some weird ladies

Equally upright was the mother of the Vitellius brothers, Sextilia, a woman of traditional disposition. In her very first letter to her son, she was reported to have written that she had not given birth to “Germanicus”  but to Vitellius.
—  Tacitus, Histories 2.64.2

That was a good episode!  I don’t know what people were whining about!  I like it, broments, with some weird old lady flirty, some great sign language, and girls kicking-ass.  What’s not to like?  I didn’t get how Dean didn’t question Cas’ insanity, he is not acting even remotely like himself.  And i do not understand the Dean and Amara/darkness drama whatsoever.But other than that, I liked it!

“I am a pimp cat, whose origins are Maine, via ships or something. I don’t know. I was born in Darien, CT and some weird lady gave a man $5 for me and started calling me Little Jon Snow and then made me watch a depressing show with some guy she says is “holy shit hot” who is my “namesake”.  I don’t get it so I sit like a pimp - whatever that is - the humans say I look like one so i go with it - next to the bed I got for Christmas because apparently, 10-month-old cats aren’t supposed to weight 18 lbs and be as big as I am… my apologies for my genetics. I put my doll, Mr. Fish, in the bed.  (Author’s note: He really did. He carries and cares for that doll as if it is alive.)   And I advertise my parents’ DVDs..  They really like horror movies and “True Blood” (daddy loves someone named Pam and mommy loves someone named Eric) and “Always Sunny in Philadelphia” (mommy yells about someone named Charlie) and “Dexter” (I feel the same way about q-tips and tissues and random things as he does) and horror movies… which I like.”

–a note from Little Jon Snow