some website stole it and i stole it from the website

The Downside of Stolen Art For Fans

Over the last couple of months there has been a lot of talk in the Jelsa tag about stolen art/ art theft. Artists and fellow fans have been upset and trying to encourage people to properly source/ give credit to artists. Others have been confused about what the big deal is with ‘proper sourcing’.

Simply put sourcing art is about giving credit. When you spend your time and effort to create something you want to receive recognition. Artists are no different. 

See this beautiful picture below? one of the most popular and well loved Jelsa pictures- to be honest, it’s my all time favourite picture. 

This artwork was done by an artist who went by the name of Kazeki. Sadly I can not link you to Kazeki’s blog, or website because she has since deleted her account. This image was stolen, reposted without her permission, with no credit given to her by those who stole it. 

As well as being stolen, it has been used to create phone covers, t-shirt prints, jewellery, mouse pads etc and sold on websites like Etsy. I am not going to provide a link to show this as I do not wish to promote these people. 

I can tell you though, that Kazeki would have received NO money for the use of the artwork which she clearly worked hard on. The people who stole it and then used it to create these goods are making money off of her work.

Kazeki is probably amongst the most famous examples of an artist who drew Jelsa who has since abandoned her work and stopped creating/ sharing her work.

As someone who wished to contact Kazeki and pay for the right to use this picture I’m now left at a disadvantage in that I can’t contact her. I can’t pay for the right to use this picture for my own phone case, and I can only admire this picture. 

So what can you do? you can source art. You can also realise that a lot of the places selling Jelsa or Frozen fan art products- things like t-shirts/ phone cases are doing so without seeking permission from the artist or paying for the right to use their image. 

If you want to use a particular piece of art to make a mug, or a t-shirt, or phone case you can always find an artist whose work you like and contact them. You can buy the right to use that picture from them, or you can commission an artist which is what I’ve done. I have given some examples of work I like and have the incredible been lucky that Eva of aelfethart  has kindly agreed to create a piece of Jelsa art which once paid for I will own all rights to.