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I can’t help but cringe when people say Brandon and Callie are “like brother and sister” during certain scenes. Like they’ve had sex and sexual and romantic feelings for each other, so it’s just kind of weird to me when people try to make it out like they’re the same as Brandon and Mariana or Jesus and Mariana. And these are usually the same people who say brallie shippers are the ones who promote incest so it’s also really ironic to me.

that episode was funny and was the essence of what always sunny is… why are people saying it was bad? like people are saying “oh dee went too far”… the ending wasnt funny…. what fucking show have y’all been watching? 

bc ive been watching one where they’ve tried to trigger someones ptsd on purpose, where they broke into and wrecked somebodys home and stolen their possessions and put them 1000s of dollars in debt, pretended to be crippled to hook up with people, had a funeral for a fake child to scam the irs, kidnapped and molested a newspaper critic, got a man addicted to crack and sold him out to the mob, left a big group of people to burn in a fire… 

what were you doing when that shit happened? bc i was laughing bc thats the point of this show lol

Watermelon Bubblegum and a Hint of Mint (Trolls Fanfic)

I finally finished! Did somebody say ANOTHER KISS? Did somebody say an actual kiss, perhaps even make out? Well, I surely hope so because that’s what you’re getting. And I confess that because of that I had trouble rating this lol, I ended up leaving it as “all audiences” but if you think I should level it up to “Teens” let me know lol

So, anyway. Here we go. 


Summary: Poppy and Branch are getting used to having talks under the moonlight in the highest spot of the Toll Tree before bed. They share secrets, fears, hopes, dreams, and perhaps, even a heartfelt, most needed kiss.

The best thing about living in the Troll Tree was the height. It was really tall. Poppy had also picked the highest pod to live, so she could watch over every single one of her friends, her people. As a bonus, she got to sneak out to one of the most elevated branches of the tree almost every night after a long day of singing, dancing, and new treaties of friendship with the Bergens with her… er, roommate.

After discovering there were too many Trolls for the current number of available pods on the Tree, they came to the conclusion they would have to share until they could grow as many pods as necessary. As Bergen Town also changed and was now a very colorful, environment-friendly city, King Gristle had told her, she only had to say the word and the Trolls could start to grow pods on every tree they wanted.

Poppy had thanked him, but decided that it would be better to keep the Trolls in one place where she could easily watch over them at first, at least until they acclimated to the city. The good thing was that the Troll Tree had enough room to grow enough pods, but it would take time. It would also be quicker to grow them all in one place too.

So, until all the pods were ready, some Trolls would have to share. They didn’t mind that much, but Poppy insisted that everyone got their own pod first before her, because what kind of ruler would she be if she was selfish? It definitely didn’t have anything to do with the fact that she was having the time of her life sharing a home with Branch.

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Lost - Vernon/Hansol angst

Originally posted by hansols

Okay so I tried my hand at a happy ending - but as you’re reading this you’re assuming Vernon gets her back? Lol.

You stumbled as somebody shoved into you, catching yourself on the wall of some dingy looking shop. Not bothering to turn and give a silent dirty look to the person that had barged into you, you righted yourself and continued walked, hugging in on yourself. It was fucking cold.

How could Hansol do that to you? Yes, you didn’t get to spend that much time with each other and yes, the relationship could be stronger. That didn’t mean that it didn’t fucking hurt when you caught him, another girl’s tongue down his throat. In front of everybody else too.

It only added to the pain that Seokmin and Jihoon were actively trying to stop you from seeing, meaning they knew very well what was going on and they were okay with it. How many of the others knew? All of them?
Even Seungkwan, your best friend? Did he know?

Was everybody laughing at your stupidity behind your back?

You were brought back into the present as yet another person bumped into you and shit, couldn’t they watch where they were walking?

Scrubbing some tears from your face, you grumbled angrily as the blisters on the back of your feet got too painful to deal with and you reached down to rip the heels off your feet.
Screw trying to look nice for him. Screw trying to look nice for anybody.

Leaving the heels on the pavement behind you, you continued walking, eventually coming to the Han River. You had always, always loved the sight of it at night, where all the lights from the city were reflected onto the water, but you didn’t feel your heart surging at the sight of it tonight; you were completely alone in Seoul, at night, and your boyfriend had cheated on you.

Talk about rotten luck.

Taking a seat on one of the benches near the bank, you drew your legs up to rest against your torso, leaning your chin on your knees.
Honestly, as much as it hurt you right now, you already knew that you would eventually get over it. Your relationship with Hansol wasn’t going anywhere at all and lately, the romance had been dwindling. It was only a matter of time before something happened to break the two of you up; you just wished that it hadn’t been him cheating on you.

“WHAT THE FUCK IS YOUR PROBLEM?!” Seungkwan screeched, lurching forwards to smash Vernon’s face in. Seungcheol and Mingyu wrapped their arms around the smaller boys torso to hold him back, but Seungkwan was thrashing angrily in their arms. “HOW FUCKING COULD YOU?! I TRUSTED YOU WITH HER!”

“I-I’m sorry!” Hansol cried, barely even trying to defend himself from the furious onslaught.

“SORRY?! OH, YOU’RE SORRY!” Seungkwan laughed sarcastically, the venom in his voice making Hansol flinch. “THAT MEANS EVERYTHING IS OKAY, HUH?”

“Seungkwan…” Seungcheol started in a soothing voice but the glare that he got in return was enough to make any man shut up.

“Get the fuck off me,” Seungkwan said, not meeting anybody’s eye. Mingyu immediately began to retract his arms but S.Coups held tightly, not willing to take any chances. “Seungcheol, if you don’t get the fuck off me in ten seconds, I swear to fucking God.”

Not wanting to receive whatever was on the end of that threat, his arms were pulled away from Seungkwan too. Rather than waste any time on the pitiful cheater in front of him, he turned away immediately, beginning to walk out to try and find you, but he was stopped momentarily by approaching footsteps behind him.

“If you’re going to try and stop me-”

“I’m coming with you, idiot.”

Seungkwan turned to see Jisoo walking up to him but Seungkwan didn’t smile, as much as he appreciated the help. Seoul was a big place and who knew where you were.

“Me too.” Jeonghan said after minimal hesitation.

Wonwoo stood up from where he was sitting near Hansol, stretching his limbs out and yawning. Without any kind of hesitation or thought to the consequences, he swung around and slammed his fist straight into Vernon’s jaw with no warning, sending the younger boy sailing to the floor.

“Wait for me.” was all he said as he came to join the small group.

The four of them left the building, leaving the chaos behind them as they separated to look for you in different areas of the city.

“Where do you think she will be?” Wonwoo asked quietly. Seungkwan shrugged, although he had a slight inkling. It was nighttime and you were upset; he knew exactly where you would be.

“I’m not sure. Where are you going to search?”

“I could go back to her apartment to see if she went back there.” Joshua volunteered and Seungkwan nodded, making Jisoo start to jog away.

“I’ll check shops and food stalls.” Jeonghan said and with Seungkwan’s nod, he was off too.

“You know where she is, don’t you?” Wonwoo asked as the other two left. Seeing no reason to lie to him, he nodded silently. “I hope she’s safe. Want me to come with?”

“No, she won’t want to see anybody. You should just go back to the dorms.”

Nodding, Wonwoo was also sent on his way.

Seungkwan would never have guessed it; ever since he had introduced you to the group, Wonwoo had been the last one to warm up to you. Seeing him display this level of concern for you was nice, but then he thought back to how the others hadn’t tried to defend you and instead they had defended Vernon.

Fucking Vernon.

“Something told me you’d be here.” you heard behind you and you looked to the side to watch Seungkwan take a seat next to you, not even looking at you and instead focusing on the waters.

“I’m always here, it didn’t require much brain power.”


You sat in a comfortable silence for a few moments whilst he thought hard about what to say. Honestly, what was he even supposed to say to you? He had introduced you to Vernon in the first place and now here you were, crying because of him. He felt like a shit best friend.

“I’m sorry.” was all he could say at the moment.

“What for?”

“For introducing you to him.”

You laughed, leaning over so you could rest your head on his shoulder. “Ah, my Seungkwan. Always the sassy one.”

“I’m being serious.”

“I know, and I don’t accept your apology because I don’t need it. You didn’t intend for us to date and you didn’t intend for him to cheat - it’s my fault, really.”

“No. No, it isn’t. Don’t pull this crap, Y/N, it’s Vernon’s fault and you know it.”

You laughed again. “Really, Seungkwan. It’s okay. I think I’m already over it, as bad as that sounds. There wasn’t much of a relationship to begin with.”

“Oh, well that’s-”

“I think Wonwoo is more my type anyway.”

“Y/N!” Seungkwan exclaimed, mouth dropping open.

Actually, that explained a lot. The awkward blushes, the way he was much quieter than usual around you and he was already quiet as hell. The way he was concerned for you despite not really spending much time with you. The way you would always ask after him whenever you spent time with Seungkwan.

“This has been a long time coming, hasn’t it?” he asked, chuckling lightly.


“Well, look at you! Going through my hip hop unit like they’re sweets!”

“Oh, whatever.”

“Well, I’m hesitant to let you ever date again, but I feel like Wonwoo’s fist has made a good impression on Vernon’s face so I approve.”

“He punched him?”

“He did.”


Idk about the sneak peek.  So, he developed feelings for her in rehab?  They really didn’t do that good of a job expressing it on the show.  I didn’t get vibes like that from them at all.  So this is like a “If I can’t have you then no one can” thing mixed with revenge? I’m confused how we took that step lol.  & how Kensi is so sure that he had those feelings for her in rehab, that’s a pretty bold assumption for her to make with what was given, which wasn’t a lot. Somebody tell me if I’m way off or what.  

Nothing - Lafayette x Reader

anon said- Hello! I was wondering if you could something with Lafayette with 21, 23, 244 and 247? Thank you!

Word Count- 1048

Warnings- google translate bc i can’t speak french for shit, oh and swearing lol

Time period- Modern

Notes- can’t help writing about America’s Favorite Fighting Frenchegg ;) I really liked these prompts I had so many ideas in my head for this but I think I settled on a plot.

Also, you can probably figure it out yourself but here are the names for the group chat:

Lafayette - Frenchiest Fry

Hamilton - Goddamnilton

Laurens - Jawn Lawrans

Hercules - HercyTurkey

You - (Y/N/N) (Your nickname)

Prompts- “I might have had a few shots”, “W- What are you doing?”, “Somebody’s in love!”, “Tell me a secret”

Jawn Lawrans - Who wants to get drinks tonight????

HercyTurkey - Yup

Goddamnilton - Sure

Frenchiest Fry - Yeah, when?

Jawn Lawrans- meet at the usual place in 20 minutes?

(Y/N/N) - Sure, meet you all then


(Reader’s POV)

You turned away from your phone and locked it, before putting it into your pocket. ‘The usual place’ referred to a bar just outside of the town which got fairly popular on the weekends. You almost always went there when you were looking for somewhere to drink and you never really had any problems with it. It was a good size so it was never too crowded, it played good music and the alcohol always tasted just better than it would if you got it from a bottle or a can.

Pulling up, you saw Herc getting out of his own car.

“Hey, Hercules!” you shouted out of the car window to get his attention. He turned and saw you and waved, waited for you to park and get out before greeting you.

“I’m pretty sure Laf and Laurens are inside, I thought I saw their cars,” he told you and so you both headed inside. Sure enough, in a booth nearer the corner where it was most quiet, sat Laurens and Lafayette. They cheered when they saw you and Herc and you both walked over and sat down.

“Just Alex to go then?” you asked. It was hardly surprising that Alex was late, he was always working on something or other, but to be fair to him you’d all figure out a long time ago that he did live the furthest away in terms of distance so it gave him a little bit more of an excuse.

“Listen,” you said, turning towards the group. “I’ll get the first round, and I’ll get Alex’s, hopefully he’ll be here by the time I get back.”

Walking over to the bar, you ordered the drinks without trouble. As the bartender put the individual drinks onto the counter, you felt a presence by your side. You looked over to see Lafayette grabbing the three drinks that had already been poured.

“You can’t carry five drinks at once, mon amie,” he said. “I’ll take these and you can take the other two.” Smiling, you thanked him and waited for the bartender to deliver the last two drinks before taking them and walking back over to the group, Lafayette by your side.

Alex had clearly just arrived as the other two were just greeting him. Lafayette put two of the drinks he was carrying on the table infront of John and Hercules and took a sip of the last one he was holding.

“Hey Alex,” you addressed him and pressed the final drink into his hands.


As the night progressed, the five of you just got progressively more drunk. You’d each taken it in turns to buy the rounds of multiple different drinks. In fact, none of you really had much of an idea how you were meant to get home. You were all far past being even slightly sober.

“Right,” you said after god knows how many drinks. You struggled your way out of the booth despite the fact that you were sitting on the end.

“W- what are you doing?” Laf hiccoughed once he realized you were getting out.

“I’m- I need to go to the ladies’ room.” you replied, placing one hand on the table to balance yourself.

“You’ve had a lot too then?” he asked.

“I might have had a few shots,” you admitted. “I’ll be back in a few,” you told the group and then you were off, fighting your way through the significantly larger crowd in order to join the line that was forming at the entrance to the ladies’ room.


(Laf’s POV)

Lafayette watched as you walked (and slightly stumbled) your way away from the group. He was unaware of Laurens’ eyes on him until he spoke up, making Lafayette jump a little bit.

“Whatchu looking at?” he slurred his speech.

“W- what are you talking about?” Lafayette tried to stall a bit and took his eyes off you but it was too late. Laurens may be one for getting incredibly drunk at times but he could still put two and two together.

“Ohhhh,” he exclaimed, all of the puzzle pieces fitting in with each other in his mind. “Somebody’s in love!” he teased, laughing loudly.

Lafayette felt his cheeks go red but he still tried to deny it. There was no way that Alex and Hercules didn’t know what they were talking about at that point, they were both looking at him with incredulous looks on their faces. He sighed and resorted to the last thing he could think of to prevent John from telling you.

“Tell me a secret,” he said seriously, looking straight into John’s eyes.

“What?” John said, still laughing.

“Tell me a secret,” Lafayette repeated, still as seriously as before.


Lafayette didn’t answer, he just gave John a look.

“Um, okay,” John started unsure. “I… I once walked in on Alexander and Eliza while they were.. You know,” he lowered his voice so the others couldn’t hear but was clearly smirking. Lafayette burst into laughter and looked at Alex who looked utterly confused. At the sight of his face, he laughed even harder and felt John beginning to laugh next to him as well.

“Care to explain why I had to tell you that?” John asked once he’d calmed down a bit.

“So you wouldn’t tell (Y/N) what I told you or I’ll tell everyone what you told me.”

“Oh, you know he’d kill me,” John’s eyes darkened.

“Exactly,” Lafayette smirked.

“Well, don’t look now lover boy, but your future wife’s coming back from extracting her urine from herself.” Ignoring John’s advice, his head whipped to the other side, making his neck crack. Rubbing it slightly, he heard John laugh again. “Or y'know, look so quickly it puts you in pain. Your choice.”

You walked back over to the table, sitting down in your seat next to Laf, fully aware of Alex, John and Hercules exchanging smirks and looks.

“What’d I miss?” (eyyy) you asked.

“Nothing,” Lafayette said quickly, exchanging looks with John. “Nothing.”


I’m going to make a part 2 of this I think, if people want it. Sorry it took a few days for me to write this, my mind has been all over the place these last few days oops..

Hope you all enjoyed though :) -millie

I have a question for cis people, especially cis men:
If you have ever had somebody misgender you how did you react–and if you haven’t, how do you figure you would react?

For anyone curious as to why I’m asking, today an instructor who doesn’t know me at all called me “gal” twice in front of several trainees and two other instructors. The first time I probably cringed but tried to visibly ignore the error. With the second I sort of smirked and shook my head, looked down for a moment, and continued listening to the brief speech. Somebody must have corrected him after the fact since after we dispersed, he caught up with me and apologized. He awkwardly blamed the angle and the sunset and not knowing me heh but I thanked him for the apology and told him it was fine.

anonymous asked:

Hello Writer-nim❤ I'm one of your younger readers! I'm underage (14)(so I have to look out for warnings in fanfics lol) but this is such an awkward question. How do you know if you have a crush on someone? Like I don't know because I've never had one before but now I think I like somebody? Omg just help this is such a weird question😂 ~To my favorite writer from your (favorite) anon

i know this is ridiculously late, but hello my lovely and sweet anon! ^^

first of all, your question isn’t weird at all, and second of all, i don’t have much experience myself being in relationships, so i don’t know how much help i’ll be, haha… 

honestly, i think the only person who knows if you like someone is yourself. for me, the smallest changes in thought or behavior are my indicators that i like someone, like trying to pat down my messy hair when my crush walks by or trying not to stare at him, haha. also, i can tell in situations when someone mentions an event that my crush is going to be at and the first thing i think of before anything else is that i’m going to see him.

i’m not sure how useful my answer was, but let me tell you, the fact that you’re wondering whether you like this guy or not is already a sign that you may have feelings for him ;-)

i don’t know much about your situation dear anon, but i hope things go well with this boy and that he treats you well <3

anonymous asked:

(re: roommate question) how was your dorm roommate different than what you expected? are those matching things on facebook not accurate? i feel like just asking randomly on the UF page is so weird

He was a nice guy and all. I had a completely different idea in my head though. So you might as well just do random unless you know somebody that you’d want to dorm with already. Also it isn’t weird at all lol you’ll learn in college that the more you put yourself out there, the more opportunities will come your way.

"We Finish Each Other's..."

Words: Probably about 50? Very short.

A/N: Just a little drabble lol

Dan and Phil were at Vidcon. They were doing a panel with some of their closet friends; Louise, Pj, and Carrie. Somebody had asked how close Dan and Phil are. Phil laughed before replying.

“I know, it’s like we finished each other’s…”

Phil looked to Dan, waiting for him to finish the common phrase.

“Dan? We finish each other’s sentences…”

Phil looked back at Dan. Clearly, everyone was also looking to Dan. He just gave everyone a blank stare before finally snapping out of it. “Sorry! I totally spaced out there! What do you need, Phil?” Phil laughed before turning back to the audience.

“This happens on a regular basis.”

Well, I’ve heard that it’s gold, I’ve heard that it’s a finger… (why do I obsess with silly songs so much…)

Anyway, so, I was sitting in my kitchen and feeling myself getting perfectly sober, and I thought for a moment, “I wish somebody finished my fic…”

And then I was like, “lol, which one?”

Because I realised that I haven’t finished a single long fic.

Meaning, out of 3 MFU fics.

I also had a long DW fic, it was supposed to have 4 parts with different characters in each of them. I wrote only one of them.

And basically, the rest of my fics are short (except for an E.A. Poe story that I write like a chapter a year for myself).

I also have three short fics that I could translate to English.

Wait, like, really, before I joined the MFU fandom, I’d finished ONLY THREE SHORT FICS, and had two ongoings that I didn’t really care about much.

And in the MFU fandom I wrote about 5 short ones (some of them are only on tumblr), one that has about 25 chapters (currently frozen and disliked by me due to some decisions) and two that I’m still working on in my mind (Soviet AU, it has 3 chapters, and cat AU, 5 chapters). I mean, wow.

What I wanted to ask, should I translate my old short fics?

They are all G, one is about an old Soviet couple who saw daleks on their telly in 1963, another one is about Snape meeting the Doctor (it sounds like a crack, but it was a fluff fic, really, bc I got tired of writing about Snape being miserable all the time, I don’t like him, mind you, I just played him in a big RP) and the third one is super short and is about the death of Sir Nicholas from HP, it’s humour, obviously.

So, if you’re interested, I might translate them.

Also, omg, how much easier my writing life was before MFU.

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All these people feeling sorry for Val and defending him in Amber's comments clearly don't know him lmao He seems super brokenhearted about it lol he prob broke up with her anyway... Not shocked she's already w/someone else bc her advice 4 getting over a breakup on her podcast is to get under somebody else so... She's doing just that. How quickly her love faded lol If I had bet on it I would have made some money bc I was sure they would break up before the premiere of the new season, his MO..



Anon:  Can I get one of Joonie being supportive & understanding of your lack of want to be around people because of your social anxiety? Last week I went to hang out with friends one of them was my ride, so I felt bad asking to leave early. I ended up doing so and I almost cried and felt like crap and I really wish someone had been comforting to me. ((Hope that wasn’t too confusing or weird lol))

Hopefully you don’t feel alone on this anon, because there are many people who suffer the same as you, and even though I know social anxiety is just that - social anxiety, I want you to know that it’s okay to come to me to just chat to somebody if you need to or if you need help with anything 💜💜 - Admin J

my mom watching the japan haul video

 so at the beginning we were fine she was laughing at somethings they said she asked how old  are they and i said 5 she laughed  (ps she already knows there age she just said that cause of all the things )


i knew what was coming so i was about to jump out of my seat and she was like AWWW  how sweet and i just phangirled  out i made this weird noise with my mouth and she started laughing at me 

than she she saw this and was like umm that looks wrong lol 

than it froze right here and i was like omg this is a perfect screen shot for heart eyes Howell …and do you know what she says to me …




(somebody please edit that ) 

 want my mom to react to more videos just send  which video  in my ask box and ill make sure to tag you in the post too \ PS my mom has watched a whole bunch of there videos so she might of already watched the one you want her to watch ..

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you know whats funny? when jen was talking about her first sex scene on hollywood report and said that she was vulnerable because she kissed a 'married man'. but she didnt say anything about kissing someone (cough cough, josh) who has a girlfriend. like do you know what i mean? shes miserable for kissing an actor that has somebody; doesnt josh have 'somebody'? sorry if it doesnt make sense i just thought about it lol

you make a really good point, though.  she was talking about how she felt guilty and had to call her mom to make her feel better about having to do a scene like that with a married man.

however, was chris not married the entire time she was apparently with him?

does josh not have an official girlfriend?

hmm, so could it be that she was never actually with chris and that josh isn’t really dating that girl?

because if she was that torn up about pretending to be with a married man, can you really believe she was actually with a married man like that?  or that she’d be okay kissing, caressing, and giving a lapdance to a guy who has a girlfriend?

seems like a big contradiction.

you know, unless everything i’ve been saying is true.

Uhm. I’m not exactly sure what this is, but I really like how it turned out. It started because I felt like drawing cool headphones, and I needed to put them somebody, so obviously, Rythian happened. Then I realized I could give him some ender-themed headphones, so I spent a long time working on them; it took a while because every time I colored the Ender Eye’s slit iris, it looked like something….similarly shaped BUT I eventually got it, lol.

Didn’t feel like drawing clothes, so no shirt. The mouth was hard; I wanted to do something besides my go-to headcanon of just an Enderman’s lower jaw poking out, but I had to think a bit before deciding to cover the jaw with skin and halfway sew it up with thread, hahah~ The glowy stitches are related to another headcanon of mine, which I should write more about, but whatevs. 

All in all, a good result. -nods in approval-