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pros of no empathy: u get to appreciate all ur friend drama like ur watching a particularly shocking soap opera
cons of no empathy: u dont respond with the ‘necessary’ words of comfort that everyone else has been rattling off and u look like a Bad Neurotypical

My thoughts on Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them

SPOILERS (im on mobile so i can’t put it under a cut, im sorry)

So first of all, the beginning: Warner Bros logo + Hedwig’s Theme. I cried.

Then newspaper headings. Throwback to HP films which did that all the time.

Newt. AKA cutest cinnamon roll ever. You have to smile every time he is on screen.

The beasts. Holy fucking shit. Newt taking care of them. Double the fucking shit.

The actual plot: good, new, had some unexpected plot twists but didn’t fuck with your mind as much as Cursed Child (thank god). Also good connection to original HP story but also completely new.

All the characters. I’m not listing them all but they were all genius.

The MACUSA. New location. Not as awesome as the ministry but still pretty fucking awesome.

Kowalski. Finally a No-Maj/Muggle that played a bigger and good role. He’s my son dont hurt him.

Death penalty is a thing?! But magical holy crap.

Did I mention the beasts? They’re fucking amazing.

Had some comedy scenes and they were on point. Also good for children maybe?


His Hufflepuff scarf. Him being a Hufflepuff. Him being the most Hufflepuff-ish Hufflepuff to ever exist. Shoot me.

Kowalski’s bakery.

All the emotional scenes. They had me in tears.

Ok let’s be real. The whole film had me in tears.

I’m sorry this post is such a mess, these are just my post-cinema thoughts and i probably forgot some important aspect.


Moving On

Characters: Jensen x Reader

Words: 1886

Summary: A month passes, and the trial for Ralph is here, along with some unexpected twists.

Part 32 in The Future Series.  Read Part 8 here, Part 9 here,Part 10 here, Part 11 here, Part 12 here, Part 13 here, Part 14 here, Part 15 here, Part 16 here, Part 17 here, Part 18 here, Part 19 here, Part 20 here, Part 21 here, Part 22 here,Part 23 here,Part 24 here, Part 25 here, Part 26 here, Part 27 here, Part 28 here, Part 29 herePart 30 here, and Part 31 here.

Ralph is gone! ;) And cookies to whoever can name the reference in here. Enjoy!

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I wrapped up a year long Dungeons and Dragons campaign this weekend. It was just four players and our excellent DM and we met a lot. Five people telling a story to each other for a year makes for some really cool and unexpected twists! Also, it was cool playing with a bunch of cartoonists and illustrators…lots of fun drawings came out of it. Here’s a moment from the very end. 

Captive chapter 16

It’s been awhile! I never meant to put this one on hold for as long as I did, it doesn’t sit well with me leaving things unfinished but it also doesn’t feel right to put things up when I’m not entirely happy with them, so sometimes a hiatus really is the only right thing to do.
For those of you still sticking by this story after all this time: I’m so sorry for the wait and I can’t thank you enough for your patience! For all of those who never read Captive before: if you’re in the mood for some Loki this is the perfect time to catch up on this one ;)

Captive is plot, feels, smut, angst, romance and some unexpected twists.
It’s mainly Loki but at some point Fury and Clint Barton will come into the story as well.
It all starts when Mia wakes up on Asgard with no memory of who she is or how she ended up there.

Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 5, Chapter 6, Chapter 7, Chapter 8, Chapter 9, Chapter 10, Chapter 11, Chapter 12, Chapter 13, Chapter 14, Chapter 15


The new chapter doesn’t really have any Loki yet, we check in on Mia and Clint a few months after her return to earth. 
18+ for a little bit of smut


Captive chapter 16


Mia had repeated the word to herself hundreds of times over the past two months but it still sounded foreign in her ears.
How on earth could she have a husband and not remember a single thing about him?

Clint had been wonderful, more patient than any man would have been, he was a true sweetheart and he gave her everything she needed.
Well, he tried…but he couldn’t give her what she really needed, could he?

What she really needed was far away from her in another world, and he was never allowed back on earth.
She had been reading up on Loki’s file over the past weeks and it stated very clearly that if he ever set foot on earth again he would be captured or executed on sight and without warning.

After New York Odin and Thor had made a deal with Shield to take Loki back to Asgard and keep him there in exile to spare his life.
 He would be a fool to ever come back here, and why would he? For her? A silly mortal woman? The thought alone was ridiculous!

He must have long forgotten all about her by now, she was nothing but a small footnote in his almost immortal storyline.
How could she even believe for a second that their time together was special or meant anything to him at all? 

And yet, to her those weeks on Asgard seemed of the biggest importance and she couldn’t seem to move on from it.

After a few weeks back on earth the nightmares started to change, she was still reliving her memories in her dreams but now they were memories of her time on Asgard, and her time with Loki. 

Mia woke up feeling empty and restless every morning, the inability to put him out of her mind, even when she was trying to sleep, was slowly driving her insane.

She went back to work at Shield after two months of recovery, Fury had agreed to let her ease back into it, not sending her out on any field work yet but allowing her time to get to know Shield again and learn what it was all about. 
She still remembered parts of it but as with the rest of her memories she only got back pieces of information and never the whole picture.

A lot of her memory was still blocked, self preservation of the brain, that’s what Dr Shaw, the psychiatrist she saw twice a week, called it. 
She was blocking out the things that were too painful for her to remember, trying to keep herself sane. 
But it was having quite the opposite effect, it was slowly making her more crazy and desperate for the truth. 

She just wanted to remember the life she had before and get back to it. She must have been happy then, how could she not be? She had a loving husband and a job that she enjoyed and was good at, she helped keep the world safe, on a daily basis, that should mean something.

And yet here she was, willing to trade it all in for one moment with HIM…


She walked into Fury’s office that morning, her hands nervously balled into fists when she stopped in front of his desk.

‘Agent Wilson,’ Nick said as he rose from behind his desk and gave her a small nod.

‘I want you to run the tests again, sir,’ she blurted out.

‘What tests?’ 

‘All of them,’ she said as her eyes rested on his,’ I should have been better by now, you have to agree that this is not normal!’

‘You can not rush the recovery process, agent,’ he simply stated.

‘Rush?! It’s been almost 3 months now! I want my life back!’ she protested,’ I want my memories back, all of them! And I want HIM out of here!’

She was pushing her finger against her forehead dramatically while her eyes stayed locked with Nick, making it clear she meant every word.

‘It’s not that simple,’ he sighed.

‘Then simplify it,’ she continued and she let out a deep sigh as her arm sank down,’ Look for anything alien, anything that’s not supposed to be there.’
‘We have.’
‘Then do it again, more precisely!’ she insisted.

He stayed quiet but she could see in his eyes she wasn’t getting through to him.

‘There is something wrong with me, I know it,’ she then spoke softly,’ Loki did something to me, put something in my head, put a spell on me or some alien shit, it’s the only logical explanation! Why else do I keep seeing him in my dreams? Why else would he occupy my thoughts every hour of every day?!’
Her voice was starting to break and for the first time in their conversation she could see some form of sympathy on Fury’s face.

‘Look, agent,’ Fury said, keeping his voice low and soft,’ I do not pretend to understand what happened to you on Asgard, or precisely how deep your relationship with Loki went.’

‘What happened on Asgard doesn’t matter now that I know who he is,’ she whispered as she turned her eyes away, the pain was obvious in her voice,’ what he has done is…unforgivable. He’s a monster, sir. He killed my sister and almost killed me…I should hate him with every fibre in my being…’

She bit her lip to stop the tears when their eyes met.

‘Why can’t I?’ she sobbed quietly.

‘Maybe when it comes to Loki you’re not thinking with your head but with your heart,’ Nick stated, making her shake her head furiously in protest and he could see her fight back any more tears.

‘No,’ she then insisted,’ please let me take the tests again.’

‘We have tested everything we could possibly test, agent Wilson,’ he answered,’ everything came back clear. I know it’s not what you want to hear but there is nothing wrong with you, there are no spells or alien devices or mind tricks…you are fine.’

She let out a defeated sigh and shook her head.

‘Please,’ she then begged, her voice was coated in tears again,’ I don’t want this, please get it out of me, please…try one more time, take the tests one last time and whatever they say then…I’ll accept it.’


Clint was pacing in front of the glass wall an hour later while Mia was on the other side, lying in the doctor’s chair as he was putting the high tech devices in place on her arms and head. Clint bit his lip as he looked away and turned to Fury, who was standing next to him.

‘They won’t find anything, you know that, right?’ Fury stated.

‘Right,’ Clint sighed,’ what if it’s something our technology can’t register?’
‘This is Shield, Barton,’ Fury answered without any hesitation and a small disdainful look on his face,’ there is nothing our devices can’t pick up.’

‘Then why…,’ he let out a frustrated sigh,’ if there is nothing there, then why is she like this?’
He looked at Fury who just shook his head with a sigh,’ not you too, Barton.’

‘I don’t know what happened on Asgard but that is not my wife out there!’ he  pointed against the glass in anger as his voice filled the room and he avoided looking at the pale, nervous woman in front of him in the doctor’s chair,’ she came back wrong, Fury!’
‘She came back different,’ Fury answered calmly,’ I know this must be hard on you but you need to give her time to find herself again.’

‘I don’t even recognize her anymore,’ he sighed,’ I haven’t since she came back, you know? It’s like the best part of her…is still on Asgard, with him…and whatever came back here…I know it’s her body but…I don’t know the woman who is lying in that chair right now but I know it is not my wife! It is not the woman who left earth to take revenge on her sister and take him down! Goddammit, her and her fucking mission! It was the worst idea from the start and I should have stopped her, I should have…’

Fury stayed quiet and let him spew his anger until he calmed down again.

‘None of us would have been able to stop her, you realize that, right?’ he then said.
Clint nodded his head with a sigh after which he fled the room and slammed the door behind him, leaving Fury alone.


Mia put on a white t-shirt and blue summer shorts, she straightened her long blonde hair and stopped to look at herself in the bedroom mirror.

There was a flash of another woman, wearing a long green dress and a relaxed smile on her face as her hair danced in the wind and she reached her hand out to someone walking behind her in the open field.
She could hear his deep content laughter in the back of her mind and quickly closed her eyes and turned her head away before more of the images and sounds would become clear.

She jumped when Clint walked into the room.

‘I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to sneak up on you,’ he spoke softly.

‘It’s alright,’ she sighed.

‘Are you okay?’ his face looked worried.

‘Yes,’ she said,’ the tests came back clear, again, I’m perfectly fine…in theory.’

He walked up closer behind her and their eyes met in the mirror.

‘Are you still seeing Dr Shaw?’ he then asked.

‘Yes, though I really doubt she’s helping at all,’ she sighed,’ how long can you talk and analyze things before you have to admit nothing’s changing?’

The look in his eyes was one of defeat and sadness and she felt her heart sink.

She knew how hard the past months had been on him, some days she wondered why he was still here. She clearly wasn’t getting any better and it didn’t look like that was going to change soon, yet he was still here helping her through every day, was this what love looked like?

She turned around to meet his eyes and stepped closer, putting her hands on his chest as she leaned her head against his shoulder. He enveloped her in his arms and held her tight, putting a soft kiss on her forehead.

They stood like that for a few minutes until she leaned her head back to look at him, allowing herself to stare into those grey eyes. 

Over the past months her memories involving Clint had been gradually coming back to her, she remembered pretty much everything now. How they met, worked together closely, how they became friends and when and where it turned into more than that, she remembered the wedding night in full detail.
The only thing missing from those memories was the actual love. 

She could pinpoint the exact moment where she fell in love with him but she couldn’t recall what if felt like.
 It was like watching someone else’s story play out in your head like a movie but you were only a spectator and never really a part of it.

But she wanted to be a part of it, she wanted to fulfill that role so badly and regain everything she had lost.

His eyes were soft and loving as he stared back at her, the expression on his face serious when she leaned her face against his.
‘Make love to me,’ she then asked,’ please.’

He closed his eyes for a few moments as his fingers tangled into her hair and he pulled her closer to him.

‘Are you sure about that?’ he asked.

‘I want to feel again and I need you to help me, make me feel you again, Clint,’ she begged and she put her lips on his in a soft kiss, the touch of her mouth urging him to deepen the kiss and take charge.

He put his arms around her waist and guided her to the bed as they kept kissing, his hands seemed to be everywhere now that he was finally allowed to follow his urges and touch her freely after months of keeping his distance.

She pulled at his shirt while he lifted her off the ground and they both sank down on the bed. He positioned himself between her legs, which she eagerly spread for him as she kissed his neck and heard him moan under her touch.

‘God, you have no idea how much I want you, how much I’ve missed you,’ he whispered into her ear as he pushed up against her, making her feel his erection. 
She wrapped her arms around his neck and closed her eyes, trying to disappear into his touch and focus only on him, desperate to forget everything else.

And for a few moments it seemed to be working, his kisses were soft and full of longing and she allowed herself to drift. Letting her nails drag over his back and making him moan louder and louder into their kiss.

It wasn’t until his hands made their way between her legs that things started to feel wrong.
She could no longer make out the sweet words he was whispering into her ear, and his voice seemed to be changing.

‘I love you, I love you,’ his voice became more menacing and determined with every word until it had changed so much it no longer sounded like Clint, it sounded like…HIM.

‘Look at me, please…LOOK AT ME!’

She gasped for air when she opened her eyes and stared right into those green eyes, his hands pulled her panties aside and he shoved his erection into her. 

The moan escaping her lips was cut short when he kissed her, there was no softness in this kiss, it was filled with a whole other sentiment, one she had never felt in Clint before.

‘I love you,’ he whispered again, his voice seemed to have calmed down but there was no doubt left in her mind now.
She looked at him again and stared right into his pale face and long black hair as he leaned his face against hers, making her catch her breath. Her hands flew into his hair and she pulled him close to her, meeting his thrusts as she pushed her hips off the bed, giving into her bodies needs.

He felt cold to the touch, a familiar enticing cold she had missed during the past months, his thrusts out of control and quickly sending her over the edge, the feel of him, his fingers all over her most sensitive parts, his hardness reaching every little secret spot inside of her…her mind knew it wasn’t really him but her body responded as if it was anyway and it was ready to explode.

‘Don’t stop,’ she whispered, burying her face against his shoulder,’ don’t stop…don’t stop…Loki!’

With one final grunt he spilled inside of her and with it triggered her own orgasm to rush through her as she clung to him and let it leave her body, he held her in his arms until they both calmed down their breathing.

She didn’t dare open up her eyes until she felt him kiss her forehead and pull away from her. She looked up into his soft grey eyes and the sadness on his face.

‘Clint,’ she whispered,’ I am so…’

‘Don’t say another word,’ he sighed and he lifted himself off her and left the bed and the room.

She grabbed the sheets to cover herself up, her breath was still out of control and she could feel the cold lingering all over her body, making it impossible to stop shivering.
After a few minutes Clint walked back into the room, fully clothed and with a serious, closed expression on his face this time.
‘I don’t know what happened,’ she stuttered, still covering herself up with the bed sheets and avoiding his eyes,’ I am so sorry, I don’t know what came over me.’

‘Oh, I do,’ he gave her a judgmental look and took his jacket,’ I have tried so hard the past months, Mia.’

‘I know you have,’ she sighed.

‘I want so much to give you everything you need,’ he continued, his voice was turning softer,’ make it all better for you, but…I can’t be him. I can’t compete with a God.’

‘He’s not a God, he’s a monster,’ her voice sounded desperate in her own ears and she shook her head.

‘But that’s not really what you believe, is it?’ Clint asked softly.

She bit her lip.

‘No,’ she whispered, turning her head away from him.

For a few moments Clint just nodded his head and stayed quiet, trying to determine what his next step should be. It wasn’t one he wanted to take, but he knew he had no other choice.
‘I need to go for a while,’ he then said, making her look at him again.

‘Go where?’ she asked in shock.

‘Anywhere you are not,’ he then confessed and before he allowed himself to look at her again he put on his leather jacket and left the room with Mia in it.



What is it?’

‘Stop poking it!’

‘It looks like a man.’

‘That’s a really pale man! Wait, is he dead?!’

The oldest of the two boys took one step closer. Their morning stroll along the beach had been interrupted by a loud bang, after which they found a dark pile of…something, in the middle of the beach. As soon as they stepped closer they could distinguish the form of a man, covered in black, and blood.

His pale skin formed a big contrast with the dark red blood stains on his face and hair, and the black leather clothing around his body seemed to be ripped apart in some places, showing even more wounds and bruises underneath.

‘I think he’s breathing,’ the boy said when he watched the man’s chest rise up and down quickly.

‘Where on earth did he come from?’ the younger boy asked.

His older brother looked around them on the beach, it had been empty as far as the eye could see just a few moments ago. The only place this stranger could have come from was…

‘I don’t think he came from earth,’ the boy whispered as he looked up into the clear blue sky above them.

i love that katsa is built up to be such a physically strong character, she can take down armies of enemies, she can hunt with her bare hands, she can do whatever she needs to do to survive and she doesn’t need anyone, she will persist no matter what–but the climax of the novel, her ultimate enemy, isn’t a big battle. katsa’s biggest strongest foe is words and lies and i love that

it’s crazy how much can happen over the course of one day.  you can never ever know when you wake up how you’ll feel by the end of the day.  same for any span of time, really, but it’s just a fact that the human brain can produce some unexpected twists over the course of twenty-four hours.

CNN had an article listing the top six shows to watch and TWD finale was #1 (which wouldn’t make sense if it’s as disappointing as the spoilers make it sound). They quote Sonequa as saying how it’s so jam packed and full of some unexpected twists and how it gets deep but it’s something she can be proud of.

So pretty much everything she and the other cast members have said completely contradict the overall dull tone of the spoilers which either means that they’re all lying (I did get on them for hyping up episodes like 5.09 and 5.10 that definitely did not deliver) or more likely, the spoilers are fake and/or incomplete. I’m certainly hoping for the second one.