I think I’m just going to buy some acres on top of a mountain and harness my own energy and grow my own food and have little contact with the outside world, because seriously, who can you trust? The government? No. People who claim to be opposing the government? No. Unless you know them personally, you can’t trust them, and even then sometimes it’s hard to tell. I rather know nothing of the outside world than doubt everything that passes through my brain. 

Hahaha I opened my driving manual and the page it opens on is titled “Skid Control” and says “how to handle a skid” and “Skids can happen at anytime”. Well driving manual, you become their drug dealer, other than that, no one has control over a skid, not even their mothers.

feeling an emotional/habitual relapse coming on and I’m scared and I’m anxious because I thought I was done with these and I have no more time left to waste sitting around waiting for this to work itself out…..