some of the writing made me cringe

BTS Reaction to a Prank Gone Wrong.

A/N: My first reaction request! Aha! I had to dig deep into my past to pull up memories of awful pranks that made me cry as a kid to write this. I am cringing. Some of these were hard to do especially Jin’s. Mostly because pranks that make people cry are often really cruel jokes.

Seokjin: (I can’t imagine Jin pranking someone to a degree that they cry..)

There was nothing more that you hated than spiders. Jesus Christ, they were awful. You were staying the night at the Dorm, a rare occurrence mostly since the boys were rarely there these days. So, when you were all nestled into your boyfriend’s bed, one leg haphazardly dangling from the edge of the bed that you grew nervous at the tickling sensation crawling up your leg. You pulled the cover back and let out a scream, seeing a small tarantula crawling slowly up your leg. You couldn’t move, you couldn’t breathe, and you felt a sob rip through you. Seokjin was stifling laughter from behind you and the rest of the boys all came to investigate. He thought this was funny?

“Kim Seokjin!” you wailed, tears falling down your cheeks and he knew you didn’t find this amusing.

“Jagi, it was a prank…” Seokjin murmured and you weren’t laughing, Jungkook and Jimin were. But, you continued to cry.

“This isn’t funny! Get it off! Get it off me!” you tried to move your leg and it fell to the floor, you were still wailing and screaming.

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Yoongi: (I feel like some of the hyung line is just way too mature..) 

Normally, you were used to the late nights and early mornings when it came to your boyfriend Min Yoongi. It was standard. But, this week was encompassed in a prank war with Jimin and Taehyung. With work being light, you were bored waiting for Yoongi, one day it went too far, you had rigged a bucket of ice water over the door, knowing Jimin would just stumble through after practice. This was in retaliation for the sharpie mustache you awoke to yesterday. Just as the door opened, the water splashed down, thought it wasn’t the high-pitched yell of one Park Jimin, but the hoarse grunt of your boyfriend. You stifled a laugh and went through, the apartment to grab a towel. He scowled at you, silent demeanor expected after what you just did. You let him shower and change before apologizing profusely. Yoongi merely kissed your forehead and you both went to bed. When you woke up the next morning, Yoongi had brought you a cup of coffee. You beamed.

“Babe, this is so sweet.” You murmur, taking the cup from him.

“I put too much sugar in the cup is all.” He replied with a shrug and you took a sip. Boy, did you regret taking that sip. Your mouth was on fire and you hated spicy food. Instantly you face heated up and tears welled up in your eyes.

“What the fuck Yoongi,” You coughed, tears falling down your face and he smirked.

“It was only a prank, dear.”

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Hoseok: (This sunshine would probably regret this so quick)

He was sweet, the sweetest in the entire world. So, when he jumped out of your bathroom dressed as a clown, you were shocked into tears. You had been having a perfectly fine day, work went well, you weren’t going to have to stay late at the office. You had texted Hoseok, telling him you would be home early. He replied saying he had a surprise for you. You smiled at the thought. You had hoped it was dinner, maybe roses, and champagne. You would also take him lying in bed just reading. It was surprising to come home to find most of the lights off.

 “Hoseok?” You called out to him, walking back into your bedroom and before you could make it to the room, he emerged from your room with a growl. Clown mask making you scream in terror. You hated clowns. More than anything, they always made you cry. It was no surprise that you began to sob. Sitting on your floor with your head in your hands.

“Oh, I am so so sorry!”

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Namjoon: (He’d realize he don diddly fucked up)

You loved your boyfriend. More than anything. Namjoon, he always had your best interests at heart. Sometimes. though; he was a complete and utter idiot and he demonstrated this by coming home with the worst news you thought you would ever hear. He walked through the door, a frown etched on his face. “Namjoon, what’s wrong?”

“I got a phone call from the vet, Hanzo didn’t make it through the surgery…” Your beloved dog Hanzo was having a minor surgery, but it was still surgery and you felt your chest constrict.

“Wh-What?” You blanched, he put his hand over his mouth while you began to cry.  Looking up, he realized what he did was wrong and when the door opened and Hanzo bounced into your apartment, an exhausted Yoongi attached to the leash that you realized it was a joke and he hugged you. “You thought that was funny?” You were livid and shoved him away.

“It was a prank.”

“A fucking terrible one at that!”

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Jimin: (This squish would prank you and then regret making you cry.)

You hummed quietly as you parked your car, exiting the vehicle and heading up the stairs to your apartment. There was a moving truck outside the building and you were curious to see who was moving in or out. You hoped mean old Ms. Cho was moving out of her apartment. She lived next door and often complained about you being too loud when you weren’t doing anything at all. But, never the less, you walked down the hallway to apartment 207, key out and ready to unlock the door. When you opened it however, you were surprised to see all your furniture was gone. What the hell? Had you been robbed?  You scrambled for your phone, breath short, and tears springing to your eyes. You typed in your boyfriends number, hearing it ring two times before he answered.

“Jagi! How are you?”

“Jimin, I’ve been robbed!” You sobbed into the phone, only to hear him laugh. “Park Jimin this is not funny at all!”

“Got you!”  He sang, you could almost see him laughing.

“Got me?” You blanched confused. He laughed again.

“Yeah, you didn’t see the van? ParkTae moving?”

“No, did you steal my stuff?”

“You’ve been pranked Jagi!” He teased and you wiped your eyes. You were going to get him back.

“I’m calling the police.” You ground out and he protested over the phone, telling you he would put all your stuff back if you didn’t call the police.

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Taehyung: (This sunshine wouldn’t even realize he did something wrong)

You liked a routine, you liked being punctual more than anything. It was like rack to you. Being on time. So, you set six different alarms for your presentation tomorrow. You had to be up at, at least five in the morning to get ready and do some last-minute tweaking.  Your loving and doting boyfriend had seen how stressed you’d been lately and thought it would be slightly sweet also hilarious to not only change the clocks to a later time but, change your alarm ringtone to him screaming.  So, when you were startled awake at the sound of your boyfriends voice, you woke to the clocks saying it was eight thirty, which happened to be your presentation time. You jumped out of bed, frustrated tears welling in your eyes as Taehyung exited the shower.

“Jagi, what’s the matter?” He asked, concerned as to why you were crying.

“I woke up three hours late and now my presentation is ruined- and why are you snickering?”

“I set the clocks forward.”

“You did what?” You screeched and more tears rolled down your face. He chewed his lips.

“I thought it would be funny to change your alarm tone and let you sleep in, so I changed the clock on your alarm…” He explained and you checked your phone that was charging in the bathroom.


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Jungkook: (He’d be laughing is as of before apologizing profusely)

You screeched as the masked man chased you the stairs. You had entered your house through the basement door, the front door was being worked on and the locks were being changed. You routinely did this in order to maintain a level of safety for your overly paranoid mind. What you didn’t expect was a man to emerge from the shadows, scream mask on his face and knife in his hand. You felt terror flow through you and you made a beeline through the stairs. You slipped climbing up and began to cry, twisting your ankle, when off the mask came. It revealed you friend Jungkook. Laughter bubbling from his lips and you kicked him. 

“Your face! Oh, my god!”

“I thought I was going to die you punk ass bitch!”

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no control

repost. You sure you’re a virgin?

AN: i cringed when i first read this again, but then i made some changes and i love it enough to share it again with yall. also this is to make up fr all the blood and gore ive been posting lately. thanks for putting up with me ilysm

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Imagine badboy!Woozi looking attentively at you instead of studying during one of your tutoring sessions with him. When you tell him to stop staring at you and continue studying, he says “I am studying. I’m studying you” in a nonchalant manner.

2016 writing round-up

@angelandfaith was nice enough to tag me even though i barely wrote anything this year so kudos to her 

total 2016 word count: 9,875
total 2016 hits: (ao3 only) 1,183
other 2016 ao3 stats: kudos: 121; comment threads: 28; bookmarks: 4; subscriptions: 0 ( ♫ that’s what you get when you only write one-shots, whoaaaaooooohhhhaaaaaaoooohhhh ♫ )

links and titles to 2016 works

favorite fic: some sense of security. hands down. it’s the only thing i’ve ever had the heart to reread after i posted it and it only made me cringe a few times

hardest fic: the way you planned. just bc i had no idea where to go with it or anything and i’m still not 100% happy with it. writing fluff is still sort of new to my sad little angsty ass and i’ll be honest when i say i know absolutely nothing about marriage and weddings so i was very much out of my depth

do you plan to take prompts in 2017? i tried last year and i didn’t do any of them. so. no. definitely not. i wish i could, though. i truly envy writers that can do prompt fics 

what was the best thing about 2016? when it ended… also like. i wrote some stuff for the first time in a few years so that was good. and the buffy fandom sort of became my home in 2016 which continues to be a mix between weird and amazing so i can’t really complain that much 

what was the worst thing about 2016? it was the year of realizing things and i realized a lot of bad things. it’s a work in progress. i’m just glad that 2016 is over. so so so glad 

any last thoughts for 2016? why god w h y

goals for 2017:

  • start writing&posting the tara/faith hogwarts au
  • go to… stupid… college…
  • save girl meets world from cancellation 
  • lowkey highkey wanna carry sabrina carpenter around in a kangaroo pouch 
  • i have an angsty wishverse/runaways au about tara and faith that i rarely speak about but desperately want to turn into reality. even if it’s just a one-off fic, i need to get that done this year because if i don’t it’s going to eat me alive 

tagging: some hoes (that hopefully haven’t been tagged already but probably have) @dreadfulcalendarwoman @hotchickswithsuperpowers @willozsummers @catty-words and anyone else who writes that i missed just pretend i tagged you okay i’m bad at keeping up with who does what in fandom

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Tips for smut writers? :)

OH LORD. If you have no…experience I’d say just read a shit ton of it lmao. If you really wanna make it realistic you could google some stuff. i know this isn’t much help but I just kind of sat down one day and wrote it (I don’t know what made me decide to do that). I usually listen to songs that actually sing/rap about sex, but I always listen to music when I write so that could be just a me thing. It DEFINITELY takes practice. If I looked at my first ever smut I’d probably cringe so hard omg


THANKS GUYS WHAT A GREAT WAY TO START OFF 2017 (even though it’s the 7th now but who cares it’s still January)

I feel bad cause I haven’t posted in a while but I’m almost done with a Peter Parker imagine! Sorry for taking so long, I’ve been going through some stuff but I’m hoping to get it out hopefully in the next few days!

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Hey I just made a 5sos blog and I was wondering how I start off and get followers and such? Like It's going to be an imagine blog. Sorry to bother you

Use lots of tags! #5sos #5sos imagines #luke Hemmings etc ! Try to make some friends too. Having friends is great bc they can give you useful advice about your fics and sometimes give you a few cheeky rbs ;) (that was so weird omg I cringe). Just have fun with it! Try to write because you want to, not because you want to be ‘tumblr famous’ because, trust me, you’ll have a lot more fun that way

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Author questions: 22, 23, 28, 39

22. Is there anything you regret writing?

Not… really? Not in the sense of writing a thing** anyway: I have looked over a published fic and winced at slapdash editing process and done more than a little cringing at some of the Opinions that made their way into my writing when I was 14-15, but I have never wished I could Unmake anything I have published - admittedly, the main reason is that I don’t have it in me to write down most things that appear in my head, or even if I do, they live out their short lives folded into the piece of wrapping paper that covers the bottom of my nightstand.

** This is about fiction. Don’t ask me about forum posts, school essays, comments, badly wordsed emails or the poetry I wrote when I was 13.

23. Name a fic you’ve written that you’re especially fond of & explain why you like it.

Those Melancholy Gardens. There is something very soothing about everything that goes into this verse, and more than anything else I have written, it gives me a sense that I have been able to convey this good feeling to the readers and make their day a bit brighter. This is all my shameless Fix-it heart can ask for, really.

Also this was the first fic for the Fandom of My Heart, which means it will always be a bit special.

28. If someone were to draw a piece of fanart for your story, which story would it be and what would the picture be of?

Omg, well. I would be beside myself with joy for any scene from any fic that got illustrated, but for the purpose of this question, it would almost have to be the Jeunes Hogwarts AU: this is so different from everything else, I have some trouble visualising it even for myself. 19th century French Romantic writers in Hogwarts, doing hjinks? I had a dream about it; that pretty much says it all about the way I see it. There are one or two mental images with very clear focus points, but the edges blur so. A fanart of my dreams (hah!) would be hjinks-based, but what I’d really like is to capture the main characters enough that I could actually see them for more than two seconds at a time

39. What is you greatest strength as a writer?

Haha, this is probably a question better asked from others. As for myself… hm. I suppose I manage to write the kind of fic that I would like to read: just different enough and self-indlugent enough to keep the id happy, even while avoiding stuff I’m too self-conscious to include in a published fic. I rather like my mixture of Dialogue and Introspection With Much Implications - though I’m never quite sure how well it carries over for people who don’t live inside my head - and get immense satisfaction from being able to tie together a bunch of random facts and throwaway lines from the canon, and to find that the result makes a whole lot of sense. Perhaps most importantly, I have learned to accept that not much happens in my fic, and this is Okay, and while not everyone enjoys that, this is Also Okay.

httpplutoprincess  asked:

Currently crying from the last fic wow you did amazing! Would you be willing to do something fluffy or smutty soon? I check your page every day! Love love love your work! Some of the best written fic I've seen honestly, it's usually written really shitty and makes me cringe, but you're so good with writing and imagery! Xoxo

Awwh I’m sorry for making you cry love. But I’m so glad you like my stuff. And yes I will write something fluffy and smutty very soon. Oh my…I’m always nervous about my writings because english is my 4th language and I feel like they’re full of mistakes haha.

You just made my day. I hope you have a good one (or had if it’s evening/night).

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Exo K reacting to you being in a bad mood

This is like a week late but I was feeling kind of shitty and everything I could come up was cringe worthy angst. But that is just depressing as hell, so instead here is Exo K being supportive and awesome and writing this made me smile, and I hope you feel the same while reading it. 

Sehun: God. Can you imagine? Some days being around him and hearing his sarcastic comments is already enough to get you worked up, and being with Sehun basically is just a roller coaster of emotions, because you love him so much, but you also want to strangle him 30% of the time. Sometimes the way you talk to each other feels like some kind of complicated dance, teasing and sarcastic comments flying back and forth. And when either one of you is really mad the other one just kind of fights back, and there is a lot of shouting and doors being thrown shut. But it’s always just the heat of the moment, and eventually you get yourself together and talk it out. Or you solve your problems with angry sex because Sehun gets kinda dominant when he is pissed off, and that shit is really fucking hot.

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Chanyeol: It’s basically impossible for you to be in a bad mood when he is around, simply because he is always happy and smiling and you just have to do the same the very second he walks into the room. So when you still manage to be grumpy when he is there something really bad must have happened. The first time thus us the case you tell him to shut up his face just kind of falls and you immediately feel sorry and start to apologize. But it takes a little bit more than that to unsettle Chanyeol, and he just makes you tell him what is wrong. And with his arms resting around your midriff and your face nuzzled against the side of his neck whatever has happened doesn’t seem so bad anymore. Because after all, he is still there and you are as happy as you could be.

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Suho: He would be so annoying when you are mad, because he is completely unfazed by it. After all, it’s his job to take care of a bunch of giant 20 year old babies. So whenever you are rambling about something he would just be sitting there, nodding and making actual useful suggestions how to solve whichever problem is bothering you. At some point you finally snap and tell him: “Damnit Myeon, I don’t need your fucking advice right now I just want to be pissed of and annoyed.” And he’d be sitting there like: “…what?” He actually looks so confused that you kind of erupt into laughter and fall down on the couch next to him like. “Ugh, whatever, now I can’t be mad anymore because it always makes me laugh when you do that face.”

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D.O.: No matter how angry or sad or upset you are, something about Kyungsoo’s presence is always enough to calm your nerves. Maybe it’s because his entire personality is so steady and relaxed, maybe it’s because you are just really, really in love with him. Either way, Kyungsoo’s soft voice, a cup of tea and cuddling is the best way to put you in a good mood again.

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Kai: He is pretty good at dealing with you, no matter which mood you are in. So when you are pissed off he either talks you down, or he watches from a safe distance. But he always makes sure to supply chocolate which sometimes already does the deal to make you smile again.

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Baekhyun: Usually you can’t deal with his loud, over-the-top persona when you are annoyed. But to your surprise Baekhyun shows a completely different side of himself when he realizes how shitty you feel, and suddenly your always teasing, always joking boyfriend turns serious and just sits there, closely listening to every word you say.  Then he’d just pull you in for the most comforting hug you could imagine, softly murmuring that things will be fine eventually, and he will be here, no matter what. And even though you didn’t think it would be possible, but that is the day you fall for him even more.

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Like, I don’t want to brag, but this is really cute, isn’t it?

As usually, here is my master list, here is the mobile version, and here you can send me requests or questions. Or just message me with whatever is on your mind.

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Request: Can I request a Christmas oneshot? The reader and Steve are really good friends, and he chooses to spend Christmas with the reader and her grandmother/father or mom/dad since the reader doesn’t have any family besides them? And they have good times and it’s fluffy and Steve only starts to realize he might have feelings for the reader? And the reader’s one family member teases her about her and Steve being close friends? You’re wonderful and your blog is one of my favorites :)

A/N: Thank you oh my gosh things like this always make me smile! ;D Some of these parents comments made me cringe just writing them so good luck reading them mwhaha. Also I’m British so I apologise for mum and mother but you know I’m practically T-hiddys twin. 

“You have no idea how much this means to me, thank you so much,” you rang the door to your parents house as you thanked Steve. The kind soul had offered to spend Christmas with you since your family was broken and your mother and father were the only people you had.

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retroclover  asked:

2, 3, 7, 10. 2, 3, 7, 10

screenshot the tabs you have open

Yeah I know i’m boring. However, I did have amazon and my college website open when I reblogged the post with these asks, if that’s any more exciting. 

the last text you sent to someone?

‘cool. let me know when you’re on the way’ I sent that to my dad. Once again nothing super interesting. 

tell an embarrassing memory or story

Um well one time in middle school I was caught drawing dicks in my notes. To make matters worse I tried to lie about it by saying that someone else made me do it. I’m cringing just thinking about it. 13 year old me was very stupid and immature. 

if you draw or write, show some of your really old work 

BEHOLD something I wrote when I was in middle school. lol tbh im not even ashamed of this mostly because I wrote it as a parody and it makes me laugh every time I remember it exists. 

whats your favorite flavor of ice cream?

Mint chocolate chip! 

whats your favorite color?


favorite song you cant stop listening to? 

It’s a tie between ‘Traveling Song’ and ‘The Fool’ both by Ryn Weaver. 

whats something thats made you laugh recently? 

The fact that I wrote a shitty percy jackson oc fanfiction and uploaded it onto the internet when I was in middle school lmao

Thanks for asking! 

Fanfiction Authors Appreciation Day

Sooo I’ve decided to do a list of my favorite authors in honor of Fanfiction Authors Appreciation Day instead of a rec list because I’ve been reading fanfics for probably 3 years straight (read: too many faves) and I already have one here. For even more fic recs, check out my AO3 bookmarks here for 264 lovely fics. 

I’d like to say a huuuuge THANK YOU to all of you authors for all the time and effort you invested into your writing to give me an enjoyable experience. I’ve actually learned a lot about a lot of things that more mainstream media doesn’t touch on, so thank you for helping me be a better person too. <3 Every one of you has touched my heart in some way, whether your story made me sob like a baby, laugh for five minutes straight, cringe of embarrassment, roll around on my bed because I can’t stand the cute, become unbearably horny, or be late to something because I just had to finish your story before I left. 

Well here goes. I’d love to give a shoutout to: 

4TAE | acidtowns | AirenRin | andreaphobia artenon | avoidingavoidance | Azshalade | bfketh | BlakeBroflavski | catsonfire | Cheese_kun | Chellodello | cinnamon_skull | coldmackeral | cottontale | crunchrapsupreme | dividedheart | dizzyondreams | driedupwishes | elliemoran | elliewritesthings | EquinoxSolstice | feriket | foreverautumn | freshia | GraarPlacemat | HaleYes | Imanza | joouheika | KayteaEm | Kenjiandco | KerosineShowers | Ketita | khimairan | kiokushitaka | kirakiracats | Kyogre | lalazee | Lanii | LavenderProse | Matcha | MildlyMoonstruck | momohime69 | mongoose_bite | Monsoon | murakamism | mybrainproblems | Mysecretfanmoments | Nakimochiku | NeigeAuSoleil | ninanna | odoridango | Opulence | Pas_dAutres | peralta | po cketsizedtitan | PorcelainBlue | PresquePommes | qwartootyryuusea | saekimchi | scarrle tmoon | sciencefictioness  | seabear | seaofteeth | shotgunsinlace | shulkie | tanyart | TheModernChromatic | TheSpazzBot | throneofwaste Trick_Fantasy | twisting_vine_x | Variabile | WhiteSilverandMercury | Yuu_chi | zhedang