somebody ship them with me

hello there yes I still love this ship 

it doesn’t have enough art so i had to

Klance is the literal personification of the teachers AU trope where one (Keith) is the strict grumpy teacher that students are lowkey terrified of while the other (Lance) is the cheerful and passionate one that’s friends with everyone and has the mental age of his students so everyone thinks they’re the coolest. Then one day they see the two having lunch together in the teacher’s room and hOLY SHIT! Mr. Kogane is actually??? Smiling?? At Mr. McClain??? nOW HE’S LAUGHING?

That’s it the whole school ships them.

Somebody tell me why, in the latest episode of Riverdale, did they not have Jughead standing in the corner of Archie’s living-room during the party;
and it’s all regular time until the camera lands on him and

pans up slowly from his boots

to his crossed arms and
brooding gaze looking up from under his hair and then
Cue Radiohead’s “Creep”,
for the sexiest slow motion musical walk of

Jughead Jones striding out of the party as his peers flail in the background

and cups and party hats fly past him, and then
the climax of the song is Jughead swooping Archie off of his feet, dipping him, and giving him the biggest, sexiest kiss of all TV history

I’m going to start to tag ships, so can somebody help me with the ship names? Can’t remember them… 

Update - now I have these:
(please correct me if any is wrong)
- Bal (Ben and Mal)
- Devie (Doug and Evie)
- Jaylos (Jay and Carlos)
- Malvie (Mal and Evie)
- Benlos (Ben and Carlos)
- Jevie (Jay and Evie)
- Chevie (Chad and Evie)
- May (Mal and Jay)
- Choug (Chad and Doug)
- Maldrey (Mal and Audrey)
- Carvie (Carlos and Evie)
- Malonnie (Mal and Lonnie)
- Chay (Chad and Jay)
- Audvie (Audrey and Evie)
- Cane (Carlos and Jane)  

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Comic Book Meme - Marvel edition: [3/5] Favourite Relationships (platonic or romantic)
Gamora and Angela