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Pinch Me

Peter Parker x Reader

This story is part 2 of Detention. Part 1 can be found here! They can be read independently or as a series.

Words: 723
Plot: The reader asks Peter to help her study. Ned is such a pure third wheel. Everything is fluffy.
A/N: My most successful fic ever is back with a glorious part 2. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy writing it; if you do let me know.

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The cafeteria was bustling as Peter took a bite out of his apple, his chin resting on his palm. Beside him, Ned was flipping through a comic book; yawning slightly as he rubbed at his eyes.
“There’s no justice in the world” Ned groaned, thumping his forehead onto the plastic table with a loud thud. Peter was used to his friend freaking out over the most minor comic book related subplot - today didn’t seem like an exception.
“Ned, it’s…just a comic book” Peter muttered, rolling his apple between his palms as he stared at his friend, a slight smile forming at the corners of his mouth.
Ned made a muffled sigh, resting his fists on the table.
“Peter, here we are, two cool, handsome guys-”
“Don’t say it”
Ned looked up, leaning in.
“-One of who is the Spider-Man-” he loudly whispered.
Peter groaned.
“-And we’re alone at lunch for the billionth time this year”.
It wasn’t like Peter hadn’t noticed they were social pariahs. Even after Flash had laid off a little - and it really was only a little - he was still Penis Parker. 
Still nobody.
“Yeah, but come on, what do you want me to do about it?” Peter hissed “you want me to tell everyone in this school that I’m Spid-”

“Hi Peter” (y/n) interjected, sending Peter’s heart racing as she slid into the bench opposite them. Ned looked visibly stunned, his mouth hanging open as he looked her up and down; the sheer shock of having a girl come and sit with them tangible.
Not just any girl. An awesome, pretty girl.
She was just as stunning to Peter now as the first day they’d met in detention; they’d spoken a few times since, but it had almost always been in passing.
Now, with strands of hair falling from her bun and jacket tucked under her arm; she was angelic.
What are you guys conspiring about?” she chuckled, placing her tray onto the table and picking at a fluffy piece of bread.
“Nothing!” Ned and Peter both hurriedly said at the same time, heat flushing to Peter’s face as he realised how suspicious they sounded.
“I was…” Peter started, motioning with his eyes to Ned.
“He was…we were talking about the physics exam. Next week”.
(y/n) raised her brow suspiciously, putting a piece of bread into her mouth and swallowing.
“I’m glad you brought that up, actually” she breathed, a light blush forming across her nose as she looked down awkwardly, avoiding Peter’s gaze. He realised he had been staring at her, unblinking, like an absolute idiot as she ate bread.
Real creepy.
“I’ve actually been having some trouble with vectors and-” she started.
“Peter can help!” Ned cried out with enthusiasm, looking at Peter breathlessly “he’s good at…those”.
Peter’s mouth dropped open as he felt his hands get all clammy.
“Uh…yeah. I mean if you want I can help you with revision. I’ve got some pretty good textbooks at my place…” Peter started, tapping his hands against the underside of the table awkwardly.
“That’d be great actually. Tonight?” (y/n) breathed, a smile growing across her face.
“Yeah, sure. That’d be cool” Peter swallowed, excitement bubbling in his chest.
“Awesome. You can just text me the address - is 6 okay?”
Was this actually happening, or was Peter imagining it?
He looked over at Ned who looked like he was about to faint, steadying himself on the table in shock.
“6 is…I mean, 6 is great!”.
“Awesome. Well, I’ve gotta go” she motioned towards a table in the far corner where a group of other kids were busting around, one of the girls motioning for her to come and sit with them “but I’ll see you then, Peter. See you round, Ned” she smiled, picking up her tray and swinging her backpack over her shoulder.

Ned and Peter both watched her leave, eyes wide.
“Holy shit” Ned breathed “Holy shit”.
Peter felt the grin spreading across his face; uncontrollably wide until it hurt.
“Pinch me” he said joyfully as he and Ned went for the highest of fives.


The bus ride home was probably the most nervous and excited Peter had ever been. His headphones jammed in, thumb stroking the metal pole with nerves; he knew tonight was Peter Parker’s turn to be the dashing hero.

A/N: Part 3 coming soon to a fanfic blog near you

MCL Boys: Fluff Headcanons

gUESS WHO’S BACK!? well me, kinda. so i just thought about doing some fluff since i’m in one of those ‘kaha ur an idiot and u better write11!1’ kinda moods! so, enjoy.


  • Loves having to cuddle on the couch. Like honestly, he falls asleep so much during movie marathons.
  • Always kisses Candy awake,, every time she’s over he can’t help it.
  • Claps loudly if he’s right about solving a documentary case. Like “I knew it was him, there’s no way anyone else could’ve done it!” and just clAP
  • Will honestly cuddle while watching some crime investigation with Candy.
  • Tbh, this boy is so good at solving cases?? sometimes he’s mad at himself for figuring it out so quick
  • Makes the best popcorn for sleepovers or any movie occasion™
  • Long walks at night are really nice, especially in some light rain.
  • Gets flustered if Candy just straight up flirts with him. Yep, flirt - Nath can’t handle the heat.
  • Will sometimes ask Candy 'have a nice dance’ before she leaves. It could be deemed as weird but it’s just so nice to do?? let the boy dance
  • Will only spam Candy’s phone if she’s sick. 22 missed calls and 41 text messages. Which is rare.
  • Gets huffy if Candy won’t let him lay on her lap because of White.
  • Likes making out in his room, usually on his office chair.
  • Candy’s name on his phone is Candy’s nickname. If not, then ’princess’ is pretty good.
  • Really likes watching Marvel movies, all thanks to Armin, he’ll invite Candy to watch some.
  • Covered Candy’s eyes on some violent scenes in a documentary because he’s a mom like that.
  • Loves having to baby Candy. He’s such a mom, let him baby Candy!
  • Always gets Candy her favorite food while grocery shopping. Even sweets, he won’t leave it there.
  • Likes it when Candy rakes her hands through his hair, it’s the best feeling
  • Probably likes cuddling more than he does making out, it’s just so innocent and peaceful, it’s great.


  • Ponytail Castiel is the best, we all know it’s the best, free this boys hair.
  • Gets so damn flustered if Candy takes surprise pictures of him like,, “What the hell?! Give me that!” he will chase and then grab her into an attack hug
  • Could cuddle for days. This boy is just so laid-back he will just lay there and let Candy do her thing.
  • Surprise kisses. Always surprise kisses from him. Usually on the temple or kiss, or the whole face, all are good.
  • Sings to Candy while playing his guitar, he’s so good?? he should do another collab with Lysander.
  • Won’t let Candy feel like a third wheel if they’re out with friends. That is, unless she wants to.
  • Spoils Candy too much. Always buys that one gift that no one else thought of.
  • Candy’s name on his phone would be ’That little girl’ not even like 'little girl’. But it’s gotta be ‘that’ little girl.
  • Always makes fun of Candy if she’s modeling clothes, lmao she’s already pretty. “Honestly, you’re already cute enough. That dress looks like a tutu anyways-” probably got a plush thrown at him.
  • Smokes less around Candy. Plans on stopping,, but not all overly quick, he’s taking his time.
  • Will tease Candy 90 times a day. He will honestly sound like he’s initiating some hot session when he’s really not.
  • Took pictures of Candy trying on his clothes once. Never let her see the picture.
  • Let’s be real, Castiel has cried on some sad dog movies and never admitted to it.
  • Likes sweet talking Candy over the phone. Probably calls her a lot if he can’t come over.
  • Has a shitload of pictures of Candy on his phone, especially when she’s with Demon.
  • Takes candid pictures, most of them are actually really good. if you take out the embarrassing ones, of course.
  • Takes 10 years to wake up. Best to kiss him awake he’s such an ufking rock.


  • Such a smooth talker. This boy has a bold and very smooth talking side.
  • Always holds Candy when they sleep. Number one; he’s a skyscraper. Number two; he just likes it.
  • Likes talking about his childhood, especially the bunnies he’s met during the time, never forget the bunnies.
  • Flower crown making. Oml this boy can make DIY flower crowns.
  • Made Candy a flower crown or two, them being made of her favorite color(s).
  • Likes making cute origami swans. Probably taught Candy some things, it’s just super therapeutic.
  • May be forgetful, but he remembers the day the met, the time, and the day they kissed and the time. Will honestly text at the time they kissed like 'happy anniversary’.
  • Calls Candy 'love’ or 'dear’ a lot. It’s just a habit he has, he tries not to do it so much at school.
  • Surprise gifts. Always some little box somewhere Candy finds, he won’t tell her he bought something.
  • Doodles Candy when she’s not looking. He’s really good at it, usually some chibi’s or something realistic.
  • Likes it when Candy tries to do his hair. Though there’s not much to do, it’s still fun to try.
  • Gets super flustered with surprise kisses, especially on the mouth. he loves it but daMN
  • Falls asleep on Candy during sleepovers. Usually on her lap. It’d be hard to move him but he’s still cute.
  • Has a Polaroid camera and he’s taken pictures of Candy in his clothes. It’s just so cute?? Little Candy in his oversized jacket is his icon for her on his phone.
  • Candy’s name on his phone would be ’My Love’ or ’My Everything’. It’s always something romantic with Lysander.
  • Doesn’t want to be super clingy, he always overthinks he’s clingy with his romantic habits,, tries to take it down a notch.


  • Such a fun person to be around, it’s never a boring time with Armin.
  • May not look like it but he’s very committed to Candy. He would honestly send a messenger bird if he lost his phone.
  • Likes riling Candy up with bad puns. They will brutally murder the mood, guaranteed.
  • That kind of guy that laughs while making out like “I just thought of a great joke” he’s such a goof.
  • Likes bubble baths. If Candy won’t take one with him, that’s fine, but he plays like a little kid in the bubbles.
  • Has a whole damn folder dedicated to pictures he’s taken of Candy. He looks at them most of the time when he misses her.
  • The icon for Candy on his phone is a selfie of her wearing 'SEXY’ glasses with him.
  • If Candy wears a beanie, he’s gonna swap hers for his own. He’s got his own little collection of hats, usually winter hats.
  • Introduces Candy to a lot of good animes he watches. Danganronpa and Samurai Champloo being examples.
  • Won’t let Candy win at a game unless she’s super annoyed. Then he’ll have mercy, for a little bit.
  • Loves watching marvel or comedy movies. Sometimes Ju-on if Candy’s up for it.
  • Gets very flustered with random complements. There’s not much he can be flustered about but he just blushes a lot like “Oh, uh…well, thanks!” he’s so awkward when it comes to things like that.
  • It’s already expected but Candy’s name is ’Sweetness <3’ on his cellphone - he can’t help it.
  • Makes a lot of funny ass faces when she’s upset to bribe his way out of trouble.
  • Actually likes texting Candy than face to face conversation since he can use some shitty grammar without getting told on.
  • Though he likes cosplay, a lot, he probably just wants Candy to wear the hot stuff around him because he’s not *really* that kind of show off guy.
  • Oversized clothes is his weakness. He loves seeing Candy in some baggy shirt, or even his clothes, both are good.


  • Gave Candy a part of his dog tag to show others they’re in a relationship.
  • He attac and protecc. And proteccs again.
  • Likes giving her surprise kisses, but not too much, he wants for them to be a 'rare’ kind of thing.
  • Buys Candy too many things, his dad is actually proud of how much he spoils her ? But advises he doesn’t do it too much.
  • It’s so expected that Kentin would bake with Candy. If she’s not very good at it, he’ll guide her on how to decorate instead.
  • Gets so flustered with hugs from behind! He loves them so much but he probably choked the first time she hugged him like that.
  • Shows Candy some self-defense moves and how to use a weapon, usually some switchblade.
  • Accidentally jogs away from Candy and wonders where she went. He’s gotta go fAST
  • Loves taking pictures of Candy and Cookie! It’s like the cutest pair to see them get along.
  • If Candy’s allergic to dogs it’s very likely that Kentin would give her allergy medicine and worry a whole lot if she took it or not.
  • Takes a lot of pictures, sometimes candid ones, but he’d rather let Candy know he’s taking one.
  • Could honestly spend the whole day cuddling Candy. He’d probably lay on her chest and fall sleep though whoops.
  • Is pretty insecure about his freckles,, but he’d feel a lot better if Candy told him they were cute/she liked them.
  • Always likes talking about their weird memories in middle school.
  • Actually prefers hugs over kisses. Not like he doesn’t like them but he feels like hugs are more meaningful.
  • Candy’s name on his phone would be ’Princess’. Probably wouldn’t want to do much with nicknames, Candy’s already good.

dj-the-autobot  asked:

Hoi Can you do the high school au for perceptor, brainstorm, whirl, wheeljack, rung, ... uh.. who else am I missing.. bleh can't think xD (and if you can/want, the rescue bots?) Thankies~ (I read some of ur aid but haven't had time to reblog them I wanna have a day where I can reblog stuff I sent myself in a text so sorry I haven't been active reblogging ur stuff)


A new student

Recently moved schools

and away from his one true crush Quark

Spends his first science class talking to Percetor and getting them both in trouble

Sits on his seat like a weirdo and gets in trouble

Sometimes just sits on his desk instead

Doesn’t use a backpack, just a briefcase

Has used said briefcase to whack people

Has gotten into to tug of wars with teachers who are trying to confiscate his briefcase

Just won’t let fucking go

Runs through the halls like Naruto to get to class when he’s late

Photobombs Chromedome’s and Rewind’s cute snapchat selfies

His locker is a disaster

He keepers forgetting which one is his

Then breaking into other peoples lockers because he thinks it’s his

His phone screen is a cracked mess

Goes through so many phones because he loses them to his experiments



Crazy woodworks teacher

Always like twenty minutes late to her classes

Has lost a couple fingers

Which is very concerning to her students

“I have some very important teacher work to do, so shut up”

*watches fail videos on youtube*

Gives no fucks and swears in her classes

Also gives the finger to her students

If a kid screams at her she will scream right back but louder

Probably isn’t the best teacher

Probably grades based on who she likes best, not who actually does a good job

Dyes her hair turquoise 

Her students love it

“Don’t call me Miss, just call me Whirl. Actually no, call me Principal Prime.”

Throws chalk at her students, and at teachers

Craziest teacher ever

Her classes are just fucking wild


Coolest Physics and chemistry teacher ever

Wears light up shoes

FLuffy mad scientist hair that sticks up everywhere

Plays Back to the Future sometimes in class

Lets kids go on their phones during class

Makes science fun

Friendless teacher ever

Starts fires in class 

and lots of explosions

You hear an explosion during class from the other side of school you know it’s him

Permanently singed eyebrows

Encourages his students to experiment, which usually leads to disasters

Has also set himself on fire in class more than once

Makes science puns

Drinks a lot of coffee and energy drinks

“What will happen if I drink these together”

“Sir no”


Hand writing is so messy

Has probably invented flubber in class


School Guidance Counselor

Tiny, tiny, tiny

Pretty much every student who comes to talk to him is way bigger than he his

even the freshmen

Is actually a good guidance counselor

really does care

Usually, tries to talk to the jittery troublemakers cause he thinks they have home problems

Only managed to get Sideswipe in his office once, but he climbed out the window when he turned around

Drift and Rodimus are his other frequent visitors

He offers all his visiting students candies

And his office as a place to rest if they get called out of class because they’re angry, or having a sensory overload or an anxiety attack or something

Has lots of posters to make the ugly ass school office he’s in homier

Also has lots of stress balls and fidget toys to give to students he thinks needs them

Remembers all his students and says hello if he sees them outside his office

Has a pamphlet for literally every problem

Keeps his model ships on display because some of his students like to look at them while they talk

Poor lonely dude eats his lunch alone in his office


Probably the smartest kid in school

Will most definitely graduate top of like every class

Except for PE

He can’t run for shit

Gets pelted with dodgeballs

Great at throwing them back though

Nerdy little small rimmed glasses

Wears a lot of red sweaters to school

even in summer

how the fuck does he do it

Smarter than all the teachers too

Constantly correcting them

Very skinny and lanky

Spends his lunches reading, studying or doing homework

Probably actually really strong because of all the big ass text books he’s always lugging around

Locker is so neat

Even if it’s mostly just books

Brainstorm has a bad habit of following him around when he isn’t busy angsting over the fact he had to move schools and be away from his crush

But at least there’s another nerd science student he can obsess over

Always trying to be his lab partner

His backpack isn’t even a backpack it’s a satchel thing

Brainstorm teases him over it

Even though his backpack is a fucking briefcase

Hot, articulate accented voice


Here you are! 

yo what the fuck is up kyle? hey everyone i’m allura, your resident witch, eighteen, cst, and ready to fuckin party. unfortunately my power went out literally right before i was going to post this??? and is still out. idk why? there’s always tons of annoying construction around my house so i’m thinking that might have something to do with it? either way, i remembered how to put gifs into text posts via html so we should be gucci for now. uh, anyway. i’m super excited to get to know all of you and your cherries and get pepper into some trouble. if you wanna plot w pepper, just hmu via that tumblr mssging system or SMASH that mf like button. i’m down for anything. also i’ve been re listening to blond by frank ocean so i’m kinda fucked up? come vibe w it? ily.

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My Boys...Part 11

(Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5  Part 6  Part 7  Part 8  Part 9  Part 10  Part 12  Part 13  Part 14  Part 15  Part 16  Epilogue)

The three of you were in the hospital for a week before you were released to go home.  You had helped your sons into their wheelchairs, with a nurse helping you push them out to your car, where Rossi had been waiting.

He helped you all get settled in, all the while telling you about the freezer meals he had made, along with where to find the directions to reheat them whenever you guys were hungry.

You had hugged his neck tight, thanking him profusely before he left that evening.

You were still stunned at the cleanliness of the house.

You had called your boss, asking for some time off to take care of your sons.  To get them healthy again, but Hotch had already put you in for three weeks, remembering back to the time he and J.J. had taken off with their boys during that case.

That fateful case three years ago.

The case you had initially come in on…

The first few days were fine.  You ran back and forth between your sons, helping them to the bathroom or feeding Wilder food through a tube between his teeth.

You sat on your couch and cried in the evenings, knowing how hungry your son was and how there wasn’t a damn thing you could do about it.

But the exhaustion slowly began to wear on you.

Soon, the bags under your eyes began to wrinkle, and you could no longer keep your eyes open when you sat down, only to be startled awake whenever you heard an air-horn go off (one of the ways you gave the boys to get your attention in case you did fall asleep).

You needed help.

And you needed it bad.

“Ma?” DeShawn asks, limping into the room as you startle yourself awake from the couch.

“Baby!” you breathily state as you rise up from the couch, rushing over to his side as you grasp his arm, helping him to his chair.

“What are you doing up?  Are you in pain?  You should be resting, you and Wilder’s maximum missed school days are almost used up.”

“Ma…” DeShawn trails off as you reach for a blanket, settling it over his lap as you look up at him from underneath your reddened, haggard stare.

“Yeah, sweet cheeks?” you whisper, placing your hands on his knees as you crouch in front of him.

“You need help,” he muses lowly.

“I am perfectly capable-”

“Ma!  Stop!” DeShawn croaks loudly.

“Sweetheart, you need to rest,” you coo as you stroke his leg.

“And you need to stop using us as a reason for delaying your own happiness!”

“What?” you ask breathlessly.

It was then that Wilder appeared from the hallway, stumbling in, still high on his pain medication, as you jump up and catch him just before he hits his knees.

“What is wrong with you two!?” you yelp, helping your son to his respective chair as you grasp for another blanket, your chest heaving with exhaustion as tears spring to your eyes

You were so tired of crying.

“We know you like him,” DeShawn states as you tuck the blanket down into Wilder’s chair.

“Like who?” you bite.

“Spencer,” Wilder mumbles through his wired jaw.

“Wilder…take it easy,” you coo.

No!” he mumbles through clenched teeth, slamming his hands down on the arm rests of the chair as you look up at him, catching his wild gaze.

“You know he’ll come help…” DeShawn trails off as he eyes begin to droop from his medication.

“We aren’t an excuse anymore,” DeShawn lulls lowly as he lobs his head over to you.

It was then that you saw Wilder reach for something, thrusting it out into your vision as your watery eyes dart down to the object.

Your cell phone.

“Call him,” Wilder mumbles through his teeth.

It’s true.

For years, you used your boys as an excuse to put your love life on the back-burner while you took care of them.

Raised them.

Taught them to be independent.

But your boys were approaching graduation.

And soon they would be gone.

And your house would be empty of their sounds.

And their laughter.

And their cries for food…

Who would be there for you to come home to?

Who would be there for you to love…?

And mindlessly, almost as if your fingers knew what to do, you found yourself holding your cell phone up to your ear as the ringing of the phone cascades into your ears.


He picked up.

Spencer picked up his phone for you.

“H-…Heh-hey,” you say, clearing your throat as the tears begin to fall down your cheeks yet again.

“Are you alright?  Is something wrong with the boys?” he asks frantically.

“No…I-I-I mean, yeah…yeah, they’re uh…they’re alright.  Very…uh…very drugged.”

“Probably for the best.  It’ll help them through the pain of recovery,” Spencer states.

“But I uh…I’m having some…some trouble…” you trail off.

“Y/N.  Are you alright?” Spencer enunciates.

“I’m tired.  I just-”

You feel your voice catch in your throat as you raise your gaze up to your two sleeping boys.

“The nightmares,” you start, no longer trying to mask your tears, “they uh…keep me up.  I uh…I’m having trouble taking-…taking care of…of my boys.  Because I’m so-”

The hiccuping you were doing, trying to hold back your sobs, broke Spencer’s heart as he grabbed his go-bag, sending a text message to Hotch while you were still trying to regain your control on the other end of the line.

“You still there?” Spencer asks as he locks his apartment door behind him.

“Yeah,” you breathe, “yeah, I’m-…I’m still here.”

And then…after a bit of a pause…

“Spencer…can I ask you something?”

“You can ask me anything,” he coos as he bursts into the parking garage of his complex.

“Could you-”

Why is this so hard?

As Spencer shuts the door of his car, slinging his go-bag into the passenger seat, he sticks his keys into the ignition before setting his hand in his lap.

“I always used raising my sons as an excuse to put my love-life on the back-burner…” you trail off.

“When you have two boys to raise, it can be hard dealing with another one,” Spencer smiles.

The sentiment made you giggle.

Truly giggle.

For the first time in almost two weeks.

“Spencer, could you-?”

And that’s when you heard it.

The loud cranking of an engine on the other side of the line.

“I’ll see you in 15 minutes, Y/N,” Spencer coos, backing out of the parking space as he inches his way towards the opening garage.

And there were those damn tears again.

Rolling down your face, blazing a trail long since memorized.

Your cheeks were going to stay permanently red if you didn’t find a way to quit.

Fic: Bonding

Based off this AU idea: you crouched down to coo at my baby but i forgot to tell you their favorite thing to do is to play with people’s hair and now they won’t let go of you.

Modified slightly, but still fucking adorable, if I do say so myself. ~1450 words, G.

Kurt couldn’t help but smile at Josie’s happy babbles as they jogged (well, he was jogging, she was in her stroller) through Central Park. The weather was gorgeous, Josie had allowed him to put on her shoes without any fussing, and he even had enough time to stop for a quick pastry on the way home if he kept this pace up.

Unfortunately, Josie chose that moment to take off her shoes and chuck them in opposite directions, one landing on the other side of the footpath and the other nearly falling into a pile of goose poop in the grass nearby. Kurt ran to rescue that one first, leaving one arm stretched back towards her stroller like that could keep her from causing any more mischief while he had to look away.

He nearly dropped it again when he turned back and saw a handsome stranger approaching, Josie’s other shoe in hand.

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anonymous asked:

Found the phone number of an old childhood friend in some box at the back of your closet and decided to call it to see if it still worked AU FOR TSUKKI NEKOMA!YAMA -BEAN

“Hello?” Kei finds his heart racing upon hearing the voice on the other line, and sucks in a breath before replying. 

“Hello, uh, this is going to sound weird, but…is this Yamaguchi Tadashi?” 

“…This is…” Kei can hardly breathe. “May I ask who’s calling me?”

“Uh, m- my name is…Tsukishima Kei…We used to go to school together. In elementary.”

“Hmm…Tsukishi…Tsukishima…” Tadashi hums on the other side of the line and Kei feels his heart drop before, “Tsukki?”

Kei chuckles. “So you remember me?”

“How could I not, you were my best friend!” There’s the sound of a person in the background gasping over dramatically and Tadashi giggles. “Of course you’re my best friend now, though, Inuoka,” He whispers away from the speaker, before returning. “How did you get my number?”

“I, uh–” Kei licks his lips, and shakes his head to clear it. This was actually happening. “I was going through some old boxes, and I, uh… I found your number on a piece of paper and decided to see if it still worked; I guess it still does.” He laughs nervously, and Tadashi laughs too, less nervous. 

“That’s so cool! Have I really not changed my number since fifth grade?” He chuckles. “I sure hope I didn’t give my name out to any creeps when I was younger, or I’m in trouble.”

“Yeah…” Kei says awkwardly. 

“Oi! Tadashi, Inuoka! Let’s go, Fukurodani’s waiting!”

“Ah, I’ve gotta go, I have a practice match. I’ll text you, ok, Tsukki?”

Kei smiles to himself. “Yeah. I’ll be waiting.”

“Ok, bye Tsukki!” And then Tadashi is gone again. And Kei is grinning to himself even more, because he’s positive he’d heard Nekoma’s captain yelling on the other line and they have a practice match with them next week. 

Clalec drinking and texting Magnus

I dunno why I wrote this, but here it is. Inspired by this

”Alec, I know you’d prefer anyone over me, but I’m all you have. Come with me and have some fun. You’ve been cooped up here all week.” Alec sighed, shutting the book in his hands with a loud thud. 

Clary’s shoulders tensed, but her gaze was firm and her stance stubborn. She wasn’t backing down. 

“Maybe I like being here,” Alec huffed, even as he stood to put on a jacket. 

 “You do, but not this much,” Clary said. When she didn’t continue, Alec sighed again. He found he did that a lot lately, especially around Clary. She was a very exhausting person at times, okay? 

“I think I’m allowed to be frustrated,” Alec defended as he slipped on his boots. 

“Yeah the first two days. You’re just being dramatic now,” she chuckled. 

Alec scowled to shut her up, but that only had her laughing for real. 

“I still don’t get why I’m not allowed on this mission. Even Magnus could go!” He opened the door and gestured for Clary to lead the way. He had no idea what her plans for them tonight were. All she’d said was that they were going out to ‘lift his spirits’ or whatever. 

 “I didn’t get to go either,” Clary pointed out as she headed towards the front doors of the Institute. 

 “I’ve been a Shadowhunter since I was born, you’ve been one for what, three days?” Alec grumbled. He startled when Clary started to laugh. Ever since they’d gotten Jace back and stopped Valentine, Clary had been very … blissful. He couldn’t blame her, but he was struggling to adjust. 

 Once they stepped outside, Alec searched for his stele in his back pocket. When he drew it out, though, Clary put a hand over his. “Nuhuh big guy, we’re mundanes today.” Alec groaned but put his stele away nonetheless and followed Clary down the street. 

She stopped outside an innocent looking building with a sign reading: Irish Pub. 

Alec had never met someone from Ireland, but he’d heard they were very festive. Like Magnus. Magnus was festive. 

 And Alec was pathetic. 

He pushed the warlock to the back of his head - because honestly, Magnus never really left his thoughts - and walked inside. Clary dragged him to the bar right away and ordered three rounds of shots. While Alec had never been big on drinking, he was willing to do everything to kill some time. Being alone with Clary in the Institute was boring. Clary herself certainly wasn’t, but Alec just simply couldn’t spend all his time around her, lest he go mad. Clary was growing on him, sure, but not that much. 

 He was pulled out of his thoughts when Clary pushed him into a booth and took the seat opposite him. She gestured to the shots glasses lining the wooden surface between them, and after a brief moment of hesitation, Alec took the first one and knocked it back. It burned down his throat, and he and Clary gagged together. Neither of them were used to drinking it seemed. 

 About an hour or two later, both he and Clary were drunk out of their minds. The room was spinning and they were both giggling like fools, talking about nothing and everything. 

They’d already talked about Izzy’s impressive ability to fight in heels (“she uses a whip, Alec! In heels! That’s dangerous!”) and now Clary was moaning about Jace. 

 “Robot, he is,” she insisted. She hiccupped once before continuing; “are those a thing?” 

 “Fuck if I know,” Alec mumbled. Clary wasn’t speaking very clearly, and some of her words were in the wrong order, Alec was sure of it, but he got the idea.

“Is he always like that?” 

 Alec had to slap himself to clear his head a bit and register the question. “What? Oh, uhm, yeah, p-pretty much.” He wasn’t sure what he was agreeing to, but his gut told him he was on the right track. 

 “I’ll send him s-some angry emojis,” Clary muttered suddenly as she pulled out her phone. 

“You’ll send him wha’?” Alec asked. He leaned forward as Clary pushed her phone towards him. Little smiley faces lit up on the screen, completely red in the face. Alec clapped delightedly. They were adorable

God, his hungover tomorrow would be terrible.

“I love them!” he practically shouted. 

 Clary tried to send him a weird look, but she just scrunched up her nose, and they both started laughing. “Here, you ‘ave them too, I’ll show ‘em to you,” she slurred as she snapped her fingers at the outline of his phone in his pocket. 

She pressed his screen a few times, and then sent a message to herself, containing a pig emoji and a gun emoji. “That’s me shooting Jace in the face.” 

Alec burst into laughter and fell over the table, knocking over a few of the glasses. Then, he got an idea, and he shot back up to send Clary a wide-eyed look. “Let’s send some to Magnus!” he hissed under his breath, as if the warlock could hear him, despite being god knows where with Alec’s brother and sister.

Clary squealed as Alec fumbled around to find Magnus’ contact. He’d last texted him last night, albeit briefly, to make sure everything was going according to plan. He worried, okay? Magnus may be immortal, but he was accident-prone. He got into all kinds of trouble if left without supervision.

“Wha’ should I send?” he asked Clary. 

“Uh, there’s a crystal ball! Send him that! Cause he’s a wizard ‘n stuff.” 

Alec did as asked, and then added a garbage can for good measure. Before he could press send, Clary stole his phone and added a burger and a beer. Then, she pressed send.

Within minutes, Magnus was sending him back three question marks. Clary covered her giggle with her hand as Alec sent a creepy, gray moon with a face on it.

His phone started buzzing, and when Magnus’ face and name flashed on his screen, he panicked and threw the phone at Clary. Somehow, despite being drunk off her ass, Clary managed to catch and answer it. 

“’Ello? Yes. Yes. No. But he- yeah. I’ll ask.” Clary removed the phone from her ear, and blinked at Alec a few times, before her eyes lit up, as if thought remembering what she was supposed to ask. 

“Wanna talk to Magnus?” 

Alec nodded eagerly, a smile slowly spreading on his face. “Hey babe,” he chirped once he had the phone pressed to his ear.

Magnus seemed stunned into silence for a few moments. Alec supposed it was quite unusual for him to use nicknames, but he couldn’t remember why. Magnus was a babe. The prettiest babe. Alec’s babe.

Hello there, Alexander. Mind explaining your little tirade?” 

“They’re emojis!” Alec responded enthusiastically. In front of him, Clary threw her hands in the air and cheered “EMOJIS” at the top of her lungs. 

Indeed. Your brother is calling for me. We should be home tomorrow morning. You and Clary can stay in the loft. Less judgmental Shadowhunters there.” 

“D-deal,” Alec muttered before calling out his goodbye and ending the call. 

“Let’s send him more emojis,” Clary blurted as soon as Alec had lowered the phone. 

This time, instead of just sending emojis, they tried to tap out a message. It didn’t end well. 

Marg🐝nus Bame ✈️✈️ you are hhot 🔥 and Clary 😈 loves you 🙏🏽💕

 Clary giggled and shook her head when Alec pressed send. 

“My turn!” she crowed. 

The next text Magnus received was a blundering mess of emojis that ranged from vaguely inappropriate to downright creepy. 


When Alec and Clary managed to stumble out of the pub and to Magnus’ loft, it was pitch black outside. Alec somehow managed to guide them to the loft and find the spare key Magnus had hidden in case Alec forgot his key. Despite Clary using the flashlight on her phone to light up the keyhole, it still took Alec five tries to jam the key in there.

They stumbled inside together, clinging to each other and the walls so they wouldn’t go tumbling to the ground. They never made it to a bed; simply passed out on the floor on a new, fluffy rug Magnus had recently “bought”.

The next morning, Alec woke up with a pounding headache. He and Clary were lying back to back with a blanket spread out over their bodies. He was pretty sure none of them had been in their right mind to get that last night, and he faintly recalled Magnus saying they’d be back from the mission sometime today. 

Right he was. When he looked up, Magnus was smiling at him fondly. “Good morning,” he said, far too loudly.

Alec winced and curled into the rug. It really was quite comfy. He shushed Magnus and waved him away. 

“Now now, Alexander, that’s no way to treat your warlock returning from war.”

“Stealing a blade from a pissed-off vampire is hardly a war,” Alec scoffed as he clambered to his feet. Clary snuffled in her sleep, and Alec couldn’t help but smile. Maybe she wasn’t too bad. She had taught him about emojis after all. 

Oh fuck

“We… messages?” he stuttered. He worried he’d never be completely coherent around Magnus, but to Alec’s defense, he hadn’t realized until now that the warlock wasn’t wearing a shirt. He seemed to be in the middle of stitching up some smaller wounds. 

“You did send me some, yes. I was quite entertained, if I’m being honest.” 

“I’m never drinking again.”

Dean: All right, listen up, girls, now, I know you’re all here because you love “Supernatural”

x: Actually, I was hoping we’d do “Wicked”

Dean: Yeah, that’d have been easier. Uh, I know I have expressed some differences of opinion regarding this particular version of “Supernatural”, uh, but tonight…it is all about Marie’s vision. This is Marie’s “Supernatural” So I want you to get out there, and I want you to stand as close as she wants you to, and I want you to put as mush into that text as you possibly can. There is no other road, no other way, no day…but today.

Maeve: Did he just quote “Rent”?

Marie: Not enough to get us in trouble

Dean: Now, you get out there and you kick it in the ass

Marie: All right, bring it in!

All: Ghost…


Omaha Sex Diaries Fanfic (Part 5)

Natalia POV

My eyes slowly fluttered open, rays of sunshine illuminating Vicki’s guest bedroom. I sighed, as I was overcome by body aches and a severe headache. I snuck back under the covers, realizing I was still in my dress from the night before.

I closed my eyes and tried my best to remember what happened after I slept with Sammy. Everything was a blur from that point on, I knew I headed back to the party looking for something to take my mind off everything. I knew I had to have taken something crazy powerful, my mind was a mess. I groaned as I reached around for my phone, hoping that would have some clues. There was absolutely no way in hell that I could move out of this bed without either collapsing or puking everywhere.

Surprisingly my phone was not dead and actually had battery life, I already knew I had dozens of notifications based on my lock screen. I entered my passcode and checked my photos first, to my disappointment the ones that were there were the ones from the beginning of the night. I then checked my text messages, I had plenty.

The first one I read was from Johnson, my vision was blurry but from what I read he was just saying it was good to see me again and he’ll eventually talk to Gilinsky. Speaking of Gilinsky, I had several texts from him, which ranged from I miss you to I want to taste your lips again. I laughed as I scrolled down, drunk and high Gilinsky was my favorite. As the night progressed so did his texts, I assumed these were sent when I was with Sammy. The texts were now almost unreadable, but I could tell they were asking where I was and to come find him. As I scrolled down past random letters, emojis, and numbers my jaw dropped at his final text, which read “Your lips were sweeter than I remember.”

“Fuck.” I muttered. I definitely gave into him, I just didn’t remember it. I couldn’t remember anything after Sammy. Did Gilinsky and I fuck or was it just kissing, I needed to know. I frantically texted him asking what happened last night as I waited for a reply. I knew it’d be hours before Gilinsky and his lazy ass woke up.

I sighed going back to my messages, I let out an audible gasp when I saw that unknown number from the other day pop up. The newest text read, “You looked absolutely stunning last night.” I laughed at the text and didn’t even bother to respond, whoever this mystery texted was, definitely was trying way too hard. I finally gathered the strength and balance to go downstairs to eat and chug water. I crept past Vicki’s room, her door was open so I knew she was already up.

When I entered the kitchen I was greeted to Vicki sitting on the counter eating cereal straight out of the box.

“Hey Tals, I didn’t think you’d be up this early.” Vicki said with a full mouth.

“Me either, but I’m dying I need water.” I croaked as I grabbed a bottle from the fridge and chugged it within seconds.

“That’s exactly how you were chugging the bottle of vodka last night.” she said laughing.

“Oh god, I legit don’t remember anything after the whole Sammy thing, oh we kinda fucked.” I said wanting to leave out how Sammy stopped before letting me reach my high.

“WHAT?! You and Sammy? I did not expect him to be the first for this summer. ” Vicki said with a stunned face.

“Yep. He was actually good, like really good. I guess all that anger payed off.” I said with a laugh as I began to make myself some bacon, I needed something greasy.

“So what don’t you remember about last night?” Vicki asked.

“Everything after Sammy.” I said focusing on the bacon sizzling.

“Well, I can fill you in on some things. So you came downstairs, chugged the vodka and you popped a lot of pills. Not sure what they were, but you got crazy.” Vicki said smirking.

“What kind of crazy?” I asked putting the bacon on my plate, nervous for Vicki’s response.

“Flashing people, giving lap dances, making out with me.” Vicki said laughing.

“Oh god, we made out? Did I uh make out with anyone else?” I asked wondering if Vicki knew if I made out with Gilinsky or not.

“Yep, you and me in front of everyone, pretty sure people got pics. And no you didn’t, you were too busy going crazy on the dance floor.” Vicki said with a laugh.

“You’re positive?” I asked now confused as to why Gilinsky texted me.

“Positive, who are you convinced that you made out with or slept with?” She asked.

“Gilinsky, he texted me saying some weird shit.” I said finishing my bacon.

“Oh God, um about that..” Vicki began nervously.

“Crap, I knew it.” I said.

“No, no it wasn’t you um well you see you were off giving lap dances and I was drunk, he was drunk and one thing led to another.” Vicki said as her cheeks turned red.

“You did not fuck Jack Gilinsky.” I said.

“Oh God no, we were too drunk for that. But we did do other things, and he’s kinda um here.” Vicki said lowering her voice gesturing upstairs.

“He slept over!?” I asked, feeling relieved they didn’t sleep together.

“Yeah, in the other guest room. He was completely faded, I can’t believe he drunk texted you. What did it say?” She asked.

“Some shit about how my lips were sweeter than he remembered.” I said laughing out loud.

“Shut up, that’s so funny. You know he talked about you a lot. He’s still in love with you, I was just a distraction. Go easy on him, he seems fragile.” Vicki said in a whisper as we heard his footsteps from upstairs.

I glanced to the staircase and saw Gilinsky saunter into the kitchen only in his boxers, his hair was unruly yet he still looked like a Sex God. He nervously smiled looking back and forth to both Vicki and I.

“Hey girls. I’m sorry about crashing here.” he said as I handed him a bottle of water.

“Don’t worry about it, you were completely gone.” Vicki said laughing.

“I still am, God my body feels like it was run over by five trucks.” Jack said laughing as he sat next to me.

“Probably because it was.” I said with a smirk. Jack playfully nudged me, chugging his water.

I continued on. “So I woke up to some interesting texts this morning.” I said as Vicki chuckled.

“Really from who?” Jack asked clueless. I looked at Vicki who was about to burst into laughter, she quickly ran upstairs to her room.

“You, ya dumbass.” I said looking at Jack.

“W-what? I didn’t text you!?” He said blushing.

“Yes, you did. Practically the entire night, look.” I said handing him my phone. I studied Jacks face as he read through the texts, trying to contain my laughter. His face turned redder and he began running his fingers through his hair…his nervous habit.

“Uh shit Tal. Well I guess all the ones before the last one was directed at you. I kinda well me and Vicki did some things, but we didn’t sleep together!” Jack rambled, looking at me like a puppy who just got in trouble.

“Jack relax, I don’t care about that. You don’t have to explain yourself to me.” I said.

“But I do, you know how I feel Tal. Don’t tell me that you never felt the same towards me, how could you not feel that electricity between us.” Jack said as his finger tips brushed my arm, I couldn’t lie I did feel sparks but not this electricity Jack was talking about.

“Jack, listen.” I started as Jack stood up.

“No I don’t want to listen to you give some bullshit excuse about how you don’t feel anything for me, because I know you do. You’re just too afraid to admit it.” Jack said as he headed upstairs.

I was left in Vicki’s kitchen with the remnants of my bacon, debating what I should do with Gilinsky, since he’d be a tricky one to get into bed.

A couple of minutes later I saw Jack come down the stairs and leave Vicki’s house without saying goodbye. I laughed as I headed up to Vicki’s room where she was curled in bed watching tv, I joined her.

“I could hear him slam the door from up here, someone’s pissed off.” she said still focusing on the tv.

“Ugh yeah, he’s like trying to get me to admit that I have feelings for him.” I groaned.

“And do you?” Vicki asked now facing me.

“Not like how he feels for me, my feelings are purely sexual.” I said smirking.

“You can keep up the act all you want.” Vicki said raising an eyebrow.

“What act?” I asked.

“That you’ll never fall in love, that it’s all about sex. You’re gonna find that guy one day that is going to give you the most mind blowing sex ever and you’re gonna want to keep him around. You’re going to get attached and fall in love. It’s only a matter of time Tal.” Vicki said seriously.

“Hopefully that’s a long, long ways away.” I said as I closed my eyes, trying to let my thoughts fade away.