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*whisper to Chara* In some worlds/timelines/etc. you were in part responsible for something known as a "genocide" run. They appear to be wondering if the same is true here.

[*Don’t make stupid jokes about this… This is my reputation you’re mocking. Me, Who was meant to be princess of the underground’s royal family. The hope of monster kind. Ring any bells?]

[*Why the heck would I take part in some kind of “Genocide”?]

Flowey seems nervous.

So, Ren, are you and Nora actively trying to get Jaune and Pyrrha together? Or are you letting the two of them figure it out? Because if it's the latter, you may be waiting for some time... (asked by insectlover243 )
  • Ren:I feel it is there responsibility. As much as i feel they would be perfect for each other, and exactly what each other needs. I don't think we should actively be involved. It is something that they themselves need to-
  • Ren:.....she's not lying....maybe i should get a little more active

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hey, thanks for answering my question earlier! you're so nice! here's me sending you some virtual hugs! x

you’re so welcome! in response to this virtual hug, here is a virtual pug

please support him in his efforts to protect cyberspace

Asking Too Much, 16/?, Cat/Kara, Rating: M

The aftermath of the attack, Lucy comes looking for her sister, and Cat is exactly as much trouble as the DEO thought she might be.

A bajillion thanks as always to @kara-lesbihonest, @bridgetteirish, @rtarara, @lishesque, @sexghosts @xxtorchxx @streepytime and  @reginalovesemma for insights, letting me vent and editing duties.

It takes exactly fourteen seconds for Cat to erupt.

“Are you kidding me?” She demands of everyone in the general vicinity. “When I said shadowy government facility, I didn’t say you could put a hood on me.”


“You let them!” Cat turns on her then, or at least vaguely in the direction of Kara’s voice. “Oh we are going to have a long talk at some point about your responsibilities to CatCo. And to me, personally.”

“Really not the time,” Kara reminds her, and Cat quiets down temporarily. “Can we see Lois? I want to know she’s okay before we do anything else.”

“That’s not protocol,” Alex warns her, but they have to pass the medbays to get to the interrogation suites anyway. “You can look in, but let the docs work. There’s nothing you can do for her right now.”

Kara ignores Alex’s attempts at soothing and presses her palms against the window of the medbay where they’re working on Lois. Kal-El is badgering one of the medics while two others are scanning Lois and injecting her with something. Kara sees now that there’s a trickle of blood drying under Lois’s nose, and the skin around her eyes is starting to darken with bruises. Despite that she looks completely fine, almost as though she’s just lying down for a nap in her pantsuit.

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Um. UM. Hooooleeee fuck. o_o

So I went from having no money at all at the beginning of this month to having literally three times what I usually have?! Oh my god. o_o Voc Rehab paid some of my tuition for the semester and now I have enough to pay off a huge chunk of my student loan and reach my savings account goal all in one go. o_o I called financial aid to make sure this wasn’t a mistake and…and…! Holy shit. o_o Hopefully SSI doesn’t take a bite out of me for this, although I don’t think they can since this is literally the result of scholarships and other educational funding. Wwwwooooooooow. o_o


“Rhody? Cirsium’s making dinner, want some?” Coffea paused at the door to the hut, waiting for some kind of response. Maybe Rhody was out? As he was about to give up, he heard Rhody hurry down the stairs. His face was flushed.

“That sounds really nice, actually,” he said, surprising them both. “I’ll be through in a couple of minutes.”

Coffea nodded and relayed the news to Cirsium, who at this point had gathered a small crowd eagerly awaiting food. Daucus poked Coffea into setting the table, given that he didn’t know where everything was, and by the time the rest had joined them everything was ready.

“It’s like feeding an army,” Cirsium grumbled, looking at the masses of food arranged on the table and the breakfast bar.

“I told you, food and sex, that’s the way to any man’s heart,” Coffea smirked, helping himself to a modest portion of garlic bread, and then quickly going back for more.

“Good thing I can do both equally well, huh?” Cirsium replied, amongst praises of his culinary skills.


‘Emilie Jackson I swear to God …’ Her voice trailed off and she pinched her nose. She does that often around me. And Dad. And Grandpa.

‘It’ll be the last time, Mom, I swear.’

‘The last time until next semester when I’m called back in on the first day to discuss the graffiti in the girl’s toilets or why you think it is okay to call Mrs Maloney a daft toad.’

‘To be fair, she is one.’

‘You’re sixteen, Em.’ Mom’s voice was softer now, so I knew she was trying to get me to see her point of view. She tried it often. It never worked. ‘You need to take some responsibility for your actions. Education is important.’

‘It’s not like I’m not smart.’

‘I know, which makes it all the more frustrating.’ Mom sighed and looked up at me. ‘How much trouble will you be in if I don’t go in with you?’

‘The word suspension was being thrown around.’

Mom sighed again.

‘Get my keys.’

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I have some more questions if you've got some time and are willing to answer them. So when someone dreams, they enter the Fade right? But… their physical body stays present in the “real” (or I guess I should say “physical”?) world so what’s entering the Fade? Is it their soul? An energy projection of themselves? A manifestation of their… psyche? Because if it was their soul then how would their physical body survive while they’re sleeping?

Dwarves do not enter the Fade through dreams as Dwarves do not dream and are not connected to the Fade, but Qunari, Humans, and Elves are all connected to the Fade and thus all dream.

It is their consciousness, their emotional, not physical, self that enters the Fade. One has an inner-self, a soul of sorts, that interacts with the Fade and Spirits while they sleep. The existence of the soul is a proven scientific fact as mages can exit their bodies to consciously enter the Fade as a spiritual entity through a ritual involving Lyrium.

The soul and body are connected and do need one another to survive as a complete being, but a soul leaving the body does not stop the body from functioning as a death of a person’s soul in the Fade renders them emotionless and Tranquil unless a Dreamer is the one to kill them, in which case they simply die. Of course, a body dying means the soul has nowhere to return to and that the person “returns to the Fade”, according to Chantry teachings.

There are ways, however, to survive in trance for thousands of years without need sustenance for the physical body if one is strong enough. I would not be here if this was not the case. As a Dreamer, I can use the energies of the Fade to sustain myself without need to ingest food or drink regularly. My inner-self can nourish my physical body because I have transcended what most people are capable of. This is because I am a Dreamer of exceptional strength and focus.

Sorry I Dissapeared after asking for responses, I’m going to take some time tonight to answer some and draw some of the designs! I can’t thank you all for responding, I feel so loved ;-;

Here’s one of the portraits featured in our newest exhibition, Picturing Prestige: New York Portraits, 1700-1860. Beginning in the 18th century, New York City’s well-to-do denizens commissioned paintings of themselves, in part to show off who they were. So, the 18th century version of Instagram? Curator Bruce Weber says: “In some ways I wouldn’t say we’re that different from New Yorkers of that day. Some of their aims and aspirations were just like ours.” Stop by and see portraits of some of the upper class #NYers responsible for shaping #NYC’s #history. The husband in this portraits, Henry Carter, was the European representative for @Lordandtaylor, North America’s oldest luxury department store. Join the conversation. ‪#‎unselfie

Painter: Nicholas Biddle Kittell
Subjects: Mr. & Mrs. Charles Henry Augustus Carter
This image depicts Mr. and Mrs. Carter in their living room at 11 Bleecker St. Pendant portraits of the newlyweds, probably commissioned in honor of their 1845 wedding, ornament the parlor walls behind them.

#NYChistory #history #newyork #newyorkcity #quintessentiallynyc #citylife #nowopen #portrait (at Museum of the City of New York)

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That was a joke. I don't know if you knew that. This doesn't require a response; I'm just sayin'.

Sadly, some people actually take statements like that seriously and I’ve recieved them rather recently. So I just wanted to make things clear.

Careful, internet has no tone of voice, so jokes and sarcasm need to take extra care in making themselves obvious.

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Wow I love your responses to some of the asian-american comments on here! I agree with you 100% as I had always been a straight B student, however, as soon as I reached grade 10 I knew that it was time to actually work. With a lot of time and dedication my entire mindframe has changed. before an 86% was great, now I believe that 90% is not enough. This mind frame switch is extremely stressful but very rewarding.

omgomg congratulations!! you’re doing such a great job and i’m so proud of every effort that you put into your studies uwu ahhh you’re so motivating <3

I want to know if there are any other divines from our world. This system and our partner system have a great deal of divine beings from the same reality, and I would like to find more.

If there is a language intrinsic to you, different words that come up (particularly in response to the word “objective”), that sound like no language invented on Earth:

If everything you say in the languages of this realm seems like a poor approximation of your intent:

If certain songs call to you, notably Always With Me from Spirited Away (caution while listening, this song evokes a very strong response from some of us when we have not yet heard it in this realm), Hallelujah (specifically the Jeff Buckley version), Beauty and the Beast (especially the words “tale as old as time / song as old as rhyme / beauty and the beast”), Memory from Undertale, the bell part of the intro to Blue and Green Music by Samuel Hazo, The Circle Game by Joni Mitchell (specifically Liz Longley’s cover), the theme Sapphire sings in Steven Universe in the episodes Jailbreak and The Answer, and the poem Staircase by Andrea Gibson:

If you remember a grand forest of towering trees with silver bark, guarded by shapeshifting forest spirits, similar to this world’s idea of wood nymphs:

If you know of a very strict code detailing how gods are to interact with each other and with humans, even if you do not know what that code entails:

Please message me. Ask for Anthony. I want to meet you as an old friend.

Well, that was a distraction, at least.

I was just venting some about this damned migrainey hypo headache that just will not quit to a drunk Mr. C after he recently got in.

So, I got some response involving plastic bags of some kind of mystery carbohydrate concoction to even out the blood glucose levels, and frequent glucose testing. “Secret sauce” and plastic bags were specifically mentioned. (?) Still not sure what he was even talking about, but he says that’s what he would try. Even if he wouldn’t necessarily recommend it to anyone else. OK…

I can only assume the drunken attempts at coming up with blood glucose hacks made more sense to him than the way he described it. Been hitting that secret sauce a little too hard? 😂

Ciner for @brightephemera, thank you for asking :D, spoilers for SW ahead

Full Name: Ciner Ignis (Later Darth Cinis)
Gender and Sexuality: male, hetero
Pronouns: he/his/him
Ethnicity/Species: human / cyborg
Birthplace and Birthdate: Dromund Kaas, August 1st 9 BTC
Guilty Pleasures: Through passion I gain strength! Nothing to feel guilty about.
Phobias:  His Force abilities affect his implants. The implants have to be carefully adjusted to his strength in the Force. When his strength increases it usually comes at the cost of his implants not working properly afterwards. His biggest fear is this happening at the wrong moment.
What They Would Be Famous For:  He’s my canon SW, so being the Emperor’s Wrath.
What They Would Get Arrested For:  Nothing in the Empire, he usually adheres to the law. The same cannot be said for the Republic. They’d probably arrest him simply for being who and what he is, even without all the killing he is responsible for. Some fools just can’t be dissuaded from attacking him. The Jedi would try to redeem him from being Sith. I wonder how that would work out…
OC You Ship Them With: Ciner has a bit of an addiction to sex, although it’s more the passion and emotion he uses to fuel his dark side energies. If you’re a woman (or one of two persons of whom at least one is a woman) looking for a one night stand with no strings attached you might want to take him into consideration. On my playthroughs I shipped him with Vette, mainly because I love Vette so much. Only, in my fanfic he can’t marry her, and Vette wouldn’t want a relationship without marriage. He’d never touch her without her consent. He already gave her his word, and he is a honorable man, and keeps his words. He will marry another woman, and he will fall in love with Lana a few years later. (This may be subject to change, although Ciner isn’t as bad as Iolith when it comes to changing my plans.)
OC Most Likely To Murder Them: Thorns would have shot him, if Ru hadn’t saved Ciner; Ciner won’t make the mistake to underestimate Thorns again.
Phorik, my JK, is the one who might try and have a chance to succeed. Nikeo, too, might be tempted to try, but his chances wouldn’t be very good, and Nik isn’t stupid. If Ciner came up with a really good reason for Ru to kill him, I would be in need of a new Wrath.
Favorite Movie/Book Genre: heroic legends of the Sith
Least Favorite Movie/Book Cliche: love conquers all
Talents and/or Powers: strong connection to the Force; exceptional lightsaber skills (dual wielder); cybernetically enhanced senses which have considerable drawbacks at times; high empathy
Why Someone Might Love Them: Apart from his good looks he can be quite charming as well. He has money and power; there are people who might love that. He is loyal to his friends.
Why Someone Might Hate Them: He can be an arrogant asshole. He likes playing games and get people’s hackles up to draw on their emotions. He thinks Force sensitives being privileged is the natural order of things.
How They Change: The more insight into the schemes of the Council and his fellow Sith in general he gets, the more he rethinks the natural order of things. I loved the conversation with the Emperor on Voss, where Ciner actually considered to not free the voice.
Why You Love Them: I had very much fun playing a light sided SW who is still a Sith. You can’t spread fear and terror if you kill everyone who might tell the tale.

Some messages…

Mom, I’m sorry to bother you but I was wondering if there was any of my precious son Tanaka on the way?

I didn’t get a whole lot of Tanaka love this round! I’m so sorry!

Ahhh I love your writing! So beautiful, so much sin I love it! Your kyoutani scenario was amazing do you have anymore asks for kyoutani? I was gonna request something but I missed the ask box when it was open (−_−;)

Yup! More Kyoutani in the ask box! Thank goodness, I was gonna have to start writing stuff for him on my own if no one requests, I love that punk!

Ever since I found out that your name is Sara, I kinda felt a tiny bit awkward (and excited) because that’s also my name, except I spell it with an h at the end.

That’s awesome! I only ever knew Sarah’s with H’s haha

The entire time I was reading the stripper!Akaashi au I was constantly nosebleeding. It has been over 12 hours since I read it and my brain short-circuits every time I think about it. It took me a while to type this bc I cannot handle stripper aus.

Omg that’s so amazing get ready for some stripper AU headcannons this weekend cause I’m already compiling them hahahaha

I love how men can get aggressive and raise their voice, then when they apologize they expect the female to just be okay. When in reality the statistical probability of that woman going through abuse from a man at some point in time, is very high. And her victim-esk response is all “we” as women know. Yet they get upset that both their, and other mens actions make us distraught. But the problem is them.