before you laugh at the way somebeing identifies take a moment to ask yourself why you want to laugh. is it harmful? then don’t laugh, bring it up to them. is it strange and weird to you? im sure you’re weird to somebeing else and you wouldn’t want them laughing at you. do you want to laugh because you are uncomfortable and nervous about your own identity or past experiences? im sorry buckaroo but that isn’t the right way to deal with it

basically, you don’t have a valid reason to laugh at, ridicule, or bully any kind of folk and if you do you lose all respect from me and i hope everyone against bullying

ISFJ: *telling a story about something that happened with her crush*

ISFJ: okay, you know when like, youre holding hands with someb-

ISTP: no. *laughs*

ISTP: okay but go on

ISFJ: when youre holding hands with somebody and they do that thing with their thumb?? You know what im talking about?

ISTP: oh, yeah yeah ive read a lot of fanfiction i know what you’re talking about

diktown  asked:

“ frankly speaking, i wanna give up. ” [[im sending u more bc i love dying and being dead]]

( meme )

   he should say something useful, but he can’t remember the
   last time anything out of his mouth actually helped someb–
  -ody. what he wants to say is: no, don’t, because I don’t kn-
  -ow you but i’d like to;  you’re alright,  you’ve yet to piss me
   off,  &&  if something consistent leaves me again i’ll rip out
   my hair, i’ll rip out all my fucking teeth he wants to say i’m
   sorry, because i am not a good acquaintance,  && i cannot
   help you, i never know what to say, but i care – i care i care.

   that care chokes him up,   and for a very long while he is si-
  -lent ..  so silent and unfocused that it could be mistaken as
   the prelude of a rage.  when he speaks, his whole body qui-
  -vers;   he is gripped with the sudden terror of lacking a pat–
  -tern,  of saying and doing the wrong thing;  of failure.  Gre–
  -ndel’s voice is a stolid croak; he says -

                                          “ yeah, me too, lady… but life goes
                                           on, and God ain’t give a shit whet -
                                          -her we live or die,  so I live to spite
                                           him  & I’ll die when he needs me,    
                                                                                  and drinks.