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On one particular fight, finally exhausted and on his knees, he disengages his saber and brings his hands up. The hydraulic hiss has always been so familiar, so comforting, now it whines like the whistle that’ll announce the beginning of his end. Rey stands over him, Saber held up much like she had on Starkiller base, waiting, always waiting. He pries his helmet from his head and tosses it at her feet.

“There. Are you happy now?” He growls, burning in his own humiliation.

I found out (!!!!!!) that the lovely @jennity-blogs recorded this one shot (originally prompted by the equally lovely @persimonne eons ago) and since I am on an art kick ever since the trailer I decided to do a quick speed painting of it. 

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Let Me Hold You

Warnings: none

Requested by: @wavyjassy

Request: A first time where he sneaks into your window late at night to meet you kinda thing (like maybe she calls him crying or has a nightmare)

A/N: Thank you for requesting! This was such a cute idea and I had fun writing it. Feel free to send in more :)

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Eleven turns into midnight, then it’s one, and when you look at your phone again it’s four o’clock in the morning. You rub at your tired eyes, wincing at the sting that follows. 

You were exhausted, but sleep wouldn’t come. Tossing and turning all night you finally gave up trying. Insomnia is something you’ve dealt with since you were younger. Some nights were easier than others. Not tonight. So here you were, sitting on your bed, knees pulled up to your chest, in the dark. Just three more hours and it’ll be time for school, you think with a sigh. Alex is the only one that knows how bad it gets and he’s told you to wake him up whenever it happens. But it made you feel bad waking him up, so you didn’t. Why make him suffer, too?

      When you get to school it hits you all at once. A concerned look is on Alex’s face, but he doesn’t say anything. You feel like a zombie as you walk down the hallway to your locker. You ignore the stares you get from your fellow students. You’re sure that you look like a sleep deprived maniac. 

   “There’s my girl,” you hear from behind you. You turn, a smile tugging at your lips. It’s Jeff. “I waited for you in the- hey, whats wrong?”

          Worry fills his voice, his eyes searching over you as if he’ll find something physically wrong. “You’re pale and your eyes are red and puffy. Is everything okay? Have you been crying? Did someone-” you chuckle and cover his mouth with your hand, cutting off his frantic worry. God, he’s so adorable. It was sweet how he got worried about you.

     “I just didn’t get much sleep last night, that’s all,” you tell him removing your hand. “I’m okay.”

“Is it your insomnia?”

      You’re taken back by his question. How did he… “How do you know about that?” You ask, brow raised.

He shrugs. “Alex told me.”

“I’m going to kick his ass,” you mutter with a yawn.

“I want to know these things about you,” Jeff says while taking your hand in his. “You’re my baby girl, and I want to help any way I can.”

You smile and wrap your arms around his neck while on your tiptoes, pulling his lips down to yours.

Later that night it happens again. You lay there this time, staring at the ceiling as frustrated tears poured down your face.

There’s a tapping at your bedroom window, and for a second you think that you might be hearing things from the lack of sleep, but then you hear your name too. Confused, you roll out of bed and quietly make your way over to window. A gasp leaves your lips when you push the curtain aside and look down.

You quickly unlock the window and push it open. “Jeff,” you whisper shout. You don’t want to wake up your dad. “What are you doing here?”

“Can I come up?” He shout whispers back.

       You nod and watch as uses the tree to climb up to your window. You never realized how easy it would be for someone to get to your window with that tree. How convenient. After climbing in he closes the window and locks it. Then turns to you.

“Baby,” he says softly when he sees your tear streaked face. “What’s wrong?”

You sniffle. “I still can’t sleep.”

“Come on,” he takes your hand in his and walks over to your bed. You watch as he kicks off his shoes then pulls his black sweater over his head. Now, you’ve seen him shirtless before but never up close. He’s beautiful, to say the least. Chiseled to perfection. How could somebody be so damn perfect? Then he’s sliding his jeans down, leaving him in a pair of black briefs. He gives you a soft tug, bringing you to his chest. “Let me hold you.”

                  He lays down first, arms open and inviting. You crawl in next to him. Nuzzling his face into your neck he began to pepper light kisses on your neck and shoulder. He moves up and presses his lips to yours in a soft kiss. The kiss doesn’t last long, but your just as breathless. 

“Thank you,” you whisper, lips brushing his as you spoke.

“Anytime you can’t sleep, call me,” he responds softly. “I’ll come hold you.”

You nod and lay your head on his chest. He begins playing with your hair, and soon you feel your eyes getting heavier and heavier by the second.

You end up falling asleep on his chest that night. Never tossing and turning, no waking up in the middle of the night.

      As you fell asleep you told him you loved him. He wasn’t sure he heard you right, it came out so low. But you said it.

       You don’t see Jeff’s reaction because you fall asleep quickly, having a real nights sleep for the first time in days. 

Partner’s in (Fighting) Crime Chapter 6: You Don’t Own Me (Dragonfly's Origin Part 2)

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Masterlist Partner’s in (Fighting) Crime

Relationships: Peter Parker x fem!hero!reader, Michelle x reader (best friends). 

Warnings: Mentions of abuse and some violence, occasional dirty joke. Peter being a major dork.

Summary: You finish telling Michelle your story and then the two of you start a little project together and Peter stops by with sweets….Isn’t that sweet? 😊

A/N: Okay so this is another long one but I think it’s really good and fluffy and I really hope you all like it! I got inspired for the second half of the origin story from the song You Don’t Own Me by Lesley Gore. Link to it is on this part if you want to listen while you read. There’s going to be really fluffy Peter x reader stuff at the end! Enjoy!

You flew over the trees and thought about that song your mother used to sing when you were a child.

You don’t own me
I’m not just one of your many toys
You don’t own me
Don’t say I can’t go with other boys

You landed on a building and repeated those words to yourself, smiling a bit at the last part as a playful courage you hadn’t had since your mother died surged through you and you ran further and jumped off of that building, fluttering your wings to allow you to fly, higher up into the sky while singing:

And don’t tell me what to do
Don’t tell me what to say
And please, when I go out with you
Don’t put me on display ‘cause

You don’t own me
Don’t try to change me in any way
You don’t own me
Don’t tie me down 'cause I’d never stay

You realize you need a top, you can’t just go flying around in jeans and a bra all over the city, although to be honest you’d be perfectly fine with that given you’re current extremely confident mental state but you also realized you shouldn’t draw much attention to yourself. So you flew down to a retail store that was closed and using your strength, you broke the glass door and went inside. The alarm was going off so you’d have to act quickly. You started running and realized you could even run faster too! It’s as if all of your senses were heightened. You found what you were looking for, a tank top with an open back so you didn’t cover your wings and you put it on. You heard sirens and knew that the cops were here. Shit. You were going to be exposed. Then you noticed something out of the corner of your eye.

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Call your girlfriend....

its time u had the talk [starts cryin] give ur reasons [bangs head on table] say its not her fault [kicks chair] but u just met somebody new [screams] and now its gon be me and you [jumps out the window]

First Day of the Rest of Your Life(A 7x16 TWD Review)

Let me start off by saying I loved this episode. Every…single…minute… admission, I never have fault with The Walking Dead because I will never watch a show I don’t like just to tell others I don’t like it). I love every boring episode as equally as the intense ones. The Walking Dead has never been perfect and to point out all the things that make it so is a waste of time. I’m going to try and hit major points. Bare with me as I keep wiping the tears away from my eyes….

Sonequa Martin-Green was AMAZEBALLS. From the opening cold sequence I just knew I was going have major feels. The feels are still there. Firstly, I loved the flashbacks. It was something I mentioned in another post of wanting Sasha to have 6 pages of sweeping dialogue about her, Tyreese, Bob, and Abraham. She had that in a way. The callback to “Nobody’s got to die today,” even the whole feel of this episode bounces back and forth like 5x9’s “What’s Happening and What’s Going On,” was for her and Tyreese.

The callback with Maggie. Sasha sitting there with the person who has gone through similar circumstances of losing 3 people back to back was so calming. They were just sitting there to enjoy the sunset. To be at peace with what’s going on around her. Seeing Bob’s jacket was so touching. Those three were the ones who left the prison together, Sasha, Bob, and Maggie. Bob and Maggie both taught Sasha it was okay to search for love. To fight for it, and it’s not just for the person you’re in love with, it’s for the family.

And of course the Abe flashbacks. The romantic in me loved that I got to see Abe so soft. So tender with her. That she was scared, and she knew something bad was going to happen, but he eased her through it.Gah! I loved the flashback sequences. I’m a sucker for disturbances in linear storytelling. Give me all the flashbacks. Give me something to explain what happened before; what I think may have happenned. Paint me a picture, and this episode did that. It painted me this picture of happiness, acceptance, bravery, humility, trust, loyalty, and knowing what the right thing is, even if it means giving up your life to save the ones you love. (Somebody help me up, I can’t).

That song. That damn song, “Someday We’ll be Free,” by Donny Hathaway broke me into a million pieces.  I loved it being repeated throughout. It was soulful and fitting for Sasha. She got her swan song. Her ballad of inspiration to ride into the sunset, and go out as the weapon that she was; that she probably was before the world went to shit. I cheered for a zombie Sasha attacking Negan. I cried for a zombie Sasha that Maggie had to put down(so fucking sad, and Jesus’ face was no better in that scene). Sasha Williams, I really loved you and I understood you through everything. You got a hero’s death.

So, onto Maggie. Maggie Rhee who is just all pregnant and leading the troops into battle. I just loved that scene. I loved how she stepped into the leadership role permanently. Negan noticed that she was alive and well, and that’s a bit concerning. I loved her speech at the end for/about Glenn.

Sidebar: Glenn and Abraham’s death will never have any heroic significant meaning. It is not supposed to make sense. That was the whole point of them being killed, there is no point to them being killed. The point was to show that even heroes have no control over their death. That sometimes there is no point to the evil that is committed by some, and Sasha realized that. That is why she committed suicide. She had absolute control over how she went out. It wasn’t going to be up to Negan, and her plan gave everyone a chance.

Onto Trashy McBangs. I had a feeling a while ago she and her kind could not be trusted. Aside from that nasty and disrespectful dig at Michonne in front of Rick(Fuck the war. Bitch would have been ninja kicked so strong if it was me, but Michonne has a more level head than I do). I just had a feeling she was going to turn. I mean, can you really trust anybody in this world? Especially with bangs like that, tf.(I only care about Michonne killing Jadis now. It is the event I’m looking for in All Out War, or sooner).

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Hey @waytoooldforshipping, hope you don’t mind that I made this a part two to @annablack1102‘s request. The idea for this little two-parter sprang into my head as I looked through the prompts I received and I just had to write it ;)

Part One Here

“It’s six o’clock in the morning, you’re not having vodka.”

“Do you think he’ll remember?” Paul asked miserably, face down on the bed with bare arms folded over his head and his mouth halfway mashed into the pillow. He’d crashed in Maggie’s room the night before, apparently too far gone to even insist on taking the couch. Someone had stripped him to his boxers and undershirt before putting him to bed–hopefully not Maggie, but Paul wasn’t about to ask too many questions on that front. He had enough to be embarrassed about as it was.

Maggie gave him a sympathetic smile from where she was curled up on the couch. “He won’t remember, he was just as drunk.” She didn’t let Paul enjoy his relief for long. “He’ll find out, though. We were all there–me, Enid, Aaron, Tara, Rick, and Carl. Kal, Eduardo, and Rosita were nearby, too. He’s gonna hear it from somebody.”

Moaning, Paul pulled the covers over his head.

“Oh, grow up,” she teased gently. “It’s wasn’t that bad.”

“You said I told him he had to choose between being cute and being heterosexual.”

“Alright, so it was pretty bad,” Maggie replied. “But you’re both adults. Maybe a couple years ago I’d have been worried, but Daryl’s not- you don’t have to worry about-”

“No, I know he’s not going to be angry with me, try to kick my ass or something. Just, we were finally becoming friends, you know? That was more than enough, and… fuck, he’s going to feel so awkward around me now.”

She didn’t try to deny it. “I’m sorry, sweetie.”

Paul huffed a breath and forced himself to make light of it all. “God, can you even imagine Daryl’s version of letting me down easy? I can’t be sober for that, Maggie. Is Gregory’s stash still in the cupboard?”

“Paul Rovia, it’s six o’clock in the morning, you’re not having vodka. Besides, alcohol is what got you into this mess in the first place.”

Paul knew he probably couldn’t hide from Daryl forever, but he was willing to test the theory–at least until he was less hungover, anyway.

He’d only seen the other man briefly, sitting out in the sunshine with Rick at breakfast, and Rick’s compassionate glance his way told Paul everything he needed to know. The last lingering hope that somehow maybe Daryl wouldn’t be weird about last night died in his chest.

So Paul stayed indoors. He washed up, snuck some food from the kitchen, bribed Bertie to go swipe him some painkillers from the medical trailer, then grabbed a book and headed for his favorite spot, the lookout point at the top of the house.

Daryl was there waiting for him, sitting with his knees drawn close to his chest and a mug of tea beside him. He handed it over silently as Paul approached, and the scout quirked a smile at the kind gesture.

“Figured you’d come here eventually. How ya feeling?”

“Embarrassed,” Paul said, sitting beside him and sipping the tea. It was cool, so Daryl had been waiting for him for awhile. “You?”

“I’m alright.” Daryl cleared his throat. “I’m gonna get right to the point, ‘kay?”

“Daryl, listen. We don’t have to talk about this. I was drunk, I’m sorry I-”

“If you can keep your trap shut for half of a goddamn minute,” Daryl interrupted impatiently, “I’m trying to say that I ain’t straight, and if either of us is fucking cute, it’s you, and… uh…” He trailed off awkwardly.

Paul just stared, utterly lost for words for once.

The silence stretched between them, Paul gaping and Daryl turning redder and redder. Finally Daryl said in a near whisper, "Look, if you didn’t mean it, if you were just drunk and mouthing off, then-”

“Well of course I didn’t mean it,” Paul said quickly, regaining his footing. His heart was pounding. All he could focus on was Daryl’s rough hands curled around his knees.

Daryl blanched. “Oh.”

Grinning, Paul added, “I’d never want you to stop being this cute. That was the vodka talking.”

Head dropping forward, Daryl was quiet for another moment before replying with obvious relief, “You are such a dick.”

(Part Three here)

I found his jumper part 4|| D.H.

First Part, Second Part, Third Part

A/N: Here is part 4 of the IFHJ series. It contains a big fight that I really enjoyed to write for some reason. 

Word Count: 1.8K


“You look tired.” Hayley stated and examined me with her brown eyes that were filled with worry.

“I spent half of last night reading in the library.” I answered with a yawn as I took a seat next to her and placed my laptop on the table. I had no idea how I was going to survive a whole day filled with classes since I could barely hold my eyes open.

“Charlotte is still being a bitch then?” she asked me although the answer was clear already. Why else would I spent my night reading in the library. Being in my shared room wasn’t that fun anymore now that Charlotte hated me with passion. She would make rude remarks whenever I entered the room so I tried to be home as little as possible.

“Don’t let her and Howell get to you, Rose.” my green haired friend encouraged me while getting out some notes from her bag.

I tiredly nodded. Although I didn’t answer with a lot of enthusiasm she was of course right. Hayley would probably just walk up to them and punch them in the face. They definitely deserved that.

I wasn’t like Hayley though. She was sassy and always had strong comebacks. I just blush a lot and get intimidated easily. I had a breaking point though and when that was reached nothing could hold me back. It was only a matter of time now.

I was exhausted and relieved when I was done with my classes that day. The sun was hiding behind a bunch of clouds when I walked out of the main building. Since it wasn’t very warm outside not many people hung out on campus. There were a couple of students on their way back to their dorms like me though. Lost in thought I kicked a little stone with my foot when I heard somebody yell my name.

“Hey, Edwards!” Caleb, one of Dan’s friends, shouted, making my head snap up from the ground.

I was tempted to just keep walking, not interested in talking to him, but he jogged after me.

Caleb had light brown hair and wore a green snapback. Besides Phil he was Dan’s closest friend. He never missed one of his parties and although he wasn’t that much of a ladies man his views on women were the same as Dan’s. According to them women were here to objectify, use and treat like shit. Caleb lightly tabbed my shoulder, making me stop and turn around. He was grinning and somehow I knew that it meant nothing good.

“Yo Edwards, Dan said you should stop sending him texts. He thought you knew that it was a one time thing.” he nearly laughed at me and spoke loud enough for everybody around to hear.

People were already turning their heads and stopping in the middle of their tracks. They nosily gathered around us, greedy to hear some gossip. I just stared at Caleb and it took me a while to figure that this was another one of Dan’s stupid acts to try and make me look like the biggest loser.

“What- I-I never-” I stammered and looked around in horror. Everybody was staring at me and I couldn’t get out a single word to my defence.

“Look, honey. You are not the only girl who is into Dan. He just made the mistake to fuck you. He wouldn’t have done that if he’d known that you have feelings for him. You just need to let it go, Edwards. Dan hooks up, he doesn’t fall in love. So stop being pathetic and quit texting him.”

I couldn’t believe my ears. Me? Feelings for Dan? I could have bust out laughing if the situation weren’t that uneasy and embarrassing. There were friends of Charlotte in the crowd that had formed around us and I could already tell she would find out about this soon.

I felt a couple of eyes burn into my back. Caleb was waiting for an answer since I still hadn’t said anything back. An unwanted blush crept onto my cheeks although I felt my blood boil. I pitied the girl Caleb was talking about. I was glad that it wasn’t actually me. Nobody knew that though.

“Shut the fuck up, Caleb.” I snarled and pushed him out of the way. I heard him shout something after me as I sped away from the scene he had caused. I couldn’t care less though. He didn’t deserve to be listened to. As I rushed through campus anger was blocking my vision. My feet were forcefully hitting the ground. This was it. I wasn’t taking Dan’s shit anymore. The sun was completely gone now. Big, dark clouds had taken over the sky and the first rain drops were making their way to the ground. I wasn’t prepared for rain today. I only wore  black skinny jeans and a t-shirt so I picked up my pace.  When I reached the girls dorm I didn’t stop there. Instead I stormed past it and headed towards the boys dorm. I pushed the door of the huge building open and stomped up the stairs. My loud steps were echoing through the whole stairwell. They were signalizing the trouble that Dan was going to be in soon. I only remembered his room number because of the party that I had been to on my first day here. My fists rained down onto the wooden door.

Phil tried to greet me with a smile but I forcefully shoved him out of the way.

“Who is it – oh.” Dan was in the middle of asking when he looked into my direction and saw me stand in the middle of his room, glaring at him angrily. He quickly jumped up from the couch.

“I can’t believe you Howell!” I shouted on top of my lungs.

Dan threw his hands up in defence.

“Calm down, Edwards. What are you even talking about?” he spoke unfazed.

“Don’t act like you don’t know what I’m talking about.” I growled.

If eyes could kill he would be dead by now.

The corners of his mouth twitched. He knew what I was here for but he continued to act like he had no idea.

“I can’t believe you would send one of your stupid friends instead of just lying to me face to face. You are such a coward.  You have always have been a coward, Dan. Some things just don’t change right?” I hissed and his eyes evilly twinkled. I knew that I had hit a nerve because one could now cut the tension with a knife in here.

“I don’t know how anybody could believe the crap you told Caleb. God, why the fuck would they even believe that I would ever sleep with you. You know well enough that I don’t even have your number.”

I heard Dan growl in anger. That was a hit to his big ego.

“Yeah, we both know that, but they don’t. Everybody is going to believe what Caleb said. And you can’t do anything about it Edwards.” he bellowed.

“You would be lucky if I even touched you.” Dan added angrily not getting over the fact that I would deny him that easily. His hands were turned into fists and his cheeks were flushed.

I coldly laughed at him. “You are being pathetic now.” I evilly grinned.

Dan furrowed his eyebrows together. “Why don’t you just leave, Edwards?” he scolded.

Oh no, I wasn’t done yet. I took a big step towards him. He was wearing a black jumper along with grey sweatpants. I must have interrupted his lazy afternoon.

“Why don’t you stop making up stupid lies to make my life miserable, Howell?” I counterattacked.

“I do what I want.”

“You sound like a bratty 10 year old.”

Dan rolled his eyes and gestured towards the door in return.

“I like the 10 year old Dan much more than I like the 20 year old Dan.” I spat and yet again I hit a nerve. He suddenly spun around and faced me with such horror on his face that I felt a cold shiver crawl down my spine.  

“Don’t!” he warned me, fear and threat were clear in his voice.

Speaking about the past hurt both of us, but I was willing to bring the sacrifice of hurting myself in order to hurt him.

“I could also stand drunk Dan much better than this sober Dan right here.” I stated and I knew that this was something he didn’t want to talk about. He wanted to pretend like the night he spent in my room never happened. For a second hurt was visible in his brown eyes and I knew I had found his weakness.

I swallowed hard.

“You know it’s actually sad to watch you try to do anything, even hurt me, just to hide the fact that you sneaked up to my room when you were drunk.”

My voice got a bit shaky in the middle of the sentence. I took a deep breath before I continued.

“You try so hard to forget that you apologized to me. We both know you meant it, don’t even try to deny that.”

I felt tears brim my eyes although I wanted to be as strong as Hayley would probably be.

“You do all of this shit to me because you are afraid of admitting that you said you want to go back to the times when I didn’t hate you.” I was nearly sobbing my words while Dan stood there and stared at me with the same hurt and horror that I felt. He knew that every single word I said was true.

“It hurts so much to watch you constantly destroy everything we could be. You constantly destroy your chances of forgiveness. I have started to think that you want us to hate each other just because you are scared that we could like each other again.”

I could see that he was swallowing hard. He opened his mouth as if he wanted to say something, but he remained silent. A tear had by now escaped my eye and I was close to completely breaking down in front of him.

“Do you know what hurts most, Dan?” I asked with a sniff and I knew that he was genuinely afraid of the answer that was going to follow.

“I wish so bad that I wouldn’t have to hate you.” I whispered. My words were followed by a loud sob. Tears were by now rolling down my cheeks. Dan’s face was now filled with panic and worry and he carefully took a step towards me just as I turned around on my heels and stormed at of his room. My vision was blurred by my tears.


Prompt: anonymous requested #7: “I almost lost you” and josefinethenerd requested #14: “Hey, I’m with you, okay? Always.”
torture, blood, violence, Balthazar pops in
hey, look who’s back! ~ i’ve almost finished this school year, so i finally have some time to write. the next one shot is the longest i’ve ever written, so i hope you guys like it! ~

It all happens on a Tuesday.
Sunny. Hot. Not a cloud to be seen in the sky. The kind of weather one would expect to see on the fifteen of August, and surely not at the beginning of March.
That morning, you stumble out of the bed in a hurry, too late in noticing the time your alarm clock is indicating; while you dress quickly in a light, loose flannel and a pair of comfortable jeans, you have to force yourself to ignore Gabriel’s requests of affection.
«C'mon, sugar», he mumbles, voice still groggy for the sleep, head immersed in the fluffiness of the pillow. «Get back to bed. I’ll get that hunt sorted out later. Who cares».

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How did Harrison come to his realization of the duality of the universe? One might find an answer in his comments on the love songs on 33 1/3. “The main thing that I felt from the ’60s thing that happened – the LSD experiences early on and the meditation that followed – was the realization that all the goodness and all the strength that can support life is all coming out of love. And it’s not just as simple as one guy saying to a chick, ‘I love you,’ an emotional sort of thing.

“So often we say ‘I love you if…’, ‘I love you when…’, ‘I love you but…’, and that’s not real love. Real love is, ‘I love you even if you kick me in the head and stab me in the back, I love you.’ Or just, ‘I love you unconditionally’, and that goes beyond everything… It’s like saying, ‘Okay, I’m a singer now and I want to be the greatest singer in the world.’ And then you start thinking, ‘Well, how good am I? How many notes can I hit? What are my limitations?’ And you realize how limited you really are.

“There’s a holy man in India who said to somebody I know, ‘Develop love, not lust.’ Sometimes we say, ‘I love you’; but what we really mean is, ‘I lust for you.’ Sometimes you can love and lust after someone at the same time. But to love somebody with a real love, lust doesn’t come into it really. To misrepresent love when you are really lustful is not the same thing.”

—  George Harrison, interview w/ Michael Gross for Swank: George Harrison: The zoned-out Beatle turn 33 1/3. (May, 1977)
He didn’t know he has a kid w/ you

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This isn’t your plan. None of this is your plan. It wasn’t your plan to have a drunken one night stand with your best friend. It wasn’t your plan for it to lead to a friends with benefits relationship and it definitely wasn’t your plan to fall in love a long the way and end up getting pregnant with his child.

You didn’t know how all of this happened, how all of this started. All you remember is that you suddenly woke up beside your best friend and the both of you were naked under his sheets. You remember the both of you screaming at each other, freaking out and disgusted that you guys slept with each other, seeing as you guys were nothing more than best friends.

But that night changed everything, suddenly you were both looking at each other differently, you were both craving each others touch. The both of you tried to shrug it off. You guys both promised to never speak about it again but as the tension rises, Michael couldn’t keep it anymore.

He went to your house, pinned you against the wall and kissed your neck. “M-Michael What are you doing?” he went to kiss up your neck and then he whispered to your ear “Tell me you don’t want this princess and I’ll stop. Tell me you never felt it all along and we will never speak about this.” he whispered as he nibbled your ear.

He continued to kiss your neck as you moaned his name. He pulled away and smirked at you “So I guess you didn’t want me to stop then.” you rolled your eyes at him. “Don’t get too cocky Clifford. I’m gonna leave you with your little problem all alone.” he chuckled at you. “You and I both know that it isn’t little Y/N.” he kissed once more and it was the start of constant late night booty calls with each other.

It is yet another night of being under the sheets with him and you were going to finally tell him. You couldn’t do this anymore, you didn’t want to be just another hook up of him. You completely fell in love  with your best friend and it isn’t helping to be with him every night.

Michael, c-can we talk?” you asked him as you get dressed. He nodded at you “Is there anything wrong Princess?”  he stood up and held your face “What are we doing Michael? What is this? W-what are we?” he pulled away and looked at you confused. “What do you mean? We’re doing this… Nothing more. No strings attached.” you looked down. “I don’t want it to be nothing more Michael.” 

“You’re my best friend Y/N. I thought we agreed to this. You’re the one who told me that you didn’t want this to ruin our friendship.” you sighed. “I know but this is just what happened. Suddenly I realized I’m in love with you.” he shook his head “N-no Y/N. We can’t do this. I couldn’t be attached with somebody right now. I’m… I don’t want this Y/N I’m sorry, I don’t feel the same way. Please leave.” you looked at him in shock. He wore his boxers then kicked you out of the room.

You were broken because of that. You didn’t just lose your best friend and the love of your life. You also lose the father of your child. He tried to call you, even the other boys did but you couldn’t face them. You knew if he found out about it, he’ll leave you again and you can’t afford for him to leave you the second time. 

You moved to another city to start a new life with your kid. You tried to avoid Michael as much as possible but you couldn’t. He was everywhere, TVs, radio and magazines, you couldn’t escape him. Even though you tried to ignore him, it was like your body craves his voice and his touch.

Months passed and your bump is growing. It was getting hared to hide it from people who didn’t know about your pregnancy. Fans noticed that you were suddenly distant with the band and were always asking about it on Twitter. They were getting suspicious about it and one even noticed the small bump that was forming. You quickly denied it and told them that you were just bloated from eating. You had a hard time ignoring their tweets anymore so you had to deactivate it. 

You were very thankful that you had friends to support you all through out your pregnancy. They helped you with everything. They helped you when you’re bump got bigger and when you couldn’t almost move. They were the ones driving you to the hospital when your water broke too.

It was hard to raise a kid on your own. Your friends had their own lives too and you didn’t want to bother them all the time. You were already thankful when they visit you and help you every once in a while. You had your job that pays well and a nice boss that allows you to bring little Madeline with you.

It was just a normal day at your shop when suddenly you heard girls screaming. You were at the storage room with Maddie in her baby carrying bag. You checked what the commotion is about and you saw 4 tall boys talking to your boss. They turned around and saw the person that you wanna see the least.

Y/n?” 4 boys stared at you in shock. “Michael? W-what are you doing here?” he scratched his head “I got a show here tomorrow night.” you nodded. Your boss looked at the both of you weird. “You know each other?” you nodded. “Yeah, just a friend from years ago.” she nodded “Well, show them where they could stay for a while until their security arrives.” 

You nodded “C’mon you can sit here.” they all went to a booth on the corner of the shop. “Y/N can we talk?” he said looking at Maddie while the 3 other boys sit there, trying not to look at the kid on your front. You nodded and walked to other table and sat down. “It’s been a long time time since I saw you.” you nodded “Yeah, I moved here” he was still looking at Maddie who was now being uneasy so you have to remove her from your carrying bag.

Yeah I haven’t see you in two years…” he was now looking at you and you avoid meeting his gaze. “How old is she?” he nodded at Maddie. You cleared your throat “Months old.” his jaw tensed “Is… Is she mine?” you stood up. “Y/N I’m talking to you! Is she mine?” he stood up facing you and hold on to Maddie tighter. “She isn’t yours.” “That’s bullshit! She looks just like me!” Luke tried to pull away Michael “Is that why you left? Is that why you weren’t answering my calls?” 

Can you blame me Michael? You left me all alone when you promised me you wouldn’t. You were my best friend and you left me just because I fell in love with you. What makes you think you wouldn’t leave me when I told you I was pregnant.” thankfully, your boss offered to take Maddie from you when she started crying. “You could’ve at least told me!” “What difference would it make Michael? You wouldn’t be there anyway. You’ll just leave her just like you left me.”

“I deserved to know Y/N! She’s my kid! I would’ve stayed” you laughed bitterly. “No you wouldn’t Michael, you’ll just leave. You wouldn’t be a father that she deserves.” With that, you grabbed Maddie and thanked your boss. She told you that you could leave early for the day and you nodded mouthing a thank you as you get her things and left through the back door.

Michael stood there processing you said. Little did you know that he fell in love with you too. He couldn’t be with you knowing that you deserved someone who was always with you. Someone who would be at your doorstep the minute you call him. You deserved someone that wouldn’t hurt you like he did. He knew he couldn’t be a good boyfriend for you and now he couldn’t be a good father for his child.

a/n: HAPPY BIRTHDAY MICHAEL!! This was requested but I accidentally deleted the request, sorry!!! 

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Bad 'OMG' head canon moment...

Ok, I already see a slight flaw in this. But I think the episode rattled my brain so hard, this came out.

I’ve always had this little head canon that Rowena actually knows who Crowley’s father was/is. Olivette said that the father was not part of the magical community, which is one of the reasons Rowena was kicked out. If she knew, than surely Rowena had to know who it was.

Then there’s Crowley. He’s not a run-of-the-mill demon. There are very few demon’s on the show with unique eyes, powerful demons like Alistair, Azazel and Lilith. Not even Abaddon, the super Knight of Hell, had unique eyes. Crowley is the only demon - crossroads or otherwise - we’ve seen with not just pupils but smoke. And he’s the only demon we’ve seen with red smoke instead of black. I’ve always wondered if that had to do with his unknown heritage.

Mark S. has always teased at the idea of Crowley being more, even perhaps nephilim (which myself and others have pondered but taken Mark’s teasing as just that). Not to mention, there had to have been many other demon’s who wanted the throne for Hell when the boys locked Lucifer away. Crowley himself said that he fought and defeated these opponents, which would require more than just cunning on his part. It would require some serious power, and I have always felt that he holds back a lot.

But then tonight’s episode aired and it wasn’t till now my brain connected these little dots together, especially after seeing Rowena so excited at the idea of seeing Lucifer. (gifs are not mine, just found them)

Originally posted by cheerstothat1

My brain: *whispering* Question is, was Lucifer’s first imprisonment before or after the time of Fergus McLeod’s conception?“

Me: *screaming at my brain* OMFG, no, really?! Stop that shit right now!! NOOO!”

Somebody PLEASE kick this out before it plant’s root in my skull.

Evie stood quite awkwardly, trying to listen for anything that’d give her some sort of clue on her whereabouts. Part of her wanted to stretch her hands out and feel around, try and guide herself into a small space and hide but.. then again, would it be better to just stay put? This had to be supernatural doing but.. she didn’t really know where to begin and mentally she was kicking herself for it. Evie was confused. She bit her lower lip, hands slowly feeling around the wall in hope of finding a door knob. “Hello? Can somebody help me?” she asked, maybe it’d be best not to panic and scream right now. It wasn’t until she heard a sharp movement that her head snapped in that direction. “Hello?!” she called more eagerly.

The Fate of Wonderland's Royalty (aka Why I'm Not Worried About Anastasia): A Mini-Essay in 5 Parts

Anonymous asked you: What do you think of the news that the Knave/Will will be a regular on S4 of Once? It’s also been confirmed that just Michael is moving over. What do you think that means for Ana, Scarlet Queen, etc? Do you think they’d give us a happy ending, just to ruin it? Or do you think Emma was too busy to return for S4 of Once? Or do you think they are playing it cool, and Emma will be announced as a recurring/regular later this summer?

I’m not all that worried to be honest. There’s a lot of different ways this whole “Moving over to OUAT” thing could go. I mean, during the summer before season three of Once started, I’m pretty sure they announced who was playing Ariel before they announced Peter Pan or Tinker Bell. (Both of whom had more screen time than everyone’s favorite little mermaid.)

They also originally announced that Meghan Ory wouldn’t be returning to play Red in season three. Yet, lo and behold, there she was in Farytale Land.

Surprise, bitch. I bet you thought you’d seen the last of me.

But, getting back to Scarlet Queen. All the possible Will Scarlet plot lines seem to fall in to two main categories:

Either 1.) Only Michael Moves Over or 2.) Emma Also Moves Over.

It's just that simple. So, let’s break down some of the different ways the Will Scarlet plotline of season four could go, shall we?

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the girl who kicked the hornets’ nest sentence ( book ) meme ( part 1 ).

      inc. nsfw, slurs, violence, rape mention, etc.

‘ sorry. i wasn’t listening. ’
‘ i need somebody to tell me if i’m doing anything stupid. ’
‘ he succeeded in getting a policeman killed tonight. ’
‘ i tried to warn him. ’ 
‘ if she hit her father in the head with an axe she isn’t exactly innocent. ’ 
‘ right now he’s on the run and he’ll be seriously dangerous to anyone he runs into. ’
‘ can i buy you breakfast? ’
‘ she can be a moody bitch. ’
‘ you look tired. ’
‘ i always wondered what she did to get her revenge. ’
‘ rape should always be reported to the police. ’
‘ it’s going to be hard to keep this under wraps. ’
‘ am i being arrested? ’
‘ what kind of weapon is it? ’
‘ i thought you were looking for a lesbian satanist gang. was i wrong? ’
‘ right now i just feel like shit. ’
‘ why are you leaving? ’
‘ what would have happened if you’d been run over by a bus? ’
‘ for now, coffee and cake will have to do. ’
‘ i know exactly who you are. i’ve read your file. ’
‘ that is all bullshit. ’
‘ so you’re completely innocent? ’
‘ i think you’re awake. ’
‘ i think we all assumed she was dead. ’  
‘ go and wake her up or something. ’
‘ are you livid? ’
‘ i’m hardly the person to criticise you for abandoning ship. ’
‘ who were those dead bodies? ’
‘ i want to talk to him. if he’s still alive, that is. ’
‘ fuck the forensic evidence. ’
‘ you certainly have a way with headlines. ’  
‘ i can’t get involved in criminal activity. ’
‘ i can’t believe she’s gone already. ’
‘ you’ll have my support if you need it. ’
‘ that was a serious mistake. ’
‘ you wouldn’t happen to have a cigarette, would you?’
‘ he tried to kill me. ’
‘ who’s going to talk next? ’
‘ it’s going to involve a lot of surveillance. ’
‘ do you intend to hide things from me too? ’  
‘ once again we have to haul you out of the furnace. ’
‘ i’m a survivor. i do what i have to do to survive. ’
‘ no. you do what you do because you’re evil and rotten. ’
‘ and what are you going to do with that? shoot me? ’  
‘ no bones broken? ’
‘ always so cynical? ’
‘ hell of a way to die. ’ 
‘ they’ll twist what i say and use it against me. ’ 
‘ it’s beautiful. but it must have hurt like hell. ’
‘ i’ve never met so clearly defined a sociopath. ’
‘ am i going to get mixed up in something i ought to know about? ’
‘ i can get rid of the dead wood and recruit new blood from the outside if i choose. and you’re starting to look like dead wood to me. ’
‘ i intend to kill this story. ’ 
‘ what i’m thinking of asking you is unethical and it might be illegal. but morally, it’s the right thing to do. ’
‘ you think you’re something you fucking cunt. ’
‘ the sooner you disappear the better. ’
‘ would you be angry with me if i asked you a personal question? ’
‘ i don’t talk to crazy-doctors because they never listen to what i have to say. ’    
‘ you’re the hacker, work it out. ’