somebody come talk to me

Listen up.

Apparently there’s some b*tch-ass anon going around telling people that their blogs suck. Congrats, buddy. You’re not getting any effect out of this. You’re messing with the wrong people, strong people, and all you’re doing is making yourself look more and more like a jerk.

Seriously. I don’t know who this anon is. (Because they’re on anon). But whoever you are, you little douchecanoe, come at me.

Anyway, to the mods getting hate:

Please, please for the love of God don’t give into anything this asshat is saying. It’s not true. And quite frankly some of the best blogs are getting hate. If you need somebody to talk to, come to me. What ever you do, don’t give up doing what you’re doing. Remember,

if somebody doesn’t like what you do,

even if you don’t like something you do…

there’s always somebody out there that does.

Do it for them.

somebody come talk to me about syndra’s power. is it exponentially increasing? can it be put to a stop, with enough magical concentration? I know in her lore she’s exploring the potential of ‘limitless power’ but you gotta put a stop to that somewhere.

Ionia’s currently putting more emphasis on rebuilding after the war which is probably the only reason why they’re not getting on Syndra’s case just yet. but if her power will eventually eclipse the combined power of the Council of Elders SOMEONE’S gotta get to her (and Irelia is always the one presented in subpar fanfiction [I agree with the concept, though not the execution])