somebody probably beat me to this

got7 in a school fight

youngjae: the peacemaker
- he would most likely try to break up the fight
- or stop it before it starts
- “Come on guys, it’s not worth it!”
- he’d be the one to get the principal involved and ruin the fight tbh
- ofc nobody listens to the right person and fight until the teachers/security comes
- hates violence

bambam: the instigator
- literally hyping his friend up (probably yugyeom) before they fight
- “Aw you gon let him talk to you like that?!”
- can’t fight to save his life
- sparks a fight since he won’t stop instigating
- won’t jump in for nothing
- is the one making the unnecessary noise like “DAMNNN” or “OOOHHH”
- ends up recording and posts it on instagram
- if he does get dragged in, he’s throwing weak helicopter style hits

jackson: mr. I-don’t-play-about-my-mama
- is a really cool dude until you do something incredibly rude to piss him off
- beats your ass with no thought if you disrespect his mother or his entire family
- “I’m not here to talk.”
- literally super scary despite how sweet and funny he is
- has a short temper
- takes off his shirt before the fight
- cursing left to right

jaebum: bruce lee who?
- the kid who dresses in all black with earphones in all the time
- literally so fucking intimidating
- you’d have to be drunk to pick a fight with him tbh
- “How stupid can you fucking be?! Do I look weak to you?!”
- probably in a fight bc people think he’s easy
- laughs before the fight so you know shit about to go down
- will beat someone’s ass till they are bleeding
- takes his anger out on them
- ends up getting arrested

mark: silent but deadly
- looks fragile but will kick ass despite his small frame
- people probably think he can’t fight so they bully him
- simply runs up and beats their ass
- throws his backpack and everything on the ground
- has a pissed off expression on his face
- “You dumb bitch..” when he’s done with them
- he would probably cry out of anger afterward
- very violent when necessary
- not the best person to talk to after the fight

jinyoung: petty betty
- seems like the type who’d probably pick a fight
- still will whoop anyone’s ass regardless
- “You can’t handle me.”
- laughs at how pathetic the person he fought is afterward
- intense kicks in the stomach
- probably loves hurting people and finds pleasure in doing so
- super evil

yugyeom: the fighting cry baby
- everyone knows how strong he is
- “I swear I’m gonna kill somebody!”
- has a soft heart so he’d cry before and after fighting
- beats their ass till HE gets tired
- since he’s so tall, he can just throw around the person he’s fighting
- his face would be really red
- probably would apologize days later

Probably the most terrifying scene of all

The fact that Bum has always been someone who has gone through so much shit in his life. Death of his parents, history of self harm, raped by his uncle, a social outcast, weaker, little to no confidence, bullied and thrown into the army who ignored his poor health. The guy has gone through a lot. 

Then he thinks he finally has a friend, this one person who he could connect with who also suffered rape and abuse. It is bad enough he’s got a disorder too and all he wanted was to just have somebody. Not to feel so alone and even she turns on him. 

There then is Sangwoo who wears an innocent mask with a monster behind it. Again suffered abuse and probably some sexual abuse off his own mother (we dont know yet but hey… it could be possible). Bum receives a good beating and horrific torture off him too. That still to me isn’t the worst thing that has happened until now… Bum has just murdered a (yes very bitch) but innocent young woman all because of a shitty memory of another shitty person who was abused by yet another full of shit monster she had to call “father’.

Bum is tired of the fucking world. They’ve paid him no favours, no one wants to help him mentally or physically. No one cares, he’s no life outside of Sangwoo’s home anymore or anything. 

“But I don’t care”

In a sick and twisted way I can’t say I blame Bum. If I was treated like this I don’t think I would care either. It’s wrong and not right of course but I feel like I can sympathise with his way of thinking here. He’s hit rock bottom and for the first time Bum has actually screamed out his anger, vented out every shard of hatred in his entire beam and we’ve never seen this side of him before. 

Sangwoo has opened the door to a monster and it’s one he’s most likely going to train.

Let’s just get a few things straight about the Phantom of the Opera while we have this moment together, hmm?

  • Erik is awkward.  He moves gracefully and swirls his cape and speaks in suave verse, but he’s only imitating things he’s seen on stage and at the Garnier balls, he actually has no idea what the fuck he’s doing.
  • He’s always singing to Christine because he probably couldn’t talk to her for more than thirty seconds without stumbling and sputtering and tugging at those pianist’s fingers all while wishing she would stop looking at him. God forbid she try to touch him; he always shoots up from his seat and starts pacing the room, clearing his throat and asking her how her arpeggios have been.
  • He’s had very limited interaction with people during his lifetime, which makes him unaware of social mores, self-absorbed, and obsessive, but he has had ample experience with abusers, so he’s hyper-sensitive to shifts in other people’s emotions and always expects the slightest sigh or downturning of a smile to result in screaming or violence. This unique social ineptitude makes him process the intentions of others in a vastly skewed way and react to them with preemptive aggression.
  • Hurting Christine is certainly within his capacity and he’s done it before, even though the thought of such a thing makes him sick with self-hatred. He’s never struck her (“Never, Christine,” He whispers hoarsely when she recoils at his outstretched hand. “I would break my body into a thousand pieces before I saw one hair on your head harmed.”) but he’s gripped her tight enough to bruise, clawed at her hair when begging her not to leave, shoved her away from his hideousness and his shame so roughly that she stumbled and fell. Every time he weeps and kisses the hem of her dress and begs for forgiveness. Eventually Christine moves beyond trembling and begins reprimanding him, otherwise he will never learn. She digs her pretty nails into his beautiful hands and forces an apology from his prideful lips. She kisses his brow and tells him to try harder, for her, for his angel.


  • Erik doesn’t exactly live alone, he has an old elegant she-cat that he rescued from being drowned in the Seine whilst wandering the streets of Paris one night. It has long white hair and he’s always threatening to starve it to death while beating cat hair off his black clothes (which is all of them) but he’s terminally fond of the animal and spoils it with mice and cream. It probably has some god-awful name like Contessa or Nefertiti or Ondine.
Shut the fuck up, Parker (Peter Parker x Reader)

Request: Can you do an imagine where spiderman and the reader are enemies when they’re “working” but in the day, they’re mutual and one day spidey has to get her out of trouble because she gets drugged and taken sry for English it’s not my main language :(

A/N: This is like 1800 words and pretty angsty, so you can get popcorn if you’d like hahaha! Hope you like it!

‘’Have you finished the Chemistry project?’’ Peter asks as he sits next to you on top of a building.
‘’I’ll do it when I get home’’ you say, trying to find somebody doing something bad, bored of waiting.
‘’I can help-shit, look over there’’ he says quickly, putting on his mask and pointing at your left.
Turning your head, you see a group of 6 men surrounding a boy around 18, a gun in one of the man’s hand. Just as you are about to go over there with Peter, the radio on your waist makes a sound.
‘’NYCPD, we have a robbery with hostages at the bank in front of Central Park. Robbery with hostages at the bank in front of Central Park. At least 20 men with guns’’ a voice says.
You look at Peter, knowing what he wants to do.
‘’We don’t have time, Peter’’ you whisper. ‘’We have to make it to the bank now.’’
‘’What about the boy? He is going to get beaten’’ he says, looking at him. ‘’You can take care of the bank.’’
‘’Peter, there are 20 men at the bank. The boy will have to make his way out of it’’ you hiss, mad at your best friend for always wanting to save everyone. ‘’There are hostages, Peter.’’
‘’Well, then wait for me to help the boy and we’ll go together!’’ he says, getting nervous. ‘’Stop being so damn selfish and doing only what you want! It doesn’t even look as if you tried to save people, only get a good reputation! Not helping that guy makes you as responsible for what happens to him as the people who do it!’’
‘’You know what? Forget it. I’ll go alone. Good luck saving that stupid boy’’ you say, extremely mad, before using your powers to teleport to the rooftop of the bank. Getting inside really quietly, you look around and see around 30 men -more than what the police expected. You already know you aren’t going to make it out unharmed if Spiderman doesn’t arrive soon, but you can’t wait. There are at least 20 people being held as hostages while the robbers take everything they can, searching for even more information on the computers.
You teleport behind a man and hit him in the back of his head, making him pass out, and you take his gun while putting a finger to your lips telling everyone to remain silence. You teleport back to where you were before, trying to decide what to do. Just as you are about to leave your hiding spot, somebody grabs you from behind and kicks you on your back, making you fall to the ground. You groan and cough, blood leaving your mouth. You try to teleport, but the man hits your side one second before you do it. You try to breathe slowly, then, but you know you have to rush if you want to save the hostages.
Regaining strength, you manage to take down 13 men in 5 minutes, teleporting constantly from place to place and surprising them from behind. You are tired and you wait for Peter to arrive, but he doesn’t, and that also makes you worry.
As you take down other 2 men, Spiderman swings inside the bulding, kicking 3 men on his way. Between the both of you, the robbers are quickly on the ground and the police enters the building, helping the hostages.
You know one of your ribs is broken, and you can feel a huge bruise beginning to form on your side. You are still spitting blood, and after teleporting for so long, you know you are gonna pass out in a few minutes.
‘’Hey, [Y/N], I’m sorry I didn’t-‘’ Peter says, pulling you apart from the crowd around the hostages and the police. People are taking pictures of the two of you, and before even giving him a chance to finish his sentence, you teleport back to your house, passing out just as you touch the ground.

The next morning, you wake up sore, your body hurting everywhere. You get ready for school, putting a bandage around your whole body to help the rib and applying some ice to the bruise. You notice a huge bruise covering the whole side of your face, already purple. You decide to wear a hood to school that day, knowing no matter how much foundation you apply, it will still show through.
Saying a quick bye to your parents, you make your way to school, walking slowly as your legs are still sore, not wanting to teleport in fear of passing out again. You tend to get Peter to help you when you get more beaten up than usual, but you are still mad at him for leaving you alone and being rude to you the night before.
Right as you reach your locker, you feel a hand on your shoulder, making you flinch. Turning around, you see Peter, a worried look on his face.
‘’Are you okay?’’ he says, trying to find your eyes under your hood.
‘’Well, I have a broken rib, a bruise covering half of my body and probably a broken nose,’’ you say with a fake laugh ‘’so no.’’
‘’What?’’ he exclaims, removing your hood before you can stop him. He takes a step behind, surprised at what he sees. ‘’How did you -oh my God, I’m so sorry’’ he whispers. You put your hood back on before anybody else sees you and walk to class, Peter by your side. ‘’Are you mad?’’ You don’t answer and keep walking, saying hi to some of your friends, eyes on the ground. ‘’Look, I understand that I should have gone earlier, but I had to help that guy. It’s not my fault that they beat you up.’’
‘’Shut the fuck up, Parker’’ you hiss. ‘’It’s not that. I don’t care about my face. I care about you being an asshole. That boy probably deserved what was coming to him. Let me guess -he bought drug and didn’t pay for it’’ you say. When he doesn’t answer, you know you are right and scoff. ‘’And while he was being stupid and you were helping him and I was fighting and getting my ass kicked, I was hoping that somebody who had practically called me a horrible person wouldn’t be in danger. You didn’t even apologize.’’
You make your way through the crowded hallways, leaving Peter standing there, and walk straight to class, avoiding him for the rest of the day.

Leaving school and not waiting for Peter to walk with you, you start your way home. You start to hear footsteps behind you, and before you can even teleport, something hits the back of your head and makes you pass out.

Opening your eyes, you find yourself inside of a cage and tied to a chair. There is a man right in front of you, and as he walks closer to him, you find him to be the man that kicked you the day before.
‘’Hello, sweetheart. You remember me, right?’’ he asks, his voice rough. You try to teleport, but your powers aren’t working. You start to panic, fearing you will be stuck in there forever. ‘’Nice cage, huh? It retains your powers so that they don’t work -although you have probably guessed it by now’’ he laughs. ‘’You should wear a better mask, by the way. It fell so easily when I hit you last night -such a shame to have such a pretty face ruined. I didn’t think you’d be so young.’’
You look around, trying to find an escape and finding none.
‘’Where am I and what do you want from me?’’ you ask, trying to untie the knots securing your hands.
‘’You are still in Queens. I hope your friend will come and save you, since he would be a nice addition to my new collection. And as for what I want from you -I only want to know how you got your powers’’ he says, looking directly at you.
‘’I was born with them’’ you whisper, realizing there is no way Peter is going to find you. Fear is starting to run through your veins as you realize you are probably going to die that day.
‘’That I do not believe, pretty girl’’ the man says, entering the cage. He slowly runs a finger down your face, pressing on the bruise and making you flinch.
‘’Take your hand off of me, weirdo’’ you say, trying to sound sure and serious.
‘’Talk to me with respect’’ he says, and just as his hand is about to hit the bruised side of your face, a web is stuck to it, stopping it.
‘’The lady said to take your hands off of her’’ Peter says, as he swings inside the building.
You let out a strangled breath you didn’t know you were holding and Peter quickly defeats the man, rushing over to you and untying your hands.
‘’Hey, hey, [Y/N], are you okay?’’ he whispers, holding your face in his hands with so much carefulness, it almost makes you cry. He takes off his mask, his eyes full of worry as he looks at you. ‘’I’m so sorry. I-I thought you were gone and I hadn’t apologized for being a dick and I-I thought I would never see you again and I was so scared’’ he says, a few tears in his eyes. You press your forehead softly to his, tears in your eyes as well. ‘’I understand you. I understand that you work for the big cause and that sometimes you need to leave something behind to do it. I may not think that is the right way, but I understand. I’m sorry I didn’t before. Please forgive me.’’
You put your hands on his cheeks, caressing them with your thumbs.
‘’I forgive you, Peter. It’s fine’’ you say softly. ‘’I thought I was gonna die -I was so scared, and the only thing I could think about was that you thought I was mad and that you didn’t know I love you and I-I don’t want to hide it anymore’’ you say before kissing him, him kissing you back.
It is a short kiss, since Peter doesn’t want to hurt you, and when you pull apart he smiles softly, his cheeks red.
‘’I have always wanted to do that’’ he whispers, his breath against your lips. ‘’And now let me take you home, you are way too tired to teleport right now’’ he says before wrapping his arms carefully around your waist and swinging off the building, leaving the man webbed up to the ground for the police to arrest him.


An Anon requested Reylo Burlesque Drabble (song is You Know What I mean by Cults


It’s not enough that Kylo made partner six months ago.

It’s not enough that he can’t remember the last weekend he had off.

Apparently, it’s not even enough that Kylo’s personally logged in over twenty hours this week on this client. No, obviously, none of that commitment matters because he’s been requested to provide the night’s entertainment for Mr. Snoke, to act like a first-year lemming. To sacrifice and serve as a powerful man’s personal concierge in a city that Kylo knows little to nothing about since he’s always laboring while so rarely enjoying any sort of fruiting.

Wedged under anybody else’s thumb was a position that didn’t suit Kylo Ren one bit, and he jerked his earpiece off with a groan.

Cursing under his breath, he yanked his tie loose to alleviate the pressure tightening around his jugular, but it was no good. It wasn’t his neck that he longed to lay his hands on, and so Kylo directed his fingers back through his hair. Messing up the perfectly gelled dark strands until a few hung over his brow, and even that upset him. No matter what he did, there wasn’t enough of him to pick and pull out that would calm the annoyance of being unable to even comfort himself by slamming down a phone after the order he’d received from Snoke’s assistant.

Why are phones too damn expensive to throw around these days?

Aggressively pressing down the intercom button on his desk, Kylo waited. Fingers tapping to time how many seconds it took his assistant Poe to respond as he craved an excuse to yell at anyone, but before he could get to two seconds the buzz came back. “Yes, sir.”

“Damn it,” Kylo growled under his breath.


“Two questions.”

“Shoot,” his capable assistant answered back.

“How much does it cost for an old-fashioned work phone?”

“Are you asking because you’re angry again that you can’t slam your cell?”

“No,” Kylo indifferently disputed, but the half second pause gave him away. Leaning back in his chair, he positively glared at his ocean view outside as he heard a faint snicker on the end of the line.

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anonymous asked:

i love everything that you post about hockey and the players and the pens wiki and all of that! Thank you so much for existing and being the patient person that you are:) that said, do you know when you will post something that you've written? i really miss your writing

Thank you very much! This is such a lovely message <3 I’m still pretty busy writing Lightning, Before the Thunder – which probably won’t be finished until late next month at the earliest. In the meantime, here’s a random ficlet for you XDD

When Sidney jerks awake to the sound of Haggy and Horny crooning “You’ve got a friend in me,” to each other, with the baby Pens enthusiastically Ohhh-ing and Ahhh-ing at the appropriate moments, the first thing Sidney says is, “God dammit. Who the fuck pissed off a witch?”

Geno has just enough time to tell him, “Wasn’t witch, was—” before he too is singing:

Would you let me see beneath your bea—” Geno cuts off abruptly, his eyes going wide.

Sidney blinks at him. “A siren,” he guesses, incredulous. “Someone pissed off a siren?”

Geno nods his head. He’s got his hands clamped over his mouth firmly.

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anonymous asked:

Hey I was wondering if you could give me some band recommendations (I saw your bio)

hey there!! here are a few of the bands I’ve been listening to recently:

  • hippo campus: oh god, where should I start?? these boys are so talented and their music is so groovy and fun to listen to!! their debut album was released in February called ‘landmark’! it’s so good, definitely worth to check out!! my recommendations: buttercup, western kids, monsoon, violet.
  • bleachers: okay, bleachers is everything. for real. jack antonoff (the frontman) is an angel, he’s so talented. he has some bops, but also quite a few songs with deep and personal lyrics. i’ve become a fan this year and i can’t wait till his second album, ‘gone now’ (out on the 2nd of June), comes out!! oh and a plus: he has probably worked on some of your favourite tunes, because he has worked with many artists! my recommendations: everybody lost somebody, shadow, reckless love, don’t take the money, rollercoaster. 
  • anteros: they’re a pretty unknown band, but let me tell you: they’re awesome! i’ve seen them live (they played before white lies, also a great band) and they rocked the stage. i think they’ll definitely break through at one point!! my recommendations: breakfast, cherry drop, the beat, drunk.
  • vampire weekend: i think they were my first favourite indie band (along with the 1975)! i started listening to them in 2014 (sounds so long ago) and i still enjoy their music so much! i would describe them as a funky indie band. their sound is so unique and i hope they will release music in the near future!! my recommendations: hannah hunt, giving up the gun, diane young, holiday, a-punk, oxford comma.

i hope i’ve helped you to discover new music!! i would like to do more posts like this in the future, because i LOVE sharing my favourite music with y’all!! as you can tell, i will fill these lists with well-known and less famous bands/artists! also, feel free to send me your recommendations!! i’m always up for new discoveries!! (-:


betti !!!! x

Closer (Taron Egerton fanfiction)

Originally posted by galahadftw

You loved him but there was no way it’d ever work. You were too different. But when you cross paths with Taron again at a hotel bar, you find yourself losing defenses that you’ve fought so hard to build up. 

Contains NSFW content

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a little surprise

Lukas sits in the diner down the street from his Computer Studies class and eats his burger, drumming his fingers on the table. He hates Tuesdays now because his and Philip’s schedules are exactly opposite, and they don’t get to see each other until late because Philip’s History of Photography class runs until seven.

He texts Philip. Thinking about me in class?


Always Philip replies, a moment later. You eating dinner?


Lukas picks at his fries, dipping one into the ketchup. He types out a response with one finger. Sadly. Lonely. We only get three hours together tonight before we have to go to sleep.


Lukas sighs, wishing it was Friday already. On Friday they both only have two classes early in the morning, and then they have the whole weekend off.

We’ve got date night Thursday. Then Friday and the weekend are all ours :)

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Time for another round of Wild and Crazy Speculation!

So, what if Arrow’s intention is to loosely follow those few OTA comics they released that one time? I’ve never read them, so this is just based on what I’ve seen in canon and a brief (did I say brief? Because I meant BRIEF) understanding of the comics. Oh and also the spec that Felicity and Oliver will both end up back on the island. Idk it’s fun and (possibly) makes sense, so…

- Felicity fully joins Helix and they ask her to use her tech skills to assassinate someone. Felicity refuses, so they do it themselves but frame Felicity for it.

- Meanwhile, Prometheus manages to turn Susan against Oliver (probably wouldn’t be hard) and convinces her to publish the information she has about him being a member of the Russian mob and the Green Arrow (who has also now been named a cop killer publicly in a trial and by the freaking man himself so… not looking good Oliver, my man).

- Oliver’s in some serious trouble and laying low, but then BAM. The other shoe drops and Felicity is arrested for an assassination she didn’t commit. Now the only person who could probably clear Felicity’s name would be Felicity so the team’s helpless and Oliver decides “eh, screw it,” and goes and breaks her out of jail even though he’s Star City’s most wanted.

- They have a cute “You came for me,” moment. (I know there is a moment like this in those comics but for the life of me I can’t find a photo.) But then they have to book, because they are wanted fugitives. So they say goodbye to their friends and head off to the island. (Oh, yeah and they probably find time to stop Prometheus at some point in there.)

And after that… beats me. I have no idea how they’d fix that, but it would be pretty cool (and make an awesome fic *wink wink* (somebody write it) (not me though)).

Honestly, I don’t think this is where we’re going, but I would not be opposed in the slightest.

Happy turned Hostile: Part 6 (Finale)

Characters: Y/N, Sam, Dean, Crowley

Word count:

Warnings: Angst, crying, did y’all think this was gonna end happy? Who knows.. it just may HEHEHEHEHHEEHEEH. Sorry okay.

AN: Okay, final part. Thank you to everyone who’s liked and reblogged this. Thank you for sticking around to read the next chapter. I hope y’all stick around for the next story or whatever it is that I may post.

Part One   Part Two   Part Three  Part Four   Part Five

 Sam P.O.V:

It’s been two weeks since we have heard from (Y/N) and Crowley wasn’t returning our calls. Shocker. 

We thought about summoning him and trapping him; knowing (Y/N) would probably show up to save him. Which would probably piss her off, and we’re trying to get back on her good side. So, we voted against that plan.

They were like best friends now. Which made me equally jealous and angry, but I’m happy she’s had somebody and she wasn’t alone. 

I can’t imagine how hard it was for her to leave everyone and everything she loved. To give it up to save both me and Dean. Well, I could imagine but Dean and I always came back. (Y/N) didn’t come back.

Dean continues beating himself up over the fight with (Y/N) and what he said to her. He didn’t really mean it. He was hurt and mad, angry that she made a deal behind our backs. Like he’s one to talk. We just needed time. Time to adjust to (Y/N), black eyes and all. She didn’t want to be cured. And I wasn’t going to force her. Black eyes or not, that was still my (Y/N). I just wish I could tell her that.

Another week passed. And another made it a month. A month without hearing or knowing anything about (Y/N).

We’ve tortured so many demons I’ve lost count; trying to find out where she is and how she is. But none of them would talk. 

“We need to summon Crowley. Now!” I growled slamming my hands down on the table where Dean and I were eating dinner; making the water splash out the sides of my cup.

“I know.” was all Dean said as he pushed back from the table and made his way to the dungeon.

“Hello, boys.” 

“Where’s (Y/N)?” I asked before he could say anything else. 

“I was just about to come see you both until you well you know.” he said walking forwards and stopped dead in his tracks at the end of the Devil’s Trap.

“Really, boys?”

“Where. Is. She?” this time it was Dean, nothing but anger in his voice.

“Break the trap.”

“Not until you-” Dean didn’t finish before I walked up to Crowley and scratched the paint away, breaking the Devil’s Trap.

“What the hell, Sammy?” Dean yelled.

“Thank you, moose.” was all Crowley said before he reached into his suit jacket pocket and pulled out a folded piece of paper. 

I knew it was from (Y/N). But why not just show up herself? Did she hate us that much? 

My stomach was in knots now.

“What is this?” I asked Crowley.

“It’s from (Y/N), just read it. I’ll wait over here.” He said as he motioned towards the wooden chair before walking to it. 

I slowly unfolded the thick paper and tried to brace myself for her to say she’s never coming back because of the fight her and Dean had and how I didn’t defend her the way we both knew I should have.

I took a deep breath in and released it slowly starting to read the letter; my hands slightly shaking. I didn’t want to lose the love of my life. Again. 

Dear Sam and Dean, 

Firstly, I need you to know this isn’t a trick. If you’re reading this letter it means Crowley made good on his promise and delivered this later after I’m gone. If you’re reading this, that means I’m dead. For good this time.

I don’t know how it happened. Hopefully, I went out good, like the fighter you guys always told me I was.I don’t know if we’ve spoken since the fight we had when you found out I was alive and not dead. If not, then I’m sorry I didn’t come see my boys before. I need you both to know that I forgive you and you need to forgive yourself. Because if I could go back and do it again. I would. Anything to save my boys. The world needs you more than it needed me. 

I had a good run. With you two and everyone along the way. And after I came to hell with Crowley. Speaking of, don’t kill him. You may not want to believe it but there is some good in him. 

I have so much I want to say, but I’m gonna guess I’ve seen you boys recently and you already know. You know how much I love you so much and how you made my life the greatest it could have been.

I couldn’t read anymore. My vision was blurred. Dean was crying while reading over my shoulder, I don’t know when he got there.

My (Y/N). 

All I could do was cry in that moment.

“How did it happen?” I managed to get out between breaths.

“Coven of witches. Mother and I are tracking them now.” Crowley said getting up from the chair he’s been seated in.

I swore I was him wipes tears from his eyes.

“I’m sorry, boys. Truly. I’ll call when we found the witches, I’m sure you two would want to help handle it.” he added.

“Hey, Crowley? Thanks.. for everything you did for her.”

“My pleassure.” he said before leaving the bunker in the blink of an eye. 


Crowley returned to hell; wipping the remaing evidence of tears.

Making his way down the hallway and pushing the metal door open with a creek, he walked into the room.

"I’m back, love.”

“How’d they take it?” Stupid question but it was all you could think.

“As expected. But they believed it.”

“Good, it’s what needed to be done. No matter how much they love me; they’d never love this me. I had to do this.” you said tears fighting to escape.

“I know and I support you no matter what.”


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NJPW: Tetsuya Naito and Kazuchika Okada will main event Wrestle Kingdom 12 four years after their match was voted out of it by the fans, this will be the final chapter in Naito’s redemption. He was once an hardworking, kindhearted individual that tried his best every time he was in the ring got turned on by the crowd and booed mercilessly. After an excursion to Mexico where he learnt how to love he was able to save his career transforming into a man that does no longer care about anything, becoming the leader of a band of unloved rascals that are the bright future of this business. But the truth is, he still cares, Stardust Genius is still somewhere underneath that cold facade and people chanting his name fills his heart with happiness. 
On the other side we have basically a God, a 29-year-old that could retire today and be rightfully considered a legend. He is a 5-star-match factory and his worst match is still way better than your fave’s best one, that’s just a fact. He is in the middle of a legendary title run, comparable to the greatest ones of the past. He has been able to put down incredibly dangerous opponents, one after the other and turned down no challenge, but is body is starting to give up after this herculean task. With his confidence ruined by the last three nights of the G1, when he and the crowd realized he’s not so invincible after all, will he be able to overcome the man who already beat him once for the championship?
Or will Naito be able to slay his past demons and turn this WK into a success or will his story end in failure?
Also, YOSHI-HASHI is (probably) gonna be there.


On Doom and the events of April 16, 2015

Talking with some punks on a recent trip my friend and I took to Europe and seeing pictures of punks around the world still using Doom patches, I was reminded that I live on the opposite side of the world from many of you, so you might have not heard the story, or might have heard a distorted one.

On April 16th, 2015 the band Doom was scheduled to perform in Santiago, Chile. Long story short, after the first two organizers failed, the responsibility for this concert was taken by event producers “La Fiskalia”, lead by Fernando Magno, a.k.a. El Marihuana, a skinhead known for putting together big mainstream punk shows and other massive “punk” festivals, often charging too much for the tickets and straight up beating people up who wouldn’t pay.

(Pictured above, el Marihuana, the night this happened)

They realized people were calling to avalanche the show on social networks (that is, forcing our way in, a very usual thing in my opinion, specially expensive mainstream shows) and changed the venue from a ground floor venue to a -3 floor one. If I’m not being clear, people had to go down three sets of spiral stairs to reach the stage.

The day came, and everyone was ecstatic. When I got there, I saw many faces I didn’t know, but also a lot of people who were friends, among them Fabian. This would be the last time I ever saw him. Before it all started, we were nervous, knowing who was organizing and the layout of the venue. At one point, a few cops walked through the crowd, which resulted in bottles being thrown at them and sparking the inevitable avalanche to get in the concert.

(Pictured above Fabian Gonzales, el Loco Fabi, el Aberrante)

I believe people managed to get to the -2 set of stairs before the security and organizers of the show would close the gates shut, making people pile up. Keep in mind, they were two floors underground, on a spiral staircase, piling up. These kids where also beat up with hard objects, sprayed with water and electroshocked, all while being piled up, unable to move or breathe.

Doom wasn’t even on stage when all of this happened, but local band Electrozombies were. They were told what was going on outside, and that there was probably somebody already dead in the scene. Still, they continued to play.

From where I was standing, still outside watching in confusion the mass of people before me, we all realized we had to back the fuck up, and star pulling people out. I will never know for sure, but I believe we saw the first dead kid being pulled out by el Marihuana himself, and left laying on the sidewalk after getting a really messy attempt at CPR. We started calling for ambulances (which took forever to get there, despite the main public hospital being literally 10 minutes away by foot). Two friends and I had to tend to another friend who was pulled out, literally had his life on our hands. When a paramedic reached us, we had to literally force him to get our friend on the ambulance.

(Pictured below, said friend’s injuries. First picture is of his shoulder, second of his hips)

When Doom got on stage, they were told in the language they speak, english, what had happened. For some reason, they kept playing. People who got inside before this all happened had no way of getting out, because the gate was still closed.

As a result, five people died, four of which had their ticket for the show. Their names are Fabian Gonzales, Ignacio Medina, Gaston Angladetti, Robert Rivas and Daniel Moraga. Ignacio was 17 years old.

Now, some of you might argue (just like local media did) that this was all because of people trying to get inside for free, causing the chaotic avalanche and resulting in this tragedy. But we were there, and no one would have died if organizers didn’t shut the gates, some deaths were the result of the beatings and electroshocks applied to them, while they were on the floor and water was poured on them. They shouldn’t have changed the venue, and only did so to ensure they got their money. Authorities shouldn’t have given permission for this concert to happen in this venue, specially because they knew it was a tough crowd, and similar incidents had already happened there when these people organised stuff. Everyone knew it. We knew what we were facing, but never imagined us or our friends could get killed. It could have been any of us.

Doom later released statements saying how they “still have nightmares” and how they were putting together solidarity shows for the victims’ families and what not. This might have been true, but they later told the families to drop the charges if they wanted to receive any money from them. Now, keep in mind none of us support prison or the justice system, but these were grieving families who had no other way of finding justice or closure. The amounts of money they were offering were also a joke to the families, as it was so little. 

Later on, not only the spanish speaking spokesperson for Doom, but also el Marihuana and his band Curasbun kept making fun of the families through social media, treating them like shit, telling them their kids basically killed each other and Curasbun bragging about how they were still able to go on tour and vacation while the families where still fighting and grieving. This man, Fernando Magno, a.k.a. el Marihuana, has so much money and contacts that families believe he might have gotten the autopsies altered. He can pay the judge every time he wants to leave the country. He still organizes shows. He’s still making profit out of punk, two years after this happened, and dumbass airhead punks still go to his shows and festivals.

We as a “scene” came together like never before, and have gotten some of his shows cancelled. We started meeting up outside the venue lighting candles, taking our zines, patches and records, organizing our own shows (as we usually do) on the sidewalk that saw our friends die. Their families became our families. We stand with each other, and cry together if we have to. We will never forget what happened, and we will never stop being a pain in the ass for these people. If you want, you can do some research on this, but you will mostly find stuff in spanish. The boycott has spread as far as Mexico and other places.

(Pictured above, DIY show seven months after the tragedy, one of many)

We openly call boycott on Doom, local band Curasbun and Electrozombies and everyone related to them because of the way they handled the situation and made fun of the families. These people are not punks, they are just looking for profit. Please be aware, don’t ever forget to do things youself and with your friends, we don’t need and don’t want producers or big venues.

I will gladly answer any questions regarding this, and I ask you to please reblog this for awareness. You can also download a zine in spanish about the events here:


“I went to this island off the coast of Sicily—it’s this volcanic island—and on the boat over, there was this pine box. Somebody from the island was being returned to be buried there. And there were all these old Sicilians dressed up all in black, waiting, just lined up on the beach. And when they got that coffin to the beach, those old Sicilian women just went ape-shit, screaming, throwing themselves on it, beating their chests, tearing at their hair, making animal noises, and it was just so…so real. I mean, I’ve been around funerals my entire life, but I had never seen such grief. And at the time, it gave me the creeps, but now I think it’s probably so much more healthy than…this.”

- Nate Fisher

Nohrian Festival: Beruka and Camilla Conversation Pt. 1 & 2

This conversation is kind of like Dwyer and Kamui’s married conversation in the Hoshidan Festival, because Camilla suggests that they change positions for the day, so that Camilla is the retainer and Beruka is her liege. It gets really romantic fluffy at the end, so it’s pretty cute to read~ 

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Jay-Z and Busta Rhymes, photographed backstage during LIFEBeat’s “Urban AID 2″ benefit concert, held at the Beacon Theater in New York City on April 9, 2002.

Shawn and Trevor both attended Brooklyn’s George Westinghouse Career and Technical Education High School. Everyone had probably heard the rumors of them once battling in the school’s cafeteria—a battle Hov has repeatedly claimed he won. Busta once revealed the full story in an interview with MTV in 2010—and admitted the young Jay had him beat: “One day, somebody came up to me and was like, ‘Yo, Jay is in the cafeteria. Do you want to step to him on some rhyme shit?’ So I go. At the time, when we were rhyming, it was speed rap. That was the thing to do. I knew how to freak it, and he knew how to freak it. And at the time, he was so ill, 'cause of the people he was with at the time, Jaz-O and them, it was their thing [that style]. He kind of got the best of the situation. I got to give it up. He was so ill and his arsenal was so long that he had more than what I did. I spit my one rap, and my tank was empty real fast. He came with two or three after that, and I was like, 'Here we go.’ But I gave it my best. That was probably the fist time that I lost a battle that mattered. [Jay-Z] always exemplified greatness as an MC. He was a scientist with it.” In a 2015 interview he recognized that battle as the moment he knew he had to sharpen his skills: “[Jay] had finessed the speed rapping phenomenally at that time and I was new with the speed rapping, but losing that battle to Jay in speed rapping is what made me one of the most dangerous speed rappers today.”

Somewhere Close To You (Part 17) - Thomas Imagine

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A/N: It´s finally here and it´s kinda long too. Check the warnings before reading. Also the next part might be the last! I really hope you guys like it, enjoy!

Pairing: Thomas x Reader
Note: Y/E/C stands for Your Eye Color
Masterlist for this series
Warning: Mention of sex and stuff, cursing, kissing? Idk, I think that´s it?
Word count: 2250

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George Weasley Imagine: It Doesn't Matter (Requested by Anon)


You were in your Sixth Year at Hogwarts and a prefect. You had it all. You were pretty, smart, funny, and everyone liked you. However, there were people that weren’t too fond of you considering the fact that you were dating George Weasley.

George was the complete opposite of what people would expect to be your boyfriend. He was a trouble maker, prankster, loud, maybe a little obnoxious at times. You on the other hand were smart, well-rounded, studious, and pretty quiet for someone who was supposed to be a prefect.

But that didn’t bother you, nor did your relationship with George bother you. People were just so unwilling to accept George as your boyfriend, even though you told them multiple times you loved him and there was nothing they could do to change that. But it didn’t matter to them. They were always telling George things like;

“You don’t deserve her.”

“She’s so much better than you.”

“You two do not fit together.

“I can see her dumping you for some other guy. Y'know, someone who’s actually smart and responsible.”

You told him over and over again to ignore the stupid things people said to him. Because after all, you loved him and you weren’t about to let some stupid idiots get in the way of your relationship.

Sadly, George did.

He tried so hard to not let those things get inside his head, to not get through to him and allow them to break his heart little by little. 

But today, he broke down. George couldn’t take it anymore. After what was told to him today, he punched the person in the face and started beating the living daylights out of him until Fred came to break it up and dragged George back to the tower.

You came back from your last class of the day, immediately being approached by his twin.

“You need to talk to George.” Fred said hurriedly.

Your eyebrows came together in confusion. “What’s happened? Is something wrong?”

Fred shook his head sadly before looking at you again.

“He should tell you.”

You quickly rushed up the stairs to his room and burst through the door only to find George sitting down in front of his bed crying his eyes out with his knuckles covered in blood.

“George!” you cried as you rushed to sit next to him, “What happened? Are you okay?!”

He only shook his head, continuing to sob into his hands. 

You gently pried his hands away from his face and made him look at you.

“George baby, tell me. You know I can’t stand to see you like this…” you said worriedly.

George managed to stop crying and took a few deep breaths before turning to look at you. 

“It happened again.”

You didn’t even have to ask what he meant. You already knew.

“Oh George…baby, how many times have I told you to not let them get to you?”

He quickly nodded and rubbed his eyes with his palms.

“I know. I know. But I ran into this idiot from Ravenclaw today and he just decided to take it too far.”

“Well what did he say?”

He let out a long sigh before looking at you. After a few seconds, he answered.

“He told me that you don’t deserve somebody who’s only worthy of giving you a cheap fuck.”

You widened your eyes and stared at him. This didn’t really happen, did it?

“…really?” you asked, your voice suddenly now broken.

George nodded solemnly. “Yeah.”

You moved your eyes down to his hands and gingerly took them in yours.

“Is this where your bloody hands come in?” you asked, a shy, playful smile coming to your face.

He gave you a cheeky smile and nodded. 

“Yep, beat the living crap out of that one. I probably would’ve done major damage if Fred hadn’t pulled me out of there.”

You gave him a stern look. “You know you’re going to be in trouble for this, right? I mean, don’t get me wrong, that other asshole will most certainly get it too. But this probably wasn’t the wisest idea, babe.”

He rolled his eyes and smiled. “Yeah, I know. I just wanted to protect you, that’s all.”

You gave him a small smile and kissed him on the cheek. “Thanks George.”

You got up and took him by the hand, where you led him to the bathroom and cleaned up his contusions carefully and gently, your hands becoming almost feather-like.

George couldn’t take his eyes off of you the entire time. He loved you, that was a known fact. But somewhere deep down, he felt like what everyone was saying was right. Did you really deserve him?

You gently wrapped his knuckles in gauze and took him back to his room, where he laid down on his bed, pulling you with him.

His nose became buried in your hair, inhaling the scent of your pomegranate shampoo. His hands gently wrapped around you, one of them settling on your back while the other lovingly stroked up and down your arm.

You curled into him, your legs suddenly becoming tangled in his and your hand resting on his flat chest.

“George.” you said after a few minutes of silence.

He looked down at you. “Yeah?”

You looked up at him, eyes locking with his. “You know you deserve me right?”

George suddenly held you tighter against him, his warm hands flattening out against your body.

“I…I guess…” he whispered out sadly.

You shook your head and pulled him closer to you, still looking up at him. 

“George, you do deserve me. You deserve everything that involves me and more. It doesn’t matter what people say, because they don’t know about us. They don’t know how we hold each other and talk to each other. They don’t know how you can make me laugh with any joke and how you can kiss me so lovingly. How you’re always there for me when I’m down and how you’re always willing to lend a hand with anything. They don’t know. And it doesn’t matter what they think because they’re not in our relationship.”

You leaned up and placed a soft, gentle kiss on his lips, to which he returned eagerly.

You pulled away and rested your forehead against his.

“We’re in our relationship. Not them. We are. I love you George and there’s not a damn thing in this universe that can change that.”

He gave you a small smile, his fingers coming up to tangle themselves in your hair as he pulled you in for another kiss. 

“I love you too” he mumbled into your mouth.

He pulled away and just stared at you as you nestled back into his chest, taking it all in. George had been lucky enough to find someone as beautiful, kind, and loving as you. And honestly, he didn’t know how he managed to do that, but somehow, he knew your love would last a lifetime.

And he was right.