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Don’t Tempt Me Love

Summary: The reader is tired of Loki’s constant teasing and wants to put an end to it. Challenging Loki leads to a lot more than the reader had planned. 

Word Count: 818

authors note: this was totally inspired by @imamotherfuckingstar-lord so go check her out!! I wanted to post something quickly in-between all my  course work! Love you guys!

You’d had enough of his teasing, “Get up Loki”. The rest of the team all gasped, showing different levels of excitement. You were currently training with; Loki, Thor, Steve, and Bucky.

The entire time Loki kept making comments, his arrogance on another level for some weird reason. The reason it made you mad was because unlike the others, you defended him. You’d even gotten close with him, but lately he’d been acting weird around you.

Loki just laughed, “Oh come on pet-”. You rested a hand on your hip and fake pouted. In a mocking tone you asked, “awe is asgard’s bad boy afraid…”. All of the other men erupted with laughter, while Loki gritted his teeth.

His voice was low, “Love don’t-”. The thing about you was that you weren’t just a normal human being. You had ancient magic running through your veins, giving you multiple abilities.

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i dunno why but i felt compelled to make something after watching this and dan pointing out tails’ “funny chest-first run with his arms flopping around”

T̹͔̦̼̣̞̱o̭͎o͖̰͖ ̭̟̬̟̞͈l͓̤̕a͔̲̲̼͘te͎̣͕̹.̻͎͍̀.͈̹͓̺.̨̥͕̫͕̙

̪̪̲͇̰͓̀B̲͍͞e̸̳̝t̶͓͇̣r͎͠ą̳̭̟͉y͍͓̯͕al̵̟,̦̯̞̼ ̵͇̺͚̜̝͚̬N̮̪̣̺͍e̟͔̠̯̪͞g̨l̘̝͠e̠ct҉͍̯͚,̩̱̲̗͚ ̸̪M̗̦͢i̱̕st̯̲͢a̱̜̪͙͓̪̩͟ḵ̠͈e̩̩̳̞̯.̪͕͖̖̫̤͢.̴̬̠.͏̭̰͈͉.̣̦

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You winced as the stack of pots and pans clattered to the floor with a metallic banging that seemed to last forever. Dean barreled around the corner, gun drawn and finger on the trigger.

“What the hell?!” He shouted, seeing you standing before him, a wooden spoon in hand and an innocent smile plastered across your face. “It’s almost two in the morning, Y/N!” He shouted, rolling his eyes. 

“Yeah, and I’m hungry.” You stuck your tongue out at him. 

“What is going on…” Sam trudged into the kitchen and ran a hand through his bed matted hair.

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