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Fics were Harry uses his alpha voice on louis? Alsoo, there is this one fic were Harry is really jealous of some bartender Louis met at a bar and Nick is like telling things to Harry so he gets mad and Harry used the alpha voice and i thing louis' ears bleed because Harry was so mad 👀 Thats a good ass fic but i cant find it 😓

I think the fic you’re looking for is take me to my limits.

Other fics:


Animals do have a voice. Some of us are just not listening. But we who can hear you, we who know of your suffering, we will fight as hard as we can to make your voice heard. Until all are free. ✌❤

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Savage City is back in development and We need you!

Hey everyone, I’m back and better than ever, with that (As you can see in the title of this post) Savage City is back in development and I’m so happy to be able to work on this project again. Now, so far we haven’t been able to get people able to work on the project yet but we need your help!

So here are the jobs available: (So far)

Animator (As many as possible, must have a lot of experience with 2D animation)

Voice actor (Must be 18 or over)

Producer (1 needed) 

Writers (1 or 2 needed)

Artist (Storyboard, Character Design, Environment Design, etc.)


We need as many animators as possible (Digital 2D animation) that have a lot of experience in 2d animation in Flash (or Animate) or some other animation software,

Voice Actors:

We need voice actors (18+ or older) who are willing to work on this non-profit project to give and breath life into the characters, need more info on what roles are available, please look below or comment or email me below.


Artists are what we need to visualize to give us a picture of what we need and want to see in the project before we start production


We need writer(s) who can help create an incredible, thrilling, dramatic and funny story that Zootopia fans can enjoy and can talk about.


We need a producer who can help us create a better story and resolves problems and flaws with the story with us directors (thebronyphilospher and I) and writers. 

Roles available: (So far)


Nick Wilde (needs voice actor)
Victoria (Jack’s love of his life) (needs voice actor)


Miss Vixen (the main villain)
Hunter (Henchmen 1)
Scar (Henchmen 2)
Claw (Henchmen 3)

so if you know anyone who’s very professional with Flash or any other program (Now known as Animate for some stupid reason) Please tell them to email me:

If you don’t know what’s going on, please check out these two links here:

Original Tumblr post:

DeviantArt page:

Extra note:

It’s incredible how quick the Zootopia fanbase is growing and it’s amazing! Recently, I've been excited about another Zootopia fan film called The Return to Zootopia by a Youtuber named Browntable, who’s working on this project as an unofficial sequel to Zootopia and these projects are expanding the world of Zootopia even further and each in different ways. So check them out and keep an eye out for more updates on this project, and hey, go check out Browntable and The Return to Zootopia

Have a great day and Thanks again! :)

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what will your reaction be when finn and rey kiss in episode 8???

just know there’s gonna be several tweets talking about some random loud ass voice yelling “BITCH!” and then having to be escorted out of the theater while cheering 


Trainer Team SSSN want to battle!

(of course by trainer team I mean 3 poke-nerds and a professor)

After getting that RWBY GO ask yesterday I ended up spending today turning game sprites into Team SSSN and idk man I’m surprised how much I like ‘em.




sketchdump from episode 2 ! i recycled a couple of things i drew when i read these scenes in the webcomic too. er.. yeah it’s mostly reigen.. °-°’’

You know what episode never fails to strike straight at my heart, besides the obvious like A Tale of Two Stans, Dipper and Mabel vs. the Future, or the Weirdmaggedons?

Blendin’s Game.

I don’t know if there’s already posts that have explored just how important this episode is, especially on the subject of absentee parents, but here we go anyway.

First off, when the narrative deals with Soos’ father, it pleasantly disregards the whole “every boy needs his dad” trope or the outdated “the lack of two opposite gendered presences in a kid’s life is detrimental” one, both of which need to fade out. This way of thinking undermines the fact that plenty of kids grow up with same-sex parents, single parents, grandparents, etc. and are plenty well-adjusted and loved.

No, the narrative establishes right off the back that Soos doesn’t suffer from a lack of father - he suffers from knowing that his father COULD be a presence in his life, is wholly able of visiting his son, yet chooses not to.

That moment on his 12th birthday, when he received the eight consecutive postcard claiming his father’s too busy to come. That’s when his faith, his inherent belief in his parent, disintegrates. That’s when he realizes the depths of his father’s neglect.

Soos is perfectly content until this happens. And that’s the thing, about not having a parent around - you get used to it. Especially when you’re surrounded by a family as loving and supportive as Soos’, you tend to forget the absence even exists. It’s when you DO remember that kills you.

Because maybe after so many years, Soos starts to question, “Why?” Why doesn’t his dad want to be around? Aren’t dads supposed to be around, supposed to love their kids enough? Is it something Soos did? Is it just him?

And these doubts can really build up. You can’t ask an empty chair one way or another, after all.

Maybe Soos not wanting to celebrate his birthday from then on has some even more heart-wrenching implications than thought…

BUT. Enough of that. Now for the second part of this post, which is frankly the best.

At the end of his flashback, we see Stan giving tiny Soos a job, and we know Soos grows to view Stan as a father figure. And we know Stan adores his handyman and feels much the same, though he’d be hard pressed to admit it aloud.

Then in the present, Mabel and Dipper fight an futuristic gladiator-style battle, risk their lives, just in an attempt to make Soos happy.

And Soos, the boy who must have felt so unworthy and insecure from those years of parental silence, realizes that whatever his father’s opinion is or was, it doesn’t matter. Because he has a family, a family that loves him so DAMN MUCH, and that’s a reminder he won’t soon forget again.

Soos says at the end how silly he’s been about avoiding his birthday, but I don’t think it’s silly at all. I think him finally gaining closure and finding the strength to sever the hold his father’s abandonment had over him is such a triumphant achievement.

And so, so important for kids in similar situations watching this show. Kids who should know that family isn’t measured by blood, it’s measured by love, effort and devotion.

Sure, in Weirdmaggedon Part 2, we see that Soos still yearns to have that father figure in his life; and that might not ever change. However, it’s clearly a vague desire, highlighted by the fact that he can’t even place his biological father’s face on his fantasy dad.

Plus, at the end of Weirdmaggedon Part 3, when Stan bequeaths the Mystery Shack business onto Soos, I don’t think there will ever be an ounce of doubt of who his true father is.


martha bessell + flower meanings

Baekhyun and Suzy (Dokyeom and Jihyo Cover)
  • Baekhyun and Suzy (Dokyeom and Jihyo Cover)
  • Dream

Love Yourself, Listen To Seokmin’s Beautiful Voice ♡