aki the geek is translating another interview with Hiramatsu on twitter. Predictably there are butts. She’s still translating right now!

Q: Skaters’ butts appear to be positioned higher compared to other people.

Hiramatsu: I was like “Really?” when Yamamoto told me about that. But when I actually watched some skaters, I noticed that the upper part of their buttocks is raised pretty high up there. Seriously, you could put things on their butts.


Most of the cast is male, so I thought there’d be viewers who will interpret things in a certain way and get excited over them. But I certainly did not expect so many unexpected developments to happen in the actual series. 

“I expected people to think it’s gay, but I didn’t expect it to ACTUALLY BE GAY.”

Also much, much praise for Yamamoto-san. 

how to be a donna tartt character

wear old-fashioned clothes in all black or all white, odd glasses are a bonus

have weird nicknames with your friends and only refer to each other by them

intellectualism™ is important. make sure everyone knows that you love homer more than them

moral ambiguity is slightly more important. wanna scam people with fake antiques? wanna murder a friend? wanna steal your stepmom’s dog and drugs and run away across america? wanna semi-accidentally steal a painting and worry about it for years? wanna get into an ecstatic state and murder some random farmer? no time like the present

speak a few languages, preferably dead ones or russian

embrace your angst. amplify your angst. worry

consume copious amounts of substances. smoke, develop a drug problem, get sick drinking as often as possible

forget having actual romantic relationships with people, instead opt for romanticizing someone and obsessing over them and then confessing your love unsuccessfully or being totally gay for your best friend and then denying it later when they try to bring it up

suddenly i remembered something from season 1 about keith? it’s just a little thing. regarding his hostility towards pidge

“You can’t leave!”
“You can’t tell me what to do.”

in this episode when the castle is ambushed and pidge intends to leave, the only person to really get on her ass is keith. i was reading @gay-space-lions post talking about how keith’s father more than likely abandoned him and that both of his parents are alive and it helped explain this scene better than “dead parents, sad orphan boy.”

there’s this bit where he practically snaps when hunk expresses wanting to leave at some point, but it doesn’t really help the situation.

“You’re not the only one with a family...everyone in the universe has family! You’re putting the lives over two people over everyone else in the entire galaxy!”

keith downright chews her out rather cruelly for an older boy to do to a little kid, but i think this is probably something similar to what he’d like to say to his own family. he’s calling her selfish and dismissing her feelings because, if his parents did really abandon him, having pidge leave him all of the sudden probably hurts a lot. keith doesnt want to go home, he wants people to just stay with him.

Dadman shiro puts a stop to it by reminding keith that he cant force someone to stay if they don’t want to, which shuts him up p damn fast but look at his face? this was a big blow to him, just when he started to open up, but now he sees and feels that people will just all leave him eventually.

@ dreamworks give this kid a fucking break

it’s sad gay idols can’t come out and be themselves, can’t get love for who they are and not for who their industries want them to be, but what is sadder is that a lot of fans don’t even think there can be actual gay idols and if they think about it, the very thought disgusts them. it’s sad that people in this century still don’t catch the true meaning of love: you want to own your idols, you don’t love them cause love also means acceptance, understanding, empathy and let live. you buy their albums, not their existence and heart.

How Supergirl Season 2 Was Made

Deep within the bowels of the CW, four people in suits stand around a cauldron labeled ‘Supergirl Season 2’.

Suit #1: Alright everyone, now this was the easiest brew yet, CBS gave us most of their ingredients, we just need to wrap this up with some personal touches. We’ve already added our own experience with making superhero shows from the Arrowverse, but I was thinking we could do something extra…let’s make Alex Danvers gay. It’s not like she had a love interest for people to get mad at us about, and after her wardrobe in Taxi Brooklyn half the internet is convinced Chyler is gay anyway. Now then…anyone know where we can find some Gay?

Suits #2-4 perk up and all run in opposite directions. Eventually Suit #2 comes back carrying a five gallon bucket full or rainbow liquid.

Suit #2: Hey, a friend gave me this. It’s the left over gay from Rookie Blue. There’s not much since the finale ended with the one lesbian main character having sex with another girl and being about to adopt a child, and none of the lesbians in the show got killed or went evil, but it should work.

Pours the rainbow liquid into the red and blue liquid of the show. Suit #1 looks in at the new mixture, Alex has a light rainbow aura now, but it could be waved off by the straights if they really wanted to. Suit #1 pats Suit #2 on the shoulder.

Suit #1: That’s just the right amount of gay! Good job!

Suit #2 walks off pleased. Moments later a forklift pulls up carrying a 50 gallon drum with a nozzle at the bottom, which Suit #3 aligns with the cauldron.

Suit #1: Uh…what is that?

Suit #3: Oh, this is all the leftover gay from The 100! Given the backlash we got from killing Lexa I thought it only right to apply it to our new show as a sort of apology.

Suit #1: Well that’s a very nice thought but we already added 5 gallons of gay to the season, I think that’s enough…

Suit #3 ignores Suit #1 and opens the nozzle, pouring more rainbow colored liquid directly into the cauldron.

Suit #1: Oh…okay…well alright

Suit #1 looks into the mixture as Suit #3 drives away. Alex is unmistakably, Kristen Stewart, Tegan and Sara levels of gay now, and a new character, Maggie Sawyer, appears to have materialized. Moreover the presence of Katie McGrath is drastically multiplying it, and now there’s a light rainbow coating to Kara, Winn, and Mon-El too.

Suit #1: Oh well, I guess this will just get us a cult following now. Shipping wars are always good. Plus Kara’s got a canon relationship with a guy, and Winn was with this universe’s terrible version of Siobhan Smythe, so it should balance out. We’ll just have to add a few more James/Kara dates. Wait…what’s that sound?

The massive door used for truck deliveries opens and a cement mixer backs up towards the cauldron, it’s spout lowering onto said cauldron.

Suit #1: …What the hell?

Suit #4 hops out beaming.

Suit #4: Well after TNT ended Rizzoli & Isles…

Suit #1: Are you insane? You can’t dump all the leftover gay from Rizzoli & Isles in here! We’re trying to make a superhero show, not the L Word set in the DC universe!

Suit #4: Oh no, this isn’t all of it, this isn’t even half.  Disney bought A LOT of it to spread out among their own stuff, Star Wars, and Marvel, Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network both bought a bit, NBC and CBS bought some,and most of what we got the movie people took for the Amazon Island in Wonder Woman and the standalone Harley Quinn movie they’re working on. No, this is just what was left over.

Suit #1 stares in shock as Suit #4 hits a button and a river of rainbow liquid flows out into the cauldron. When it’s all done J'onn is the only one of the main cast NOT coated in gay, the James/Kara relationship has ended by the end of the first episode, and Katie McGrath doesn’t seem to have realized that she wasn’t supposed to have brought the leftover gay from Dracula with her and directed it all solely as Kara. Even Winn and Mon-El are super gay now! And while the prevailing colors of the season are still blue and red, there’s an undeniable rainbow under coat.

Suit #1: … we’re going to get letters about this.

Jensen does not deserve all of the stupid hate just because he gave his opinion.

Jensen does not deserve all of the stupid hate just because he doesn’t like what you ship.

Jensen does not deserve to be called “homophobic” for something as stupid that honestly does not define whether you support gay people or not.

Get over it already and stop hating him for being honest to himself. And instead support him and understand for a goddamn time that he doesn’t like to be talked about some topics. He said it himself, respect him

Haters gonna hate

This is a Rant…a big rant…be prepared.

Do you see this picture?

This beautiful picture?

Some dumb ass bitch, who I will refer to as DAB, commented on this picture on my Pinterest board. 

In her comment DAB said:

“I hate that you did this. I don’t make your gay characters straight, why do you have to go making my straight characters gay?”

To which another person replied:

“Gay people ruin everything. LOL”

and another:

“ Amazing detail. Just that Spock is supposed to be with Nayota. NOT KIRK.”

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Some thoughts after episode 7

-a legitimate, realistic, healthy gay romantic relationship is on screen in a show that is not yaoi/BL/shounen ai

-while the incoming US government threatens to institute explicitly anti-LGBT legislation I feel like this ray of hope will get me through however long the fuckwad is in office

-for once queer people didn’t get fucked over and I am so fucking ecstatic

-this show is so personal to me in a way that really doesn’t compare to other shows, and I’m so glad that the creators chose to portray a queer romance positively yet nuanced and believable

-I recommended this show to my mom gushing about how much this show means to me and she’s going to watch and I’m so thankful that my mother is so accepting supportive of me and my gay ass

-honestly what a wonderful time to be alive

Anyone who is mourning Sherlock and TJLC right now, I suggest watching Hannibal and Torchwood for a queer pick me up. Hannibal has a fantastic slow burn gay romance over three seasons. Unfortunately, it was cancelled in its prime, but the creator, cast, and fans are working hard to bring it back! Torchwood is a queer wonder! Every main character is lgbt. Every. Single. One. It does fall victim to the “kill your gays” trope, but it also features an actual “unkillable gay”, so that’s awesome. Hannibal is on Amazon Prime, and Torchwood is in Netflix. Now go get yourself some love from people who appreciate, love, and listen to their LGBT audience.

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Hi, Taylor my name is Will and I am 16 from Sydney, Australia. I’ve been through some rough times over the past 2 years, from agruments to break-ups and disgusting people calling me idoitic names for loving you including people constantly pushing me down and calling me “gay” for loving you and your music just because I am a guy Swiftie. I swear I would not be here today if it wasn’t for you and your amazing music.
Just thinking about you or looking at the picture of you on my lockscreen instantly makes me feel better, you’ve helped me climb above and beyond everything. Even though sometimes I get kicked hard onto the ground I still rise and succed just like you have. I love you so so much and i am so grateful for you.
These are some pictures of me and my friend Ella at the 1989 tour Sydney. I strained my voice from screaming and singing everysingle word to your truely amazing voice and also I cried during one of the most emotional Clean Speeches I have ever witnessed. Thank you for helping me because if it wasnt for you I would not be here today writing this or walking on this planet.

Thank you thank you thank you!

So Taylor thank you so very much for being there when no-one else has, you’ve done so much for me without even knowing it. Thank you for writing such incredible lyrics that connect so deeply with not just myself but so many people around the world. I wish more than anything else that my ultimate dream to be able to tell you all of my story in person to you in person will come true, but until then this will have to do.
I love you so much with all my heart.

Love Will @fightdragonsfortay ❤😚💕


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hey hey how about some bokuroo where people keep thinking their just super close friends and disregard of their gay jokes as bro jokes and one day they just get fed up and just straight out kiss each other so people can see that they're dating and not just "no homo bro" bros

@ everyone who writes Bokuro off as ‘bros’ why are you so scared of their love for each other??? - Admin Hope

Bokuto Koutaro x Kuroo Tetsurou

“Hey Kou wait!” Kuroo called out and Bokuto stopped and looked over at Kuroo. 

“What are you doing? You should be getting ready for your match against Nohebi.” Bokuto exclaims and Kuroo gives him a smile.

“It’s fine Kou I’ve got time, I just wanted to say, as your boyfriend that I’m really proud of you today but as your competitor there is nothing I want more than to beat your team.” He says and Bokuto gives him a wide smile, draping his arm over Kuroo’s shoulders. 

“Well as your boyfriend I can say the same that I am proud of you and think you played well but as a competitor of the winning team I’m going to hold this win against you forever.” He says overly sweet and nuzzling his face in Kuroo’s cheek. 

“I love you Kou.” Kuroo says and Bokuto nods giving him a smile.

“Yeah I love you too, now go and beat Nohebi to a pulp.” He says and shoo’s Kuroo away. Kuroo happily walks over back over to his friends until he hears a couple of people talking about his and Bo’s encounter.

“What good friends, so supportive of each other.” He hears them mutter and Kuroo’s face scrunched in confusion.

We said I love you to each other how is that friendship? Kuroo though shoving his hands in his jacket pockets. “What’s with the face Kuroo?” Kenma asks and Kuroo huffs.

“Nothing.” He mutters yet he couldn’t shake the thought of why in the world those two people would think that they are just friends.


“Hey Tetsu look at this? Isn’t it cute?” Bokuto says holding up the little owl stuffed animal that he found in the kids section of Ikea. 

“It’s super cute Kou, but we are here for stuff for our apartment remember? You know we graduate soon and kind of need furniture.” Kuroo says and Bokuto gives him a slight pout holding the stuffed animal close to his chest. 

“But Tetsu.” He whines and Kuroo sighs. 

“Okay fine put it in the cart.” He mutters and Bokuto smiles happily wrapping his arms around Kuroo in a tight hug as he continued to push the cart around into the next section. “You know all of the kids stuff is pretty cool.” Kuroo admits looking at the lights. “Nevermind we need to focus.” He says but Bokuto was far to invested in someone else’s conversation about them.

“What great friends, remember when we had an apartment together for college! Such good times.” A women spoke and Bokuto’s heart broke at her words.

Friends? We aren’t just friends, we are more than that he is my boyfriend and we are going to the same university and getting an apartment together for a reason. Bokuto thought and tugged at Kuroo’s shirt.

“Kou are you even looking at anything? Like what kind of light do you want in our room or what is the bedding you want? Duvets are much more cheep that actual bedding so maybe you should pick something out.” Kuroo said but Bokuto still dazed off thinking about what the two women had said. 


“Hey I’m going to go and get a coffee out of the vending machine do you want one?” Kuroo asked and Bokuto looked up from his book and nodded.

“Yeah please.” He says and Kuroo nods walking out of the library and to the vending machine outside. Little did he know that Bokuto walked out not even thirty seconds later not wanting to be alone. 

“I told you I’d get you one.” Kuroo says as Bokuto hugs him from behind. Kuroo puts in money and buys two of the canned coffees. 

“I know I just didn’t want to be alone.” Bokuto mutters, Kuroo smiled taking the cans out of the machine as they both heard the whispers of a couple of people a little away from them.

“They must really be close friends to touch each other like that.” One of them said and Bokuto stiffened. 

“Yeah honestly, they must have been friends for awhile now.” The other said and Kuroo turns to face Bokuto whose face was getting more noticeably upset by the second. 

“I love you Kou.” Kuroo said with as much emphasis to make sure the two could hear him. Kuroo kissed Bokuto passionately, and the two stared at the boys their eyes wide as they awkwardly walked away. 

Bokuto pulled away and gave Kuroo a small smile. “I don’t like it when people assume that we are just friends. It makes me really upset.” Bokuto confesses and Kuroo pulls him in for a hug.

“Well I don’t think that anyone will be saying that.” He says and Bokuto nods in his embrasse. “You know I love you right?” Kuroo asks and Bokuto nods once more.

“Of course I do, you know that I love you too?” Bokuto asks and Kuroo presses a kiss to the top of his head. 

“Yes I do.”

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headcannons for soda coming out as gay to steve? (stevepop is accepted as well if you'd like) THANKS ALSO I LOVE UR BLOG OKAY BYE

Soda had decided today was the day. He had decided that day he would come out to his best friend, and crush, Steve Randle. He had been nervous for months. He didn’t know Steve’s stance on LGBT people, and he had been to scared he’d be questioned if he asked. He knew Steve’s dad wasn’t very accepting of people like Soda, people who were gay, so he wasn’t getting his hopes up. Best case scenario, he ends up dating the guy he’s been crushing on for months. Worst case scenario, he loses his best friend he’s had since pre-school.

He had invited Steve over, pretending like he just wanted to hang out like normal, but it would be far from normal. Soda got ready for his arrival by putting on his favorite lucky flannel and a nice white tank underneath it, along with some nice blank pants. His hair was unusually neat and combed, pulled out of his face by some grease. He heard Steven pull up and took a deep breath, flashing a quick but needed smile to himself in the mirror before leaving the bathroom. 

Steve walked in without being let in, like how the gang normally preformed. He saw Soda all dolled up and said, “Woah, Cola, whatcha all dressed for?” he asked. “A-are we headin’ out? ‘Cos I didn’t bring nice clothes or nothin’, ya didn’t say we were goin’ out!”

Soda took another deep breath, trying to steady his jumping nerves. “N-no, Steve, we aren’t going out. I… I need to tell you something. And I don’t want it ta ruin things between us if you don’t like what I gotta say… but I feel it needs to be said. It real important.” he said, his voice shaky and all over the place.

Steve got closer, studying the other boy’s face. “What’s up Soda?” he asked, concern filling his voice. His mind had been jumping from one possibility to another, the worst being that he didn’t want to be his friend anymore.

Sodapop closed his eyes and took one more deep breath before revealing his big secret. “I-I’m gay.”

“W…What do you mean?”

“I mean I like boys, Steve. I like boys.  Just boys.”

Steve let it process in his mind a bit. “Is that all you wanted to say?”

Soda bit his lip. “A-and I uh… I like you…”

Steve chuckled, but pressed on. “How long have you been… well, how long have you known you liked boys?”

Soda shrugged. “’Bout a year I guess. But I didn’t start crushin’ on ya till few months ago, if that’s anything…”

“Why didn’t you tell me?!” Steve asked. He wasn’t mad, he was just curious.

Tears started to fill Soda’s eyes. “I w-was nervous… I know your dad ain’t t-to happy with gay people… and I didn’t know h-how you felt towards people like… like me…”

Steve smiled, and put an arm around Soda’s waist, pulling him closer as Soda gasped. “Look, Cola, I ain’t my dad. I ain’t got no problem with you liking boys, I really don’t. As for you liking me…” He trailed off and was silent for a bit, and Soda looked down, disappointed. 

“I understand, Steve. you don’t like bo-” he was cut off by a deep kiss from Steve. He melted into the kiss, his eyes fluttering closed. 

Steve reluctantly pulled away a few seconds later. “I don’t like boys. I love them. But guess what?”


“I love you more than any boy I’ve never known.”

can people (including my fellow bi people) PLEASE stop using bisexuality and pansexuality as some sort of “gotcha” to hate on gay people, like can we please stop being like “being gay is actually bad because… it’s biphobic!” or “ew gross this character isn’t a lesbian! she’s BI!” or “i kind of get where homophobes are coming from because gay people keep erasing bi and pan people :(” like……… i’m gonna tell you something… the biggest biphobes are straight people, heterosexuality as an institution is the thing fucking us over the most, and bi people aren’t like a cooler version of gay for those gays who are less close-minded or something. homophobia and biphobia come from the same basic roots and neither is somehow better or worse than the other! holy fuuuuck i am so sick of seeing this, i’m not being very coherent but oh my goooood

Genderfluid Problems in School

1. Only a small group of people use your proper name and pronouns (if you changed your name or pronouns)

2. Everyone questions why you dress feminine on some days, masculine on others, ect. 

3. “That’s not a real thing” 

4. “ It’s a phase” 

5. “You’ll get  over it soon” 

6. Going out feeling masculine/feminine/both/neither then feeling the complete opposite latter

7. Feeling like you don’t “pass” 75% of the time

8. Not being able to get ready and look the way you feel without breaking into tears

9. “You don’t understand what if feels to be dysphoric, you’re not trans”

10. Cringing when a teacher says your birth name or your pronouns