somebody make this happen

no but seriously imagine helena accidentally eating cosima’s pot brownies and getting the munchies

Plot idea for another Pirates of the Caribbean movie:
Will Turner has a brother, played by Kit Harington, who is kidnapped by a bunch of pirates who are after Will but are too dumb to realize that the posh Londoner who had been adopted by a wealthy family instead of journeying to the Caribbean with his elder brother isn’t Will. Awkward family reunions, epic sword fights, and lots of drinking ensue.

I felt the need to share this: Byakudan Singing Headcanons

The Byakudan boys in terms of singing

Ohkawa; purely angelic, this boy has the voice of an angel

Katayama; he really pulls off the 80’s rock sound

Kurosaki; cannot sing a note of pop music, but blasts out in screamo that makes your ears bleed. In a good way.

Fukuroi; damn boy can he sing opera like nobodys business

Kizami; tries to sing, but he and Morishige make a hella rap duo

Shimada; isnt a great singer but he makes everyone swoon anyway (hes actually real good at soft, slow music but refuses to sing it anywhere else but the shower)

I feel I’m ready—I’m absolutely terrified at the prospect of it, but I do feel ready,” she says, before adding that the ideal Stanley would be Ryan Gosling. “Can you imagine!?

Gillian Anderson on possibly playing Blanche DuBois in A Streetcar Named Desire

Why, yes, Gillian, I can imagine, and now I will accomplish nothing else for the rest of the afternoon.