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Can someone explain to me what exactly is cultural appropriation?

I come from country that has no culture at all, so it always confuses me why people are so defensive about their culture, or feel so offended when somebody from different culture uses elements of their culture?

This feels almost like patriotism (thinking that you’re superior because you accidentally were born on that piece of land instead of 1000km to south or smth).

I always thought that culture was like a huge art piece, that got created collectively by local people, because all the lands were separated. There were no ways to travel that far and share their discoveries and ideas, so those settled down differently.

But now the whole world is connected via internet and transport. So why is it wrong that these ideas are leaking all over the place?

On Doxxing and Neo-Nazis

I get that someone would logically be uncomfortable with the idea of “doxxing”; I get that. It feels dangerous. What if some internet person goes and stabs somebody? What if the person doing the doxxing is lying? What if you have the wrong person? Those are legitimate concerns for the most part!

But the goal of doxxing is not to result in death or physical violence; in point of fact, it’s usually intended to avoid the future risk of that by inhibiting violent behavior now, before a neo/nazi interprets lack of opposition as social permission. (Which is an entirely separate can of worms I won’t talk about now.)

While I absolutely wouldn’t claim it’s a faultless practice, consider these points:

  • A lot of these people use their own full, real names on this stuff– obviously, they don’t mind having this stuff attached to their image. It would be one thing if they were “hacked”, but almost always, these people have their information right out there in the open on their own social media accounts. At most, the average “doxxer” references the free portion of public whitepages.
  • Stooping to their level” would necessarily involve using slurs or claiming with seriousness that all whites or all Christians should die horrible torture-deaths regardless of age or background. (Complaining in a general way about not wanting to be around white supremacist beliefs or about the way most of white-dominated society turn their backs on violence against minorities is not the same.) It would involve organizing around that belief, petitioning the government to make it happen, and going out as a group to physically intimidate and threaten people purely on the basis of religion and race. If you notify someone’s employer that they’ve been running around on public media saying they think all <whoever> should die or that they hope the government is looking for extermination volunteers, and they lose their job, it’s not your fault they got fired. It’s their fault. You didn’t give them this person’s secret diary. You didn’t lie about anything they said. When you go on social media using your own name, you are effectively standing in a public space. I can’t go to the park and scream that I think someone should burn down the church on 8th street and expect to keep my job; I don’t see why it should be any different for these guys.
  • You really, truly, genuinely cannot change a neo/nazi’s mind. It’s not like people don’t try! People have been trying since the dawn of time. We don’t want these people to feel this way. We don’t want them to hate us. We would love to believe that these people are just a little misguided. But we don’t live in a society that forces them to behave this way for their own safety, or that forces people to choose between themselves and others. They are voluntarily going out of their way to not only have these beliefs, but to scream them from the rooftops, hound the government to pass laws in line with them, and seek out people to harass with them. Debate requires that both sides approach the subject in good faith, with intention to do what is correct, not with the intention to “win.” Nazis don’t want to be correct. Nazis want to win. I guarantee that even if I engaged someone like this in polite conversation, I would immediately be met with violent language, death threats and slurs, especially because I have a visibly Jewish name. I have tried to do it before, many times, in fact. It ends the same way every time, no matter how nice I am, and I do mean nice. Trying to offer a neo/nazi sympathy, to commiserate with their feelings, to offer alternatives, to share stories about why their ‘viewpoint’ is harmful– it does nothing but tell them they’re right and that their position is sympathetic and acceptable. At best, someone might indicate that I should die so violence like that doesn’t happen anymore (lol), or that it’s my own fault for not converting. At worst, well… you can imagine.
  • Their beliefs are frequently circular, based on highly selective and subjective interpretation of translated Hebrew, or both. Example: White supremacists won’t hire black people because blacks are lazy and worthless. How do they “know” that? Well, look how many black people are unemployed! (Do you see what’s wrong with that picture?)

In their eyes, POC and Jews are not “really” human, and all of them, from babies to elders, should be completely erased from existence as soon as possible, no matter who they are personally. A selection of religiously-based beliefs neo-nazi groups use to justify this include, but are not limited to:

  1. Jews are actually the half-demon offspring of Eve and a demon. This is also used to explain why women are stupid and untrustworthy.
  2. POC are actually included among the “beasts of the field” and are therefore soulless and were created to serve (white) man.
  3. POC are the descendants of Ham, who was “marked” and had his bloodline cursed to eternal servitude as punishment for not looking away from his naked, drunken dad, therefore shaming him in the eyes of God. This belief is touted as an ancient and therefore factual one, but the first recorded mention of it doesn’t show up until shortly before the Civil War era. It was hastily invented and used by American Southerners to morally justify slavery, based on a poor translation of the Hewbrew name Ham as being related to the word for “black.” (The scripture itself existed, of course, but not the interpretation that it referred to black people.)

Of course it’d be preferable if we didn’t feel we had to do this; of course it would be preferable not to. But at the same time, voluntary neo-nazis etc. have never said and will never say “Oh, so there’s no consequence for me advocating for genocide at all? Well, thanks for being nice to me. I guess I don’t want all blacks and Jews to die now. Your personal kindness and anecdotes about the trauma you/your loved one faced have made me change my mind.”

I don’t think they should go to jail for saying these things unless they call for direct action against people, which is a crime (and which they are often smart enough to avoid.) But I do think they should absolutely be shamed and admonished, and the only way to do that so that they don’t feel invincible and victorious is to make it personal.

Yelling at killthefuckingjews1844 on twitter or whatever isn’t going to mean jack shit to him; if anything, he’ll probably sit back in his chair, feeling smug and powerful, safe from real confrontation and feeling he’s gotten the better of his “enemies.”

But I bet he won’t feel that way if you call his mom.

I bet he won’t feel that way if you let his employer know that he told you he wanted your family to die.

I bet he won’t feel that way if you even just tell him you know his personal info.

You know why? Because it bitchslaps them straight out of their power fantasy. It makes them afraid.

And you know what? Empathy is based on shared experience. And maybe next time they want to terrorize somebody, they’ll remember how it felt to be a target and reconsider, even if they do it for the wrong reasons.

all you ever want is somebody who is so pure and nice and will make you laugh, but i really want something different. iwant somebody sarcastic with a sense of humor, somebody who has a smile that doesnt light up the room but brightens my fucking day. somebody that will make me happy and smiles at me when i say something stupid, or when i look cute, but somebody that will also help me learn from my mistakes, let me cry when somethings wrong. somebody that will tell stupid jokes and say quirky things that make my day better. someone like this rarely ever shows their faces in my life but when they do, its the best time in my life.

Ey, yo

Stop sending shitty, mean anons to people on their subjective experiences. Just cuz they’ve interpreted something one way doesn’t mean you need to yell at them and tell them how wrong they are, esp when it comes to gender studies. There is more than one perspective here, and each should be respected.

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I love how you and your stupid ass followers think they can track me down. All of you are the definition of stupid. You think you know somebody over the internet, you're wrong. This little girl that runs this account, is fucking two faced. But you wouldn't know that because you weren't friends with her most of her life.

there are only two people that i have known that long and you are not them. honestly i don’t think you know me at all: you’re just some sad poor excuse of a human being who thrives over making other feel bad. well honey news flash, your words mean nothing to me. i am confident in myself and my words and nothing can tear that down. so move on. you’re getting nothing out of me

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I'm sorry for sounding rude?? I didn't mean it that way. If you feel healthy eating what you're eating, that's great! :)

I’d also like to add: I’m super passionate about nutrition (like… I prowl through the internet at night searching studies and all that stuff) and I guess I got mad that somebody was spreading misinformation that could potentially be damaging? JUST SORRY. That’s all I’m trying to say haha

Okay, it’s all good. I understand wanting to defend things you’re passionate about, and I’m sorry I got a fact wrong. We’re cool!

Life is sometimes hard. Things go wrong, in life and in love and in business and in friendship and in health and in all the other ways that life can go wrong. And when things get tough, this is what you should do. Make good art. I’m serious. Husband runs off with a politician? Make good art. Leg crushed and then eaten by mutated boa constrictor? Make good art. IRS on your trail? Make good art. Cat exploded? Make good art. Somebody on the Internet thinks what you do is stupid or evil or it’s all been done before? Make good art. Probably things will work out somehow, and eventually time will take the sting away, but that doesn’t matter. Do what only you do best. Make. Good. Art.
—  Neil Gaiman
PSA on Phobias.

Everybody on the internet needs to chill and learn about what phobias really are.

Now, I have gone through Zack Joseph’s twitter, and as far as I can see, he’s a pretty chill guy.

In all honesty, I haven’t been able to find the allegedly transphobic things he retweeted. Maybe he deleted them, IDK.

However, just because somebody disagrees with your world view does not make them PHOBIC.

I am a christian, as such, I believe transexuality and homosexuality is wrong. I am not trans/homophobic.

Being a christian would not excuse me from TPing a trans/homosexual’s house, that would make me a massive trans/homophobic dick )(assuming I was TPing them on account of their sexuality.)(

However, in America, I can say what I like, so long as it is not HARMFUL towards someone. Ok?

Calm the fuck down.

What scrolling to my dash does to me...

I only logged in so that I could edit a post that had a wrong spelling error and also I was about to edit posts which I wanted to add captions on but then @rapsae , @taetaetown , @become-the-story and @sung-jaelly-fish were all in my freaking dash I couldn’t help myself opening each blog and just lurk (is this term even internet-slang correct?) there. 

OMG. How do I control myself. 

ps. sorry for having to tag you guys. 

Does anybody know someone in real life who’s interested in Gravity Falls? Or Rick and Morty? Or South Park? Or Futurama? Or anything?! I’d even take somebody who watches lots of Jacksepticeye or Markiplier!

I don’t need names or whatever, I just want to know how common these people are outside the Internet. I swear, I’m over two months at my new school and I found nobody with the same interests as me. Maybe I’m in the wrong age group, or just asking the wrong people, but I’m still frustrated beyond heck.

This isn’t going to work, but for the record, and on the vague off-chance that anyone who doesn’t already know possesses the mental capacity to update, I’ll state that I am actively hostile to neoreaction and neoreactionaries.  Anyone posting a neoreactionary concept on my Facebook wall would be instablocked and the comment deleted.  It’d be like their posting creationism on my wall; somebody needs to reeducate them, but it’s not going to be me.  I think that if you do argue with neoreactionaries instead of just blocking them, then you’ve been suckered into Somebody Is Wrong On The Internet syndrome and trollfeeding.

I’m writing this, not in any real hope of any of my Tumblr kismesis-stalkers listening, but because I do think there is a reasonable duty to occasionally repeat “Nope” for the historical record when somebody has gone around suggesting that you are endorsing the Cult of Hastur or whatever.

So if in the future you hear anyone on Tumblr mention “Eliezer Yudkowsky” and “neoreaction” in the same sentence and the connector isn’t something like “deletes", then remember always that that poster is intellectually dishonest and probably lying to you about other things as well.

Nearly 70 percent of Americans are on at least one prescription drug, and that’s not even accounting for epic burnouts like us skewing the numbers. Mommy needs her medicine to control her blood pressure, Daddy needs his medicine for his cholesterol, and your weird uncle who writes for the Internet needs his “whatever you got on you” to ease the boredom. The point is, everybody needs something. So what happens if you need your meds when we’re undergoing one of our nation’s many drug shortages? We’re not just being hyperbolic because our stash ran dry; drug shortages are a real and terrifying thing. And we talked to somebody on the wrong end of one.

5 Realities Of Having The Government Ban Medication You Need

     “Do you also struggle with identity and expressing yourself outside of the Internet?”
     “I struggle with the idea of what it means to stay true to yourself. I have trouble acting in accordance with what I really feel. For example, let’s say a friend invites you to go somewhere, and you really don’t want to, but you force yourself to go anyway. That might give the wrong impression that you like that thing, but you’re really only doing it because you want to have a connection with that person. Or let’s say you’re in a relationship with somebody, and you don’t want to face the reality that you’re no longer with them because you want to be, but because they don’t make you feel alone. If you lie to yourself long enough, you’ll start deluding yourself into thinking that it’s true.”

Boston, MA

Somebody help me I got into a political argument on facebook and I cited like seven sources already

I’m so sorry I’m that person

but he and this guy were talking about the war on women being a strawman and how Romney was better for the economy and creating jobs and women’s rights need to take a backseat to the economy and I just….

oh my god straight girls crying about how they can’t identify as femme

Stephen where is that gif of the woman singing I DON’T CAAAAAARE

bonus points for “I’m a disabled straight person so I’m not privileged over disabled queer people”

how dare disabled queer folks have a thing and not offer it to disabled straight people that is not fair that is oppression. 

I hope Antis realize that insulting an artist because you don’t like something their work portrayed is bullying. It’s fine not to like a piece of art for whatever reason but if your internet activism is to go onto an artist’s social media to insult them you are in the wrong. I can’t believe this has to be said. Nothing good will come from putting hateful comments on somebody’s profile, you are not doing this to protect survivors (or whatever justified reason you claim) you are only doing this out of hate.

I’m so sick and tired of people being complete assholes towards Taylor and Calvin’s relationship. What kind of sad, meaningless person do you have to be to attack a relationship between two people you don’t even know? And you can say that you know Taylor because you’re a “fan” (a mighty awful one at that) but the truth is that you don’t know her private life and you don’t know her inner thoughts and feelings. How can people just say these horrible things about Taylor’s relationship, and then post them on a public platform where she could easily see these comments. Do you really hate yourself and hate your life THAT MUCH that you have to go attack somebody else’s happiness? Honestly, what is wrong with people? Go outside, get off the internet, talk to real people, go pet a dog, do SOMETHING productive, because insulting her is just about one of the most pathetic things you could do.