.

“Who do you reckon it was?” You turn back to the crowd, eyes narrowing as you pick out your floormates. Robb was enjoying this almost too much, his eyes not leaving your face for a second.

“I was thinking Jaime, that idiot has a reputation of ruining things,” Robb scoffs as he turns his head, eyes landing on the Lannister boy.

“Look, I know you and your family have a wierd feud with the Lannister family, but he’s literally never home, so I doubt it was him,” you shrug as your eyes land on your good friend Dani. “It could’ve been Daenerys, you know she has that wierd thing with dragons and fires and stuff.”

At this point, Robb was about to burst out laughing as he sensed you were near the end of your straw. You bite your lip and turn to look at the handsome man next to you, expecting a response of some sort.

Originally posted by richard-madden

“It might be Dani, you’re right,” he takes a deep breath and looks back at you, deciding that he’s toyed with you enough. “Although come to think of it, I don’t think Dani likes mac and cheese much. You’re gonna have to blame it on someone else, love.”

SU’s way of writing a sympathetic asshole

im just gonna complain talk about lars and blue diamond because this conversation really has me thinking a lot

but tl;dr - this show does a terrible job at confusing the audience into thinking who they should root for

i still don’t fault people who disliked lars. every time the show tried to develop him, it felt as though they were reverting him back to normal. it didn’t help that a lot of lars episodes focused on just him interacting with either sadie (someone he has a really poor relationship with) or steven (someone he straight up bullies), and not enough of him interacting with others. You would think The New Lars would show that at least SOMEONE likes this kid, but everyone acts uncharacteristically mean to him, including the Cool Kids, who were unhappy to see him, despite showing several times they enjoy his company and even invited him to a potluck.

With that said, the justifications and the aggressive defense squad he has don’t want to criticize his stagnant writing WHILE pointing out that the narrative can be unbelievably cruel to him. Of course the audience is going to hate him. excluding bad episodes like The New Lars and Island Adventure, Lars has been in lack of a better words, an incredibly self centered dick. he ruins a friendship and refuses to apologize to someone after making an incredibly nasty comment and running off, he snaps at Steven whenever he tries to interact with the Cool Kids, he used Sadie, etc.

He did have the potential to be an emotionally complex teenager, but because the writers just hate subtlety, we need Lars to constantly remind us that, oh yeah, he has depression and feels like an outcast.

And oddly enough, i cant help but compare him to BD. 

they’re both incredibly emotional and get defensive when their feelings are challenged

And yet the biggest difference, which sympathizes with Blue Diamond more, is because unlike Lars, BD is actually treated like a victim.

  • she cries. constantly. People will actually justify her behavior in the answer because the constant defense is “oh well she was probably grieving over PD” or “her emotions were high” like she’s a teenager. She gets a song dedicated to her emotions, she gets outside help to cheer her up.
    •  the one time Lars full on cries (before the special of course), he’s later reprimanded because he was suspicious that sadie trapped him on an island to get closer to him, which she ACTUALLY DID
  • you don’t get to see her do bad things enough. Excluding the Answer, I really want someone to point me to one bad thing that BD did that’s painted in a negative light. You can’t. You could include kidnapping Greg, but it’s seen as her making a kind gesture towards him, since she believes the Earth is about to explode. You don’t see her intimidate her Pearl like YD has. You don’t see her speak negatively of Earth or even the Crystal Gems. She doesn’t even berate lower class gems. Hell, her natural abiility is just making others cry, that’s it. She’s straight up non-intimidating, which is why the fandom  paints her like this poor depressed woobie
    • Lars on the other hand, is constantly being an asshole, and as a result, usually seen as one. in a lot of cases, it’s completely fair! bullying a kid, manipulating your best friend, ruining a friendship over a stupid conversation. but then there’s other instances where Lars just can’t win, no matter what. He’s painted as petty and irrational near the end of Island Adventure. 
    • Everyone hates him in The New Lars, even the Cool Kids (which also makes the Good Lars seem either silly-because Lars has spent time with the cool kids and they enjoy his company- or make his fears seem fair and realistic- because the show decided that the cool kids hate him). To a point where everyone literally gives lars shit for being upset that Steven was controlling his body for a day
  • Blue Diamond gets help and sympathy. Sure she’s still criticized by YD, but she still has a song telling her to suck it up and move on. Her Pearl clearly shows no slight disdain in helping her (because we cant make slave ownership look too bad now can we). And Steven later calls out his mother claiming she hurt “”Everyone””.
    • I don’t think I really need an example for this. Because everyone pretty much knows that Lars doesn’t get proper help from his peers. Steven does motivate him and push him to be more open, but otherwise? there’s no proper acknowledgement or addressing of the fact that he’s depressed and feels like an outcast.
    • Well scratch that, Sadie claimed in Island Adventure she trapped Lars on an island to “help him”. And when Lars criticizes her for doing something without his consent, Sadie snaps at him, hits him and tries to guilt trip him by saying lars kissed her first

So I bring this up because now I wanted to talk about The Good Lars and the entirety of Wanted. Because i can’t be the only one who noticed that Lars was…. uncharacteristically nicer. And in fact, the narrative is softer with him.

  • lars gets to cry, AND doesn’t get discouraged for his emotions. It isn’t like Island Adventure with the creepy implication that Sadie trapped him there to finally vent out his true feelings, and then having Sadie yell at him and hit him for being angry about the lie. He cries because he has no other choice. Topaz wasn’t interested in moving and Steven had no way in helping him. They both end up venting to each other, and you can tell Lars actually gets to grow from it.
  • he actually gets support and help. Both Steven and Sadie encourage him to overcome his anxiety and fears and go to the party. When Lars doesn’t show up, Steven actively looks for him. Steven cries with him and they emotionally bond admitting to their fears and struggles with the situation.
  • he randomly just, stops being an asshole. He isn’t snarky, resulting in name-calling, wanting to do his own thing, etc. He just follows Steven along and acts surprised rather than fearful or angry

and when I look at all of this and compare their treatment I can’t help but go…… This isn’t really good. Like at all.

Stagnant characters who randomly get a sudden turn around isn’t good writing. A character who is supposed to be a violent dictator spending her free time mourning and crying for the sake of sympathy, isn’t good writing. Hell, Steven’s Racist Uncle got better development, because at least he had his development kept to one episode, instead of some off screen situation or a new personality that makes 0 sense.

It also makes me sad for Lars, because at the end of the day, he’s still a teenager, who shouldn’t be saying things like “You’re always trying to help me. You brought me back to life. Just let me be somebody who deserved it”. Or have his entire personality, internal struggles and flaws stripped away simply because slowly making someone less of an asshole (like i dunno, PERIDOT) and work through their mental issues (like idk, connie???) is apparently too much work for the writers. 

It also makes me sad for Blue Diamond, because she’s so non-intimidating it hurts. Not only is her design ridiculous, but so is her behavior and how she reacts to those around her. She’s somehow unafraid to show emotion and weakness to her enemies, and literally needed a fucking break because Steven made her cry.

its a shame really because it really wouldn’t be that hard for the show to do better. But then again its Steven Universe, and according to the fandom, its wrong of me to have higher expectations

“Hit Me.” {Daryl x Reader}{The Walking Dead}.

Prompt: You are Daryl’s wife, and you end up getting punished for one of his crimes during the Negan line-up.


  Words: 1856 {This got long, fuck}.

  Notes: I kind of hate the ending to this, but I’ve never been good with endings, so soz. Also, this was really fun to write. I love The Walking Dead so much. The fandom is so positive and hardly ever fights {unlike a lot of other fandoms I am a part of} so this felt kind of good to do. Please enjoy!



 The trouble you were in was beyond anything you or the group had ever encountered.

   You had been a hostage before. Of course you had. It was every other weekend you were on your knees in front of a stranger, pretending to plead for you life just to buy time for the group to arrive and save you. Often times, it was you diving in through a window to save somebody else. These trips would only last a good hour or so, including the scavenging you often insisted on doing afterwards.

   But this was different. This was so different.

   These weren’t just people you could dive headfirst at and kill in a few swings of your sword. You no longer had a sword, first of all. Your hair had fallen in your face, the dirt sinking into your ripped jeans and causing the skin underneath to crack at the dampness. There were injuries running up the left side of your face that throbbed, and you weren’t even sure what they were yet. You just knew they were there.

   Another small issue you had was the fact that the largest portion of the group were with you, and Carol and Morgan hadn’t been seen for a long time. Tara and Heath were gone on a hunt, meaning they were out of the picture. You were all completely defenceless.

   As soon as you saw Daryl, your heart fell into your stomach and you wanted to scream out. The hair that had fallen into your face – sweaty and dirt riddled – wasn’t enough to stop you from making eye contact with him. He looked so pale, being thrown into the dirt next to Rosita and Glenn, completely defenceless. He had a bloodied blanket wrapped around his shoulder, and when he fell to the ground he simply keeled over, spitting up too much blood for your liking.

   You didn’t scream out, though. Instead, you gave him a firm nod and turned back to the man in front of you – Negan. He had been talking for a while now, walking up and down the line with a baseball bat wrapped in electric wire swinging at his side. It didn’t seem threatening at first – baseball bats were nothing compared to your guns and knives, but the way this man wielded it, swinging it in front of your face like he wouldn’t even hesitate to put it into use, made it seem a lot more scary.

  And then he started to sing a nursery rhyme. You had faded out for a while, completely blocked by your own thoughts but you knew what this meant. The way he pointed the bat at each of you, saying the lines of the famous ‘pick and choose’ rhyme you always used to verse off as a kid to make your stupid decisions.

   He was saying them now, grinning as he did so. And then the nursery rhyme was over and everybody was yelling and Abraham was keeled over in the dirt with blood dripping from his red hair and everything was falling apart. You weren’t screaming. You weren’t flinching. You weren’t crying. You simply stared straight ahead with the tears rolling down your cheeks like the unwelcomed rain that had slammed against the caravan window only hours before. You would do anything to take those hours back if you had the chance now.

  “Suck….My….Nuts,” Abraham spat out. Negan laughed manically, commented on how Abraham was “Taking it like a champ!” and then brought the bat down on him all over again.

   There was an unfamiliar buzzing in your ears. It reminded you of those summer days where you and Daryl would march through the woods, hunting for the food needed to keep your people alive. The flies were always awful during them days, and now it sounded like they were there again, right by your ear, nibbling at your sweaty skin.

   You knew your brain was trying to distract you by handing you these memories, but the sound of skin being beaten in and bone being crushed and blood splattering was enough to make even the most happiest of memories seem dark.

   It was over in a moment, but the moment felt overdone. You close your eyes and before you can hold yourself up, you fall to the ground. Your hands mould into the wet dirt, your hair falling back into your face. You belch up the vile that was rising in your throat, letting it escape and splatter in the dirt before you.

   Carl rubs at your shoulder from the side of you, his hand shaking against the bones. You shrug his hand off of you, not wanting him to get in trouble for supporting the weak one.

   Negan’s attention was on you in seconds, sliding in front of you and gently placing the bat under your chin to tilt your head up.

   You look into his dark eyes, the sick and twisted tales of all of his murders being shone through them. Only there was no remorse. Not for the previous killings and certainly not for what he had just done to Abraham.

   “Have we got a sick one?” he asks. You spit on the floor at his feet. He simply smiles, revealing a set of surprisingly white teeth. “Oh, we do indeed. Do you not like a little blood and gore, little lady? Do you not find it amusing?”

   “Go to hell,” you croak out. The words send a jolt of pain to spiral up your stomach and you yell, falling to your elbows in the dirt. Being so close to the floor, you can smell the fresh scent of blood coming from Abrahams body. It makes tears erupt in your eyes and a sob escape your throat, your fingers digging into the dirt to grasp for some release, anything at all that will take you out of this hell but nothing works. Nothing works. Nothing works!

   “God, you certainly are a sight for fucking sore eyes,” Negan continues to jester, tapping the bat against your fingers. Blood sprouts from your knuckles where the barbed wire cuts into the skin. You only feel relief. “Sit up, girl. Let me look at you.”

   You do as he says, pulling yourself up onto your knees again with a wobble. He is in your face in seconds, grinning at you. And then he reaches forward, taking a clump of your hair in his hand and dragging you forward. You grunt in surprise, your feet flailing behind you. Carl tries to grab you but his lack of right eye and current situation makes it difficult for him to even pin point where you are.

   “No!” Daryl screams, throwing himself forward. “No! No, let go of her! No!”
   Negan freezes, your hair still in his hands. He chuckles darkly and you wince, feeling even more bile arising in your system. “Did you just – Is he your husband or something?”

   “Let go of her!” Daryl repeats.

   “God Daryl, just sit back!” you exclaim. Daryl’s eyes meet yours, eyes that once made your heart skip a thousand beats, made you sick with longing and desire. You see the time he first kissed you on the barn roof after Sophia had showed up dead. You see the first time you had given yourself to him that special night under the stars at the prison, when things seemed so peaceful. You see the time he proposed, so casually in bed in Alexandria, lying next to one another. He simply placed the ring on your stomach, grunted the question out and then smiled when you said yes. That was all you needed to know he loved you – a smile. He didn’t do it often enough.

   Now he looked broken, remembering the exact same things as you. You had once looked good – once had your hair straight and your eyes clear of any emotion. Alexandria had healed you of the memories of war for a little while, let you be a normal wife. Now, your hair was knotted with the blood of dead people and your hands were bleeding and your eyes were red with dust clogging them up.

    “This is fucking cute,” Negan says, suddenly letting your hair go. You fall into the dirt. “But it seems like your little lady doesn’t really want you to stand up for her, Daryl.” He spits your husbands name out like it’s a sort of disease. “I think I’d be doing her a favour with putting her out of her misery anyway. With a bug like that, she won’t last long.”

   And then Daryl springs forward and it is all a blur. His fist is hitting Negan in the face before you can even scream. He is being pinned to the floor by Negan’s quick men before you can even comprehend what just happened. Your eyes dart open, a yell escaping your mouth that sounds more like a grunt of disapproval than anything else. Your throat still burns from the bile.

   Negan swings forward, waving his bat around threateningly. All the while you are still laying in the dirt at his feet. “Oh, no, no, no, NO! We will not have any of that here in my place, do you understand? That was quite simply unacceptable. Quite simply, fucking insane.”

    “Daryl,” you whisper, cowering in the dirt. He scrambles up, tries to throw himself towards you again but the men are holding him back and he doesn’t dare scream out.

   Negan rubs at his bruising jaw and grins a tight lipped smile. “You know what else would be fucking insane? If I, as a respected leader, let that go unpunished. And he’s made it very clear what punishment would make him mad.”

   You know what he is saying. Of course you know what he is saying, and you oddly accept it. You close your eyes, letting your head hit the dirt as a sigh of relief escapes your lips. Not of relief that you’re going to die, that you will finally see the end of this god forsaken world, but that you will be the punishment – not anybody else.

   Daryl is screaming in front of you. You open your eyes, look up at the night sky for a minute before you raise your arm, making even Negan stop in his tracks. You pinch your fingers together, beckoning for the bearded villain to approach you.

   “At least take me to dinner first,” Negan grunts, waltzing over to your laid out figure.

   You look up into his dark eyes, grin and say, “Hit me.”

     The last thing you hear before the bat is being swung towards you is Daryl finally letting loose the scream he had been holding in since the moment you were dragged out in front of him. And then, nothing. Just the sweet, sweet feel of release.

hi! a lot of you are new since the last time i did this, so here’s a quick rundown of what you’re about to read: i do a weekly rec list of all of the fics that i’ve read/enjoyed and all of what i’ve written, with a short review of each one, to let everyone appreciate what i appreciate. basically, a roundup for me to see that i’ve been writing, and an appreciation post for so many authors in the fandom. it’s been a while bc i got busy with shit bang/reverse bang, so this is one for the whole month - after this one, though, i’m going back to weekly/bi-weekly ones depending on how busy i am. always always always please send me fic recs bc i want to appreciate everyone’s favorites, and everyone to appreciate mine. so here we go! 

please remember to leave a kudos/comment on these if you enjoy them - authors thrive on praise.

(Some Of) What I Read This Month (Mid July-Late August 2017)

story of my life - vodkawrites - @vodkawrites​ - There are 3,140,000 results on Google Search for why you should meet your idol. Meeting your idol could allow you to tell them personally how much they mean to you and can inspire you to be more like your idol. / However, there are 20,300,000 reasons why you shouldn’t meet your idol. / Or; AU where Victor is a famous author and Yuuri is his biggest fan.
(Super cute story where Viktor is a famous author who writes about figure skating and Yuuri is a World Champion figure skater but VIktor doesn’t know)

Open At The Touch - kiaronna - @kiaronna​ -  Maybe Nishigori got ahold of a lock of Viktor’s hair, and some Polyjuice potion. Maybe it’s all an elaborate prank. With this as his only reasonable explanation, he steps forward, snags Viktor by his robes and tugs him in. / “Nishigori,” he says in Japanese, “this prank isn’t funny. Your English is better than when I left, though.” / “Ah,” says the fake Viktor Nikiforov in English, voice dipping, and is he blushing? “What was that?” / “Maybe I got hit in the head by a Bludger,” Yuuri muses. Viktor’s smile grows ever wider, tightening at the edges. “Maybe I never came home from my international Quidditch competition. Maybe I’m lying in the hospital right now, hallucinating.” / There has to be an explanation, mystical and magical or medical, for the best Seeker in the Quidditch world showing up at his door; something besides his portrait, which won’t stop talking to Yuuri anyway.
(Ahhh an amazing hp au with them both as quidditch players and viktor showing up to train viktor - the stuff with the portrait is one of the favorite things i’ve ever read in an hp au)

Blog About It - Dawn on ICE (Dawn_Blossom) - @dawnonice​ - Victor creates a blog where he posts about his husband, skating, and his husband’s skating. Only, shockingly, it turns out that saying he’s “literally Victor Nikiforov” on tumblr does absolutely nothing to convince anybody of his identity, even though he was never trying to hide it in the first place.
(I, too, claim to be literally Viktor Nikiforov, but unfortunately am not. A super cute take on a social media fic - which is one of my favorite tropes)

Five Times Yuuri Did Something He Regretted With Victor - liliths - @mckkachins​ - —and one exception. / “Extend,” Victor said, so Yuuri extended his arms a bit further. / “Stretch,” Victor said, so Yuuri stretched his free leg out a bit further. / “Jump,” Victor said, and Yuuri never had to ask “how high?” / “Yuuri, eat this flaming-hot chili pepper that I bought from the market,” Victor said, and the first thing that came out of his mouth was the tea he had been drinking. / Yuuri and Victor-centric, in which Yuuri makes questionable life decisions with humorous outcomes and with Victor by his side. Oneshot.
(a precious and hilarious fic about them coming to live with each other. i’m in love with their love)

“sleep with” is a stupid idiom - seventhstar - @pencilwalla​ - In one universe, Viktor asks Yuuri to sleep with him on his first night in Hasetsu and gets rejected. / In another, he doesn’t. This happens instead.
(we all know i’m weak for nuri’s writing, but this story is exceptional. read the other in the series too - i laughed. poor, sweet yuuri)

Surrogate - rougeandtonic - (unsure of tumblr, please tell me if you know) - In which Yuuri is broke and jobless and carrying a baby for retired figure skater Victor Nikiforov, Victor is intent on breaking every one of their surrogacy agency’s rules, and Phichit tries really, really hard to be a voice of reason.
(one of my first dives into a/b/o fic - it’s a trope i usually avoid, but this fic has a fun premise, and i’m excited it was linked to me. i’m looking forwad to more)

…or it didn’t happen - Lady_Ganesh - (tumblr unknown, please tell me if you know) - The morning after the banquet, Yuuri wakes up to a hangover, a few fuzzy memories of the previous night and the realization that he sent some guy dickpics last night…and had gotten one back. / Cyrillic guy seemed nice. Friendly. Somebody he might have wanted to hang out with, if things had been different. / Yuuri hoped he hadn’t pretended the guy was Victor Nikiforov or something stupid like that. When he got that drunk, all bets were off.
(ahhh a great take on what could have happened at the banquet)

Raison d'Être - cutesudon (vityanikiforova) - @cutesudon / @vityanikiforova - 1. reason or justification for existence; the thing that is most important to someone or something; the sole or ultimate purpose of someone. / President Nikiforov of Russia has a few weaknesses: premium rye vodka, an attention span of 30 minutes, and a torrid love affair with the Japanese Prime Minister.
(mmm, yes. this is a very good fic. i’m looking forward to the rest of the verse, there’s some great stuff coming)

Matched - DefiantDreams - @gia-comeatme - If three men are all in love with each other, in how many ways can there be a couple? / (Hint: Polyamory.) / Or: / Chris and Yuuri match on Tinder, but they’re both in love with Victor Nikiforov (and Victor Nikiforov is in love with them).
(SO I MIGHT NOT HAVE READ THE FINISHED VERSION OF THIS YET but i betaed for it and it is a simply amazing fic, you really really need to read it.)

On Online and Offline Love - AlexWSpark - @alexwspark - Gaming/Streaming AU: In which Yuuri and Victor are gamers, head over heels for each other, and hoping to one day come face-to-face. Of course, when two whipped, adorable fluff-balls are involved, shenanigans ensue… / Mature rating only applies to the final chapter. Chapter titles are taken from the Final Fantasy 9 soundtrack <3
(look, i know legit nothing about gaming but i heard some great stuff about this fic and was not disappointed. it was amazing)

Misconceptions and Truths About Vampires - glassteacup - (tumblr unknown, please tell me if you know) - Yuuri and Phichit have been living in Detroit for the past five years. Yuuri gives lessons at the local rink and has a new student. Featuring - Yuuri is terrible at being a vampire, Phichit is an amazing best friend, and Viktor is bedazzling like the sun. / Yuuri pokes at his dinner, toppling the neatly piled tower of raw beef on the third try. / Phichit reaches across the table and swats his fork hand. “Stop playing with your food.” / Yuuri sets his mouth in a straight line. “I’m not playing,” he grouses. There’s only so much steak tartare one can eat three times a day. / Phichit rolls his eyes and returns to his phone, finger flicking at the screen rapidly. He’s probably busy with ordering “delivery” on one of his apps. Yuuri wisely keeps his mouth shut except for opening it in between shoving in forkfuls of food.
(i read a lot of vampire aus recently and this one was hilarious. a very different take on it, and i love itI)

when the ice melts in the snow (that’s when you’ll love me) - lilithiumwords - @amberstarfight - Katsuki Yuuri is the worst incubus in the Underworld. Viktor Nikiforov is his human target.
(so i might have reread this entire fic with the newest update, but, you know, that’s fine. it’s such a fun demon au with so much mythology woven in. i love it.)

Falling For Your Charms - Reiya - @kazliin - Professor Katsuki’s crush on Professor Nikiforov is supposed to be a great secret. / So naturally, the whole school knows
(i need to convince all of no one in this fandom that kaz is a genius, but this fic is so fluffy and soft. i love the take on an hp au that doesn’t have them as students. i’m so excited to see what comes next ^-^)

boy next door - wingchestr - @softboyyuuri / @yuurispasteldildo“Hi, welcome to the Green Bean,” Yuuri says, in the way that’s become something of a joke between them. “What can I get for you today?” / In which Viktor buys way too much coffee from the cute barista at the coffeeshop on the corner, and Yuuri has a terrible crush that Viktor never, ever needs to know about, and somehow it all works out in the end.
(like i said, i’m incredibly new to enjoying a/b/o dynamics, but this one is amazingly soft. i love it so far)

Twingenuity - Caeseria - @caeseria - Victor arrives in Hasetsu, completely unaware that Yuuri has an identical, overly affectionate, twin brother. The resulting temptation might actually kill him before he gets Yuuri to the GPF like he promised.
(you all know i have a yuuri/viktor/yuuri thing, and this is a different take on that trope, but i love it so much. i started the fic months ago but got distracted and left it behind, and i just finished it right before the last few chapters went up. koji is probably my favorite oc in the entire fandom)

“Be My Sex Coach, Victor!” - lucycamui - @lucycamui - Yuuri Katsuki has always been his own worst critic, and a series of unfortunate short-lived relationships has him convinced that he flubs things more in the bedroom than out on the ice. So, of course it would turn out that the ridiculously charming Russian he’s matched with online is a pornstar. / But perhaps, a ‘professional opinion’ is exactly what Yuuri needs…
(”Oh, the pornstar au updated!” is not something that I thought I would yell excitedly, but yet here I am. This fic is written so wonderfully and has a perfect mix of humor and smut that i just,,, i adore this fic so much. I’m so glad i gave it a shot.)

Sympathy for the Devil - Mythmaker - @catamight“…Are you telling me, that becoming a creature of the night has cured my anxiety?” he hissed, glaring at the wall so he wouldn’t glare at Phichit. For a brief moment, he thought he saw a flash of red reflect off nearby surfaces. / His friend actually had the gall to start laughing, and it sounded a tad hysterical. / – / Yuuri Katsuki lost his dog, lost his ability to place higher than 6th at the Sochi Grand Prix final, and lost his pride when Viktor Nikiforov didn’t know who he was. After the night of the banquet, he also loses something else. Something kind of important. / Something like his mortality.
(Viktor has barely even come into play in this au yet and I still love it. It’s such a fun vampire au and Phichit is the Best and I love him him.)

(Some Of) What I Wrote This Month (Mid July-Late August 2017)

a picture’s worth a thousand words - Yuuri woke up that morning with 3 things: a hangover that rivaled all his past hangovers put together, all of his blankets and pillows and, apparently, clothing strewn on the floor, and a picture of him and Viktor Nikiforov that made him look even more like a stalker as his phone background.
(Or: The canon divergent au where Yuuri takes a bunch of selfies with Viktor at the banquet but deletes them all)

desserts is stressed spelled backwards - Viktor was an insomniac who was lured to the door of his mysterious neighbor who liked to bake at night. One night, when Viktor took his dog out for a walk, he smelled cookies and left a note on his neighbor’s door saying how good it smelled…
(My reverse bang fic! check out this art and this art)

call of the wild - After his failure at the Grand Prix Final in Sochi, Yuuri goes home, but home isn’t back to Hasetsu. Home is the sea, where Yuuri lives as a siren, who feels as though he’s a failure to his family because he’s yet to place a successful Call on a mortal. It reaches Yuuri that Viktor Nikiforov has shown up in Hasetsu to coach Yuuri, and Yuuri doesn’t understand why, and doesn’t feel worthy. He’s not even human, but for some reason, Viktor has chosen to coach him. Nonetheless he goes back to shore. / For some strange reason, Viktor Nikiforov seems unbelievably attracted to Yuuri. / (Or: The canon divergent au where Yuuri is a siren.)
(My shit bang fic!! Check out the art)


request: No

request/plot: this is based on the song something like this by Coldplay and the chainsmokers! 

A/N: just something i wrote today because i cant stay away from writing for that long

word count: 572

warning(s): none?

tagging: @alfred-the-cat-writes @batfamily-imagines @crazyfangirl1810 @tim-help @queen-of-all-the-fandoms @just-a-girl-maybe @geeky-girl-394 @gokusanfan @ti0261 @lucianacornwell @angstytodd @starshipofgotham @yj-tt-batfam-forlife @kimianostalgia @fandoms-arelove-fandoms-arelife

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disneygirl2202  asked:

Is there anyway I could get a Prompto x reader where you are best friends with him and Noctis, only Noct knew about your crush on Prompto. So when Prompto falls off the train, you're worried sick about him and when you finally find him and he starts going off about him being one of them and how he doesn't belong, you smack some sense into him and accidentally admit your feelings. Sorry if it's too specific.

Omggggg I had actually thought about doing this while playing Prompto’s episode yesterday!!! It actually freaked me out a bit when you messaged me this XD. And don’t worry it wasn’t too specific!! And I didn’t go completely off the game so the scene were he tells them won’t be exactly as it was in the game! Also SPOILERS if you don’t know everything about Prompto because your new to the fandom!

“I-I pushed him.” Noctis said as he explained what happened to Prompto. It felt like the air was just sucked out of you. It felt like someone had just dropped a building on you. You stood there trying to wrap your head around what Noctis just told you. He pushed Prompto off of the train, your Prompto. Well not your Prompto, you just wished he was.

“(Y/n).” Ignis said and placed a hand on your shoulder. “Are you alright? You’ve been quiet this whole time.” You looked at the group with tears in your eyes and even more guilt hit Noctis when he saw you. He knew you loved Prompto seeing as that you two were best friends. You told each other everything, and seeing you like this and knowing that he’s the one who caused it, broke him even more.

“I didn’t mean too. It was Ardyn, he put up some illusion that made me think that Prompto was him.” Noctis explained further and took a step toward you. You took a small step back and he froze with a look of hurt on his face. You shook your head and turned away from them and started walking away. “Where are you going (Y/n)?” Noctis asked as you kept walking.

“I’m going to go find him.” You told them while holding back a sneer. You were horribly worried about him. Was he okay? Was he dead? And if he did survive the fall was he terribly hurt? You couldn’t stop the images of Prompto being hurt or or worse, dead and it killed you. You stopped to grab your bag from the train seat and turned back to them “I’ll see you guys soon.” You got to the door of the train and felt someone grab your arm forcing you to stop. “No your not because your not going anywhere.” Gladio turned you around to face him

“Well none of you are going to find him!” You shouted at him not being able to hold back anymore, you were still so worn out with everything that happened in Altissia and now with Prompto gone you just couldn’t take it anymore. “Somebody has to go find him!” You told Gladio and pushed him off of you.

“And if you leave you’ll die.” Gladio argued back and clenched your hands into fists. He was right you weren’t a very good fighter, you barley made it out of Altissia alive, well that goes for all of you. “I don’t care!” You argued back at him just wanting to get Prompto back.

“That’s enough!” Ignis shouts and you all look at him. “We need to keep moving forward, none of us want to leave Prompto behind but there is nothing we can do about it now.” Ignis says as he pushes his glasses up. “I’m sorry (Y/n).” Ignis told you as he bowed is head and sat down. You looked at Ignis then at Gladio and Noctis before dropping your bag and walking away.

~Presenting the magic time skip~

“Stupid Ardyn and his stupid games.” You grumbled to yourself as you walked down a corridor. You had gotten separated from Gladio and Ignis and couldn’t find them or Noctis. “Poor sweet (Y/n) left all by herself in such a big place.” You heard Ardyn tell you. “Oh poor me whatever shall I do now?” You mocked as you kept walking. You arrived at a door about to open it when it locked. “You’ve go to be shitting me.” You growled knowing that Ardyn had something to do with this.

“I wouldn’t go that way if I were you.” He told you and glared at the door. “Well I think I want to.” You told him but the door stayed closed. “You know you can be a real ass sometimes.” You told him where ever he was as you walked away from the door.

“And here I was only trying to help you.” Ardyn said before he went silent. “I never asked for your help.” You said to yourself before you heard talking. You ran through the hallways until you found the boys helping Prompto. You grinned as you ran up to them and pretty much flung yourself onto him. Prompto stumbled back not expecting someone to jump on him just barley regaining his balance before he fell. “Thank god you’re okay.” You told him as you hugged him.

Prompto pushed you away as he looked at all of you with a fallen face. “Prompto?” You questioned him as he looked down at the floor. “Hey what’s wrong?” You reached out to him only for him to step back. “I’m a monster.” He mumbled and every bodies eyes went wide.

“What are you talking about? Your not a monster.” You shook your head finding it hard that he’s saying this. “But it’s true! I’m not like you guys. I was never meant to be friends with you in the first place. I’m one of them! An experiment! A monster!” He said and showed the bar code on his wrist. “I don’t belong. How could anyone like someone like me” He whispered out

“Promp-” Noctis started to say before he got interrupted

“So what!” You yelled at him and he lifted he’s head in shock at your yelling and gets met with your hand slapping him across the face. He stumbled back a bit eyes widen and he puts his hand to his cheek as everyone else looked at you with shocked faces.

“(Y/n)…” Prompto whispered never expecting you to slap him  “You don’t belong?! Bullshit! Do you think this changes how we think of you?!” You yelled at him holding back tears because his words hurt you.


“It doesn’t! Hell you could tell us you’ve suddenly grown a tail or something and we’d still treat you the same! It doesn’t make me love you any less.” You tell him before slamming your hand over your mouth. Noctis smirks while everyone else stands there shocked. Silence devours the room while you turn very red.

“Whoa.” Gladio says being the first one to break the silence.

“You…love me?” Prompto says slowly still in shock

“W-well I-I mean ummmm.” You say a complete stuttering mess. You cover your face with your hands wishing the floor would just suck you in and you’d vanish.

Prompto moves your hands away from your face and gives you a kiss.  “I love you too.” He says as he looks away blushing as bright as you were.

“I’d hate to ruin the moment but we still have a problem to deal with.” Ignis announces and you clear your throat. “Right, the thing, with that guy.” You said and walk out of the small room with Gladio and Ignis following you.

“It’s about damn time you two told each other.” Noctis said as he patted Prompto on the back. “I didn’t know how much longer I could keep it a secret before I set you two up myself.” Noctis told him before following after the rest while pretty much dragging Prompto along with him.

Tumblr - Girl (Part 3)

Tumblr - Girl (series)

Part 1
Part 2 
Part 4

Pairing: Misha Collins x reader
Summary: The conversation goes on
Word Count: 2,103
Warnings: panic attack, angst, depression, mental illness, self doubt
Notes: it is my first ever fanfic and I am not a English native speaker so please don’t hate me

I’m still looking for a beta-reader! and if you want to give me some feedback, don’t hesitate! 

Have fun with part 3!


Mishas POV

I was worried about my tumblr-girl and to be honest I felt some responsibility for her, I was the one who wrote to her when he needed someone, I gave her hope so I couldn’t simply stop caring for her. It was strange, though she was basically a total stranger to me, I felt that something was wrong when she didn’t replied for the whole day, so I typed a short message to her, hoping she recognized that she wasn’t alone in the world, and that I don’t give up that easy.

Some hours passed but eventually I heard the sound of my phone, notifying me that I got a new message. I first was glad and couldn’t wait to read what she wrote to me, but when I opened the inbox and the message I gasped for air. After reading the first line I knew she was serious here, she really thought about killing herself and she had a really bad impression of herself. I didn’t know what to do, but then I started typing a text.

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Gangnam Style

A/N: FINALLY POSTING THIS omg has anyone seen the trailer of the 2nd Kingsman movie, I’m soooo in, but first I’m flashing back on movie 1 by writing this giggly Eggsy fic. 

An anon asked for a tickle attack by Merlin and Harry on him rly rly long ago (so long that I lost the ask) and I’m finally getting to that. Get readyyy~ action x”D It’s been ages since I wrote for this fandom sorry if it sucks

Summary: Merlin is not a fan of Gangnam Style and Eggsy is ticklish. 

Word Count: 1310

“Then I suggest you make my alias somebody worth kidnapping.”

Eggsy sighed and shook his head at all this bad guy, kidnapping-gala dinner and alias sorta shit, and he freely tapped the clipboard he nicked from Merlin while he was busy talking to Harry.

“So guys! While you two think of that fantastic alias, I’d suggest Donkey Kong by the way, let me lighten up the mood a bit.” Excited to be playing around with the gadget, he smirked when he realized what this could allow him to do.

“Eggsy, hey!” Merlin tried to steal his clipboard back but Eggsy jumped backwards and held it up high. 

“He stole that from me?” Merlin turned back to look at Harry who gave him a don’t-underestimate-my-candidate-shrug, and Eggsy smirked. He gave one last tap to select the video clip he needed and pressed… Play.

‘Oppa Gangnam Style!’ 

… Merlin’s stare was priceless.

“Oh no, you don’t,” he said, and he approached Eggsy and reached for the clipboard. Harry laughed loudly and J.B. barked - or more like squeaked - at Merlin who took big steps to chase after Eggsy with an intimidating look on his face.

“C’mon Merl, you sure know the dance, no?” Eggsy taunted, keeping the clipboard high above his head and taking step after step backwards to avoid him while swaying his hips and making ridiculous dancing moves.

You told him, Galahad?” Merlin huffed as he circled around Eggsy, hands ready to catch the damn boy. Harry gave a calm nod.

“I might’ve told him about your… interest, in the song.” Eggsy smirked at this. Harry had once told him Merlin was not a fan of the Gangnam Style trend, which was clearly an understatement, and he couldn’t have thought of a better chance to test it.

“Eggsy…” Merlin grunted when the song kept playing as long as Eggsy controlled the stupid thing, and Eggsy smirked.

“What’s wrong Merl? Don’t like this song?” he teased.

“Alright, put it off Eggsy, you don’t want him to catch you if you don’t,”  Harry warned, but he was smiling and this only encouraged Eggsy even more. 

“Yeh? Cuz’ then what? He gonna kill me for playin’ a song? Eeeeyy sexy lady!” he sang, dancing and zigzagging through the room, and he twirled around, turned up the volume of the song, dodged Merlin who dove at him to catch the clipboard and then…. he tripped.

“J.B. Woaaaah!” Tripping over J.B.’s leash, Eggsy was lucky to fall on top of the hospital bed. Laughing when Merlin grabbed his leg, Eggsy stretched his arm and kept the clipboard far away, still with teasing Merlin as his number one mission.

“Give it back!” Merlin wheezed, aiming for Eggsy’s underarms and digging in without warning.

FAHhack!” Eggsy suddenly shouted through a desperate squeaky laugh. Abort mission, abort mission! Clamping his arms back down, the clipboard got taken from him right away, and Gangnam Style got turned off again before it even reached the second verse.

“Okahahay okay it stopped! It stopped!” Eggsy giggled when Merlin wouldn’t stop digging his fingers into his twitching torso, fingers wiggling from his underarms down his ribcage and squeezing firmly. Why was he …?! 

Eggsy jerked at the feeling of the continuous tickling and he kicked his legs, but Merlin pinned one of his legs down with his knee and climbed further onto the bed.

“Yeah sorry Eggsy. Might’ve told him a thing or two about you too,” Harry said, prancing around the bed where Eggsy was being attacked by the vengeful agent. Fuck shitty shit hell no. His ticklishness was classified information, it was enough with just Harry wrecking him everytime.

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Loving him was red

Title: Loving him was red.
Author: Naty.
Rating: PG-13.
Fandom: Young Justice.
Category: DC Marriage Week: proposal.Fix-it. Spitfire. 
Genre: Angst. Romance.
Words: 1971.
Summary: Artemis has a good, logical plan to get over the events of Endgame. Except life doesn’t always work out the way you expect.

Read it on AO3. Don’t forget to kudo/bookmark/comment if you feel like it! :)

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You should have lied - Part 1

My second imagine…  requested by a Person that I can luckily call my friend.

philipp-yong-gong-gong I really hope you like it, angel ;) 

If anyone has requests I would love to write them! 

p.s this is not my gif, credits go to the owner!

Summary: Basically a three part imagine of the time the reader spent with Jensen.Flashback turns to present and happiness turns to sadness.
Pairing: Reader x Jensen Ackles
Warnings: None in this part

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(I don't own or claim to own any of the following picture or gifs, props to the owners)

I just want to tell all the people in this fandom who is freaking out about Lauren having some semblance of a life outside of fifth harmony (Like all the girls do) to go and fuck themselves. Think back to how Lauren used to be before people started putting a crazy amount of pressure on her for every fucking thing she does.

She used to randomly interact with us about silly things or just tweet sweet things to remind us she loves us, and it was 100% sincere.

 Now she’ll sometimes reply to a fan to clear some bullshit rumor that an idiot made up and blew out of proportion, or she’ll tweet something like this because she can’t handle your shit anymore. 

She gave us her tumblr (which she didn’t have to do) and basically gave us an insight to her mind, and we fucking ruined that too for her. She doesn’t reblog anything anymore because anytime she did, somebody would have something to complain about. She used to be obsessed with tumblr and used it as a place to express herself, she can’t do that anymore. 

Remember when she used to jump forward to answer questions in interviews? And she actually participated in what was happening? Now she stands there forcing smiles and nodding her head in agreement to what the other girls say, throwing in a couple of words here and there unless she’s addressed.

She doesn’t know shit about what’s going on in the group compared to the other girls. 


(^^^ you can fucking see the pain on her face in the last gif)

Remember when she used to post random goofy vines for us?

It’s like she can’t even do that anymore without some crazy bitches complaining about a bit of mascara on her hand, claiming it’s a tattoo. 

Remember the days when she could safely communicate with her best friend without being made out to be a big butch Dyke who is overly obsessed with the girl. Or when she could play along with us tweeting things about Camren without crazy fans trying to pressure her into being something she’s not (A lesbian) and refusing to accept who she truly is because of their own selfish wants. (Don’t get me wrong i ship Camren as much as the next girl but some people take it way too far, she simply can’t escape it). 

Y'all can say “Oh, that’s just her being sassy stop being so dramatic” But no, it’s not just sass. She’s changed so much in the past year and not in a positive way. She’s unhappy a large percentage of the time and it’s down to the people who are supposed to support her. 

I know the majority of us are somewhat sane in contrast to the dumb cunts who cause this shit, but how can she tell us apart when all she is seeing is drama and bullshit every time she attempts to make an effort with us? We can’t blame her for backing away and shutting us out because contrary to popular (Delusional ass bitches’) belief, she needs to be happy and live her life for herself and not us. 

If you claim to be a harmonizer, well then you are here to support these girls, love them, make them feel good about themselves, show our gratitude because they’ve helped so many of us and they do so fucking much for us. Yet we have the fucking nerve to degrade Lauren over something as stupid as wearing a hat or something along those lines??

IF WANTING THE GIRLS TO BE HAPPY ISN’T YOUR MAIN PRIORITY AS A STAN THEN YOU NEED TO FUCKING LEAVE, GOOD RIDDANCE, YOU WON’T BE MISSED. Yes, we may not like some of the decisions they make but that isn’t our fucking place to pass judgement and be rude and disrespectful. Respect them enough to trust their judgement, and if they happen to fuck up (Which they will because they’re young teenage girls trying to figure themselves out) We’ll be here. 

Lauren can date whoever the fuck she wants, she can reblog pictures of people smoking if she wants to (she doesn’t broadcast her tumblr everywhere so if you choose to follow her you should be smart enough to realize that you are CHOOSING to see what she reblogs). She can basically do whatever the hell she wants but she has already limited herself so much to be in the position she is in, and it’s still not enough for you guys.

I genuinely believe that we are very close to completely ruining the girl we first fell in love with:


 She is a seventeen year old girl who is living her dream. We are going to end up spoiling it for her. She’s not going to want to do this anymore. Cop the fuck on and grow a couple of brain cells before you really take it too far. 

(It’s sickening how much more shit there is that I couldn’t be bothered including in this post because i’m already fighting not to fling my laptop against the wall out of frustration.) 

Everyone has that crazy story of how they broke their leg, or how they went sledding and still made it on time with groceries for grandma to cook thanksgiving dinner.

My crazy story may seem lame at first, but if you listen all the way through you wont be disappointed, I swear.

This, my friend, is the story of how I became 500 dollars richer.

It starts off with a question: “What makes Destiel so special?”

This is the kind of question that you have to think about for a while, to the point where you’d better write some stuff down before you forget some things because you want to answer it to your best ability.

This is the kind of question that you have to be prepared for, or else you’ll find yourself sputtering a million things out at once in your head, but out loud there is nothing.

This is the kind of question that is almost impossible to answer when you aren’t ready because if you care about it too much then every answer that surfaces doesn’t seem good enough to prove that it is, in fact, special.

When I was asked this question, it came out of nowhere, and at first it seemed like a place holder to keep the silence less silent.

The guy was sitting a few feet away from me, and his grey hoodie was pulled up over his head. In the dark, I couldn’t make out who he was, but I knew he was talking to me. There wasn’t anyone else around.

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anonymous asked:

Not to be a downer... but doesn't this whole mug business kinda proof that 1DHQ (or a some other marketing company associated with 1D) uses Larry for promo reasons? We got tons of next to you during mitam promo, right after they saw the reactions to The Hug and right before they knew we'd be crushed with the baby stuff. I honest always believed in larry. But recently I kinda feel like they used and manipulated us and made us believe it might be real as a marketing strategy. Same with the bears..

Right. I feel like we talked about this like thousand times and I personally have talked about it a lot too, so I just wanted to link you to some posts and let it go but. 

People forget that 2015 is not the only year, it’s not the only year when 1D were releasing an album, it’s not the only year when they were touring, it’s not the only year of Harry and Louis being closeted and it certainly is not the only year of them being used for promo and then shut down (and that part never really happened in 2015, because the band went on break, Harry and Louis have been in the same city for weeks now and they are winning now). People complain about larry being used for promo for MITAM, but there is way more to that. The changes that we saw happening during MITAM promo were not associated with fandom’s reaction to larry hug, because I hate to break it to you, but last year also is not the only year of the fandom being monitored and watched. It’s just that maybe during last year some people started being aware more, started thinking more about things, more people became larries etc. but these are not new things. The new thing is, that the change seemed to not be only for promo season really, but there genuinely seemed to be a change, more permanent one. 

During Four promo for example, the interviews where there were all five of them were kind of tense and when Harry talked Louis would, like, talk to someone else or try to keep himself occupied to not look at him and it was damn uncomfortable to watch. Then again, autumn 2014 was, in my opinion, when things were really brewing, there seemed to have been happening a lot BTS with Zayn, management, the boys … and it really showed on the surface, too, they were all kind of tense, I don’t like thinking of that time. But again, there was a portion of Larry being used for promo. Because, even though we always say they are stupid, obviously they are not comletely dumb and are aware of larries’ power, are aware of larries’ intelligence and even though it scares them on one front, they would be stupid to not get something out of it. And it’s a little back-forthing. When they shut larry down (yes, also seriously like have you seen Harry and Louis before everything was shut down? because that alone should tell you a lot) and they realized they can’t get rid of larries they also had to give them something here and there throughout the years while bullying them and like… it’s not anything new at all. I suggest you read this, it might explain some of this to you.

About MITAM promo, though, that was different because Harry and Louis both genuinely seemed relaxed and happy and it worked magically for the whole band, they looked way more like a band and that should say something to you. That should tell you that Harry and Louis were pushed apart by someone else, that Harry and Louis are still the same with each other, that none of this came from them, that they are Harry and Louis who set two teddy rainbow bears for their fans, because their fans see them for who they are and they don’t want their fans to be lied to, because they care about us. If you believe Larry would be only for promo, then there is no fucking way they would allow the management to do this, if they supposedly hate each other they would not let anyone do this and trust me, nobody would spend this much time coming up with teddy bears to fuck a group of fans over. I have so much to say about this logic, but it makes me angry that somebody would think that so I will just leave it and hope that you are going to actually think about this, before assuming, because it doesn’t make sense. Another thing about MITAM promo is, that the boys clearly weren’t on their own anymore and NT has been BTS for a while no, maybe Modest has been out by then. Would make sense. But from the point of view of a person who is a veteran larrie, that was drastically different, the whole promo was drastically different… because they actually had some kind of promo. 

The management was always scared of larry, they fucking told them that nobody wants to see their love, Harry and Louis had to go through trainings, they had to watch the other one pretending to date someone else, they weren’t allowed to interact, they had to push away their instincts, they got few complementary tattoos because they can’t show their love, they never stopped looking at each other the same loving way, there is so so much, there is their body language that you can’t just brush aside as if it didn’t exist, those are things that just ARENT a part of marketing strategy, those are things that they tried to take away from Harry and Louis and Harry and Louis stayed strong and are here and still together and this thinking kind of makes me really uncomfortable, because it invalidates their relationship. You are allowed to think whatever you want to think, but actually THINK about things, before saying stuff like this, because it clearly wouldn’t make any sense. :)