some of the writing made me cringe

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Naruto ends and it basically gives me everything I could hope for? and mind you Naruto became something so dear to me, moreso than InuYasha probably did and just to have its ending, its story in general do me so much right was amazing. Death Note was the only series that ended and I was like oh well that makes sense, because there was no other way of ending something like that yeah? it was even foreshawed.

Naruto ending did give me what I want but at the same time there were things I was left unsatisfied with (mostly plotholes among others), but I don’t like complaining all day about that. Kishi, I’ll have to admit, is not the best writer. I LOVE his characters but he sometimes made some choices in writing that made me cringe including letting SP have free reign to turn his story into a filler nightmare.

Inuyasha ending surprisingly satisfied me more despite not seeing little Inukag kids running around.

Death Note made me butthurt, but its was still fairly obvious.

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Your post just proved how annoying and some rpdr fans are, I cringed so hard seeing them throwing tantrum that somebody doesn't like their fave, especially those ones with pearl related urls or avi.... No shade to pearl, just my observation

exactly!! thank you! i think its awkward replying to nice asks; sorry if i sound repetitive when answering these, but it really does shine rpdr viewers in a bad light. if they trashed trixie (my number 1 fave from s7) i definitely wouldn’t take time out of my life to write a paragraph about how upset it made me, but y’know

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Anybody remember my review of Between the Lines? Yes? No? It was a decent book. It had it’s moments, both good and bad. And this one really did as well. Some of the writing is excellent. Some parts made me cringe. I almost cried at one point. I’m not proud of that. 

The book takes several turns I wasn’t expecting. Really, though I don’t know what I was expecting from this sequel. Above all, I felt it wasn’t necessary, but wasn’t totally horrible.

The It-Girl by Katy Birchall Review

The It-Girl by Katy Birchall

“You’ve spent your entire life complaining about not being popular and, now that you are popular, you want to be unpopular again?”
That pretty much sums up the book. The It-Girl is the typical story of a girl who’s defined by her weird status and how her life changes when she becomes popular. I liked Anna with her obsession with her dog, her quest to watch movies before her time and easy going personality. The book had many funny moments alongside cringe worthy/embarrassing moments which made me like Anna more. Following stereotypes the book did have the entire girl gets lost in fame and loses herself theme and at times Anna’s naivety was annoying. However the different relationships in the book; friendships and family were really sweet alongside the cute romance sub plot. I liked the writing style and the email format some of the chapters took – the book is a quick and light read. Plus this book really reminded me of The Princess Diaries.

Get horny and get happy

In the last two months since I got this blog started I’ve made two entire posts. Sadly, I can’t pat myself on the back yet for being productive, but I’m working on that. There are various reasons for my delay in writing, the most obvious one being that in order to maintain a blog about sex.. you have to have it. And well, sadly.. I haven’t been very active in the delicate, awkward art of fucking recently. But that is no reason not to write about it. After all I have numerous experiences to draw from, some awful, some quite good, and most, completely hilarious.

And what better story to start with than the beginning? Growing up, I was a complete prude. Anything and everything that had to do with sex or genitals made me cringe with embarrassment and shame. Despite my complete fear of all things sexual I thought about sex a whole lot. I know this, because I have diaries dating back to when I was fourteen containing horrendously bad smut that would even give E.L. James a run for her money. I wasn’t as creative with euphemisms for genitalia as she was, but still, it wasn’t until I was seventeen that I started referring to my vagina as anything else but “the hole”.

My first contact with “the hole” was when I was taking a shower and a finger accidentally slipped in. Now this to me was a kind of a “huh” moment. I had seen a power-point presentation on the female anatomy before so I technically knew that there was an entrance point down there somewhere but still, it felt fucking weird.

I wish I could say that this was the moment of polarization and acceptance of my sexual side and finally being happy with my own urges and wants, but life is never that straightforward. From this point on came a period of unsatisfying attempts at masturbation followed my fits of shame and depression. I felt wrong, dirty, and disgusting for even doing it but at the same time embarrassed and flawed for not doing it correctly. I knew that masturbation should feel good and nobody had straight out told me that it was wrong but I still hated myself after each time. I was too afraid and ashamed to talk to anyone about what I was doing and how I felt about it until one day when curiosity got the best of me and I dared to confide in my friends, who were all girls. The conversation went a little bit like this:

Me: Uhmm.. so girls I euh.. I have a question. Do you like ever.. I mean, have you ever ya know.. masturbated..?

Friend 1: “Ew. No”.  

Friend 2: “Uhmm yea no”.

Friend 3: “No. That’s disgusting”.

Me. “Oh.. ok. Well.. I have…”

Friend 1: “ too”.

Friend 2: “yea me too”.

Friend 3: “hah, well if we’re all coming clean… “

Surprise, surprise.

Having this weight finally lifted off my shoulders felt wonderful but the context of it is still so backwards. Why did admitting to masturbation feel like confessing to a crime, why was it a dirty little secret nobody was supposed to know? What in our culture tells young people, especially girls, that sexual pleasure is inherently horrible and shouldn’t be discussed? I think this is the root to many of my struggles in regards to my sexuality. It isn’t normal to talk about it. And I need to talk about it. That’s why I created this blog, so that I could vent away without hurting other people’s feelings with my brutish, raw and honest approach to things like sex, masturbation, pubic hair, periods, fantasies and the like. 

I need to talk about these things. Because nobody talked to me about them. Nobody sat down with me and simply told me that jerking off, feels so, so, so good. And being ok with who you are and who you are attracted to is such an important part of being a healthy, happy individual. So listen up all you gals, guys and variations thereof! Masturbation is wonderful. It is beautiful and amazing and normal. It feels great- and even if you aren’t reaching orgasm through your solo sessions yet (I didn’t manage to climax (through sex or masturbation) until I was seventeen and a half years old, and it still isn’t a given each time I have a go at it), it’s still pretty good and the more you practice the more chance you have of figuring out what works and what doesn’t for your body.

So, if you are anything like how I was, and masturbation is a hell of a hot potato for you, I’ll share some of my stories with you on how to make it a little bit easier. First of all, it’s not going to be romantic. Masturbation doesn’t involve rose pedals sprinkled on silk sheets, lacy underwear and slow, sultry piano music playing in the background (unless of course that’s your thing in which case have at it). However, in all likeliness it’s going to be a bit awkward and smelly and noisy, just like sex. I mean, laying in your bed with your laptop balancing on your tits while your face makes that double chin thing as you click away at your clit in your over-sized pyjama bottoms isn’t really the hottest thing ever. But it’s not supposed to be either! This is your time. Mission de-stress. There isn’t an audience, nobody is judging your performance, it’s just you and your weapon of choice- be it fingers, dildos, vibrators, an assortment of legumes or kitchen utensils.

Now, in order to jack off, you gotta wanna do it. So get yourself in gear. Read really bad fanfiction about Sherlock Holmes fucking a strawberry (I haven’t checked but I’ll bet you fifty bucks this has been done). Or maybe you’re more visual in which case hop onto to pornville- although beware.. It can be a little bit trickier to figure out if the people you’re watching fuck want you to be watching than fictional characters created through writing. Let’s all try to be sensible and only watch the stuff that’s been produced where everyone involved is so by their own free will. This may mean subscribing to websites and paying for your membership and hell yea you should. If people are creating stuff you like to consume you should pay for it! Maybe auditory stuff is your thing, then just google “people moaning” (If you could see all the stuff I have googled you would be amazed, I am simply terrible at searching for things I’m looking for). In any way, relax, have fun with figuring out what gets you going and enjoy yourself. 

Then, get horny and get happy.


OFF OF THAT NOTE, let’s have some introspection. I might have an excellent use of language in my writing, but do I ever use that outside of a keyboard?

Rarely. If ever.

My vocabulary is decimated whenever I actually speak. I am at least 20% as cool. The smooth, relaxing, burbling creek that are my sentences turns into a toilet made of extreme inflection that just makes me cringe whenever I hear it.

I like my writing, i don’t like my speaking.