somebody is wrong on the internet

I’m usually pretty chill about the whole “somebody is wrong on the Internet” thing, but if I see anybody quote the theme song from the 1966 Batman TV series and get the wrong number of “na”s one more time.

Some things I've picked up on drawing realistically:

—–The tips on blending/ base color are mostly for prismacolor pencils but could be true for other things. Everything else is kinda general.—–

-Always have a good outline before you start, if your outline is shitty there is no possible way filling it in will make it better so make your outline as accurate as possible.

-99.999999% of all artwork goes through a “this looks like trash” phase… so just keep on powering through it’s not going to get better by throwing it out and starting again 1/5 of the way through… look for ways to fix it

-use ur eraser/ paint over and fix mistakes

Work from background to foreground (back to front obejects) if your doing a background color/paint that in first. Then work on the next farthest thing. Color the inside of the eye before you do they eyelashes/ waterline

-if your subject os wearing makeup/tattoos/etc you should put down their normal skin tone first, then put on the makeup. It’s how real makeup/tattoos work and it will ensure if you screw up it will completely erase and not stain the paper underneath so you won’t have to worry about having some dark erase mark where you went out too far.

-stay away from using the color black when shading non-grey/black subjects. Unless your trying to do the shading for something black/white/grey/ or extremely dark colors (like navy blue that is so dark it looks like it could be black) avoid it, it isn’t realistic.

-human flesh tones aren’t just variations of peach/tans/browns/etc. depending on the skin tones your trying to achieve you could need turquoise, pink, purple, green, gold, blue, red, yellow, and/or a mix of everything.

-you should have a base color of the lightest highlight of the area then put the darker shading on top of it, then you can add that light color on top to blend and soften. Additionally having the lightest highlight as your base tint will ensure if you screw up on shading you can erase and not have dark erase marks as the color that ‘stains’ the paper is the lightest

-grids are your friend, use grids

-use a reference, you and the rest of the world most likely will not be able to remember things perfect from memory. Trust me even if you just want to draw a tiger

-Many schools will not want you to work from photo references for a still life project as it is actually much easier to work from photos than from real life, but if they allow it you should not feel ashamed if you want to make it less stressful on yourself and take a picture of the subject,, remember even tattoo artists will work from a photo/premade drawing in addition to a direct outline on the skin

-art is hard, nobody can teach you how to draw/paint, they can give tips and pointers to help you

-if the person in your portrait has the wrong expression, like they are to sad/angry looking, try changing the eyebrows… I’ve been in high art classes for years and didn’t know that until last week when I complained on the internet that my portrait subject looked too sad and somebody commented to check the eyebrows and it changed my life and the entire mood of the subject

-if you’re just drawing for fun (fan art, etc) you can *whispers really secretively* trace the outline *17 gasps heard from across the country* honestly I’m guilty of just not feeling like spending 6 hours perfectly proportioning the base outline of things, especially people (again, shitty base outline, shitty final product) so I will sit and zoom in on a pic on my phone/laptop and trace it. Also it’s not like it makes your art any less impressive, filling in color/shading and blending right is all up to you and that can make or break your drawing and that is something you literally can’t trace.

- ALWAYS TAKE PICTURES OF YOUR ART WHILE YOU ARE WORKING ON IT… like progression pics. SEEING YOUR DRAWING IN PHOTO FORM WILL MAKE YOU NOTICE THINGS THAT ARE OFF (color, proportion, etc). Trust me take pictures as you go, if something is off in the photo, fix it and take another (it’s more effective than that whole ‘turn your picture sideways bullshit’ trust me it’s what has saved so many drawings.

-if you take a break from a drawing, put it somewhere where you won’t see it every 5 seconds. When you come back to it you might notice even minute things that are off (and trust me a minute detail can change your entire piece

-white is really helpful for blending skin tones (yes even darker skin tones) again this is true for colored pencils, not sure how it would fair for other media

-If you THINK you see some kind of color tint, you probably do, make sure you try to add in just that little hint of it.

-backgrounds are hard when you are one to lose interest on anything that isn’t the main subject so if that’s u, you’re not alone I hate them too

-pencil cap erasers are your best friend, not just because you go through erasers a lot, but because they are fine tipped so you can erase small areas

-you will almost always be able to see some kind of lines if you’re using colored pencils/etc so make sure as you go, those lines work with the drawing. Color hair in the way the direction the hair is going, etc (like sanding with the (metaphorical) grain)

-the face is the most important aspect to get realistic (especially the eyes). If you have a really great face it will distract from weak points in fabrics, backgrounds, etc

I use etc a lot hope I helped someone out there

A visual arts student who had to figure all of this stuff out on her own

I think it’s weird that y’all will be like “the internet is so toxic that people don’t even let you have an opinion and learn from your mistakes & grow! people will call you trash!” or you’ll be like “[blank] is problematic because they said [blank] but they never acknowledged that it was wrong or apologized so fuck them!” but then when somebody apologizes sincerely doesn’t victimize themselves and like…completely does everything by the How To Respond To Being Called Out book you’re still like… foaming at the mouth angry bout it?

Like cancel who you want for whatever you want I’m not saying that you gotta forgive no celebrity for nothing you don’t owe them shit, but don’t turn around and emphasize that people are only problematic when they’ve refused to learn from their fuckup if you’re not actually gonna hold to that. If you don’t care about apologies or change don’t pretend like your anger is contingent upon apologies or change. Just say nothing is ever forgiven and move on like???

not to call anyone out but making good use of the unfollow + block buttons and any one of the many blacklist extensions available for tumblr will honestly make so many of y'all so much happier than going on a moral crusade against people every time some situation comes up where somebody likes something that you don’t.

this is not even getting into the wrongness of cyberbullying people over them liking a fictional character you hate or something equally as petty, but blocking people takes seconds and blacklisting certain terms takes just as little time VS. what i assume is the mammoth amount of energy and time and sheer emotional output it takes to run entire blogs dedicated to something you hate and dedicated to arguing with people who like the things you hate. it’s also slightly less futile because controlling your own internet experience and the content you see is going to be a much easier battle than convincing people that what they like is wrong because [insert moral judgment and angry words here] and they should go piss themselves and/or die because of it.

bottom line is that y'all have to realize that there are always going to be people who like things you don’t like and who want to talk about those things on their own blogs and that trying to get those people to stop entirely is not only an incredibly entitled position to take but it’s also one that it’s pretty much impossible to gain any ground on because for every person you manage to bully into deleting there are going to be literally hundreds (if not thousands) more people who like the exact same stuff who aren’t going to cave in and go away. you are never going to be able to get people to stop posting things you don’t like entirely and you are never going to turn the entirety of the internet into a sandbox completely made of only what you deem to be good content but you can absolutely prevent yourself from seeing content you don’t like by using the tools available to you and some basic common sense in order to curate what comes up on your own dash and what you get out of your own wider online experience.


hello guys! today’s 23 march and this date that means a lot for me. 

one year ago i decided to create an acc on one another social media — tumblr. i was and i am a girl who spends on the internet almost 24/7. and it seems to me that creating acc on tumblr was such a bad idea. and here i sat in present days still feeling like it was such a bad idea but it gave a lot of opportunities to me. 

first thing first i’ma thank you for 5,7k. i’ve never talked about followers but it’s really huge number for me — 16 yo girl from little town in the north of the country. i’ve never quiet thought i can achieve this.

second thing second don’t you tell me that the internet is a bad place to find new people and friends. it’s so wrong. i met such a wonderful people last year and i still cant believe or realize that somebody supports me and my arts. it really blows my mind. 

last thing last one of my dream came true and i want to thank all of you, thank you for your support, thank you for everything xx

so, in random order some people that i want to thank

@unusualevie, @darlingtroye, @blueneighborhoodisnotonfire, @glazedblue, @eclipsesivan, @memorabletroyler, @vivid-troye, @hesxl, @significantsivan, @trickytroye, @astralsivan, @twinsivan, @cutemellet, @consivanqueen, @wildyouthfools, @youtubenerds, @smolsivan, @etherealistic-tronler, @curlysivans, @troyeswildblueneighbourhood, @everytimeiopenmyeyes, @palebluetroye, @tracobiscute, @starlightsivan, @blushingtroye@fortunesivan, @insuburbiah, @lovesicksivan, @pensivesivan

also, special thanks to @troyesivan

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On twitter people hate on kala but they seems to like kalagang do you think their relationship more about wolfgang than kala it is so depressing to see people saying she doesn't help cluster anyway and she is so privileged except for kalagang there is nothing for her I finally got a indian character that makes so much sense I just wish people stop comparing her to sun nomi n Riley they went through so much n kala is strong in her own way this thing is so depressing for me

ok first of all, first rule to being happy on the internet: if somebody starts saying or doing things you’re not into, unfollow them. it’s that simple. you don’t need that negativity in ya life my dude

second of all, kala is amazing??? and kalagang is beautiful?? so live your life and let bitter people be bitter if they wanna be

third of all, reasons these people are Wrong (imo):

  • Privilege doesn’t make a character boring. What’s boring is a show where everyone is the same or has the same level of privilege. The whole point of this show is to help us see the different ways people live all over the world, and guess what? Some people are privilged. some people have money and complete, nuclear families and somehow don’t murder people on a day to day basis. I personally can’t relate to many aspects of some of the other sensates, but I can really relate to some of Kala’s because we share some of the same privileges. What’s great is that there is a bit of everything, so that many people can feel represented and identify with different characters.
  • Along the same lines and going off what you said above - everyone’s struggles are different. Each character’s initial, core struggle - separate from BPO and the narrative arch of the show, but tied to their story and sense of self - is different. Riley struggles with PTSD from her experience with Magnus and Luna. Sun struggles to juggle her promise to her late mother and the way her family and her world treats her. Nomi struggles with a transphobic family. And Kala struggles knowing a that marrying Rajan will bring her everything she has been taught to want - a loving husband, financial stability, a good job, social standing, etc. Except that she doesn’t want any of it. It doesn’t make her happy. But if she doesn’t choose Rajan, she’s turning her back on her family and the heavy societal expectations of her culture and heritage.
  • Kala is an Indian woman in an American show. How many indian actors play main characters in American television? I genuinely can only think of four - Aziz Ansari in Master of None, Mindy Kaling in The Mindy Project, Priyanka Chopra in Quantico, and, you guessed it, Tina Desai in Sense8. So while Kala the character is privileged, her existance is still a huge step forward in representation not just for Indian and Desi people, but for POC and WOC everywhere
  • Kalagang is 100% NOT all about Wolfgang wtf??? The whole POINT of Kalagang is that they’re perfect for each other, that they are both just exactly what the other needs. “You have something good and beautiful hidden inside of you. Just as there is something dark and wicked inside of me.” Wolfgang needs someone who will let him be good and beautiful, who will see the softness in him despite every dark thing he has been  through and done. And Kala needs someone to let her be dark and wicked. Someone who doesn’t hold her to an expectation of pleasantness, of niceness, of pristine-perfect-beautiful-wife. They are the perfect yin and yang, and to say the relationship is all about Wolfgang is to do both their narratives a huge disservice, and honestly, to have some god-awful reading comprehension tbh
The signs as The 1975 (iliwysfyasbysuoi) lyrics

Aries: I personify the ‘adolescent on a phone’, speaking like I’m bigger than my body. I personify that lack of freedom in your life, and I’m sure she’ll be gone in a second // This Must Be My Dream

Taurus: Go down. Soft sound. Midnight. Car lights. Playing with the air. Breathing in your hair. Go down. Soft sound. Step into your skin? I’d rather jump in your bones. Taking up your mouth, so you breathe through your nose // The 1975

Gemini: You smashed a glass into pieces, that’s around the time I left. When you were coming across as clever, then you lit the wrong end of a cigarette. You said I’m full of diseases, your eyes were full of regret. And then you took a picture of your salad and put it on the Internet // Change Of Heart

Cancer: Oh I just don’t believe that you have got it in you cause we are just gonna keep “doin’ it” and every time I start to believe in anything you’re saying, I’m reminded that I should be getting over it. I don’t want your body, but I hate to think about you with somebody else. Our love has gone cold, you’re intertwining your soul with somebody else // Somebody Else

Leo: It’s not about reciprocation it’s just all about me, a sycophantic, prophetic, Socratic junkie wannabe. There’s so much skin to see, a simple Epicurean Philosophy. And you say I’m such a cliche, I can’t see the difference in it either way. And we left things to protect my mental health, but you call me when you’re bored and you’re playing with yourself // The Sound

Virgo: My hair is brown, she’s scared to touch. And she just wants to feel something, and I don’t think that’s asking for too much. And when I go to sleep it’s when she begins to weep. She’s appalled by not loving me at all. She wears a frown and dressing gown, when she lays down // She Lays Down

Libra: And well, I think I’ve gone mad, isn’t that so sad? And what a shame you’ve lost a brain that you never had. Oh mum check the car it can’t have gone far, I must have left it on a train or lost in a bar. It’s likely in a Sainsbury’s, flirting with the girls and waiting for me. I jumped on a bus, declared my name, and asked if anybody’s seen my brain // The Ballad Of Me And My Brain

Scorpio: She’s inducing sleep to avoid pain, and I think she’s got a gun divinely decreed and custom made. She calls on the phone like the old days, expecting the world. Don’t fall in love with the moment, and think you’re in love with the girl // She’s American

Sagittarius: She’s a pain in the nose, I’m a pain in women’s clothes. You’re a walking overdose in a great coat. And so she wrote a plan for it on the back of a fag packet. She had to leave because she couldn’t hack it, not enough noise and too much racket. I think I’ve spent all my money and your friends, oh. But how I’d love to go to Paris again // Paris

Capricorn: And you’re the only thing that’s going on in my mind, taking over my life a second time, I don’t have the capacity for fucking, you’re meant to be helping me. When I said I liked it better without my money, I lied. It took a little while to recognise that I, I’m not giving it up again // UGH!

Aquarius: You look famous, let’s be friends and portray we possess something important and do the things we like, meaning, we’ve just come to represent. A decline in the standards are what we accept // Love Me

Pisces: I never did understand the duality of art and reality. Living life and treating it as such. There’s a certain disconnect to touch, that cajoles at the artist with comfort and abandon. Between the spires and the rolling roofs of the white city, that orange English light cast only one, singular shadow. For you are not beside but within me // Loving Someone

I am seeing them perform this album live today, rip any chance I had of sleeping

NDRV3 Boys Listening to S/O Sing Danny Boy

Overly specific request, but a fun one! - Mod Iruma


  • Saihara’s… a shy guy. A really shy guy.
  • So when he hears you singing this really soft, sad tune behind your door, he really wants to open the door and… just listen to it.
  • But that’s weird.
  • So he’ll be less weird by just listening to the muffled version outside of your door.
  • He gets really emotional listening to the song; he has no idea what the lyrics are because of the door muffling all details, but he starts tearing up anyway.
  • He gets so emotional that he starts fanning himself with his hat to stop himself from sobbing uncontrollably.
  • He gets so emotional that you start hearing a dying animal outside your room, so in a panic you fling your door open for investigation.
  • And you see Saihara.
  • …Who isn’t so different, really, if you think about it.
  • You take him into your room, let him finish your cup of coffee (it’s not unsanitary if it’s shared between lovers!) and force him to tell you what’s wrong.
  • After a long, somehow drunken string of sad static and awkward decisions, you think you got the story.
  • You pat him on the back, and gently remind Saihara that you’d love it if he wants to hear you sing! It’s, er, actually really flattering.
  • His bright smile is what brightens up the rest of your day.


  • You know that Ouma’s hearing you sing, because his giggling is louder than his snoring at night.
  • But you try not to care (that much) and just keep on singing your bittersweet, soft tune anyway.

  • You’re actually really upset now, so you slam open the door to your room, demanding to know why he’s being so damn-
  • …So damn…
  • …Huh.
  • Ouma’s standing outside your room, yes. But somehow…
  • He’s decked in all authentic (not the fake shit, the real shit) irish gear, including a handmade replica of the irish flag.
  • “I heard you liked Irish stuff, and guess what I heard you singing~?”
  • That’s, um, kinda weird, since you never really brought up Ireland at all recently and—
  • “Oh, I just looked through your internet history!”
  • What.
  • You stare at this really endearing boy that did so much just to make you happy… by being an absolute creep about it. 
  • You give him a hug. Then you slap him across the face.
  • He doesn’t seem too shocked about the slap, in any case; he just snuggles you harder.
  • And, well, you can’t bring yourself to be too mad at him. TOO mad.


  • When Kiibo hears you sing behind the wall to your room, he’s starstruck.
  • Not so much by your singing talent; but more the fact that you’re SINGING.
  • And, since you’re singing, you share his passion!
  • You’re interrupted from your somber, Irish ballad by Kiibo pretty much destroying the door and singing a vocaloid song at the top of his lungs.
  • You want to stop singing your ballad but GOD DAMN IF YOU AIN’T GONNA FINISH THIS SONG
  • The two of you finish your songs separately, but once Kiibo notices you’ve finished he REALLY REALLY RUSHES to finish his.
  • Even though you were just singing a bittersweet melody, Kiibo’s hyperactive singing just… made you start laughing your ass off when both of you were done.
  • And when Kiibo sees you laughing… well, he can’t not laugh too!
  • After the two of you are done dying of laughter, Kiibo happily slaps you on the back.
  • “S/O! Let’s form a band!”
  • Before you can say that’s a terrible idea because the two of you sung two completely different genres, Kiibo’s already listing off the great plans he has in his robot singing career!
  • …And after you hear him cheerily talk about that? You have no argument to not get involved.


  • While strolling down the hallway, he hears a strange song echo behind your bedroom door.
  • Never a stranger to invading your privacy, he slowly opens the door.
  • He hears you softly singing ‘Danny Boy’ under your breath, which he recognizes by ear.
  • …Since he’s an Anthropologist and cultural nerd by trade, of course.
  • After you’re done with the last note, you hear Shinguuji quietly clapping behind you.
  • You flip around, holding up your phone as a weapon to the horribLE INVAD- oh. It’s just Shinguuji.
  • He Kukukukus and oddly enough, cheerily calms you down. It’s kinda creepy, how happy he is.
  • Shinguuji happily sits you down, claps his hands together a little bit, and gives you a ten-hour-long explanation on the deep Irish culture surrounding the song’s existence.
  • Not an exaggeration. Ten hours.
  • …Shinguuji doesn’t care too much when you doze off near the latter end.


  • Gonta hears you doing something weird with your voice one day after he successfully gets Charlotte, his favorite spider, to lay eggs.
  • After hearing you gurgle out words that go in all sorts of rhythmic directions, he softly opens the door.
  • Well, ‘softly’ to him is breaking it down and screaming about how lovely that thing you were doing was!
  • You start screaming too. Which causes him to actually start screaming.
  • It takes a minute for you to realize that Gonta doesn’t really mean any harm by the screaming? …Not really?
  • He just had no idea what you were doing but wanted to express his enthusiasm for it anyway.
  • You calm down and spend a few minutes explaining what singing is.
  • And an hour expressing your enthusiasm for the song itself.
  • Gonta’s really excited! He had no idea there was this world of fun hidden in his lungs!
  • He takes a deep breath, and before you can stop him—
  • He apologizes at the hospital the next day when you’re getting your eardrums fixed.


  • Hoshi hears you subtly humming something during a tennis match, and singing it in the shower room.
  • He’s not very… culturally educated, considering he’s spent the latest years of his life in jail, so he asks you what song you were singing when you come out of the shower.
  • After you accuse him of peeping on you in the shower (in which he chuckles and tells you he wouldn’t do that even if he had the interest. …which he doesn’t), you let out a sigh.
  • You spend a few minutes explaining to him the song and telling him the meaning of the lyrics, which he chuckles at.
  • “Sounds interestin’. Somber song though, don’t you think…”
  • You blink, but quietly nod.
  • He shrugs and slaps you on the back (of your leg).
  • “Hey, teach me it. I haven’t worked these lungs in years.”
  • You’re surprised, but… pleasantly surprised.
  • Hoshi has a relaxing, tenor singing voice… that, naturally, fits the song like a glove.
  • It endears you to him even more.


  • He had to take a double take when he heard your voice behind the door.
  • Because it oddly sounded like you were singing or something.
  • About five minutes passed before he realized that’s exactly what you were doing.
  • …And if he’s not wrong those were the lyrics to Danny Boy.
  • An odd song to be singing behind a door, but hey.
  • (he only knows the song because one of his sisters used to sing it all the time under her breath)
  • He attempts to sing along using lyrics he found on the internet, but you quickly realize that there’s somebody on the other end of the door fumbling up the words
  • You give a laugh and invite him in, and the two of you attempt to do a duet.
  • …It doesn’t work. But it’s fun, and isn’t that all that matters?


  • At first, Momota thought you were strangling to death behind the door, and broke into your room (which a lot of people seem to do nowadays, apparently).
  • But you just told him you were singing a calm, remorseful Irish tune.
  • None of those words seem to register in Momota’s mind, because none of them describe him.
  • You groan and say you were singing.
  • He snaps his finger and finger guns at you. He knows what you’re saying, eheheh!
  • He says he’ll try to follow along! He likes it when his super cute S/O’s singing just for him! He’ll help by playing…
  • Oh! He’ll play this convenient guitar on the floor!
  • You try to tell him that the guitar really doesn’t fit with the song, but he doesn’t care.
  • It’s actually kind of sweet, him attempting to riff on that guitar (and failing horribly) as you softly sing your way through the Irish song itself.
  • Even though he accomplished nothing, he’s ridiculously tired. He collapses on your bed the second you sing the last note.
  • You giggle. Your boyfriend may be a moron, but he’s your moron.

Bobby is the superhero who secretly writes fanfic about his friends and it’s innocent stuff like “Storm and Beast go shopping together” but every time he gets a comment from somebody saying “OOC, they would never say that,” he has to go destroy Sentinels in the Danger Room for an hour or so while screaming “People are wrong on the Internet!” at anyone who comes near him

Who Are We?

I’ve noticed that when folks talk about themselves on sites like Tumblr and Reddit, they always seem to start and end with their disability. I see a lot of things like “I”m a twenty-three year old man with cerebral palsy” or “I have MS”. 

While I think it’s good to identify what condition affects your life the most when interacting with the community, I’d love to hear more about who you are, not just what you have. Are you a banker? Insurance broker? Mechanic? Do you love to bake? Do you have a weird, encyclopedic knowledge of some obscure subject? Tell me about it.

Now the other thing to acknowledge about this is that, for many of us, we have yet to even have an opportunity to explore who we are, much less share about it on the Internet. Many of us are too busy trying to identify what’s wrong with us to have the time to establish who we are in terms of career or other aspirations. I still want to hear from you. Write down what you hope to be someday. Share where you want to be outside of the things that impact your health. Maybe there’s somebody in this community that can help you get there.

I just want to say, in the plainest terms possible, that I am not okay with the way the Stydia fandom behaves on Twitter.

I know that they think it’s hilarious and a joke, but to me it appears that they feel like nothing they do is wrong because they’re on the winning team. Well, I’m as happy as you guys are that Stydia appears to finally be happening as a main plot on teen wolf, but you guys make me embarrassed to be a part of this fandom sometimes.

I am all for loving a ship, I am all for making dirty comments about them, I am even all for being negative about another ship as long as you censor your words so it doesn’t show up in the tags for that other ship. But I am absolutely not okay with telling people to kill themselves and calling people fat, whether those people be actors or actual human beings on Twitter. It’s immature, it’s pathetic, it’s childish, and it’s nauseating that you could think that this behavior is acceptable.

I don’t care that the Stydia fandom on Twitter thinks that saying these things is funny or a joke. I don’t care that it’s internet slang and you don’t actually mean it. I don’t care that you’ll say that I’m taking your words too seriously. I still find it to be disgusting. Do you notice the fact that none of the adults in the Stydia fandom who are on Twitter say shit like that? Literally, none of them. Because they know it’s wrong. They know it’s inappropriate. They know that you should never joke about somebody killing himself.

I hate the antis as much as anyone, but do you know how I deal with that? I don’t engage. I don’t tweet them, I don’t go on their blogs. I stay in my lane and I write fanfic and I answer asks and I try to spread as much positivity in the fandom as I can. All you’re doing is creating the exact environment which makes people (including the cast, writers, and creators who brought you the ship that you love) hate shippers.

So I want to make it clear that this behavior is disgusting and something that I do not condone, and that I’m horrified that this fandom for a ship I love so much has literally made me side with the antis because of how embarrassing their behavior is. Like, I’m siding with people who call Lydia a slut, who say that Stiles attempted to sexually assault Lydia in the scene where she was on pills in her bedroom, with people who say that the narrative wasn’t going towards Stydia. These people spend all their time on the internet insulting my ship, the thing that makes me happiest in terms of tumblr and writing, and I’m literally siding with them right now over you guys. That feels like crap for me. And if it sounds like I’m taking this too seriously? Good. You know what is serious? Suicide. So stop being assholes and stay in your own lanes.

Just because there’s no consequences to you, doesn’t mean it’s right.

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It's not just tumblr, twitter, and facebook anymore. It's real life now. all of life has taken from the internet and said "my opinions are the only ones worth listening to, stop having different ones from mine"

Exactly. There’s nothing wrong with dissagreeing with somebody, but whenever you state you’re opinion you have to use the correct type of grammar not to come off as rude. Like for instance “This movie is bad” makes it seem like you’re stating a fact, where as “I dislike this movie and I think it’s bad” makes it much more clear that this is your opinion.

I recently browsed Twitter and came upon this account who I guess does cartoon reviews and one of his tweets basically stated “MLP fans are giving critics flack for not liking the MLP movie, at least the critics know a mediocre animated movie when they see it.” To me that’s a terrible thing to say about fans of any movie. It’s basically saying “Anyone who likes this movie is a complete idiot.”

I may dislike stuff like The Emoji Movie, but if I ever met someone who liked it I would say “Good for you. I’m glad you found some enjoyment in it that I didn’t” or something to that effect.

Now I admit that in the past I may have gone too negative in the past and if I hurt anyone I’m definately sorry, but I always try my best to remember to respect different people’s thoughts wether they be similar or different than my own.

On Doxxing and Neo-Nazis

I get that someone would logically be uncomfortable with the idea of “doxxing”; I get that. It feels dangerous. What if some internet person goes and stabs somebody? What if the person doing the doxxing is lying? What if you have the wrong person? Those are legitimate concerns for the most part!

But the goal of doxxing is not to result in death or physical violence; in point of fact, it’s usually intended to avoid the future risk of that by inhibiting violent behavior now, before a neo/nazi interprets lack of opposition as social permission. (Which is an entirely separate can of worms I won’t talk about now.)

While I absolutely wouldn’t claim it’s a faultless practice, consider these points:

  • A lot of these people use their own full, real names on this stuff– obviously, they don’t mind having this stuff attached to their image. It would be one thing if they were “hacked”, but almost always, these people have their information right out there in the open on their own social media accounts. At most, the average “doxxer” references the free portion of public whitepages.
  • Stooping to their level” would necessarily involve using slurs or claiming with seriousness that all whites or all Christians should die horrible torture-deaths regardless of age or background. (Complaining in a general way about not wanting to be around white supremacist beliefs or about the way most of white-dominated society turn their backs on violence against minorities is not the same.) It would involve organizing around that belief, petitioning the government to make it happen, and going out as a group to physically intimidate and threaten people purely on the basis of religion and race. If you notify someone’s employer that they’ve been running around on public media saying they think all <whoever> should die or that they hope the government is looking for extermination volunteers, and they lose their job, it’s not your fault they got fired. It’s their fault. You didn’t give them this person’s secret diary. You didn’t lie about anything they said. When you go on social media using your own name, you are effectively standing in a public space. I can’t go to the park and scream that I think someone should burn down the church on 8th street and expect to keep my job; I don’t see why it should be any different for these guys.
  • You really, truly, genuinely cannot change a neo/nazi’s mind. It’s not like people don’t try! People have been trying since the dawn of time. We don’t want these people to feel this way. We don’t want them to hate us. We would love to believe that these people are just a little misguided. But we don’t live in a society that forces them to behave this way for their own safety, or that forces people to choose between themselves and others. They are voluntarily going out of their way to not only have these beliefs, but to scream them from the rooftops, hound the government to pass laws in line with them, and seek out people to harass with them. Debate requires that both sides approach the subject in good faith, with intention to do what is correct, not with the intention to “win.” Nazis don’t want to be correct. Nazis want to win. I guarantee that even if I engaged someone like this in polite conversation, I would immediately be met with violent language, death threats and slurs, especially because I have a visibly Jewish name. I have tried to do it before, many times, in fact. It ends the same way every time, no matter how nice I am, and I do mean nice. Trying to offer a neo/nazi sympathy, to commiserate with their feelings, to offer alternatives, to share stories about why their ‘viewpoint’ is harmful– it does nothing but tell them they’re right and that their position is sympathetic and acceptable. At best, someone might indicate that I should die so violence like that doesn’t happen anymore (lol), or that it’s my own fault for not converting. At worst, well… you can imagine.
  • Their beliefs are frequently circular, based on highly selective and subjective interpretation of translated Hebrew, or both. Example: White supremacists won’t hire black people because blacks are lazy and worthless. How do they “know” that? Well, look how many black people are unemployed! (Do you see what’s wrong with that picture?)

In their eyes, POC and Jews are not “really” human, and all of them, from babies to elders, should be completely erased from existence as soon as possible, no matter who they are personally. A selection of religiously-based beliefs neo-nazi groups use to justify this include, but are not limited to:

  1. Jews are actually the half-demon offspring of Eve and a demon. This is also used to explain why women are stupid and untrustworthy.
  2. POC are actually included among the “beasts of the field” and are therefore soulless and were created to serve (white) man.
  3. POC are the descendants of Ham, who was “marked” and had his bloodline cursed to eternal servitude as punishment for not looking away from his naked, drunken dad, therefore shaming him in the eyes of God. This belief is touted as an ancient and therefore factual one, but the first recorded mention of it doesn’t show up until shortly before the Civil War era. It was hastily invented and used by American Southerners to morally justify slavery, based on a poor translation of the Hewbrew name Ham as being related to the word for “black.” (The scripture itself existed, of course, but not the interpretation that it referred to black people.)

Of course it’d be preferable if we didn’t feel we had to do this; of course it would be preferable not to. But at the same time, voluntary neo-nazis etc. have never said and will never say “Oh, so there’s no consequence for me advocating for genocide at all? Well, thanks for being nice to me. I guess I don’t want all blacks and Jews to die now. Your personal kindness and anecdotes about the trauma you/your loved one faced have made me change my mind.”

I don’t think they should go to jail for saying these things unless they call for direct action against people, which is a crime (and which they are often smart enough to avoid.) But I do think they should absolutely be shamed and admonished, and the only way to do that so that they don’t feel invincible and victorious is to make it personal.

Yelling at killthefuckingjews1844 on twitter or whatever isn’t going to mean jack shit to him; if anything, he’ll probably sit back in his chair, feeling smug and powerful, safe from real confrontation and feeling he’s gotten the better of his “enemies.”

But I bet he won’t feel that way if you call his mom.

I bet he won’t feel that way if you let his employer know that he told you he wanted your family to die.

I bet he won’t feel that way if you even just tell him you know his personal info.

You know why? Because it bitchslaps them straight out of their power fantasy. It makes them afraid.

And you know what? Empathy is based on shared experience. And maybe next time they want to terrorize somebody, they’ll remember how it felt to be a target and reconsider, even if they do it for the wrong reasons.

This isn’t going to work, but for the record, and on the vague off-chance that anyone who doesn’t already know possesses the mental capacity to update, I’ll state that I am actively hostile to neoreaction and neoreactionaries.  Anyone posting a neoreactionary concept on my Facebook wall would be instablocked and the comment deleted.  It’d be like their posting creationism on my wall; somebody needs to reeducate them, but it’s not going to be me.  I think that if you do argue with neoreactionaries instead of just blocking them, then you’ve been suckered into Somebody Is Wrong On The Internet syndrome and trollfeeding.

I’m writing this, not in any real hope of any of my Tumblr kismesis-stalkers listening, but because I do think there is a reasonable duty to occasionally repeat “Nope” for the historical record when somebody has gone around suggesting that you are endorsing the Cult of Hastur or whatever.

So if in the future you hear anyone on Tumblr mention “Eliezer Yudkowsky” and “neoreaction” in the same sentence and the connector isn’t something like “deletes", then remember always that that poster is intellectually dishonest and probably lying to you about other things as well.

The Reasons Why


- Twitter hates him
- EatJin
- Culinary blog
- when i am wearing suit, i feel like young master of the rich household
- His fingers
- If Yoongi is the King of Sass, Seokjin is an Emperor of Sass
- Robotic dance
- Traffic control dance
- The guy can sell you everything just by the way he looks at you
- But he also can sell you everything with the way he talk
- He is so LAME!
- He is handsome
- He will tell you that
- And you will agree
- When he was a kid, he sported those small funny glasses
- Hoe dance
- Did I finished talking? Did you do wrong?
- Tall
- its tragic, just like my face
- laserguy
- yeah. handsome. I think, me too
- He can do deep voice
- And he can do angelic voice
- He also can do that voice thing, like in School of tears or We are bulletproof, that will fuck you up for good
- His covers
- His dog is small and white and fluffy
- that guy uses internet explorer in 2016, somebody save his soul
- Marple story
- His background is his photo, and you cant blame him
- when they filmed Butterfly, he cried on perfect time, but that was only a repetition
- he played it cool
- flappy bird hands
- Hello, i am rapmonster, an i am crying
- i think its spread
- He was casted by sm, but he escaped
- the sound of his voice when he is laughting his ass off
- he can boss Yoongi around, and scare the shit out of him
- Inside jokes with Namjoon
- His eye twitch
- Nose twitch also
- he can do popping with his toes
- i was akward since i was born
- he is helping economy by collecting marios
- Gayo track,.norabang.“ Southbond train”
- He is evil
- He is really evil guy
- But he also fluffball
- You cant trust him
- He wakes Kookie up by twisting his nipples
- Jinda
- i dont know what bad skin is, since i was born handsome
- food or bangtan? - Cant i choose both?
- what do you want? - money
- pink hoodie
- he ran to Namjoon, because he thought he was crying
- when Yoongi wants to watch a movie, he would watch it with him, but then Yoongi is always falls asleep
- when it comes to cleaning he acts like a grandma according to Kookie and Hope
- why cant you clean it today?
- that one time when he was a slave
- he tried to bake a bread, failed, and told everybody to go and buy bread from the store
- he cant dance, but he is trying really hard to keep up, and he doing it good
- like hell, he danced to Danger, shut the f up, he is perfect
- the most beautiful man in the universe
- he dont even need Naver filters
- snowbording
- he played with Taehyung so hard, he hurt his fingers
- he may be the oldest, but he doesnt act like one
- he is really annoying if he wants too
- father, thank you for my ability to cook this meat
- model walking on idol olimpic 2015
- but not all the time
- cant be mc, it doesnt stop him
- wait, why am I suddenly Yoongichi? - I am trying to be cute for you
- looks good wearing red dress
- will look good even in a trashbag
- naver car door search
- he raps like jay z. Period
- No, really he is such a drama queen
- it is my first time wearing a beanie, i am little worried
- mom, tell him! - you see, Namjoon, fire can be very dangerous
- he can put a lot in his mouth
- mom, my company ordered food for me
- Did i mention that he looks like a prince? Sounds like a prince?
- Goofball
- cant be cheesy to save his life, not really
- but he thinks he can

anonymous asked:

Oi, moron. Way to tell someone who's actually living in Puerto Rico what their life is supposedly REALLY like. Bravo. Encore. Can I get a fucking amen?

Actually real PRS, not somebody who is on the internet all day when there was zero power and haha a Doctor? Please what kind of Dr is online all day the day after the Hurricane made land made landfall.

Funny thing is people who have family there, and actually, live there called that piece of shit out. People who actually live there, the Governor and their own media are saying that cuck is dead wrong.

That person didn’t even know PR’s are in the National Guard. Sure their on the ground, anybody who lived there would know that. Interesting!


So my absolute favorite thing about Hiveswap is that it takes place in the MID NINETIES.  Jude and Joey were born in the EARLY EIGHTIES, and would be in their early-mid thirties today if you know the earth wasn’t blown up in that universe but WHATEVER.  As somebody in their early thirties this is SO EXCITING to me because I too was a kid in the nineties and you guys, it was SO DIFFERENT.  And I’m going to have a big nostalgia fit about everything.

Like I almost feel like the younger half of the Homestuck fandom doesn’t even realize how different it was.  I mean, phonebooks.  That you used on your house phone.  Because the only people who had cell phones were rich or professional/business types.  God what a world it was.

VHS tapes jesus

Brand new, top of the line, cutting edge technology here

Somebody do ninetiestuck Jude and Joey wearing these outfits cosplay with me


In summation if your Hiveswap fanfiction doesn’t mention somebody watching Friends you’re doing it wrong thank you.

Halloween themed drabble prompts!!

because its the spooky season and i’m really feeling fall fever~ 

  1. Boo! Person A is pretending to be a ghost by covering themself in a sheet in order to scare Person B
  2. Ensue a battle of the ages when Person A and Person B are sorting through their Halloween haul together and spot a piece that they both want at the same time.
  3. The power’s just gone out! Person A is nervous or downright terrified and trying not to let Person B know this. Person B notices either way and takes action into their own hands (for better or for worse).
  4. While walking through a haunted house together, Person A is taken aback by a jump scare and falls onto Person B.
  5. Ready to call it a night, Person A tells Person B that they want to stop trick-or-treating. Person B wants to stay out longer and tries to convince A not to go.
  6. Unaware of Person C hiding out in a closet, ready to scare them, Person A and B are immersing themselves into a spooky night filled with horror movies.
  7. While telling stories around a campfire, Person A swears they hear a sound coming from the forest’s underbrush. Person B is unconvinced and decides to investigate.
  8. It’s time to decorate! Person A and Person B are decorating their home or place of work together. 
  9. It’s Pumpkin Spice Latte season and Person B is mocking Person A for being so excited to get the Starbucks holiday drink. 
  10. While walking through the store, Person A and Person B spot costumes to try on - madness ensues. 
  11. Person B was unaware of how upset Person A would get when scared on purpose and is now trying their hardest to comfort Person A.
  12. What’s better than two people coming together to bake? Person A and Person B are making Halloween themed cookies the day before a big party.
  13. During a Halloween party, Person A becomes intoxicated and begins trying to mess with/flirt with/scare Person B. 
  14. Person A is a part of the small few who don’t like Halloween, but Person B refuses to stop singing “This is Halloween”. How will Person A deal with this?
  15. The Skeleton War is here - Person A is obsessed with this ongoing internet joke and wants Person B to join them in the War. The only problem? Person B has no idea what they’re talking about.
  16. Looks like somebody got the wrong size when shopping for costumes. Person A is stuck in the middle of getting their costume on and needs Person B to help them get out of it.
  17. Person A and Person B are carving pumpkins together! Person A, in an attempt to make Person B laugh, gets their head stuck in their pumpkin (a sad attempt at imitating the Headless Horseman). How will they get out?
  18. Can anyone think of a better place to be on Halloween than a graveyard? Person A certainly can’t, and they drag Person B along to a graveyard for a night of more spiritually-based spooks.
  19. Person A and Person B are handing out candy to the neighborhood kids and are having a difficult time deciding on proper turns, as they both find they’re far too immersed in their movie to want to move. But the doorbell won’t stop ringing and someone is going to have to answer it.
  20. It’s time to go to a costume party, and Person A and Person B want to match for the contest being held! But they can’t reach a decision on who is going to be stuck in the “sexy” version of the costumes they’ve picked out. 

Can someone explain to me what exactly is cultural appropriation?

I come from country that has no culture at all, so it always confuses me why people are so defensive about their culture, or feel so offended when somebody from different culture uses elements of their culture?

This feels almost like patriotism (thinking that you’re superior because you accidentally were born on that piece of land instead of 1000km to south or smth).

I always thought that culture was like a huge art piece, that got created collectively by local people, because all the lands were separated. There were no ways to travel that far and share their discoveries and ideas, so those settled down differently.

But now the whole world is connected via internet and transport. So why is it wrong that these ideas are leaking all over the place?

The Newsroom S1 Sentence Starters
  • “I’m a marine! I will beat the shit out of you! I don’t care how many protein bars you eat!”
  • “This is more than unprofessional, it’s uncivilized. But more than that, it’s unprofessional.”
  • “I never knew what the word ‘smug’ meant until I met you.”
  • “I’m too old to be governed by fear of dumb people.”
  • “That didn’t sound like something that should come with a warning, that sounded like something that should come with balloons.” 
  • “And a lot of people might argue there are witches out there.”
  • “I only seem liberal because I believe that hurricanes are caused by high barometric pressure and not gay marriage.”
  • “I could’ve been a doctor!”
  • “And the first guy wouldn’t see a doctor until the second guy saw a doctor.”
  • “Okay, I know we were on sketchy ground ethically and linguistically, but…”
  •  “What in the name of holy fuck were you thinking about?”
  • “Sometimes your wisdom leads to … [*exploding sound and gesture*] “
  • “Don’t call me girl sir!”
  • “Do you have any human knowledge?”
  • “I’m on a mission to civilize!”
  • “Yeah, maybe if you stare at that piece of paper long enough the time will reverse itself and the last 10 seconds will be erased from the universe.”
  • “They’ve done a pretty good job making themselves look like morons.”
  • “What is this compulsion you have to look on the bright side? I can never count on you to be Jewish.”
  • “Do not take a tone with me, American Gigolo.”
  • “Waiting, patience – words like that, always my last option.”
  • “You say that like I’ve got polio” 
  • “Since I’m never going to see you again after Friday, I feel I can tell you something…”
  • “I don’t know who told you you’re a bad guy, but somebody did. Somebody along the way. Somebody or something convinced you of it, because you think you’re a bad guy… and you’re just not.”
  • “I could be wrong. I almost always am.”
  • “I’ve enlisted the help of a master of the dark arts.”
  •  “In your FACE, Nancy Grace!”
  • “You’re going to see an emotional response on my face and a physical response directed at yours.”
  • “Re-edit my wikipedia page!”
  • “You’re coming back if I have to chop you up put you in a duffle bag and reassemble you.”
  • “I’ve been waiting two days to hit you!”