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On this day in music history: June 20, 1980 - “The Blues Brothers - Original Soundtrack Recording” is released. Produced by Bob Tischler, it is recorded at Universal Recording Studios in Chicago, IL, The Record Plant, Sound Mixers in New York City and The Record Plant in Los Angeles, CA from April - May and July 1979. On the heels of the surprise success of the album “Briefcase Full Of Blues”, The Blues Brothers are spun off into a feature length film released through Universal Pictures. With a screenplay co-written by Dan Aykroyd and directed by John Landis, the musical comedy film co-stars Aykroyd and John Belushi as Elwood and Jakes Blues. Like on their previous album, The Blues Brothers are backed by many of the same musicians that had played on “Briefcase”, with the exception of keyboardist Paul Shaffer who is prevented from participating in the recording of the film soundtrack or appearing in the film due to his contractual ties with Saturday Night Live. Shaffer’s place in the Blues Brothers band is taken by Murphy Dunne, and Steve Jordan though he plays on the album is replaced in the film by former Bar-Kays and Isaac Hayes Movement drummer Willie “Too Big” Hall. The film and album also feature performances and on screen appearances by numerous R&B and blues music legends including James Brown, Aretha Franklin, Ray Charles, John Lee Hooker and Cab Calloway. The album produced by SNL writer Bob Tischler is recorded prior to the start of principal photography in Chicago in July of 1979. One exception is the sequence in the church featuring James Brown as the Reverend Cleophus James. Not used to lip synching to his own pre-recorded vocals, filming his performance in proper synchronization with the track, is problematic at first. Landis solves the problem by having a 24-track tape machine running on set, with the pre-recorded instrumental playing as Brown sings his vocal live, and is captured on tape as the cameras roll. The album is another success, spinning off two singles including “Gimme Some Lovin’” (#18 Pop) and “Jailhouse Rock”. To promote the soundtrack and film, Belushi and Aykroyd and the the band go on tour, which is recorded for a live album titled “Made In America” released in December of 1980. First issued on CD in 1986, the soundtrack is remastered and reissued in 1995. Out of print on vinyl since the late 80’s, it is first reissued as a limited edition pressing on marbled blue vinyl by Music On Vinyl in 2014 and a standard black vinyl pressing by Friday Music in 2015. “The Blues Brothers - Original Soundtrack Recording” peaks at number thirteen on the Billboard Top 200, and is certified Platinum in the US by the RIAA.

Music commissions

I want to try something new: opening musical commissions in order to collect money for friends in need. Since I live on a rather meagre salary at the moment, there isn’t enough disposable income for helping out folks who need support for whatever reasons.

What I do have available though is my home recording equipment and my instruments, and a steady stream of musical ideas (I do share the occasional snippet on here, check the #singoutthesilence or #my music tags on my blog if you want to have a listen) and I figured if people commission digital art on here, maybe this idea might work as well.

So here is how I thought this could work: I offer to create short pieces of music based on your ideas – this could be a mood (“make something calming and softly vibrating”), a scenario (“score a moment of dramatic revelation”), a genre (“I want my own EDM anthem”), or whatever really. I will then use acoustic, electric, and software instruments and record a piece between 30 seconds and 2 minutes (a short theme or song) specifically for you.

Who would need a personalised tune? Well, who wouldn’t?! Jokes aside, you might like this if

  • You’re a musician and you want a new backdrop for practice/songwriting/jamming
  • You are looking for inspiration for another art form (writing, painting, dance,…)
  • Your blog is chock-full of commissioned digital art but you’re still looking for ways to express your individuality
  • You need contributions to the score for a video project
  • You think it’s good to support folks in need and to even get an individual reward for it (besides the gratefulness of those you support)

Prices: I would suggest a minimum starting price of 2€/$ (the Dollar is almost​ 1:1 with the Euro these days iirc) and a pay-what-you-want “price limit” if you want to show more support or if you value the idea of having your own theme tune higher. Paypal would be preferable, I think.

So if you are interested, message me and we can talk about it. If you think this idea is worthwhile, but can’t/won’t contribute, please consider reblogging this post. Thanks for reading!


The Killers - Hot Fuss

Originally released on the 7th of June 2004.

Reissued on the 10th of June 2016.

The long-player is very rare on LP and was only ever issued as a limited blue vinyl and a similarly limited seven-inch (black) vinyl box set. Both of which command very high prices on the used market. There has also been a spate of coloured vinyl bootlegs over the years.

The track listing for this new vinyl is the original UK one, with Glamorous Indie Rock And Roll in place of Change Your Mind.

“You’ve gotta clean the stone first.”

Excuse me, I know what I’m doing. I’m the one that almost became an engineer in this room.”

Cabbie/illegal tinker Mark and newspaper boy with a part-time job Jack. If you’ve seen the old steampunk sketch of these two I did a loooooong time ago, you know what I’m up to. 

I actually don’t even know if this is steampunk. this is more like neo-steampunk, or a bad mix of sci-fi and victorian fashion. 

Bonus process GIF, even though almost nothing have changed since the last one: 

The One I Love (Belongs to Somebody Else)
Dean Martin
The One I Love (Belongs to Somebody Else)

The one I love belongs to somebody else
She means her tender songs for somebody else
And even when I have my arms around her
I know her thoughts are strong for somebody else
The hands I held belong to somebody else
I’ll bet they’re not so cold to somebody else
It’s tough to be alone on the shelf
It’s worse to fall in love by yourself
The one I love belongs to somebody else
The one I love belongs to somebody else

skybridger thought of the day:

what if luke heard ezra’s “we are rebels” transmission
what if he didn’t hear it the day it aired, but rather got a beat up copy of a recording somebody made
what if he listened to it countless times
what if he knows the words by heart

what if the day they finally meet luke is a flustered mess because ezra bridger is his hero

look i’m saying ‘what if’ but you’d need a crowbar to pry this from my cold dead hands

  • Interviewer: One of you once stated that your lyrics are autobiographical. That there is a certain degree of self-contempt, since [you] are part of the world's problems just like everyone else...[W]hen did you give up the hope that you could change the world?
  • Omega: I can change the world everyday, and you can too, you know? I wouldn't say it's hopeless. Of course it's not. Otherwise, why live on? Everything, every day is a struggle. If I didn't want to change anything in that, why live another minute?
  • Interviewer: [laughs] Tragic.
  • Omega: No, no. It's not tragic. Everyone's got to struggle a bit.

So we released that cover song from the Wedding Singer (my favorite movie, not joking) earlier this week, and it’s gotten a bunch of plays which is tight as hell, but we only ever had one true dream for this cover, and that is that the sandman himself, Adam Sandler, would hear this weird cover, and then somehow we would know that he’s heard it, etc. It doesn’t seem too farfetched this assume that through six degrees of separation one of the people who “likes” our page would be connected to him in some way… Can we make this happen? Is this a real thing? I don’t know maybe it’s crazy to feel like it can happen but I figured i’d put it out there, that in this crazy world we can make one person hear this stupid cover. Ok that’s it, regardless if he hears it or not, take a listen cause it’s a fun and funny cover, and a cool way to support Father/Daughter and other independent labels and artists!! <3

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