somebody come talk to me

You ever put yourself on hold for someone that you know is never going to come around? Yet you still keep finding excuses to hold on to whatever little hope is left. You start making excuses for that person. Maybe they’re not ready. Maybe they need time. Maybe they still have a lot of healing to do. You keep making excuses because you’re trying to convince yourself that the wait will be worth it, when really in your heart you know that it’s just not meant to be, It’s just not meant to be and you find it so hard to let go of that person because you love them. Because you love them and you don’t want to miss the moment in which they realize that you’re there with open hands, but what if that moment never comes? What if you spend your whole life waiting on someone who is never going to find it in them to love you? What do you do then? How do you move on?

*MINOR SPOILERS* I’m trying to remember if the Doctor has always been a raging douchebag. Like when Journey shouted that her brother literally just exploded in front of her and the Doctor is just like lol get over it already it’s been like ten minutes get over it here let’s also wade in the liquified remains of your friend haha lol. It’s been so long since I watched nine and ten that I can’t remember if they were actually a lot more empathetic or if I just made that up in my mind because I loved them so much??? But even so, what the fuck? Am I really supposed to root for a guy who is so cold and douchey? Who then has the nerve to be like haha no soldiers on my TARDIS because they’re too cold and calculating and bottom-line-ybut then is that supposed to be the Doctor aknowledging the fact that that’s what he’s like and projecting that on her??? She wanted to come with him and discover the universe; she was in so much pain from all of the losses she’s had and she just wanted to follow the Doctor, presumably to help other people. Clara is like idk if you’re a good bro, but you try and that’s the point!! and he’s like haha ya!! but then he turns around and is like lol no Journey I know you’re just trying to do what’s best but the whole “trying to do good makes you good” doesn’t apply to you. I just. Don’t know. What to feel?????