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Adam is sad and reader attempts to cheer him up. Bonus points for fluff. More bonus points if he cries.

A/N - Heyo, first Wednesday post of my new schedule! Hope you folks didn’t mind the longer wait! And what a way to start this off, with some angst! I don’t really think I’m all that good at writing sadder stuff, but I gave it my best shot here and felt wracked with guilt by my protective instincts as I made poor Adam cry, so I hope this is roughly what you wanted, friend!

Pairing - Adam x Reader

Warnings - Angst, sadness, a poor man who’s so amazing and deserves the world and should never have to feel sad or cry ever but he does in this fic and MY HEART HURTS

Word Count - 1, 711

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I posted this a moment ago as part of a reblog of this review, but given a few of the comments that I’ve seen over the past couple of days, I feel like I want to put these thoughts out there in a way that will be seen:

Here’s my thing: if people want to watch, keep watching. If they don’t, don’t. It’s that simple.

To try to make the argument that Reign is some shining example of feminist television is extremely problematic. Perhaps it could have been, once upon a time. I think we all wanted it to be, once upon a time.

Then season 2 happened.

I think it is unfair to play on our feminist sympathies when we are talking about a show that chose to rape its female lead in order to punish its male lead (this is an inarguable fact, straight from Laurie McCarthy’s mouth). I don’t want to hear the “Mary was actually raped IRL” excuse that LM tried to use, either, considering that the alleged rape was at the hands of one of those future “epic romances” that we’re being promised.

Understand that the fans who choose to leave are not doing so simply because one half of their favorite romantic pairing is gone. They are doing so because the previous season destroyed any liking or understanding that they had for the remaining half. This review keeps mentioning the role of women and the relationships between the women characters on this show, but after Mary’s assault she did not turn to her ladies for help, or even to Catherine beyond a few token words and platitudes. She turned to a man who wasn’t her husband, and repeatedly expressed her belief that she needed said man in order to heal. The show raped her to punish one man for trying to protect her, and had her heal herself through sex with yet another. I’m not slut-shaming Mary here. I’m side-eyeing the hell out of the producers and writers who thought that story line was anything other than tasteless. Even Adelaide has gone on record expressing her frustrations with Mary last season, so why blame viewers for feeling the same?

I completely understand that it is more difficult to pitch a women-centric show that doesn’t hinge on romance, but

1. Reign has never not hinged on romance. From the very first moment, they were throwing love triangles all over the place, using the tagline Love is the most dangerous subject over images of Mary sitting firmly between two handsome men, and splashing quotes about history never having been this sexy! over its promos. So, yeah, let’s not pretend that Reign ever marketed itself as The Rise of Mary, Queen of Scots.


2. Reign is so ridiculously low-rated that it’s almost unbelievable it has made it this far, with or without Francis. If it fails now in the wake of his departure, I highly doubt that it’s going to have some sort of industry-wide ripple effect that sees female-driven shows relegated to the dustbin. The landscape of television is changing. We are living in the age of Shonda Rhimes, the age of Veep and Homeland, of Cookie Lyon and Annalise Keating. We are living in the age of Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, and Mindy Kaling. We are living in an age in which Supergirl premieres to astounding numbers and people salivate in anticipation of Jessica Jones. Do we still have a long way to go? God, yes. But shows created by women and about women are finally starting to get their due, and we are seeing stronger, more vibrant, and more complex female characters than we ever have before. We are seeing women superheroes, women vice-presidents, women surgeons and mothers and lawyers and villains, and what is Reign doing?

Reign is raping its female lead in order to create romantic drama and force her to become “stronger” through her pain.

That isn’t breaking new ground. It isn’t even being terribly creative in the ground that it’s covering.

Honestly, I think that some of the departing viewers would stick around if they actually believed that this show was going to evolve into the story of Mary coming into power and relying on her relationships with her ladies and with Catherine in order to help her navigate along the way. But the audience has absolutely no reason to think that is going to happen. Since the pilot, Mary has done nothing but bounce from man to man to man on this show, and the very night that Francis’s death aired in the US, a new interview with the showrunner appeared on Entertainment Weekly’s website assuring us that Mary would find love again and that it would feel “real.” Do people expect her to be miserable forever? No. But I think many people think that the writing is on the proverbial wall when the showrunner is already talking about Mary’s future love life before Francis is even in the ground. Translation: she’ll be up to her eyeballs in another love triangle in three, two, one…

It took the real Mary four years after Francis’s death to decide that she was ready to marry again. Why is the showrunner already plotting her next romance if, as this review promises, the focus is now going to shift to the complicated political maneuverings of her reign? To her role as a female politician?

Look, girls aren’t stupid. They can recognize when a character feels genuine. If the ratings take a hit now that Francis has died, it won’t be because the romantic male lead is gone. It will be because the romantic male lead is gone and he was the only one to whom they could relate or with whom they could sympathize after what the writers did to Mary’s character in season 2.

Shows and films with women at the core are no doubt a harder sell in Hollywood, which is why it is all the more important for writers and producers to take care with how their female characters are portrayed. If Reign had taken more pains to do that, perhaps the ratings wouldn’t be what they are, and while I do feel that the writers have tried to make a course correction with Mary’s character this season, for many it has been too little, too late.

Please, don’t guilt the people who no longer plan to tune in. Their reasons are perfectly valid. There is no need to imply that they are striking a blow against feminism simply because they want to stop watching a television series that they no longer enjoy.

So, in conclusion: Ladies who intend to keep watching, I understand and respect your decision. Ladies who don’t intend to keep watching, I understand and respect your decision. To everyone, go watch Katniss Everdeen kick ass in the theaters this weekend, then binge-watch some Buffy on Netflix and catch up on Supergirl while you’re recovering from your Thanksgiving dinner-induced comas next week. If you feel like it, give Quantico a try. We all hope to see a greater variety of female-driven entertainment out there in the future, but in the meantime, there’s lots of stuff to enjoy right now.

Whether or not you include Reign on that list is completely up to you.

If you want to piss off an anxious person, just tell them to stay positive. Seriously, try it!

We anxious people get a lot of that stuff around the holidays, and I think we eventually just tune it out. Songs, platitudes, slogans on novelty sweaters. “Be thankful!” “Appreciate your loved ones!” “Celebrate the new year, for some goddamned reason!”

It’s grating to us due to an unspoken assumption that it’s all just another way of saying, “Ignore the shitty reality, pretend everything is great!” Like it’s a form of anesthesia, a way to numb yourself to all the bullshit. “Who cares if the world is going to hell in a fuckbasket? Be thankful for this turkey! Now let’s celebrate a native genocide and watch some huge men give themselves permanent brain damage.”

But, like lots of life’s unspoken assumptions, it’s both wrong and potentially fatal. Taking a minute to notice the positive isn’t about making ourselves feel better (though I suppose it can), it’s about something else entirely.

Mainly, about not giving up.

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You know what would be fulfilling? If Bonnie confessed to Caroline (who would DEFINITELY understand) that the reason she felt so vindictive towards Kai was because she slept with him and then he stabbed her last Thanksgiving and she was so angry with herself because she felt like she was betraying Jeremy and her values but she was lonely and he made her feel confused but desired and THEN they flashback to some hot car sex they had on the way to Oregon. That would actually be legit…..more than Caroline’s pregnancy…