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Here’s how M. Night Shyamalan’s sequel to The Last Airbender should go:

Proceed from the first movie. The plot roughly follows Season 2. They’re looking for an earthbending teacher for Aang, and finally encounter Toph. She is played by a large, musclebound man.

Suddenly we zoom out. Everyone is on a stage. The real Gaang (appropriately cast) watches from the audience. We have been watching the movie’s version of the Ember Island Players this entire time. What a twist.


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clearly urie has never seen star wars cause if he had he would've known better than to confront the villain in his office

I wonder why Urie even bothered to go to Furuta’s office in order to investigate him, rather than simply just leaking the materials on his own straight away. Though, I guess if he had done that, he would have faced the consequences that actual real life leakers, that is those who are willing to actually take risks to do what is right would have faced. 

Whereas Urie is somebody already who has difficulty thinking in life in terms outside of his ccg heavy framework, probably using anything other than official channels was something that would never have occured to him even as he’s plotting to expose the CCG to the outside world. 

It’s similiar in situation to the choice Marude made when deciding to confront Yoshitoki. Rather than go public with the information he had learned, he instead chose to shoot Yoshitoki in the head behind close doors, why?

Perhaps Marude too, is unable to break free of the cage of masculinity and truly become a terrorist the same way that Urie struggles at the moment. Which leads Marude, despite having the possibility to join Kaneki’s side and help and make the true change he clearly wants to affect on the world, instead sitting on the sidelines and acting as a spectator. Not only that but a spectator whose watching things wildly run off the rails from whatever it is he originally seemed to have intended.

Which leads to both of these characters, despite having knowledge, losing any agency or at least the ability to act significantly on that knowledge. 

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Chosen OC: Najiyah Eze-Karim

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It was really between Bell, Pari, Naji and Fiona as they are the only ones old enough for this to make sense for… And obviously I chose Naji.

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