some women look like this

no offence but if you’re a girl with a visible adams apple u are beautiful. keep up the good job u look gorgeous 

tfw fic writers try to make the adorable, canonically awkward nerd into some sort of Christian Grey Alpha type.

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Did you like Adam before SW?

Hello anon - Um… tbqh I don’t really like Adam all that much generally (in an fangirling attraction sense - although I do think he’s a fantastic actor and perfect for the role). I do however majorly go for the character of Kylo Ren

I mean.. 

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But generally speaking I tend not to stray too far from the fence most of the time, if you catch my drift.

- tiny

so today was my first day volunteering at this organization that goes to middle/high schools and is basically an after school program for girls

and the place they assigned me to is a middle school and i got there early to meet up with the head girl in charge and when school got out it was a jungle aaaa 93% of those kids where taller than me lmaooo :_____) but they were all babies!!! so young so scary

Another favorite of mine is when there’s a picture of a thicker a girl and everyone says “this is what actual women look like"… Like, they do realize that when there are pictures of skinny girls that’s what they actually look like right? And they are women… So that is also what some women look like… Like I totally understand that a thick body type is what the majority of women have because 2/3 of the population is overweight but you can just say that “oh this is what the majority of women look like” not “this is what a real woman looks like”


This guy was trapped on an island full of transvestites for 2 years. 

I think we can all cut him some slack when it comes to appriciating women, no matter what they look like.

Besides, we all know Nami is always nr 1 on his list.

I want a game called Walk Down The Street

It’s a video game, and its main protagonist is a female in New York or some other city trying to walk home. You never see the protagonist. You’re armed with your keys, your wallet or purse, a phone that may or may not be dead, whatever a female might have trying to walk home.

Here’s the kicker.

It’s at night.

It’s styled like a first person shooter, but physically the character cannot defend themselves like a video game character usually can. You can’t knock down enemies before they’re enemies–they’ll defeat you and it’s game over. There’s a paranoia meter. If you get caught in a situation, you can only use the limited amount of self defense your character has to hopefully escape, but sometimes it’s not possible. There’s also a meter for endurance and public image. You can’t just full out sprint home–the walk is too far and you’ll not only run out of steam, but your public image goes down. If your paranoia is up, you can run longer faster without any penalty from public image. Public image is important because it can effect game play and what attention you might bring to yourself. You have to not stare at anyone, particularly makes, too long or they might turn out to be enemies. You might encounter another female or male in a bad situation and have to choose whether to proceed walking home or get involved. You also have ‘friends’, who are technically strangers, and if you’re in a situation (or they tell you you’re in a situation even if you didn’t realize it), you may have to choose whether you accept their help or not. They’re strangers. They might just be enemies trying to get close. You can yell for help, but it might not work.

Make too many 'wrong’ mistakes, you lose and end up in a newspaper as a dead/missing person. This might not happen immediately–as in, you might gain a stalker. On your walk, you might be stalked. You might be grabbed. You might be groped. You might not have an incident at all. If you get through the night, your reward is to do it all over again. The full game is a full week (seven days/nights) of doing this.

This is a kind of a horror game, yes. The real horror is the fact that this is someone’s life.

Have fun gaming.

10039) I understand why the trans community is wary of drag queens but I'm a drag queen and a closeted trans woman.

Me being in drag is the only time I can come close to presenting in a way I like, even if it’s more exaggerated/fake than I’d like to look like. I just feel like some trans women write off all drag queens as trans-misogynist cis men making a mockery/bad parody of womanhood without acknowledging the possibility that some of us might actually be trans.

I can’t be friends or associate myself around someone, in my race or outside my race, that disrespects black women.

I don’t want to hear how dark skinned girls are ugly

I don’t want to hear any “black women are ugly because ___”

I don’t want to hear any “only light skinned girls are pretty”

I don’t want to hear any black women are bitches and angry

I don’t want to hear any black women look like some ugly ass animal you’re comparing them to

I don’t want to hear any black women are dumbass hoes

I don’t want to hear or deal with none of that shit

HUFFLEPUFF: “You see, women are like fires, like flames. Some women are like candles, bright and friendly. Some are like single sparks, or embers, like fireflies for chasing on summer nights. Some are like campfires, all light and heat for a night and willing to be left after. Some women are like hearthfires, not much to look at but underneath they are all warm red coal that burns a long, long while.” –Patrick Rothfuss (The Name of the Wind)

Shaming women for having breast implants? Saying they should be ashamed of themselves for being “self conscious” and little girls shouldn’t look up to women like this? Why are some wrestling fans so vile? Nikki and plenty of other women wrestlers have implants because they wanted to get them. They wanted to feel good about themselves. They did it for them and only them. You’re going to judge women for doing something to THEIR body?! Implants aren’t your cup of tea, but guess what?! Not everyone is like you. These women are beautiful with or without implants. There is nothing wrong with wanting to make yourself happy. Getting implants made them happy, so who the fuck are you to judge? Worry about your own damn body, damn.

Christmas is coming! Motorcycle babes are thinking of how to meet their New Year. Some single biker women consider looking for a like-minded biker man to celebrate their Christmas Day, some biker babes decide to join an motorcycle theme party that they might meet a suitable motorcycle guy for love. Anyway, no matter what kind of way they do, they will have a nice Christmas Day.

#NotSoFlawless Movement - September 7th

Some of us have realized that we aren’t seeing average looking black women on blackout day. It’s gotten to the point where some of us hope that we see more women that look like ourselves on blackout day. I don’t want any of the black women on Tumblr to feel underrepresented on blackout day. Sooooooo, we’re going to have an #AverageGirlAppreciationDay. The black women who don’t know how to do their makeup flawlessly, the big black girls who don’t have a small waist and have big stomachs, the disabled black girls, the trans black girls who aren’t drop dead gorgeous, the dark skinned girls who don’t have perfect makeup or perfect features, the black girls with acne scars…etc. etc. We’re all coming together on this day and reblogging each other’s pictures. This going to be another day of empowerment for black women. Please boost this…September 7th is the date we will do this and the hashtags will be #NotSoFlawless and #AverageBlackGirlAppreciationDay…Let’s do this!!!