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The Killers - Hot Fuss

Originally released on the 7th of June 2004.

Reissued on the 10th of June 2016.

The long-player is very rare on LP and was only ever issued as a limited blue vinyl and a similarly limited seven-inch (black) vinyl box set. Both of which command very high prices on the used market. There has also been a spate of coloured vinyl bootlegs over the years.

The track listing for this new vinyl is the original UK one, with Glamorous Indie Rock And Roll in place of Change Your Mind.

“The Senate is often considered a club. It used to be considered a club of ‘good ol' boys.’ But, fortunately, our nation has elected a lot of women to the Senate. They have a tendency to support their own. I would urge people — and not just the senators — to keep an open mind and look at the facts about his record. Make a decision on whether you think that somebody with that track record deserves to be in charge of the civil rights division of the United States Department of Justice. In the era that we're in now, when there's front-page news almost daily about racial justice issues and law enforcement, do we really want someone with a track record that is anti-civil rights?”

— Gerry Hebert, civil rights lawyer, on Jeff Sessions. Does speaking out against racism work? Ask the man who took down Jeff Sessions.

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“You’ve gotta clean the stone first.”

Excuse me, I know what I’m doing. I’m the one that almost became an engineer in this room.”

Cabbie/illegal tinker Mark and newspaper boy with a part-time job Jack. If you’ve seen the old steampunk sketch of these two I did a loooooong time ago, you know what I’m up to. 

I actually don’t even know if this is steampunk. this is more like neo-steampunk, or a bad mix of sci-fi and victorian fashion. 

Bonus process GIF, even though almost nothing have changed since the last one: 

  • Interviewer: One of you once stated that your lyrics are autobiographical. That there is a certain degree of self-contempt, since [you] are part of the world's problems just like everyone else...[W]hen did you give up the hope that you could change the world?
  • Omega: I can change the world everyday, and you can too, you know? I wouldn't say it's hopeless. Of course it's not. Otherwise, why live on? Everything, every day is a struggle. If I didn't want to change anything in that, why live another minute?
  • Interviewer: [laughs] Tragic.
  • Omega: No, no. It's not tragic. Everyone's got to struggle a bit.
skybridger thought of the day:

what if luke heard ezra’s “we are rebels” transmission
what if he didn’t hear it the day it aired, but rather got a beat up copy of a recording somebody made
what if he listened to it countless times
what if he knows the words by heart

what if the day they finally meet luke is a flustered mess because ezra bridger is his hero

look i’m saying ‘what if’ but you’d need a crowbar to pry this from my cold dead hands

So we released that cover song from the Wedding Singer (my favorite movie, not joking) earlier this week, and it’s gotten a bunch of plays which is tight as hell, but we only ever had one true dream for this cover, and that is that the sandman himself, Adam Sandler, would hear this weird cover, and then somehow we would know that he’s heard it, etc. It doesn’t seem too farfetched this assume that through six degrees of separation one of the people who “likes” our page would be connected to him in some way… Can we make this happen? Is this a real thing? I don’t know maybe it’s crazy to feel like it can happen but I figured i’d put it out there, that in this crazy world we can make one person hear this stupid cover. Ok that’s it, regardless if he hears it or not, take a listen cause it’s a fun and funny cover, and a cool way to support Father/Daughter and other independent labels and artists!! <3

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My workplace is right before the bypass. Today, I heard a bunch of sirens rush past us, and typically when I hear that I just whisper a little prayer for whoever may be hurt or whatever. I come home and I see that there has been an accident on the bypass…and it was Marquis 😞 Why does everyone I know keep dying, I am in such shock right now. 2 in a month…he was only 20 years old. Somebody recorded the aftermath…that was such an awful car wreck. His car was destroyed. It was a head on collision and he wasn’t wearing his seat belt. I can’t believe this.