somebody else do this I can't tell if I'm strange or not

Ace outfit day 1: my top half is black, grey, and white, although not particularly in order, and bottom half purplised with my purple jeans. 
Today’s total: 3 points
Running total: 3 points

As this is the first outfit of the day post for this challenge, I thought I should outline some rules

1. To qualify an outfit must have black, grey, white, and purple, but not necessarily in the correct order (bonus points if it approaches correct order, pinkish purple acceptable, but blatant pink not)
2. To qualify as different an outfit must have at least 50% of the items different to any other outfit.

Everything is more exciting with points, so: one point for each different outfit day, a bonus point for approaching the correct order of colours*, a bonus point for every outfit I wear in front of other people and they don’t look at me funny, and a million bonus points in any outfits that lead to me meeting another asexual in the wild.

*at least two colours in the correct place if in standard orientation (the four colours vertically arranged as in the flag), or all of them if non-standard orientation (like upsidedown, or sideways)