I can’t decide what was the most heart-wrenching part of this match… Was it Cesaro and Sheamus forcing Seth to be part of hurting Dean? Was it Seth desperately, helplessly grabbing at Sheamus’ shoe, trying to protect Dean? Or maybe Cesaro forcing Seth to watch a wobbly Dean about to take a boot to the face.

Like with all other lore, there are different and conflicting ideas about what reptilians are like, but I tried to use the most common ideas here. To some they are horrible evil pedophile murderers and to others they are like humans with different personalities and agendas.

And of course they can take the appearance of humans, but how varies. Some say they can shapeshift, others that they wear suits, and yet others that it’s an illusion. Take your pick.

There’s both males and females in the picture.

Percy Jackson is not !!! dumb !!!!

yikes ok this has been bothering me for a while so here I go:

I hate it how (soME) people show Percy as someone who’s dumb. sure, his personality is all bubbly and sometimes he acts all “stupid” and like a “Seaweed Brain”. bUT LET ME REMIND YOU THAT THIS BOY HAS GONE THROUGH SO MUCH CRAP !!!!





I’m sorry this is so long I had to get it off of my chest


I left the dude’s name out for sake of not being petty but this shit is the internal dialogue that goes on in my head every time I look in a mirror. And y’all, to be clear, I’m never ever asking y’all to give me compliments. I don’t take them well, regardless. Greatly appreciated but unnecessary. I sort of post this stuff for me to write about and get my feelings out about things… Here I go:

My doctor has diagnosed me with mild anxiety and severe depression. Which didn’t stem from me being paranoid or worried or sad or whatever but because I overeat, I have no motivation to do anything and I sleep like, stupid amounts of hours and I’m always exhausted, which led to a diagnosis of Excessive Daytime Sleepiness and Shift Work Sleep Disorder. Those had to be documented in order for my insurance to cover some new medication, so how relevant those are I don’t know, but regardless, I sleep a lot. I don’t go to the gym. I don’t run. I sleep. All the time. 

So, I’ve gained weight. I look in a mirror every day and see that. My doctor tells me that. My BMI is actually in the obese range. I had to buy new clothes. I have those red stretch marks on my love handles. My face is rounder and my jaw can no longer cut diamonds, aka why I have facial hair (to hide my soft jaw). Like, I got it. I know. I’m aware. What gets me about shit like this is that I was feelin’ myself and I posted a picture of me, leaving out my body per usual, and someone STILL said something about it. Obviously, we can’t make everyone happy but my insecure people know how it is to linger on the one bad thing we’re told. No matter who it’s from. It’s almost like validating every thing I already think about myself. Again, I know it’s a maturity thing, or even an insecure thing on their part, or they just want to get a rise out of me. Congrats. You got me. BUT, I got my hair did and I dyed my beard hairs and I shaved and all my lady friends told me I was lookin’ A1. So, kiss my jiggly ass cheeks. I guess it’s one of those times that teach you when you know you have the right people in your life. Which is why I love all you guys cause y’all are always so sweet to me. So, thanks. Y’all the best. And if I have any followers like that person up there that felt the need to spew their negative opinions at others, grow tf up. Realize what your words can do. I hope this post gives you a little bit of insight as to what you may be causing, cause I can guarantee you wouldn’t be so smug if people were shitting all over your happiness. 

*Steps off scale* (Get it? Like, *steps of soapbox*?) Bye. 


This morning Trump tweeted some shit about how NASCAR knows how to respect the flag, which I’m not going to dig out because fuck that

Not half an hour later, NASCAR driver Dale Earnhardt, Jr. tweets this:

All Americans R granted rights 2 peaceful protests Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable-JFK

Holy shit.

So in case you don’t know, Dale Earnhardt, Sr. was also a NASCAR driver with a huge fan base who was killed in an accident in 2001. He was elevated to god-king status immediately – there’s still commemorative plates and shit, it’s serious – and his son was invested with all his mythos. 

“Junior” is NASCAR Jesus, is what I’m saying. And NASCAR Jesus just said the NFL protests are a civil right and repressing them will bring on the revolution.

I would give so much to know how his racist fans are reacting right now. Holy cow.

So I’ve seen some posts about how every Rick and Morty episode from season 3 has featured an alternate version of Rick (Pickle Rick, Drunk Rick, the citadel of Ricks, etc) and I was having trouble figuring out how this applied to The ABCs of Beth. Rick doesn’t change his physical or mental state in the episode, and there aren’t any other Ricks involved. Then, after rewatching the ending, I figured it out.

Beth is this episode’s alternate Rick

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You know how some words sound like their meaning? Like crying sounds very kind of broken and sad? I always associate the way the hogwarts houses sound to the way the people in there are. Most of all Hufflepuffs. Hufflepuff sounds so soft and comforting and like home. Like something that will always be there for you, like a fluffy pile of blankets. Hufflepuff reminds me of snowy winterdays. Not really the cold, but more the staying inside, drinking warm beverages, eating cookies and of christmas.

I could definitely see that. It does sound all light and happy. They all kind of work if you say them out loud.
Like Slytherin sounds all slick or sly or whatever. That sort of thing.
Maybe J. K. did that on purpose.
-Mel (the Slytherin)

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She also sold 58,000 pure sales which is really for good for a song that has been out for a month. Cardi and post Malone didn't sell that much but because of streaming they are ahead. Some fans keep saying how she is flopping when it is the total opposite.

i was just talking to jeannine about this actually. the only two of taylor’s songs that have outperformed LWYMMD were shake it off and blank space. to compare apples to apples (lead single to lead single), let’s only talk about shake it off, which scored four nonconsecutive weeks at #1, two immediately following its release and two right when 1989 came out later in the fall. 

  • debut: shake it off debuted at #1. LWYMMD debuted at #77, but only because it came onto the charts a week early based on three days of airplay alone
  • plays: shake it off did well its first week. LWYMMD broke records for streams on at least two platforms (spotify and youtube), broke the pop radio adds record and posted immense airplay.
  • sales: shake it off sold more in a friendlier sales client, but LWYMMD top-selling week for a singe in 2017 and the top-selling first week for a female since hello in late 2015. 
  • promotion: to get what she got for SIO, taylor did a livestream and invited fans. she did a TON of radio promo, and some other promo that happened to come out during SIO’s early run on the hot 100. she was posting constantly on instagram, and spending HOURS daily on both tumblr, twitter, and instagram interacting with fans, media, and critics alike. she got what she got because she was omnipresent. she also posted BTS videos essentially daily beginning mere days after the song was released. lwymmd had a big drop, but with no fanfare save for 9 social media posts, a music video that premiered three days into the tracking week on an awards show, also promoted with a handful of twitter posts and instagrams. she also has a few corporate tie-ins (though those are for the album more than LWYMMD, and are on par with her past efforts). 

essentially, what this is to mean, is that LWYMMID is currently performing on-par or above shake it off on all metrics, but acheiving better results, with i would say less than half the publicity on taylor’s end. good music sells. she doesn’t need the promo engine, and she’s sailing without it, which makes me think that LWYMMD is actually doing really WELL relative to her other lead singles. not worse. 

Place the Blame

Fandom: Marvel
Ship: Peter Parker x Reader
Requested: Yes, and I combined two similar requests: Can you do one about Peter rescuing reader because she is kidnaped please? and “I can’t do this without you.” with some angst..? ;) how about the reader is kidnapped and peter is like wHERE ARE THEY ;;)
Genre: Angst
Warnings: Mentions of Death, Blood, Injuries, Weapons, Crying, Swearing

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i’ve waited so long to use this gif

Peter immediately knew something was wrong when you didn’t show up to sixth period. He knew it was your favorite class, and you never missed it unless absolutely necessary. You had been at lunch, quickly running out before the period ended to grab a coffee from the nearby café. You hadn’t returned for ten more minutes, and Peter figured you were just running late.

But he was halfway through your favorite period, and your seat next to him was still empty. He was growing antsy; you should’ve been back by now. You should’ve been back a half an hour ago. He still tried to stay calm until the class ended, eyes trained on the door, waiting for you to walk in.

You didn’t walk in.

So at the end of the period, as soon as the bell rang, he dashed out of the classroom. Forgetting about his final class of the day and frankly, not caring about it, he made his way out the back doors of the school. Finding an alleyway, he slipped his Spiderman suit on quickly, the action almost feeling like an instinct now. And out of the corner of his eye as he was sliding his backpack behind a dumpster, a dark green feather on the ground caught his attention.

“Oh no,” he whispered, moving to pick it up gently. He examined it, asking Karen to scan it for materials. When she quickly relayed the information he wanted, he sighed when he heard the word ‘vibranium’.

He knew exactly where you were, and he wasn’t sure what state you would be in when he found you.

Peter had been fighting this villain for as long as he could remember. He wasn’t known by many, but he was always identified by his camouflage-colored feathers on his suit. Peter found them stupid. And the villain hadn’t given himself a name, and neither had the media, so Peter had resorted to calling him ‘Bird Boy’.

He never seemed to be able to defeat him, though. Whether it was being tricked into believing he was somewhere else than where he truly was, or whether he just became too injured to fight on, Peter couldn’t beat him. And he was just as stumped on how he had gotten vibranium into his hands. But he had found his hideout one day, and he was still working on a plan to take him down once and for all.

He was supposed to still be working on it. His plans had obviously changed now, as he made his way quietly through the back door of the warehouse where he assumed you were being held. He was correct when he heard a deep voice speak menacingly, and he peeked from behind a wall to see both your hands and feet handcuffed to a chair. He thought he could see some blood on the side of your face, but he couldn’t see you well enough to tell. He sucked in a quick breath. He needed to devise a game plan.

“Tell me who he is,” Bird Boy spoke, and Peter was almost afraid to breathe. “Who is Spiderman.”

Peter didn’t know how he had found out about you, or how he knew that you knew Peter’s identity, but he couldn’t help but feel guilty. He knew this would happen eventually. People get hurt because of him; it was inevitable for you to get hurt too.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” you replied, voice sounding weak, and Peter almost blew his cover right then and there.

“You do!” Bird Boy cut you off angrily, lifting his arm up and pointing a gun at your face. Peter stiffened. He needed to do something, and he needed to do it now. “Tell me.”

You laughed then, and shook your head. But Peter could see how slowly you moved. He could see how close you were to falling unconscious. “You really think you can beat him.”

Bird Boy faltered, finger twitching on the gun’s trigger. “Of course I do. He hasn’t beaten me yet.”

Yet,” you looked up at the villain in front of you. “He will beat you.”

He stepped forward suddenly, wrapping a hand around your throat but not squeezing. He pressed the gun against your neck, and you yanked at your handcuffs. Peter twitched, aching to run forward and knock the gun out of his hands and to save you. But he knew that he needed to wait; he needed to wait for the right moment.

“Who is Spiderman,” the villain leaned his head closer to you, and your faces were only inches away from each other. “I will kill you if you don’t tell me.”

Peter could see how the words affected you, only because he had known you for so long. But you simply lifted an eyebrow at the feather-covered person in front of you, and said, “I don’t know who he is.”

“Liar!” The villain pulled back and instead of keeping his hand around your neck, he slapped your face harshly. Peter heard you let out a small whimper of pain; he wasn’t sure how much longer he could just stand here, devising a plan, while you were hurt.

“I’m not lying,” you were slapped for the second time, and then he aimed the gun at your forehead again.

Peter knew now was his time to act.

He crawled his way up the wall and onto the ceiling, and shot a web at the gun in Bird Boy’s hand. He knew he jammed it and that he wouldn’t be able to shoot at you, so he tried to breathe easier as he jumped down and shot a few more webs at the man himself.

“You son of a bitch!” Bird Boy yelled and cut his way out of the webs as soon as they had been shot at him. Peter saw relief flood onto your face when you noticed him. Aching to get you free, Peter tried to make his way towards you when he was intercepted by a rush of feathers thrown his way. He groaned when his vision became covered, and he was caught off-guard when a sharp pain in his side knocked him to the ground. 

The feathers fell to the ground alongside him, and his vision cleared enough for him to see Bird Boy aim a weapon at him. “Say goodbye, Spiderman,” he said, although before he could shoot, Peter leapt up and knocked the weapon out of his hands.

“Not before you do,” he grumbled and sent a punch to the villain’s jaw. He heard a grunt as the man fell onto his back, and Peter webbed his arms and legs up with the strongest combinations he had. He punched the man one more time, as strong as he could, and Bird Boy greeted unconsciousness.

Peter turned around and gasped quietly, seeing you unconscious as well and blood soaking the side of your face. He rushed over to you, taking his mask off in the process, breaking off your handcuffs with a simple tug of his strength. He pulled you out of the chair and rested you on the ground gently, looking at you with worried eyes and furrowed eyebrows.

“(Y/N), wake up,” he murmured, brushing your hair out of your face. He grimaced at the blood on your face, trying to keep his eyes off of it, but it was impossible when it covered most of your face. “Come on.”

He shook you softly, and then harder when your eyes didn’t open. He wondered how all the blood had gotten there when he looked around and saw the weapon he had knocked out of Bird Boy’s hands, it too covered in some blood. He let out a shaky breath when he realized that he had done this. 

“(Y/N),” he said louder now, more urgently. “Wake up,” his voice cracked, growing more worried by the second. He should’ve knocked the weapon in the other direction, or let it hit him instead. It wasn’t supposed to be you. You weren’t supposed to be the one hurt. “Wake up!”

He pressed a finger to your neck, feeling for a pulse. He held his breath for a few seconds, willing himself not to cry as he tried to find one. He felt the thumping under his fingers, just barely, and when he placed his fingers under your nose to check your breathing, it was too faint for his liking. “(Y/N), please,” he cried, a tear falling onto your face. “Wake up.” 

Your eyes stayed closed, and Peter began to wonder if you would ever wake up. “I love you,” his voice cracked more, his thumb stroking your cheek. “I can’t do this without you. Please wake up.”

“Son,” he heard from behind him, and he whipped around with you still in his arms. A police officer stood there with a sympathetic expression on his face, and Peter remembered the fact that he didn’t have his mask to cover his face. “Let us take care of this.”

“This is my fault,” Peter cried, looking back down at your unconscious body. He could barely see through his teary eyes. “This is my fault.”

“Come on,” the officer whispered, kneeling down next to Peter and moving his arms to take you into them. Peter only hugged you closer. “We can help.”

Peter only sobbed before letting you go, and the officer quickly took you into his arms, stood up, and began to yell to the other officers who had come into the warehouse. A few of them were cutting Bird Boy out of the webs and putting him into multiple sets of handcuffs, while others were branching out to search the rest of the warehouse. 

Peter watched as the officer took you out of the doors to where he could hear sirens outside, and he didn’t even stop to think about how they had found the warehouse in the first place. He looked down at the blood on his hands, your blood, and stared blankly. 

He didn’t know what he would do if you died. He would blame himself forever.

He did blame himself forever.

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Hello! I was wondering how to prevent yourself from stagnating when it comes to your witchcraft practice. What I mean by that is for the most part I feel like I don't have a million things to do a day. I don't need to cast spells every day for protection, I don't need to worry about deflecting hexes from other witches, I don't have those concerns and feel like my "witch life" is some how lacking. Any advice, if that made any sense?

I think it’s good to ask yourself honestly what you hope to achieve from your practice.
Work to assess what you view as the goal and purpose of your practice.

Do you desire to feel more of a connection and develop working relationships with spirits, deities, ancestors? If so you could devote some time each day/week/month towards researching and studying various approaches to this as well as towards giving offerings and doing works to strengthen these bonds.

Do you desire power? If so perhaps spend some time each day/week/month contemplating upon the nature of power, researching various perspectives on this, identifying the areas in your life where you find your power thrives or lacks, and doing works to strengthen personal power.

Do you desire to have a comfortable and prosperous life? Perhaps spend some time each day/week/month meditation upon the concepts of comfort and prosperity. What does this look like for you? How might it manifest itself. How might you build a greater foundation both magically and practically for such things to manifest themselves in your life?

Do you desire to advance your abilities as a seer or diviner? Perhaps spend some time each day/week/month practicing honing these skills, doing readings and work for friends to become more adept in these areas, researching differing perspectives, sharing notes with others doing similar work?

Do you wish to work with plants or stones? Perhaps spend some time each day/week/month studying a new plant/stone, understanding where it is naturally found, researching how it grows or is formed, how it’s used in medicine or industry, the folklore around it, spending time in communion with the plant/stone itself and opening yourself up to letting it reveal its virtues to you firsthand.

Do you desire to create magical tools/art/talismans? Perhaps spend some time each day/week/month studying the history of these arts, finding examples of the type of work you’d like to create, acquiring the items you’ll need, developing your skills as a craftsman or artisan, and creating your own unique style.

These are all just general examples that I hope will inspire. The craft has many avenues that we might desire to explore and develop ourselves in. As important as spell and ritual work are, they are not the only hallmark of being devoted to, or working at your craft. You don’t need a million things to do a day to be active in your craft. But surrounding ourselves with our craft, whether it be bringing magic into our kitchens, our bedrooms, our workplaces, or our general outlook is how we see our craft mirrored in our lives and allow it to both flourish and strengthen us.


└ Power of five connect in a powerful storm.

Cr: Tsunagu PV + Making of + JAL CM + MS Ultra FES 2017

bts reaction in a haunted house

Credit to gif owners~


-Entered just because you wanted to even if his face was saying otherwise

-Would try to act all confident by walking without holding onto you or moving slowly

-Then scared out of his wits when a jump scare occurs

-“It’s not that sc—I’M SORRY DON’T COME NEAR ME”

-Apologizes to and for everything to the ghosts/zombies

-When you guys finally make it out, he’ll claim he wasn’t scared

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-Would be interested on how some things were created

-“Is this all made by hand?”

-Would stroll leisurely while looking at the props

-Finds it entertaining and cute if you flinch from a scare, maybe even laughs

-“Did that scare you?”

-Same expression throughout

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-Entered to show his manly side even if it was highkey obvious he’d rather jump into ice cold water in winter

-Would want to hurry to the exit but moved slowly cautiously

-Talks a lot, especially after every scare

-“Are we going to make it out alive?”

-“What if that thing comes to life?”

-Denies any fact he was scared once you guys are out

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-Commenting on everything the place could’ve been better

-Or just commenting a lot in general

-“They should’ve made this light dimmer”

-Not affected by any of the scary props

-Probably would focus on if you guys are going the right way to the exit

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-The first time you asked him he’d said he doesn’t like things like that

-He’ll give in the second time you insist

-Though he’d be dragged in rather than just walking in

-After every scare he’ll say it really surprised him over and over

-“I better get a whole day’s worth of cuddles after this”

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-Acts like a tough guy once in the place

-“Y/N, if you are scared you can hold onto my arm”

-Comments on how cool everything is

-Says hello to anything that moves

-Would laugh everytime he gets surprised

-“Is that it?”

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-“Don’t worry, if I see a ghost I’ll punch it”

-“It’s a ghost, Jungkook”

-No flinching whatsoever

-Would turn his head to wherever the jump scare came from

-“Wanna go again?”

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there shouldn’t even be a discussion about this. pidge is a FUCKING girl. whether she is a cis girl or a trans girl is up for interpretation for the time being but she is a GIRL nonetheless. she said flat out “i’m a girl” so how do SOME people not get this. PIDGE IS A GIRL. case closed since season one! fuck!!!

Fate: Part 1

Pairings: Alpha!Bucky x Omega!Reader

Warnings: Smut that’s poorly written, Fluff, Alpha anger, swearing.

Word Count: 4,117

A/N: First time writing A/B/O so please be gentle. Figured I’d drop a new story for the new blog. Enjoy it, y’all!


Fuck. This isn’t happening…’ you thought as you pulled on the locked door of the third closed pharmacy near your house. It was Christmas Eve and some how, with the stress of your job and the approaching holiday, you had managed to run out of suppressants. You knew it was useless; your heat was here and there was nothing you could do to stop it even if you did find an open pharmacy. You were going to have to ride it out.

You pulled the collar of your Alpha ‘brother’s’ old jacket around your throat a little more, trying to cover the strong, sweet smell of your heat unsuccessfully with the Alpha smell of fresh cut grass, sandalwood and a hint of his mate’s lavender and rain as you darted down the snow covered street, desperate to find some help but not knowing how to achieve it. You had been essentially alone and living on suppressants for so long that dealing with a full blown heat by yourself completely terrified you.

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btw if u have like anxiety or depression u dont get a say in conversations abt like schizophrenia n psychosis n autism theyre very different neurodivergencies and when someone says some bullshit about how psychotic people are scary or autistic people are weird people with anxiety or depression are NOT allowed to hop in and go “im mentally ill and i think this post is cool!”

also im very glad that sym is canon autistic rep but a lot of my autistic friends like…… relate more to rat bc hes loud and twitchy and less w sym bc they think she’s the pinnacle of “good, quiet, smart autistic person” aka a more socially acceptable type of autism

like. theres some complexity in how people view and relate to representation and not everyone is gonna relate to the scraps of representation the media throws at us so theyre gonna look at other characters and how they more closely relate to them

hence why some autistic ppl are calling rat “autistic-coded” bc they see themselves more in him and his behaviors

and making fun of autistic people for saying that (esp if youre not autistic) is, uh, bad