Emily Bett Rickards Birthday Appreciation Week (Day 1): Favourite On-Screen Role(s)

Is it bad that I’m so tired but can’t sleep because I’m dreaming about all the characters I hope to one day play? #dreambig ALWAYS

Okay with all the awesome things that came out of Beyond, I need to say this (spoilers):


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Hey Evie, do you happen to know of any really good SamBucky fics? Preferably fluffy, but I'm so down with anything for this ship tbh, including AU. Also, do you know if there are any good BDSM style fics for them? Thanks~ :DDDD

Ok so I freaking adore these two and I definitely haven’t read enough fic about them, so if anyone wants to send fic recs my way please go ahead, that’d be great :D

But I have read a few so, since you asked, here are some that I’ve really enjoyed <3
(most of them are fluffy but none include D/s dynamics, sadly…)

you’re stuck in my head (stuck on my heart, stuck on my body) by notcaycepollard

“You don’t gotta hold my hand,” Bucky says after a minute or two. “It’s not like it hurts.”

“Sure it does, asshole,” Sam tells him, but he knows it comes out almost fond, and his hand is warm, and Bucky apparently leaves it at that.

When the artist goes over the edges of scar tissue, Bucky tightens his grip, and Sam doesn’t say anything at all.

show me if you want me (and i will be your friend) by notcaycepollard

Bucky’s gotta give it to the future for this: they’ve turned casual sex into a goddamn art.

What is a friend with benefits, he types into Google, and spends the next two hours reading about the distinctions between booty calls and friends with benefits and fuck buddies. It’s extremely informative. He’s gonna put it to good use, like, pretty much immediately.

do i tell you i love you or not (cause i can’t really guess what you want) by notcaycepollard

Shampoo, he thinks. Conditioner.

The kind of hair that’s nice to touch, he hears Sam say again, and reaches for one of the bottles.

It’s different than soap. Smells nice, like fruit and flowers. The shampoo lathers up soft as clouds, washes away easy. Conditioner’s worse; he can’t tell when it’s fucking rinsed out, his hair feels weird. But he grabs the plastic comb - yes, thank you, Wilson, he does know what a goddamn comb is, he’s not a barbarian - and it slides through without catching, like all the knots are just gone. There could be benefits, he’s willing to admit.

[and to be honest I could probably rec practically every other fic by notcaycepollard… I haven’t yet gotten around to reading everything by them myself, but I’ve read enough of their Evanstan/Stackie to know]

Marriage Counseling for the Inept and Oblivious by ToriCeratops

Or: How Steve Rogers likes to play matchmaker for his infuriating best friends.

Stumble in the Debris by wintergrey

…this is what his mama meant when she told him not to flirt with danger.

Sam keeps his foot on the gas as he cuts through an intersection on the diagonal and out into a supermarket parking lot. Even the looters are gone now, nothing’s left behind but twisted carts, glittering safety glass, and ransacked cars. The near-black cloud cover above is mottled with red with light cast from fires burning into the night. Strings of purple and white lightning crawl from cloud to cloud, a low rumble of thunder brings a little hope for rain.

“Head for the I-66,” Bucky orders.

reflections and reverberations by fypical

Sam gets so far in his head that he doesn’t notice Bucky coming back to the world ‘til he hears the rustle of sheets, a low groan. Sam’s fingers twitch, like they want to reach out, but he doesn’t really know where he stands. (Post-CACW; Sam visits Bucky as he recovers.)

The Five Times Sam Hated Bucky and the One Time He Didn’t by tuesdaymidnight

“I hate you,” Sam said to Bucky as they lay on the floor of the Leipzig/Halle Airport. Except he doesn’t really hate Bucky, not even close, not even a little bit, not even at all.

Reasons Sam Won’t Move His Seat For Bucky by neversaydie

The time he stole his steering wheel (right out of his fucking hands while he was very much driving and trying to avoid being killed Steve it’s not funny in hindsight).

The time he ripped off Sam’s wing and kicked him off a helicarrier.

The time he picked Sam up by his face and threw him across the room.

Sam has a long list of reasons Bucky isn’t getting any favours from him any time soon.

[aaaand this one is technically SteveSamBucky but it’s a personal favorite and Bucky and Sam are perfect in it and it was the first Sam fic I ever read, so it has a speacial place in my heart. And it’s also by Luni, so… yeah]

The Anatomy of a Night by luninosity

Steve, Bucky, Sam, and all the familiar routines of home.

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fuck i think im lesbian

I know how scary and confusing it felt for me when I first started coming to terms with my sexuality and realized that I’m not straight, and I can’t begin to understand what it’s like for you, since all of our circumstances are very different, but I want you to know that it’s really okay, and that loving women is nothing to be ashamed of. Queer women are beautiful and important and valid, and our romantic and/or sexual attraction to women is something really special, something that’s just for us. Personally, the most intense, blinding love I’ve ever felt has been for a woman, and she’s the one I’m planning to build my life with, and it’s something that still manages to knock the wind out of me and fills me with hope. And even though the media’s representation of happy, loving queer women is abysmal, I promise that it’s possible to be a happy wlw and find someone with whom you’re comfortable and feel free to explore yourself. 

I wish you so much luck, and you have all my love and support

Also, here are some positive wlw blogs, if you want to check them out:

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We do not deserve Seb, seriously, and yet, we are blessed be able to enjoy the work he does, and all the interaction with his fans, and all that he gives, being the wonderful cinnamon roll of a human that he is. It makes me so angry that he is getting this undeserved hate and nonsense, because he got an acting job (how he freakin' makes his living), and that he's apologizing for it. Those assclowns "fans" need to calm their damn tits, and shut the hell up. Ugh!

You’re right! When it comes to Sebastian Stan, we are not worthy, but he shares himself with us anyway.

Originally posted by crawdaddyclub

Every other day I see new photos where he stops. and takes pictures with people while he’s out living his daily life! If they were stopped in the middle of going somewhere, would these people stop for a picture if someone asked them to? He’s the sweetest celebrity I’ve been privileged to meet - and I’ve met some sweethearts!

I can’t imagine what it’s got to be like to be him, I mean someone he knows posts a picture of him, they’re hounded for the rest of existence to post more pictures of him. He posts a sweet message to his friend, he shares his love of his friend Charles, and people are attacking him in comments on that beautiful post! WTF??

I’m afraid this is going to do two things. 1) no more instagram, and 2) no more cons… I hope he’s able to see past the negative and not go that route, but it’s happened with celebs before and I really hate the idea of this ray of sunshine having to see all that horrible hate when he fucking apologized to the world for getting a goddamned JOB



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hi, hello! so recently i've had to unfollow a fuckton of 5sos blogs because the people who run them aren't very nice, and since you're literally the sweetest blogger i know, what are some of your favourite blogs? i just need new, unproblematic people to follow. thank you xx

Okay, first off let me just say that this made my day so thank you very much 💚

And here’s a bunch of 5sos blogs I love who are unproblematic (in no particular order):
@tessie- (okay she’s not really an intense 5sos blog but she’s like my best friend on here), @pumktrash, @cliffordchick, @0kbutmichaelclifford, @rayofsunshinemgc, @starwarsmashton, @assholemalums, @screamngwhispers, @redheadronan, @calumhoodpainsme, @5saucesonmyburger, @ohmy5sosagain, @smolbeans5sos, @calgasms, @neptunecal, @whatifmichaelclifford, @hopelessash, @anarchyaustralia, @foreverafangirl11, @jigglypufftribe, @puckerupmikey, @mikeysolo, @sweatermxchael, @malumshighlight, and there are probably more but these are some off the top of my head. :)

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You finished Voltron I'm proud! Welcome to Voltron hell

Yeah! I liked it a lot. The animation is great, especially in the fighting scenes, and I really liked all of the main characters (+ Shay, she’s a main char in my heart)!

Also, throughout the entire thing, I was thinking, “There’s a voice here that I’m sure I’ve heard before!”, but I didn’t look up the VA’s names until I finished it, and oh. It’s Lance. Lance has the same voice as Finn the Human. I can’t believe that I spent more than 4 years watching Adventure Time and didn’t recognize Finn’s voice on spot. I’m ashamed.

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yooo 'moving forward' by part_timeslayer is That Fic where clexa finally get some time to fucking chill and lextra gets a tour around arkadia. i'm loving it tbh. also, 'Pinch Me' by LeNoLifeLoser is my new favorite soulmate fic and it should get more love.

moving forward by part_timeslayer

bruH i love this fic i was just recommending this to friends yesterday 

Pinch Me by LeNoLifeLoser

you can never have enough soulmate aus


So @neptunecal tagged me in this selfie tag challenge thing. Thank you love! So here’s some me.
Yes I love snapchat filters.

I am gonna tag, if you guys want to do it:
@tessie-, @stretchedoutonthegrass, @cliffordchick, @rayofsunshinemgc and @ohmy5sosagain. :)

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So I was talking to @hatrickane about things like why Jonny is traveling while Kaner is in Chicago, both of them selling their homes, and their social media presence. Here’s the angst that came out of it:

  • Patrick and Jonny are with their girlfriends, but everyone can see that there are bigger feelings there. The media (and maybe their families) is pressuring both Jonny and Pat to propose to their respective girlfriends, but neither of them feel like it’s the time.  
  • Patrick figures it out: he needs Jonny in a greater capacity. He ends things with Amanda and attempts to talk to Jonny about it. How they’ve been skirting around what they know has always been there and that they need to figure this out. 
  • Jonny bolts. Runs off with Lindsey and stops replying to Pat’s texts, emails, calls, everything. 
  • Pat doesn’t know what to do. He stays in Chicago because he can’t face going back to his family and explaining what’s going on, and he can distract himself with golf and friends and working out. He doesn’t really want to think about why he checks Jonny’s twitter multiple times a day.
  • Jonny, similarly, devotes himself to his offseason workouts and traveling. He doesn’t really know why he checks Pat’s twitter every day, why he signs up for an instagram account, or why he has the need to post things that he would normally just text to Pat.  
  • The first text Jonny sends since the last time he saw Pat was a “congratulations” from the NHL awards. He tweeted about it, but Pat didn’t “like” it and Jonny really had to congratulate his teammate. Pat replies “thx”. 
  • Jonny doesn’t text Pat after that. 
  • Pat sells his apartment because he feels the incredible need for change. Meanwhile, Jonny’s partying and Patrick doesn’t know how to feel about that, but he figures it’s not his business. 
  • They avoid each other at the Bauer shoots. The one time they see each other, they just nod.
  • When Patrick hears that Jonny isn’t coming to the convention, he’s torn how to feel. He thinks he still needs space from him, but he wants that regularity again. He makes the best of it, though. 
  • Jonny likes the pictures of Pat from the convention on instagram. He texts Pat again- “miss you”. 
  • Pat replies “you too”.

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Even if we know that the writers were being sarcastic with those tweets. I think that they should explain themselves. Even if we don't need an explanation some of the fandom does

Yeah but see the thing is even if they give an explanation some people are still not gonna believe it. And think they’re lying or that there’s some deep meaning behind it. I mean just look at the last q and a that made it abundantly clear where the story was going and some people thought that the #worldmeetsgirl tag meant that all of the answers were actually backwards meaning that if MJ said “x ship isn’t happening” it actually meant it was going to happen. There’s literally no way to win with some of this fandom unless you give them what they want but that’s not going to happen because it’s not our show it’s MJs and he’s gonna decide where his characters go on their journey in the world.

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Yes, I think the basic idea is just that Sans has terrible nightmares, night terrors, and sleep paralysis, about the things that happen on the Genocide route and the resets. The comic about sleep paralysis is in thelostmoongazer's tag, it's so creepy! It's a loose thing, another had Sans teleporting in his sleep, another had Sans sleepwalking and acting out the battle against Chara in his dreams, except in the waking world he accidentally hurt Papyrus. Forgive me but it seems like you'd like it!

And you are not mistaken, I love it, I dig it, oh boi, added to the list…

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daddy lessons by Beyoncé aka mercy and her 2 dads

ok i hadn’t listened to that song before until this ask and 1) good fucking song though why am i surprised 2) jesus i’m taking the wheel back b/c i gotta talk about this 

b/c here’s how i see it: angela was jack’s little girl and he’d be the moral-compass-overprotective-I will teach you everything you need to know-side of this song, the “take care of your mother/sisters/etc.”, the “he made me fight, he made me a soldier” “he told me about men like you” “he told me not to cry” “he held my hand” bits of it too. 

but angela was also gabe’s little girl, and gabe was the less fussy but more compassionate, more emotionally aware one, and he’s the side that’s “classic vinyl” and motorcycles and “he held me in his arms and taught me to be strong” “he made me dance” (he’s also the “baby girl he’s playing you” bit because gabe’s the only one of them w/any observation skills but that’s minor) 

and both of them are the “daddy said shoot” part because they both had to drill it into her head that her safety came before anyone else’s and she better damn well shoot that tic tac gun of hers if she’s ever in danger, be strong practically and mentally and shoot–