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I think some people out-of-context thought your response to that feminist guy (no negative connotation, just a description of him) was saying "Lol nah you still suck because you're a man" instead of "Look, you really do have a right to get annoyed/offended when someone says 'I hate all men' and it feels like you're just trying to win brownie points."

Really? I thought that I was being pretty clear. Still, it’s awfully rich that somebody with the URL “menrbitches” had the audacity to react in such a manner.

For those who missed this mini fiasco:

Be More Chill Themed Asks!
  • Jeremy: Are you in love with somebody?
  • Christine: If you could be any mythical creature which would you want to be?
  • Michael: Are you comfortable in your own skin?
  • Jenna: Are you more of a talker or a listener?
  • Chloe: Do you get jealous easily?
  • Brooke: Who are your best friends?
  • Rich: What's your sexuality?
  • Jake: Are you a theater kid, a band kid, an athlete kid, or a dance kid?
  • Mr. Reyes: What's your dream job?
  • Squip: If you had a Squip, who would yours look like?

I’ve never seen an Error x Ink GIF, so here you go! This is the first GIF I’ve ever made, and some frames are downheart crappy xD And if I had known that the files are way smaller than I thought, I would have made the resolution higher. Well. Next time.

If somebody would have asked me a year ago “Hey Anthea, will you do a GIF of two kissing skeletons” I would have answered “Lol no why should I do that” 


oh Ink belongs to @comyet and Error to @loverofpiggies

  • baby: t- t-
  • parents: the baby's first words!
  • baby: t- thh- th-
  • parents: three??? thing???
  • baby: t- tha- tha-
  • baby: That’s right, I am Kira. And what can you do? Kill me right here? Hear this: I’m not only Kira, but I’m also God of the new world. Kira has become law in the world we now live. He’s the one who’s maintaining order. I have become justice, the only hope for mankind. Kill me? Is that really the right thing to do? Since Kira’s appearance six years ago, wars have stopped and global crime rates have been reduced by over 70%, but it’s not enough! This world is still rotten… with too many rotten people…. Somebody has to do this! And when I first got that notebook all those years ago, I knew I had to do it—no, I was the only one who could! I understood that killing people was a crime. THERE WAS NO OTHER WAY! THE WORLD HAD TO BE FIXED! A purpose given to me! Only I could do it! Who else could’ve done it and come this far?! WOULD THEY’VE KEPT GOING?! … The only one… who can create a new world… is me…
Perfect Strangers (M)

Moodboard : Sex in black and white x Stranger Jackson

Title : Perfect Strangers

Words : 1561 

Author : Myself

Genre : Smut, MATURE

Warning : Cursing, Oral sex, explicit.

Summary : Boring parties lead to not so boring encounters. You end up spending the night with a stranger you met there, and it’s anything but dull.

AN : It’s pretty random, I don’t even know why I wrote this lol don’t judge me. Also, I dedicate this to all the thirsty Jackson stans out there. 


It’s crazy. You’re not somebody who likes doing this, and even more since you’re sober.

But this guy is incredible.

This post-exam party had been boring from the beginning. Your best friend had let you alone to hook up with some fuckboy and it had been not so exciting from there. You were alone and except from the weird creeps trying to flirt with you, nothing was coming your way.

But him. This cute guy who was looking for his friend only found you in the huge house, and you spoke for hours before you both decided you needed more than casual talks and cheap alcohol.

So you had invited him to your place, which was close to the party, and after a lot of foreplay -which was absolutely awesome- you were now completely naked on your bed, while he was showing you how deep his desire towards you was.

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I can’t help but cringe when people say Brandon and Callie are “like brother and sister” during certain scenes. Like they’ve had sex and sexual and romantic feelings for each other, so it’s just kind of weird to me when people try to make it out like they’re the same as Brandon and Mariana or Jesus and Mariana. And these are usually the same people who say brallie shippers are the ones who promote incest so it’s also really ironic to me.

Anatomy of a Tweet Fest......

Well last night’s little twitter love fest was interesting, wasn’t it?   And I’ve seen lots of people commenting on what they thought it meant.

 Was it Sam and Cait giving a big FU to fans?  

 Was it Sam and Cait letting fans know they’re still together?  

 Was it Sam and Cait getting giddy and silly because of a night shoot?  

 Let me tell you exactly what last night’s little twitter love fest meant……it meant that sometime in the last 48 hours a couple of people got their ass chewed by a PR exec.

 I’d heard yesterday that Outlander’s social media numbers were down, not any specifics just a general comment from our statistician who knows I love the show and books.  At the time, I gave it a “Humph” but after last night I have to wonder and may check just how “down” they were.     This is major for a show that won’t be on the air until September, social media is all they have right now.   And let me tell you - if you don’t think that Outlander/Starz PR has people out there perusing social media to keep a handle on the temperature of fans, I’ve got some swamp land in Manhattan I’d like to sell you.  

 Last nights “Tweet Fest” was a PR move pure and simple.  Think about what they’re filming right now.  Why on earth would Sam and Cait be tweeting each other when they were filming together on the same set?  If they wanted to tell each other how tired they were, all they had to do was talk to each other, LOL!  Not to mention, the JustJared story coming out mere minutes after the tweets started.   Come one people have you never heard of subtlety?

 Somebody told them to get out on social media and remind the fans why we fell in love with them in the first place.  It’s what we call “corrective PR”.   They weren’t trying to say “FU” to the fans, they were trying to woo us.

 Did it work?  Who knows.  But if it did I’ll expect them to keep up the social media love for a day or two then just go back to old habits.

 What if it didn’t work?   Well now if the little twitter fest didn’t get the numbers back to PR’s liking – I expect two things:

 1.      I expect a candid pic of Sami and Cait enjoying time together over the weekend.   Maybe a selfie or a fan pic (and if you don’t believe fan pics are staged sometimes – got some more of that swampland…)


2.      I expect MM to fade into the woodwork – at least for a while.

 Now I know what you’re thinking…. this means that Starz has been playing us all along with the whole Sam/Cait couple thing.  Sam’s with MM, Cait’s with Tony, and we’re all just a bunch of fools.    No, it doesn’t mean the afore mentioned is true – doesn’t mean it’s not.  It simply means that PR knows what makes fans happy and statistics jump.   This was crisis management and it followed one simple formula.

 Event (Cait’s pic) = Outcome (dropped social media stats) which yield Counter Event (Twitter Fest) and these Counter Events will change, escalate, and continue until social media numbers rise to acceptable thresholds.

 Whether you fall for it or not– well that’s up to you.

Shiro: Alright, all we know is that somebody moved Lance’s lion slippers

Lance: And that somebody’s named Keith

Shiro: We don’t know who it is.

Lance: I do! It was Keith!

Shiro: We can’t really blame anybody at this point.

Lance: I can and I blame Keith!

Shiro: So for now that will have to remain a mystery.

Lance : Mystery solved! Keith stole them!

Keith: Why would I steal your slippers? It makes no sense, why would I even want-

Pidge: Oh fucking save it emo boy. No one is buying that bullshit

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Why are people doing damage control over drunk Jensen? Anyone with common sense and eyes can tell he was drunk. You didn't even have to see the way he acted. It was all in his eyes. There's a long list of proof from the panel that he was drunk. But not enough room to list here. From what I've seen everyone loves drunk Jensen and had a good time. And it's not like he was drunk enough to NOT know what he was doing. He was just loosened up and didn't give a shit. I don't get the excuses being made.

yeah lol it’s not like he went on a drunken rampage and punched somebody in the face or anything else ridiculous that u hear about drunk celebrities doing. he was just having a good time.

it’s also weird how people are like “but WHY was he drinking so much!!!!!!!!!” as if he’s not allowed to let loose every once in a while without there being some depressing reason for it. guess what!!! people drink to have fun! they drink when they’re on vacation! they drink to loosen up when they have to talk to hundreds of people all weekend! 

it’s so ridiculous to judge a grown adult for drinking when all he does when he’s drunk is cry about people doing good in the world, dance like a white girl, imitate people’s accents, give people $200 for their birthday, eat pizza, name a unicorn “steven,” show his best friend his bear underwear onstage in front of hundreds of people,,,,,,like, it could be a lot worse, people. 

so i reached 2k yesterday and am still 100% shook. i only hit 1k two weeks ago and now i’m here,,, like wtf guys ily thanks for thinking that me, the queen of trash, was worthy of your follow :’)

to celebrate this super cool occasion i thought it was a good time to do my 2nd follow forever! i only did my first one a month ago but i feel like this blog has evolved enough to do another one (also i had no other milestone ideas lol)

this will include both my mutuals (bolded) and non-mutuals (normal) because honestly, i love seeing every single one of you on my dash! hopefully i included everyone,,, i probs missed somebody so i’m gonna apologise in advance (i still love u, don’t worry).

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Donna Emerson: I wanted to thank you guys for coming out tonight…. “You guys.” See what we’re up against? When I graduated from Berkeley in ‘75 with a degree in computer science, nobody batted an eye. That’s probably because back then, coders were like secretaries and engineers, meaning little solder soldiers on the assembly lines, were kind of invisible. And we’re used to that. But somewhere along the line, these jobs became important. And don’t get me wrong, I’m happy to hang out with “you guys” any time and eat good food, but I hope that by the time my daughters are my age that they don’t have to have gatherings like this anymore to remind themselves that they’re actually here.

I’ve been in tech for 18 years. I’ve won. And I’ve lost. I am a woman who voted her female partner out of her own company, the company she founded. I am a woman who lost a marriage to, among other things, this line of work. I can’t sleep at night sometimes worrying if I’m seeing my kids enough or if I’ve been there enough for them or if it’s already too late.

But… I’ve done things. That always comes with a price, but I did them. One of the many things I’ve learned is that no matter what you do, somebody is around the next corner with a better version of it, and if that person is a man, it might not even be better. It just might get more attention. And sometimes, that person is you. The you that’s never satisfied with what you just did because you’re obsessed with whatever is next. The one constant is this.

that episode was funny and was the essence of what always sunny is… why are people saying it was bad? like people are saying “oh dee went too far”… the ending wasnt funny…. what fucking show have y’all been watching? 

bc ive been watching one where they’ve tried to trigger someones ptsd on purpose, where they broke into and wrecked somebodys home and stolen their possessions and put them 1000s of dollars in debt, pretended to be crippled to hook up with people, had a funeral for a fake child to scam the irs, kidnapped and molested a newspaper critic, got a man addicted to crack and sold him out to the mob, left a big group of people to burn in a fire… 

what were you doing when that shit happened? bc i was laughing bc thats the point of this show lol

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Percy Jackson Hogwarts AU ? 😄

“Hey, hey (Y/n), wake up!” 

That perky voice seemed to follow you through the halls, down the moving staircases, and even into your common room. Like a broken tap he was constantly there, demanding your attention with a soft pitter patter that transformed into a stronger current once you turned the valve. It seemed today he encompassed the side that was labelled “hot”, for he was bouncing up and down with reddened cheeks.

“How the hell did you get in here?” Was the reply that came from your lips, a lazy hand coming up to rub your tired eyes. 

“You sure do sleep in late.” He noted, taking a seat on the edge of your bed. 

“Yeah, it’s so I can have less chances of running into you.” You grumbled. “Are you… are you wet?”

Percy shrugged, your vision adjusting to reveal the boy soaked from head to toe, dampening the blankets he now sat on. “I couldn’t come through the front door, so I enlisted a bit of help.”

“You didn’t.” You narrowed your eyes at him.

“I did.” He boasted, leaning back on his forearms. “The mermaids love me. They showed the little nook at the bottom of the lake that leads into the secret entrance.” He read your stern look and immediately changed his tone. “Not that I’m implying sneaking into the Slytherin dorms is just a casual thing. I have a really important question to ask.”

You rolled your eyes, sitting up. “What is it, Jackson?”

“Do you think I should get Ten-tickles a hat?” He asked, biting his lip. “I mean, he always gets a really bad sunburn on his head when he’s out in the shallows. I gotta do something!”

“You really named that giant squid Tentacles,” You deadpanned. “because he’s a squid.”

“Geez, do you really think I’m that unoriginal? No, it’s Ten-TICKLES. You know, because it takes, on average, ten tickles until he inks himself.”

Merlin, Percy. You woke me up, soaked my bed in stinking lake water, only to ask me if a squid needs a hat?”

“Well, I know he needs one. I kinda… came here to ask you for help. The fabrication charm for something that big needs two people, as well as a strategic mind to make the material waterproof.”

“And you couldn’t have asked somebody else?” 

“But… you’re the smartest person I know.” Percy pulled the baby seal eyes on you, and with an agitated groan you threw the covers from your body, pulling your boots towards you. He jumped up, that current in him so compelling that you had to fight the urge to smile. 

You failed to not do so when he pressed a kiss to your temple, grabbing your hand giddily as he led you out of the room.

anyways i wanna write a bob/alicia get together where like alicia is one of the first trans models in the industry (is that based on fact?? fuck if i know but either way) and it’s what, like the 80s? so of course she gets a ton of shit for it and people are generally real gross about it and bob is famous by this point so he’s like “you know what somebody’s gotta help a girl out” so he just casually throws his support into any interview he can (like for magazines and stuff not intermission or whatever lol) and like he hasn’t even met her YET but he hears she’s a lovely girl and her story is inspiring etc etc

and then naturally alicia goes to one of his games because like. the dude has had her back since the whole mess started and she’s doing a lot better now but it’s still a process and a lot of people are still closed minded so it’s nice to know she’s got somebody in her corner who isn’t like, her immediate family or closest friends. and then they meet afterward for Publicity but also because she just genuinely wants to thank him and then they hit it off and become friends and then fall madly in love and live Happily Ever After amen


I don’t know what the deal is with rainy weather…it makes me so tired!  I had zero desire to work today, but I got to read exactly four posts before my day got crazy busy!  Fortunately, I was uncharacteristically proactive about packing breakfast and lunch last night, AND I pre-chopped the onions and jalapenos and mixed the spice rub for the shredded beef tacos I’m making in the crockpot, too.  This morning, prep took five minutes and I just got home to an amazing-smelling house!  And…as you can see…I’m EXTRA prepared with salsa for the tacos! That salsa is SO good, and they haven’t had it the last two times I went to Trader Joe’s.  So, I felt it necessary to stock up!  The guy at the checkout was like, “Wow…somebody really likes salsa.” Lol

I just don’t have it in me to go to the gym tonight.  I’m currently summoning the motivation to either go out for a rainy 65 degree run (LOVELY running conditions!) or do a yoga video.  I saw a super unflattering picture of myself from this weekend’s work event on Sunday.  I’m STILL trying to talk myself down about it (it keeps popping up on our work social media…UGH).  I was standing at an angle and wearing a rather flowy shirt, but for whatever reason, no amount of logical reasoning with myself has made me feel better and it’s been two days.  That nasty negative self-talk is such shit. :/

On a brighter note, I was looking for a couple of new maxi dresses for work for the warmer months and I ordered this one (in charcoal) from Amazon.  I don’t order a ton of clothes online but I took a chance on this one because it’s nice, cheap, and plain. Plus, I already have a belt that works with it (I’m wearing it in that picture).  I’m totally happy with the fit and the material. I’m 5′9 and it falls to the perfect length, too!  I ordered a second one in olive.  Yay!  I am not a fashionable person at all.  I love that maxi dresses are a complete outfit all on their own with minimal effort, and if they’re plain, I can match them to any number of shoes or sweaters.  I live in TX, so basically 99% of my wardrobe is sleeveless and I own a bunch of sweaters! Ha!