some time to kill in silent hill

You know what I want? Mass Effect Andromeda Silent Hill AU

Scott, some time after shooting Reyes in the back (which is the thing he regrets most in his life because he truly loved him but let the feeling of betrayal get the best of him), gets an email from him, telling him to go some distant planet and an abandoned town there. The town is not so abandoned after all because monsters lurk at every corner (looking like the twisted versions of the krogan he had left to die on the kett’s ship and other people he had killed or was unable to save), Scott’s dad appears from time to time (although not recognising him, speaking only abour Sara as if Scott had never existed) and he founds there Reyes as well. But Reyes dies over and over again and Scott can’t stop that from happening, getting more and more sick with guilt with every version of Reyes he sees dead. And maybe at the end, when the emotional torture almost breaks him completely, Scott finally meets the real Reyes, miraculously alive, and the two of them can reunite.