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let this man call his brother cute

"valenTEAna" astrolotea on the ru-onion

So like, vitriolina is genuinely mean, the worst of taureans and geminis combined, a sadistic combination for the appearance of ~congeniality~ and a tight leash for shutting those down who dare come for that.

As a Taurus sun, Gemini Moon like myself I understand shutting down and goin into shock before having to do an important ass thing or presentation, and also wanting to be home, but it’s also never a damn excuse!!!!!! Like, when ya friend is reaching out, and ya don’t wanna talk, at least offer that explanation????

I am SO glad it was the earth Signs who clocked her. Aja, Capricorn with a libra moon, saw unjust, and delivered her!!

And I am glad miss Virgo Farrah Cancer Moon, assisted by her sentient wig, pulled out those fuckin receipts on Valentina. That’s real Gemini moon of Val to be dismissive like… which sucks? Because it was also Gemini moon as hell to see her give Farrah that pep talk before she had to lip sync on the show. (What’s the truth)

“Can’t navigate” social media my ass, Shea’s psychic Pisces moon saw those lies??? “Can’t navigate” social media with a GEMINI MOON, THE MOST SOCIAL BUTTERFLY OF SIGNS. Okay yeah, NEXT.

And then JUST now addressing shit on Instagram trying to do some crowd control, but not when ya libra sis is callin you in tears, or when your cancer sis has to go private on IG, I see you sis. I’m a Taurus sun Gemini moon too and I know what we’re capable of. The worst kind of mean is the one that doesn’t admit it. It’s toxic.

Anyway, Shea or Peppermint deserve to win. Period. The. End. (Somebody get me peppermint’s birthday please).

p.s. Astrology is real, and I’m so glad that old hag of a Scorpio RuPaul let everyone expose Valentina on Television. That was a lesson she needed to learn.

I was thinking a lot last night about Westworld Stucky and like, I couldn’t write it because I’m basically an idiot but an actual decent writer probably could.

But here are some ideas I had:

“My name is Bucky,” the host says, his jaw clicking shut, tooth against tooth.

“My name is Bucky,” it repeats.

“It’s looping,” the technician mutters.

“Fucking old tech, don’t know why Pierce keeps him around when we could just build a new one,” another says.

“My name is Bucky,” the host says, voice almost pleading.

“Okay, turn off vocals, let’s open him up.”

“My name is - “


The idea of Hydra Cap is being floated as the latest plot twist in the storyline, and there are a lot of mixed views on it, but it looks like it’s going to roll out.

The technicians are conflicted, because a lot of them like Captain America as a character, and are quite fond of him, to the point where a few refuse to program more violent storylines for him. Every time he rolls in, broken and blank eyed, at least one will tut and say under their breath, “it’s just such a shame.”


The Bucky Barnes programming is some of the oldest in the park and resurfaces at odd times, and is triggered by seemingly innocuous things, like star designs and certain appearances. To that end, he’s kept as far away from the Captain America host as possible, and largely not used at all unless you get really deep into the Hydra storyline.


The first build for the Captain America host was the Steve Rogers build, a small, frail man who was used primarily for guests to get into street brawls with. He was decommissioned after showing signs of… something akin to humanity. His programming was recycled into the Captain America host, and his storyline built around it. The Steve Rogers build and the Winter Soldier build were both programmed at the same time and used to have several intertwining storylines.


The Captain America host and Winter Soldier host both experience random looping and memory displacement, as well as odd tics, as though they are looking for someone who isn’t there. It’s impossible for hosts to remember their previous builds, so the technicians just put it down to evolved learning and shoddy coding.

oh my GOD

sense8 is fucking me UP holy SHIT

I mean, when the finale is called “You Want A War?” you know it’s going to be crazy.  But HOLY SHIT.

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What would the bros do if their S/O (with a Dandere like personality) would ask them, if they would like to take a bath with her? She wouldn't be that embarrassed but would the bros be? Idk maybe they started dating a few days ago xD (I'm sorry! I hope you understood what I was trying to say >,< Love your blog btw!)

OH LOL nah i gotcha! i did have to google what dandere meant though oh my god i swear im Hip & With The Kids Slang

Noctis: He chokes on his spit at their sudden suggestion and has to stop and cough for a few minutes before resorting to messing up his hair as a tension reliever. “U-Uh… don’t you think that’s a little… sudden? I mean, it hasn’t even been that long since we started… um…” His face is very much flushed and his partner might even try to take back the suggestion, to which he bursts out, “No! No, I mean… I… I will… if you really want to.”

Ignis: It would be incredibly difficult to catch the slight blush that creeps up to his cheeks, and he simply coughs and pushes up his glasses. “…I believe it may be too soon for the two of us to engage in such… personal activities. I will, however, ready the bath, towels, and clothing, if you wish.” The way he says it, you wouldn’t even be able to tell he was declining out of shyness.

Gladio: He just blinks. “A bath? You wanna go in together?” Gladio would be surprised at their request, but definitely not in a bad way. If anything, it makes him happy that they feel comfortable around him enough to ask so soon after they just started dating. “I don’t mind, but are you sure the both of us will fit?” he teases. He’s not too flustered at the whole thing and probably tickles them while they’re in the tub. 

Prompto: “H-Huh?!” his jaw drops open and he flares up completely red. “W-Wait, wait wait wait, a bath? Like, with bubbles? You? And me? In the same tub? Are you… are you feeling okay?!” Honestly, he wants to go in with them, he really does, but he knows he won’t be able to control himself if he sees them naked and has to sit in a tub with them. “I… I can’t! It’s too soon! Take a guy out for dinner first, why don’t ya?!” 

Rise of the Runelords conversations

GM: 43 to hit you and that’s not even a critical threat?
Witch (OOC): Your mom is a critical threat.

Inquisitor: I sense motive on the door.
GM: You sense that it is very content being a door.

Magus (OOC): That’s why you never get a blowjob from a lich.

Inquisitor: Can somebody please charge me into the orgy?

Witch: Are those the sex slaves?
Inquisitor: Those are yeti.

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omg mel, so i was scrolling through anti-touken (i just like getting pov of the other side of the argument to see why they dislike smth) and someone said "if touken had actually been well developed and touka didnt suddenly fall in love with him when he came back i might've liked it" I JUST WENT "WTF" OUT LOUD, LIKE DO YOU EVEN HAVE READING COMPREHENSION? SHE'S BEEN IN LOVE WITH HIM THE ENTIRE TIME WHY TF DID YOU THINK SHE WAITED 3YEARS???

Klangst fic idea - Nyctophobia

Imagine if Keith was afraid of the dark, and had trouble sleeping because of it. When Keith and Lance first start dating, he tries his best to hide it, and just deals when Lance turns the light out at night, suppressing the tension in his body that the fear causes him, but can’t resist cuddling a little closer to Lance for comfort. Imagine Keith waking up from a nightmare in the middle of the night, to a pitch black room, panicking and sweating, and he can’t find Lance in the bed because he’s rolled too far away. But he’s too scared to move, and so he just lies there hyperventilating, waiting for either Lance to roll closer, or for the sun to come up. And on mornings after a night like that, he’s always drained and achy, and just getting through the day is so difficult

Imagine when it starts getting really bad, and its not just when he’s going to sleep that he’s scared of the dark, but when he’s walking around their apartment in the evening, or at night, and the lights are off, and he just. Can’t. He runs past doors that lead into dark rooms, avoids certain parts of the apartment all together because he just can’t deal with not being able to see what’s in the shadows. He has to suppress the mounting anxiety and nausea that rise in his chest every night when Lance turns their light out and there’s a couple seconds where he’s just alone in the bed before Lance climbs in next to him. 

And imagine when Lance finally finds out about it, because he came home late one night to a totally pitch black apartment during a power cut, and finds Keith completely freaked out, a solid hour into the worst panic attack of his life. Keith’s just curled up in the corner of the kitchen, knees pulled up to his chest, hands balled in his hair, breathing ragged and just staring, wide eyed at the floor in front of him. Imagine Lance rushing to his side and just grabbing hold of him, demanding to know what’s wrong, but Keith’s so far in he doesn’t even see Lance until the power comes back on and the kitchen lights up. Keith just kind of shakily looks up, and starts crying, which freaks Lance the hell out, because he’s never seen Keith cry before. 

Imagine Lance doing everything he can for Keith after that, to make sure that he’s never left alone in a dark environment again. If he turns the light off in a room, he closes the door so Keith doesn’t have to see in every time he walks past. They get a lamp and nightlight for their room so it’s never totally dark, and Keith’s never left alone in the bed in the dark while Lance turns the light off. And best of all, Lance never once teases Keith about it, or makes light of the situation, because he totally understands phobias, and seeing Keith so freaked out the night of the power cut just scared him so much. Keith never really vocally acknowledges everything Lance does for him after that, but Lance notices his gratefulness in the small things, like when Keith noses his neck after he climbs into bed, or smiles every time he sees Lance closing the door on a dark room.

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I followed for your glorious lil 10yr old dust mop... I love him

Favourite Mop Feature: when I stop head-scritching Aglet, she digs at the flooring/my skin in rage. when I stop head-scritching the mop, he goes ‘OH fuck, oh sorry, my turn I guess” & begins grooming my hand w his gross old man tongue

he’s so…..easy to bully? all Aglet has to do is shove her giant face in his direction, & he’ll get to work grooming? somebody stand up for this Old Man, please

(as an aside, we’re all up at my parent’s for Easter, so here are the Buns with my parent’s aggressively nude cat)

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she really means: listen I have so much to say about shaolin fantastic like when he is first introduced he is this absolutely idealised streed-god and the kids think he’s a great fighter and extremely rich and everyone aspires to be like him and he combines the profound art that dizzee loves with the superhero mystique and kick-ass that boo-boo wants and then we meet him and he is this lonely, dirt-poor orphan boy. he doesn’t live in warlord territory because he’s brave, he does it because he has no other place to go, he loses absolutely every material thing he owns in the fire just when he thinks things will get better for him, the only person that has ever been a parent to him is grandmaster flash and he loses faith in shao!!! and don’t get me started how he continuously has to humiliate and prostitute himself for annie and when you pay attention you can see him do all these kung fu moves and spins even when he is all alone and he calls himself the ladykilling romantic seconds after saying that he thinks love is a terrible thing and i think it all just goes to show that shao has absolutely nothing to hold onto in life and that’s why he takes the myth that was created around him and lives in it because it gives him security like jfc nobody even knows his real name, the only identity this kid has is the one constructed by his comic- and kung fu-infused brain and marvelling strangers, please somebody help shaolin fantastic

SAME, FAM, I LOVE WEREWOLVES SO MUCH THEY ARE MY FUCKING JAM. Earlier in the relationship it is! Have some fluffy-angst topped cliché!

The original piece is found [HERE]!

Jesse was avoiding you.

It didn’t matter what excuses he – or anyone else for that matter – had been giving you in prior days, you could see right through them. But it hurt more than it was frustrating (and it was very frustrating); he had been avoidant, skittish, even, short tempered, over the last period of time you’d seen him. And then two nights ago, he up and seemed to vanish – did not appear in your quarters, or his quarters, or anywhere he usually frequented around the base. Like he was a ghost.

This, of course, led you to jump to the worst of conclusions.

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