somebody make up a plot for this

  • 2016 beginning: somebody gets called out for stealing bones from makeshift cemetary for witch ceremony
  • 2016 end: somebody gets sent their best friends severed toe from 10 years ago so they can embalm it and use it as a necklace charm
  • 2017 beginning: somebody gets called out for stealing a guys body from a hospital morgue and chopping it up to use for their weird feminist art project
  • 2017 end: somebody makes a post about their family being slaughtered and begging tumblr for help and instead of finding out where they live and calling their local police like normal people do the tumblr community bands together to become armchair detectives and successfully solve the murder but plot twist: it was OP who actually did it
pour up (body party)

pairing: jikook, yoontaeseok, namjin

rating: nc17

genre: alpha/beta/omega (abo) au, smut, fluff

warnings: switching, self-lubrication, praise kink, humiliation kink, knotting, chokers, morning sex, multiple orgasms, nipple play, biting/marking, blowjobs, top jungkook, top jimin, vibrators, thigh highs/stockings, lingerie/lace panties, barebacking, rimming, porn with plot, crossposted to ao3

a/n: aaaaand it’s up!!! sorry for the delay hehe I fell sick last night and also had to make some minor edits to the scenes ;; for @inarsics aka the sweetest person I’ve ever written a fic for ❤️ #stannar2k17!!!! this basically served as an excuse for me to write like preposterous amounts of fluff and smut (it literally starts with smut what am i doing somebody pls) oops but I loved the prompt so much I almost died squealing when I got it adkndjahdf

the prompt is tweaked a lil bit but jikook are both alphas (I lov alpha/alpha) and jimin’s basically the more laidback, subtle dom while kook is the on-the-surface alpha aka he fusses a lot over his mate and would literally do anything to protect jimin but is more of a sub in bed than chimchim!!! if you’re reading this, thank u sm & all reblogs/comments/likes are all super appreciated ♡♡♡♡♡♡

summary: “Jungkook and Jimin are spending their first Christmas together as mates. Thinking that they would have the whole day to themselves, Jungkook and Jimin are surprised when the boys drop by their apartment. Though Jimin is welcoming, Jungkook is disgruntled that he can’t spend any time alone with Jimin, and he does all he can to get some quality time with him whilst the boys are around.”

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so i was reading im fatal frontier and

often give pep talks to yourself about cap, tony?

(no i’m kidding)

so i could talk about fatal frontier for hours (don’t worry i’m gonna spare you that) BUT this comics is a delight also in superhusbands department

despite the fact that he doesn’t show up at all and the plot has nothing to do with him tony brings up steve A LOT

in case somebody didn’t get the memo that he was combat-trained by captain america

but wait

one more casual reminder

(if we somehow forgot)

you’d think it’s enough…..

nope u have to brag about your bae to villains as well i see……….

IN CONCLUSION: tony stark is embarrassing loser child who gotta make his crush hero-worship known to the entire universe to my unending joy and delight

now everybody go read fatal frontier

I see so many negative posts making fun of the Steven Universe art style and animation, and yeah, sure, it’s no Avatar the Last Airbender but let me Tell you something. That isn’t the point. And no, I’m not going to go on a tirade about how it’s about the character interactions and representation and plot. I mean it’s GOOD for the art style to be like that, because Guess what? This show is inspiring to a lot of people, kids included, and you know, you’re going to want to make fanart and like, I have Always been just terrible at drawing people, like, for real. But, this past weekend I tried to draw the characters for a cute thing that would make somebody really happy and like, you have no idea how beautiful it feels to be mediocre at drawing yet seeing your fanart Actually Match Up to what the characters really look like on screen! And this ties into the thing SU does with changing its storyboard artists around; there is no “Right Way” to draw the character, you just need to match some key characteristics as like, landmarks. Like, it’s OK if you don’t know exactly how Lapis’s hair works because it works differently even within the show, and this way, people get to see their own work match up to the art of the show, and that’s beautiful.

give me a ‘falling in love with a straight girl’ verse where muse a is a (closeted) lesbian/bisexual and is best friends with muse b, a heterosexual girl who has boys crawling all over her and has only ever thought about kissing a girl, and there would be lots of late night spooning and cuddling while watching netflix and obvious jealousy when muse b gets a boyfriend or hooks up with somebody. and then one night, when muse b is heartbroken over some boy and probably intoxicated and muse a is pissed off and jealous, muse a would confess their feelings and ugh GIVE ME THIS THERE ARE SO MANY THINGS WE COULD DO

Plot: Your character died six years ago, or so Nathan thinks. He believes they died in a car accident. The two were engaged at the time and Nathan had to learn to build his life back without them. But now they’ve turned up on his doorstep. To make matters worse, he’s now engaged to somebody else.

HE’D BEEN ENJOYING HIS DAY OFF from work. It wasn’t often he got one, so to relax in front of the television definitely seemed like a treat. Everything had been going well for him recently. His fiance was beautiful - she’d never replace his deceased ex, but he really had finally found himself moving on with her, after struggling for so long to do so. When Nathan heard the doorbell, he got up without a care in the world. But the last thing he’d expected was to see his DEAD ex fiance standing there.

                 It took him a moment to speak. A few gulps. A few attempts at letting words out. Perhaps he was dreaming. Oh, but she looked so real. “No…No you’re dead. You DIED,” he breathed out at her, shaking his head in disbelief. “You died. Six years ago. You…You can’t be here.”

must be really fun being one of the writers for hwarang. not only is there the whole twisted, thick-as-honey plot (which is cool and elaborate af btw), but whenever you run out of ideas, you can just let someone randomly get shot by a stray arrow while saving somebody else’s life. it makes for a clean cliffhanger and a very nice, recurring motif.

Hello there!

This is a game development blog by @aquosboost detailing the progress they make with an RPG called CyBER. Made with RPG Maker VX Ace, the plot details a cyberpunk future where space travel was underfunded and advancements in healthcare, gene manipulation, prosthetics, personal weaponry, and even robotic citizenry were all successfully created - however, with the good of these things comes the bad.

Main characters Fybraux Santos, Nathanael Marzkov, Cyrla Maheswahn, Nyx Kyedo, and Aevangel Onatah, all wake up one morning in an active gene manipulation facility only to discover that somebody has been manipulating genes for their own ends - mutating other people to suit their own desires. As the adventure stretches on, they find that there’s more to it than just a few kooks mutating innocents…

A demo may take a long time to put up, considering the amount of Free Time Events I need to do, alongside some bug checks. I cannot give an ETA on a demo currently, but as more progress is made, I may be able to give a demo.

I hope that I can bring you an exciting experience!

- Aeris

One bad day

All it takes is one bad day to reduce the sanest man alive to lunacy.  
That’s how far the world is from where I am. 
Just one bad day.

The Joker said and the famous quote is now everywhere (thanks to the animated version of The Killing Joke coming soon).

The Killing Joke is about finding what it takes to “reduce” somebody to insanity. According to the Joker, the madness is the “emergency exit” or a “natural response’’ to the sick reality. 

Yet, he struggles to understand the causes of it. He comes up with the idea of “one bad day’’. He tries to prove it and fails. The plot was constructed in a way to contradict Joker’s theory. It appears that cruel, random violence isn’t enough to make somebody insane. It wasn’t enough to drive Jim Grodon or Bruce mad and probably, it wasn’t enough for the Joker, too. Batman was created in response to personal tragedy, but he obviously maintained his sanity.

Joker doesn’t really know what made him the way he is. He has no real knowledge of conditions which shaped him. 

In this particular story, Batman clearly empathises with the Joker. He doesn’t approve Joker’s philosophy, but he recognizes his attempts to find the meaning of traumatic events he had experienced.

Accepting the notion of ‘’one bad day’’ would mean denying what it really takes to render somebody insane. It’s not a single tragedy, but rather a constant neglect or violence the person is exposed to.

The ending of The Killing Joke confirms it. Joker’s cruelty wasn’t enough to drive Jim Gordon mad. Then one day isn’t enough to break anybody. Just like one attempt to help isn’t enough to save or fix the broken person.

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please please please give me a plot where muse a is the most violent, heartless, unemotional girl and muse b is caught up in her whirlwind lifestyle and she says she hates him but rocks up at his doorstep when she’s not having a good day and he does these little things for her like wrap a blanket round her when she falls asleep on his couch and she’s never had that before and it makes her heart ache ?? she’s so reckless and to have somebody do little things like that makes her wanna punch his face in but it makes her want to curl up and leave lipstick marks on his cheek and fuck they fight and he tells her she’s beautiful and she hates it but she’s letting her walls down around him and when they’re alone she’s gentle and almost, almost loving but when they’re out she’s a violent punk and she fights people and kisses him when her nose is bleeding like there’s no tomorrow and every time he’s so confused but he’s in love so whatever  

In Great Britain, everyone is a film star. That’s because, while Brits are only around 1 percent of the global population, they’re being watched by 20 percent of the global CCTV cameras. That’s more camera surveillance than even communist China. But it’s not enough to just have one camera for every 14 people at the London Olympics. So LOCOG is not just installing more surveillance equipment, they’re also making it smarter.

The city of London is being wired up with a new range of scanners, biometric ID cards, number-plate and facial-recognition CCTV systems, disease tracking capabilities, new police control centers and checkpoints. All of which will now be under a central control, and yes, that is exactly as sinister as it sounds. This means the cameras are capable of tracking beyond one location – no more frantically checking every screen, trying to pick up somebody who’s walked out of frame. Because the computer does that for you. It can now track individual human beings from camera to camera and plot their progress, location and habits on a live, constantly updating map of Your Business.

5 Creepy Things London Did to Prepare for the Olympics