some who call me tim

Confession:  I feel kinda silly when I see people with super-imaginative, immersive, world-fitting names for their Inquisitors, with fleshed-out back-stories and personalities, then look at my characters with names such as “Goatman” the Qunari Reaver and “Barry” the Human Tempest… ;;

mod note: “There are some who call me…Tim?”

anonymous asked:

Please tell me you put them on and said "There are some who call me.... Tim?"


There’s a wonderful anecdote (who knows if it’s true) that Tim the Enchanter’s name was supposed to be a different one – very complicated and long – but because the filming was so arduous, John Cleese forgot the scripted name. So he paused and then finally said… “Tim.” And that’s what they stuck with. 

I want to believe.