Some Nights

Author: Jadzia Bear @jadziabear
Fandom: Thor/Captain America
Pairing: Darcy/Steve/Bucky
Chapters: 8
Rated: M
Where I read: FF

Review: I loved the idea behind this story; that Steve needed a little ‘help’ adjusting to the twenty first century and that Darcy was happy to help out. I also liked that Darcy wasn’t just this completely high powered character this time, this time she had some self doubt that made her that much more relatable. Darcy was still her awesome self, just with a dash of doubt that helped this story move right along. I love how sweet Steve was and how flirty Bucky was - it just seemed to fit them and made them fit perfectly with Darcy. I loved this fic and I wish there were some drabbles more about their daily lives now that all three of them are together.