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My mum is a massive Green Day fan. She literally loves everything they’ve done. You will never hear bitching about Know Your Enemy or Nightlife or King for a Day from her. She knows more about Green Day history than I do.

Today she told me she saw a young girl on the train in a RevRad shirt so she smiled and said “Green Day!” and this girl just gave her a filthy look and walked off, like she was some weird old lady who couldn’t possibly like the band. This is something I’ve noticed a lot at shows as well. People stare and laugh at older fans as if they’re not supposed to be there, make passive-aggressive comments, or even feel disgusted by older fans taking up space on the front row where young fans could be. Most people don’t even consider that older fans might be there because they want to be, not because they’re accompanying their kids.

I think we’re forgetting that there are generations of Green Day fans who came before us and that they’re closer to Green Day’s age, and likely their ways of thinking, than we are. There are songs we can’t truly understand because we’re too young, but they do. Billie loves getting older people on stage.

That doesn’t make them more valid as fans or special in any way, and I know there are a few older fans who are dickheads and think their age/how long they’ve liked the band make them entitled. But acting like the fandom is some young peoples’ club, or that there’s a certain way Green Day fans should look or be, isn’t cool either and doesn’t even make sense.

Green Day fans come in all shapes and sizes and from all walks of life and that’s what makes our fandom special.

I'll Never Understand Fashionable Girls
  • *nerdy girl and popular girl walk into bathroom together*
  • Popular Girl: *puts on make-up in the mirror* I watched that show you're so into last night.
  • Nerdy Girl: You have! I knew I'd convert you sooner or later!
  • Popular Girl: I didn't really like it.
  • Nerdy Girl: Seriously!? Come on!
  • Popular Girl: Like, the effects are really bad and the plots don't make sense. The British accents are weird too.
  • Nerdy Girl: The effects are part of the charm. You have to actually pay attention to the plot. Also, British accents rule. It's how real English is supposed to sound.
  • Popular Girl: *puts on lipstick and smacks lips* It's just not my thing. I don't like sci-fi space stuff. I like action and drama. Realistic stuff.
  • Nerdy Girl: Speculative fiction tends to influence science, so everything you're dismissing now could possivly be very realistic in a few decades.
  • Popular Girl: I don't pay attention to that stuff. I like the here and now.
  • Nerdy Girl: *sighs* Whatever, enjoy being boring.
  • Nerdy Girl: *notices a string coming out of the nape of popular girl's neck*
  • Nerdy Girl: *lightly tugs on string*
  • Popular Girl: *stops moving entirely*
  • Nerdy Girl: Are you alright?
  • Popular Girl: *remains silent and still*
  • Nerdy Girl: *completely pulls string out of popular girl's neck*
  • Popular Girl: *disappears in a puff of smoke*
  • Nerdy Girl: ...Oops.
  • *a decade ago*
  • Some Lady: I think I'm the only one who can see it.
  • Friend: See what?
  • Some Lady: The knitter. It's sitting up on that building there. It's huge, and it's just knitting.
  • Friend: What does it look like?
  • Some Lady: It looks big and pregnant. But, it's stomach is made of yarn. It's just knitting. People, animals, buildings, clouds. Millions of things.
  • Friend: That sounds weird.
  • Some Lady: I think it's god.
  • Friend: Mmm.
  • Some Lady: There's nothing on the horizon. Like, there's nothing beyond it. Everything just starts where it sits. Now that I think of it. I've never been beyond that building. There's nothing but white out that way. Emptiness.
  • Some Lady: *looks at fuzzy yarn hands*
  • Friend: *lights up cigarette*
  • Friend: The I-95 takes you into Baltimore that way. But, you should write a book about that before anyone else does. I'd read it.
  • Some Lady: I don't like to write about what's on my mind.
  • The Knitter: *opens third eye on its belly*
  • *in the present, a week after our initial events*
  • *missing poster with popular girl's face is blown away by a careless wind*
  • Nerdy Girl: *stares at string on her desk*

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Had some weird lady call all her friends over to talk to me because I said "y'all" and have a bit of a southern twang. I'm not a circus animal you fuckin creeps

I’m a fan of the idea that Pink Diamond made mistakes yes, putting the humans in a zoo is a big one, and she didn’t really know how to care for them, but she was an okay person with a too big heart that was thrown to a role not meant for her. (like steven) And she knew she had to die for this terrible war to end. I kinda diverge between she asked Rose to shatter her and because of that lowered her security, but White Diamond in fear for her came down to protect her, only to throw an attack at rose, who deflected it, shattering Pink. Or she just left her palanquin, not knowing Rose was there but not willing to defend herself and the whole shattering with White occurred.

In my dream last night this bickering couple in a car drove into this weird subterranean town that existed entirely in a tunnel, and nobody ever left. They stopped at the mechanic and then some weird lady who looked like the wife but with a different color hair got out of the back of the car where there was previously nobody, and got herself stuck in a table, and subsequently died. The mechanic rushed over to her, checked her pulse, and said “Shit, he’s gone.” This wasn’t a person, it was something the townspeople called a ‘Granny’, and when it died it replaced someone with a doppelgänger or presumably took over their bodies. The couple fought over who had been replaced, and sorta killed each other over it.

so. on lunch, I was sitting in the office next to Fairy Princess. two of the florists were working on the main table. chill & relax & working.

then a uniformed cop ran up from the back room. “have you guys all been in here all day!?”

“uhhh yeah?”

“did you see anyone come through!?”

“uhhh no?”

and then he was gone. :O

the florists rushed over to the window into the greenhouses (heck if I was getting up during lunch) to see the same cop talking to the manager in the back.

turns out they also blocked off the road? and like SWARMED the back lot?? poor B was out there watering and got asked the same exact questions by 4 separate cops. shoo!!


Star Wars: Dressing a Galaxy, Trisha Biggar

syphrosine here are a few terrible photos from the book, as ever my scanner is too wee. There are also double page spreads of concept art at the start of each chapter along with a chapter introduction. This is a fairly random selection from the book (Uh, guess who has a bias against Padme’s RotS costumes…)

I had to include George Lucas, Katie Lucas and Trisha Biggar. Obviously.

Thumbnails! Of every featured costume in all six films! They’re arranged by character/organisation, then chronologically within that.

And as a fun bonus, there is this fine specimen on the back cover:


So I think everyone has established that Pathcode, LMR, Sing For You, Lucky One and Monster videos are all connected. So we start with Pathcode in which they were running away from someone. Some posts on pann said that they were aliens that were hunted down by NASA or some other government agency wanting to capture them and study them. The title track ‘Call Me Baby’ was a plea for help to one of the FBI Agents who first discovered them (her name was on TEL’s VCR) which in this case they portrayed as EXO-Ls. Apparently the agent didn’t help them thus they were captured. Moving on to Love Me Right, they took on a Wonderland theme because they were drugged and hallucinating. They started the experimenting on them then starting with Jongin, who could teleport all of them out of there, and Yixing, who could heal the others from the drug they were given. The only ones who weren’t were Minseok and Jongdae who seemed to be in cahoots with each other. Minseok was always watching the others through surveillance cameras. Now I’m guessing he was brainwashed into turning against his brothers as the place he was found in was Berlin. During the world war, there was a conspiracy that implied on how the Germans were able to brainwash their captives to go forth with their propaganda. Sing For You to me seems like the brainwashing attempt by the captors. During the process, you get to see the members’ internal struggle in keeping their sanity but the effects were too strong. You notice how there were several scenes that were ’re-written’ as it keeps going back and forth between two scenarios. For example: the car when it was full with everyone jamming to a tune or when the bar was full with everyone playing around, then it shifts to a scene where the car was empty except for Kyungsoo and the same goes for the bar with Baekhyun, then by the end, it goes back to the previous happy scenes. Jongin’s breakdown and Sehun’s whale scene were to show their internal resistance and loneliness inside their subconscious minds. In the end, they still kept their memories from being taken away from them which brings us to the new comeback videos. In Lucky One’s teaser, we can see that they were in some containment facility as test subjects ready to be experimented on. Neither Yixing nor Jongin were in the teaser cause apparently they were still inside the cells while the others were running away. During Suho’s scene, you can see a face looking out at him from one of the rooms which from the LMR M/V, you can tell was Yixing. Behind Yixing’s door for LMR, you can see a plastic raincoat sort of fabric through one of the windows as well which was actually Baekhyun’s sleeve when he was banging on Yixing’s door while he was running. They were all trying to escape the facility but Kyungsoo, who was on the bed escourted by some weird futuristic-looking ladies, seemed to be analyzing the situation. He was always the rational one as can be seen from his pathcode teaser. When Suho and Minseok were running, Minseok went missing after a certain point. The same thing happened to Sehun and Jongdae which only strengthened the theory that there might be more to Minseok and Jongdae than what they seem. Moving on to the Monster teaser. It seems that Kyungsoo has figured it out. He knows what’s going on as he was symbolically sat on top of the surveillance cams. He tells this to Baekhyun who then calls forth the others to tell them his plans of a rebellion to escape the place. He held this meeting in what seems to be the same dining table in which Minseok was sitting on in LMR. You could see that Baekhyun was glaring a bit at Yixing while the latter was sitting down. Yixing’s power is healing so I doubt he would condone violence. This attempt in breaking out would most likely result in many casualties which is why in the next scene he was sitting alone in the dining table as he did not join the battle while the others were fighting with the guards. Little did they know that among them were traitors - Minseok, as implied before due to the brainwashing, and Jongdae, whose status up til now was still ambiguous. There was one scene in the teaser before the fight happened, it was of Jongdae going to battle with the rebels but he looked and smirked at the camera. It seemed that he was half-assing his efforts during the battle and he wore a black mask in one scene which brings us back to the conclusion that he is a double-crosser. The others were all struggling to break free from the guards (Baekhyun, Chanyeol, Suho, Sehun, Jongin, Kyungsoo) but these 3’s (M members) participation is questioned. By the end though, Sehun walks back to the messy dining table to find no Yixing in sight so it could be that they’ve taken him. That’s my theory for now. I don’t really know how much of this is right or if I’m just overthinking it.

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Imagine Living Like A King Someday

prompt: Phil is a boarding school student, and he has pretty much everything. His dad owns the school, he’s pretty popular, has the best room, gets all the best treatment – he’s the King. Dan is a cleaner/phil’s personal maid there, and he isn’t as lucky. Some students are assholes to Dan, including Phil at first.



It feels like I’ve spent ages on this chapter. You have no idea (No Idea) how many lil paragraphs and scenes I’ve written and cut out and I just????? This feels really bitty for some reason idk I hope it’s still okay. I feel like it’s a bit of a ‘calm before the storm’ chapter but i hope u still like it!! it’s a Lot longer than usual hopefully that’ll make up for things <33


warnings: mentions of blood, violence



Phil freezes, the hum of a conversation creeping into his earshot. He’d managed to stumble downstairs with a stack of dirty mugs from his room (he’d decided to give Dan a break from the washing up), but as soon as he’d heard voices coming from the kitchen door, he’d stopped, listening.

He recognises one of the voices – it’s definitely Noah; he can identify that laugh from about three miles away.

The problem is, he recognises the other one too.

“Don’t use that image!”

“What’s wrong with it?”

Look at her. She’s- like, what even is that position? Why’s her leg up there?”

“Why not?”

“She’s a stock model, not Simone Biles.”

“Stock models are known for being- like, weird, aren’t they?”

“Are you calling a multiple Olympic gold-medallist weird?”

“No, you twat. I’m saying the stock models are weird.”


“No- don’t put it there! How offputting is it gonna be; having some weird suited lady doing the splits in the corner of the screen?”

“Fine. We’ll use this one. Is that better?”

“She still looks a bit…”

“For god’s sake, this is clip art, not a fucking Vogue photoshoot.”

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John chortled, but nonchalantly placed his hand at his hip. As a passionate germaphobe the hitman loathed all insects and arthropods. She was one to talk, too. At least he was a functioning member of society and not some weird spider lady.  He chose not to heed her order.

“I want a liner for my suit. I heard spider silk is good at stopping bullets. I’d pay, of course.”