somebody killed her husband

Maybe, maybe not
  • Beth: [age 6] "Can somebody be a Christian and a robber?"
  • Mom: "That's a big question. Some people call say they follow God and still do bad things on purpose."
  • Beth: "Like who?"
  • Mom: "Like King David: he stole somebody's wife and then killed her husband. And yet the Bible says he loved God."
  • Me: "God didn't like that, and punished him."
  • Mom: "You /shouldn't/ do bad things on purpose. But if you do, God still loves you. You should ask forgiveness."
  • Beth: [thinking] "And... what if I steal something... but by accident?"
  • Mom: "Well, /did/ you steal something?"
  • Beth: "Maybe."
  • Me: "Was it by accident?"
  • Beth: "Maybe."
  • Me: "Maybe you need to tell us more about what happened?"
  • Beth: "Maybe not."