some women look like this

                  “thank you for coming with me to the gala tonight,” he murmured, tie loosened and cufflinks clinking together in his hands as he approached the dresser where she stood. “i know it was last minute to ask, and you really do look stunning tonight as always.” mathias was tired, beyond sleepy as his voice remained low and arms loosely wrapped around her waist so he could press his chest against her back. “thank you for making me the envy of my entire company.” with a small, boyish grin, the male placed a few kisses against the soft skin of her exposed shoulder, nose skimming along the back of her neck. “every man in that room, i swear, and even some of the women, looked like they wanted to steal you away from me and fuck you in the bathroom or something.”

Okay but seeing people use Leia’s slogan’s and quotes of the Resistance/Rebellion (basically SWS quotes) for the Woman’s March  is so heartwarming and powerful, because even if this is real life, the Rebellion/Resistance and Leia’s character were all literally symbols of hope to overcome oppression and injustice for everyone. Like even though the future seems extremely dim, there is still a chance.

More women who do not look like the ones we always see.

For me, Mother Jefferson will always be the standard of difficult mother-in-law characters.

“Don’t feel bad. After all, it was my own fault I had the [fake] accident. I should have washed that kitchen floor the minute I saw how greasy you left it.”

Unfortunately I couldn’t find a good picture of her with her trademark smile, where she entered every room like she was the birthday girl. Every day.

i feel like sometimes u gotta step back from urself a little bit and ask urself: can this thing that I dislike exist without my validation or my approval or even my acknowledgement? and more so, is this thing capable of pleasing, satisfying or entertaining other people despite my opinion?  

if the answer is yes, then ask urself: where does the need to belittle it come from? what outcome are you hoping for?

i feel like a classic one regards girls and their makeup – for example a really thick brow. this is not a look for everyone, and it may not be a look for you, but this thing very much exists and will continue to exist no matter how little you approve of it. and this concept definitely pleases some women that happen to like that type of look. so, what do you hope happens when you throw all ur demeaning comments out there? do you seriously, sincerely hope that Margaret changes how she does her eyebrows? will you smile and congratulate Margaret when she comes out the next day with your idea of the best brows? is there seriously a helpful intention in your spewed anger?

and if you can proudly say yes to that, then ask urself: is it necessary for you to tell Margaret how to do her brows? do you believe that Margaret doesn’t know about other types of brows? is Margaret blind? is there a chance that, perhaps, Margaret just likes her brows to look the way they look – all out of current fashion?

and if you seriously still believe that you’re having wholesome intentions and you believe that Margaret will be interested in hearing about your opinion, then ask urself: am I choosing the best approach? is the best way to make Margaret comfortable enough to change her eyebrows through spiteful memes and mocking her? perhaps through friendship would be better? perhaps through a cute evening of doing each other’s makeup?

and then despite all ur previous answers, ask urself this: why is my life so empty that I have the time to care about these things? that I have the time to mock, ridicule and spill anger everywhere I go? why is my life so empty and why did I choose to fill the gaps with negativity? when did I let myself become a lousy person who actively pursues pettiness?

step away from urself for a little moment and consider how you’re spending your time, and how the energy you’re wasting on meddling in everyone else’s business could be spent building yourself up. you don’t need to have an opinion on everything, and even when you do, know when to voice it.

no offence but if you’re a girl with a visible adams apple u are beautiful. keep up the good job u look gorgeous 

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bless ur human!mettaton, you amazing nerd. But have you considered: FTM Mtt? maybe its just me putting my dysphoria into a character but yknow

Thank you for this question because I have definitely given it a LOT OF THOUGHT.

In the game canonically, he goes from being a ghost monster (which I believe are confirmed to being agender) to a robot who identifies as male. He IS trans. Now in the Humantale au, I think any iteration for Mettaton, cis or trans, is great. But my intention was to bring attention to headcanons that I hadn’t seen come up yet. I’ve seen many artist draw him wearing a binder. But I don’t see a lot of artists draw him wearing a corset or waist trainer, which some trans women/cis men do to look more feminine, and it seems like something that would fall in line with his overall appearance. I was hesitant in showing off his chest because for many people, that’s a defining trait in to one’s gender/sexuality, and it required a lot of reflective thought.

I also noticed that there’s little to almost no representation of intersex people (anatomy can’t be identified as male or female from a biological stance.) But I can’t give my full perspective on that because I myself am still learning and researching. From what I’ve learned, most of them identity as agender/non-binary and I think that AtM fits better with MTT’s situation. So I when I draw him I try to find that balance where in some aspects he’s masculine (i.e. tall height, slight athletic build) but also very feminine (i.e. curvy figure, elegant face, cosmetics, overall aesthetic). I have no doubt he’s experienced dysphoria in his past, but is very comfortable to where his is now and uses his self-confidence to inspire others.

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Was there some sort of VIP area for the Women's March? It looked like Sophia was in a more restricted area? Also, the photos made it seem like a marathon because there were barriers and people behind them. Why didn't these supporters sign up for the march? And how did it look like there (the ambiance, funny posters that you saw... :) )? Thx.

I can honestly say today was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. The energy was perfect! Everyone was so pumped and so nice! There were great chants all day long…some of of my fav signs were “we are the resistance,” that had Princess Leia on it, “Nasty Women Keep Fight,” “Less Glass Slippers, More Shattered Glass,” & my fav was a women who had a pic of her & her friend marching in 1971, she was so sweet & so inspiring. Today was just the best!…& yes lol they had a VIP section for speakers & stuff lol but Soph joined the rest of the March once it actually started. & also you didn’t have to register, some places were sectioned off, but everyone could march :)

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todays news from team russia :) at the pic you can see all the girls who is at camp in womens team now and it looks like some girls meet puberty :/ vk(.)com/club4153493?z=photo-4153493_456240743%2Falbum-4153493_236929604%2Frev

Oh, look, Daria’s there too, Vrod didn’t banish her yet lmao

I want a game called Walk Down The Street

It’s a video game, and its main protagonist is a female in New York or some other city trying to walk home. You never see the protagonist. You’re armed with your keys, your wallet or purse, a phone that may or may not be dead, whatever a female might have trying to walk home.

Here’s the kicker.

It’s at night.

It’s styled like a first person shooter, but physically the character cannot defend themselves like a video game character usually can. You can’t knock down enemies before they’re enemies–they’ll defeat you and it’s game over. There’s a paranoia meter. If you get caught in a situation, you can only use the limited amount of self defense your character has to hopefully escape, but sometimes it’s not possible. There’s also a meter for endurance and public image. You can’t just full out sprint home–the walk is too far and you’ll not only run out of steam, but your public image goes down. If your paranoia is up, you can run longer faster without any penalty from public image. Public image is important because it can effect game play and what attention you might bring to yourself. You have to not stare at anyone, particularly makes, too long or they might turn out to be enemies. You might encounter another female or male in a bad situation and have to choose whether to proceed walking home or get involved. You also have ‘friends’, who are technically strangers, and if you’re in a situation (or they tell you you’re in a situation even if you didn’t realize it), you may have to choose whether you accept their help or not. They’re strangers. They might just be enemies trying to get close. You can yell for help, but it might not work.

Make too many 'wrong’ mistakes, you lose and end up in a newspaper as a dead/missing person. This might not happen immediately–as in, you might gain a stalker. On your walk, you might be stalked. You might be grabbed. You might be groped. You might not have an incident at all. If you get through the night, your reward is to do it all over again. The full game is a full week (seven days/nights) of doing this.

This is a kind of a horror game, yes. The real horror is the fact that this is someone’s life.

Have fun gaming.

Christmas is coming! Motorcycle babes are thinking of how to meet their New Year. Some single biker women consider looking for a like-minded biker man to celebrate their Christmas Day, some biker babes decide to join an motorcycle theme party that they might meet a suitable motorcycle guy for love. Anyway, no matter what kind of way they do, they will have a nice Christmas Day.

I can’t be friends or associate myself around someone, in my race or outside my race, that disrespects black women.

I don’t want to hear how dark skinned girls are ugly

I don’t want to hear any “black women are ugly because ___”

I don’t want to hear any “only light skinned girls are pretty”

I don’t want to hear any black women are bitches and angry

I don’t want to hear any black women look like some ugly ass animal you’re comparing them to

I don’t want to hear any black women are dumbass hoes

I don’t want to hear or deal with none of that shit

10039) I understand why the trans community is wary of drag queens but I'm a drag queen and a closeted trans woman.

Me being in drag is the only time I can come close to presenting in a way I like, even if it’s more exaggerated/fake than I’d like to look like. I just feel like some trans women write off all drag queens as trans-misogynist cis men making a mockery/bad parody of womanhood without acknowledging the possibility that some of us might actually be trans.

HUFFLEPUFF: “You see, women are like fires, like flames. Some women are like candles, bright and friendly. Some are like single sparks, or embers, like fireflies for chasing on summer nights. Some are like campfires, all light and heat for a night and willing to be left after. Some women are like hearthfires, not much to look at but underneath they are all warm red coal that burns a long, long while.” –Patrick Rothfuss (The Name of the Wind)

Some women really pull off that fake look like barbie doll bimbo look. I could never i get really envious of those types because they literally look so bomb all the time. I don’t even have the patience to do all of that. I really admire it.