some time to kill in silent hill

The 100 Imagine

Title: Regret; part 1;

Fandom: The 100;

Character: Bellamy Blake;

Request by anon: Hey! It’s me again and this time I have an idea: y/n and Bellamy fight because she wants to go hunting with him but she goes anyway and get hurt helping him (he said smtg like: okay but i won’t protect you, when he was mad) and get lost and then a grounder takes care of you for a week or more and when you come back a lot of fluffy happens! hope you can do it *___*

OH and also please can he call y/n by the second name or some nickname (not princess bcuz we all know this one is clarkes)! thxx

Note: Y/E/C - Your Eye Color; Y/N: Your Name; Y/S/N: Your Second Name.

Thank you for the idea! I just changed a little a few things, I hope you like it anon <3

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