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Would you consider attempting to wean "stupid" out of your vocab? I know it's hard and super normalized, but I've heard multiple times its ableist, and even though I've struggled myself to use other words I feel it's important to share with others. I've been trying to use ridiculous, wild, fucked up, whack, silly, etc instead. It's hard and our language makes it harder, but just some food for thought. 😘

I’ll do some reading. Have any specific recommendations?

Okay, but since when take we what UA’s say for face value? We never got confirmation in form of pictures and the UA was sketchy in itself as it had been only created that day, the info dropped. If you compare her look to her Summertime Ball appearance, the pic might as well be from last night. Zerrie is STILL FAKE, I just think it makes us look extremely, what’s the word, unreliable? when we forget certain standards just to fit our narrative (and doesn’t that remind you of some other part of the fandom). Now that I’m on the topic, no, I don’t think every single picture is photoshopped. We KNOW they have to spend time together and even though there have been incidents where it has been proven that pictures were fake, I honestly find it ridiculous what length some people go to debunk a single snapshot, since I believe they can stay in each others presence for more than a second without killing each other. I also think the term shade has been overused at this point. Obviously this is only my opinion, I’m not here to point fingers and everyone’s entitled to do as they please. It’s just something I wanted to say for a while now.    


I didn’t grab all the comments from Youtube (which is basically a giant flame war at this point), but here were all the messages at the time I received on Tumblr.

It’s official, Demoman is one of the factors responsible for The Great Divide of TF2.

I think making these videos catering to the niche audience that is competitive TF2 has been interesting in terms of how big this gap between competitive TF2 and casual TF2 basically is, and while I’m not inclined to take Youtube comments into validity, it’s still interesting to see the point of view on a few people within the target of TF2’s market.

I think the reason so many fans rag on Ronaldo and Lars is because they’re those characters that are relatable in ways nobody wants to acknowledge. I actually relate to Lars a lot, I was a lot like him as a teenager, and I see a lot of people that I think are more like him or Ronaldo than they want to admit (Ronaldo is an excitable blogger who always has new and wild theories about the Gems, sound familiar?). But the thing is I also know that several of those people either lack the self awareness to notice this or they don’t want to admit they have these types of flaws.

Interpretations of Songs in Music Magic

I’ve been a proponent of the “associations/correspondences are personal and should be tailored to the individual” mentality for as long as I can remember. I think it’s really important for people to have a personal connection to associations they utilize so that they don’t second guess themselves/their magic. And this belief of mine is not merely limited to magic; as a writing I’ve always believed that the reader’s interpretation is so much more valuable than the writer’s intention (very few books change my mind on this point, but Lolita is definitely one of them. If you think Lolita is a love story you need to sit down and have a think).

I feel much the same way about music, which is where this post is headed. Being a magic user as well as a musician, I’ve written countless spells, curses, and chants inspired by songs. The intention I use a song for magically is not always the song’s original intention. This is because I feel that my personal connection to the song, how I interpret and feel it, is more important than how it was originally intended to be interpreted. I am, after all, not the person who wrote/performed the song. I don’t live their life. I may not feel the song the same way they did.

I have two very good examples of songs I’ve used contrary to their original intention. This spell was designed to push away unwanted blessings from people who thought they knew what was good for you better than you did. The original song is much darker and revolves around self-sabotage, however, the spell I created is designed more to protect than to sabotage.

Another example is this spell inspired by Kesha’s “Timber”. A party song that’s about having the night of your life, I turned into a curse. I saw/felt something from it that jumped out at me and couldn’t resist the chance to twist the meaning around and turn it into a weapon against dangerous people.

These are just two examples but I’m sure I have many more. The point is, you’re not limited to what the original writer and/or performer of the song intended when it comes to creating magic based on musical selections. It does not matter if we’re talking contemporary music or music from the dark ages. If you feel something, run with it. That is going to have so much more power for you personally than if you were to conform to someone else’s associations. If others don’t agree with the way you’ve used that song in your magical practices then they can create their own way. I shit you not, there are three song spells based on “Ghost” by Ella Henderson on tumblr and all of them take different approaches and meanings.

That’s one of the joys of using art to inspire your magic. Art is meant to be felt and interpreted differently by everyone. You can give ten people one song and tell them all to make their own spell based on that song, and they’d all come back with something different and unique.

Music, and art in general, has only the limits that we decide to place on it. When moving forward with musical witchcraft, I encourage everyone to be limitless.
Eucharistic Eyes
Protestants puzzle over how Catholics can see the person of Christ in a piece of bread. But the greater mystery seems to be how Catholic

“The greater mystery seems to be how Catholics see the person in the face of the Protestant. Both parties live in a world in which the gaze sees, not people, but tools, objects, social classes, races — a media world full of media types. The idea of seeing a particular person rather than this or that thing, really seeing her as an unrepeatable life, an unfathomable mystery and an infinite value — it’s about as shocking and difficult as seeing God in bread and wine.”

Tbh I don’t know why Polly Cracker thinks Cody is some mastermind genius player who needs to be blessed by the BB Gods.  His brother was Derrick’s lap dog for the entire summer and evicted Victoria over Derrick during the final Hoh. ???  Cody literally handed Derrick $500K because friendship???? Even Paul wouldn’t do that???

.Agust D MV: a rundown.

So I’m filled with emotions & I need to process so much of what is happening lyrically in Yoongi’s mixtape so far that I literally don’t know where to start or what to do with myself at the moment so I’m just going to write.

This is a straightforward video so I’m just going to pick up some cues & throw them out for thought food. So apologies for the roughness in writing, just trying to call it as I saw it. No real theories. Just take it as you will. Thank you~

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the gift (707 x mc/reader)

summary: they say ‘a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.’

rating: 10+ (no spoilers!)

notes: first off, yay! the iOS version is finally out! i’m so excited that iPhone users will finally be able to suffer through enjoy Mystic Messenger.

second, i decided to take a quick break from unknown fic writing to do this since it was crazy short and i’d been missing 707. as always, i hope you guys enjoy!

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