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Why do you think not as many people have used characters created by Morrison after he was done, like the Ultramarine Corps or Manhattan Guardian? It's sad.

It’s a habit, though while some ideas being passed over seem to be genuinely a matter of spite and hatred for what he did (almost everything done with the X-Men since New X-Men) or laziness (Solaris never showing up), a lot of the time I do get it. The Batmen of many nations, even though he made them great, are difficult to justify bringing in all that often if you’re still doing stories all-but-exclusively set in America. The Ultramarines and the Wanderers and Justice Incarnate are the type of pre-fab concepts where if the creator themselves don’t follow up on it and develop it further, most likely no one else will either. Most of the minor characters he works on aren’t ones the Big Two are going to be chomping at the bit to take a big chance on. And of course a lot of the time it’s a matter of writers being confused - whether it’s actually all that confusing or if they just don’t get it is another matter altogether - or thinking his stuff is too silly or weird to continue using. And then there’s characters like Vyndktvx or Doctor Hurt who are so tied into specific stories he told that it’s hard to imagine them outside that context. Between Al Ewing, Tim Seeley, Jason Aaron, Steve Orlando, Tom King and even Pete Tomasi, among others, we seem to be in a minor renaissance of writers who realize Morrison was onto something and are dragging all that gold back into the light, usually in a pretty satisfying fashion.

“Dear Diary,”

    Book of Shadows, Grimoire, and WItch’s Journal. What’s the difference, what’s correct, and why does it matter?


It’s very common for anyone inside and outside of any magickal practice that we see a witch using some sort of book of spells, or some kind of magickal tomb. What are these items, what are they for, and what differences do they have from one another?

    The most common book that we know and have heard of in present day practices is the Book of Shadows.

    This book having a very dramatic and mystical name is commonly seen in media and present day practices. However, it’s the youngest title of most tombs yet is the most popular.

    The Book of Shadows publicity came about in  the 1940′s by the pioneer of Wicca,

Gerald Gardner

. It was admitted the the concept of the Book of Shadows was inspired through the general ancient practices of keeping a text/record of practices and spellcraft and the name inspired from a reading of an ancient text said to reveal one’s future of the length of their shadows.      
    During this time in the late 19th and early 20th century, it was common that specifically, the Book of Shadows, that one copy of the book was kept by a High Priest or High Priestess within the covens of Wicca’s practice. This was a time when Wicca’s confident public coming out was still dominated by Covens. It was more common to being part of a Coven than to being an open solitary practitioner in Wicca until the religions growth would break records in its expansion throughout the 60′s and 70′s to present day.

    This book is primarily used in the practice of Wicca. Though it’s not a religious text in terms of how to practice the faith of WIcca, but more of a journal used to record magickal and religious ceremonies and practices. Many “conservative” Wiccans feel as though these books should be hand written to transfer the personal energy of one’s self to the text to hold greater significance. However, it’s now more common among newer generations to use a computer to record and create Books of Shadows within the practice of Wicca.These books can either be an individual or Coven based text.

     Some Wiccans don’t use the Book of Shadows as full witch’s journal as some use it only to store spells while their experiences and thoughts on their works would be recorded in a separate book, called the Book of Mirrors or Book of Lite.

    Both of these books are considered sacred to the path of Wicca and are consecrated with the rest of the magickal tools that are held with great significance through the practice and may often be cleansed ceremoniously of possible impurities or negative energies in some timely manner.

    The Grimoire, is a text book, work book, or tomb for magickal practice among solitary Witches and Magicians or followers of a specific occult sect. The word Grimoire derives from the French word Grammaire, literally meaning books written in Latin or Latin grammar. It wasn’t until the 18th century the word Grimoire was used to describe generally books of magic(k).

    These books, often used in present-day eclectic practices outside of Wicca are often mistaken as Books of Shadows

. The grimoire generally comes from many culture’s in the history of Witchcraft and are most likely what any atheistic, non-theological/non-Wiccan witch uses when recording their work.

    These books are commonly used like journals as well to record spells, tools, and the results similar to the late Book of Shadows, but may also include summoning incantations or simply are more informative than personal through information on talismans and mystical objects used in practice. Completely depending on the originating practitioner who writes the book.

    The entire book is hand written by the practitioner and may be copied by followers.
    A most common part of a grimoire may be its use of code or language that it is written in so it may not be read by those who are uninitiated by any particular group the text may be written towards. Another way of hiding the secrets of a grimoire for the past practitioners who had written them, was destroying them in times of death. For those who practiced any form of mysticism or witchcraft would burn their Grimoires to hide the truth of their practice when penalties of death were common for Witchcraft among European and American societies.

     Some argue that a Witch’s Journal isn’t considered a grimoire at all until a lifetime of experience has passed. With this idea, some believe that while you record your book and its process of creation, it’s only considered a journal or Book of Shadows and once you have filled the book and have experienced and practiced fully and diligently, that the book could earn the title of Grimoire and be set for passing down or onto new generations or followers.

    Now living in a time where it’s not as nearly enough of taboo to practice a form of Witchcraft, these titles seem versatile to use and you don’t find too much correction for the usage of either/or. Personally, I keep my own records in my Grimoire. Some who do not follow Wicca use to title BOS(Book of Shadows) but not much argument is made since they all derive from the same ancient practices of recording one’s experiences.

The image below is an example of my Grimoire that I currently use. The language of the text written is actually a code I created at a very young age.

For any questions, comments, or concerns over the weird, wicked, and witchy, feel free to slap me on my Ask! As usual,

Stay Wicked!
-Bohemian Witchery

I Love You, Marks And All

Y/N had seen the scars only a handful of time, that was how careful Joe was with them. She yearned to know the story behind them, but could never bring herself to question their origin. So she had left them, pushed the thought to the back of her mind until another rare glimpse would occur, and the cycle would begin once again.

And as the years went on, their relationship only growing stronger, their love growing deeper, still Y/N never questioned Joe.

Everyone had their secrets. Everyone deserved their secrets.

But one night, while they lay in the darkness, just about ready to fall asleep, she finally decided to ask.


He hummed in response, his eyes closed as his hand moved up and down her arm, fingers light as they danced across her skin.

“Will you ever tell me about your scars?”

Y/N could feel his body tense instantly under her, the panic emitting from Joe so loud in the quiet room. His heart raced under her ear, and the regret and guilt flooded her body. She didn’t want this response from Joe, he shouldn’t have to go through this to tell her. It should be him coming to her.

“Not tonight. Please.” His voice sounded weak to her ears, as if he would break at the slightest touch.

“Okay.” Y/N replied, waiting another heartbeat before speaking again. “I’m sorry.”

Neither spoke as they lay there, awake for a while longer before sleep finally consumed their minds and bodies.

Weeks passed, and what happened was never discussed, never brought up. It was simply left behind in that room, in that one moment.

And then Joe brought it up.

It was after a long day, full of stressful meetings and phone calls, moments where things kept going wrong. Both were at the end of their ropes, mentally and physically exhausted, ready to check out from the world for the day.

They hadn’t spoken much to each other for a few days, both busy with their separate lives, so they didn’t know what was weighing on the others mind. Y/N didn’t know that Joe had been thinking about that moment over and over again for the past couple of weeks, it laying heavy on his shoulders. And he knew it was time to relieve the burden.

“Can we talk?” He stood just in the doorframe of the office, hands braced on the walls as he leaned forward. She turned from her computer to look at him, noticing the emotion swirling in his eyes. Nodding, she stood and followed him as he walked away, heading for the bedroom.

Y/N moved into the room, sitting on the bed as Joe stood in front of her, nervously biting his lip.

“Is everything okay?” Her brows drew together in worry, clearly something was bothering him.

“I need to tell you my secret.”


“This isn’t easy.”

“I understand.”

“Right.” Joe nodded, before he stripped off his shirt and jeans, standing in only his boxers. Y/N remained silent, waiting for him to continue. “You’ve…you’ve seen them then. My scars.” He ran his hands down his face, lifting his eyes to the ceiling as he took in a breath.

“Joe, you don’t have to do this.” She spoke softly, wanting to reach out for him.

“But I do,” He met her eyes with a sad smile. “Because I love you. And you deserve to know.” He waited until she nodded before he moved closer, allowing Y/N to see the faint marks across his legs that he managed to usually kept well hidden.

Her eyes moved across them, seeing them fully for the first time. It saddened her to see those marks on the man she cared so much for. She knew Joe had his weak moments, but he was always strong and happy for the most part.

“I…Fuck, this is hard.” He took in a shaky breath, and this time Y/N did reach out, her hand joining his. Joe closed his eyes, and said the words he had said to so few people.

“I tried to take my own life once.”

She felt her breath catch, felt the tears fill her eyes, and her heart broke as she saw a tear escape from his closed eyes. She tugged him forward, until he was close enough that she would wrap her arms around him.

As if the strength had left him, Joe collapsed to the floor, and Y/N followed him, never releasing him.

They sat there together, time passing around them.

Never did she think it was that bad.

“It was before you.” Joe spoke some time later, his words muffled against her shoulder. Y/N had her back against the bed, with him sat between her legs, her arms around him, his around her. He had his head tucked into her shoulder, her cheek resting against the top of his head. “And I promise, I haven’t added any new marks since then.”

She hadn’t realized it until he spoke those words, but she had been worried about that. Unconsciously worrying that she hadn’t noticed him hurting that much the entire time they had been together.

“Who else knows?”

“My mum and dad. Zoe. Caspar.”

“Thank you, for telling me.”

“I should have told you sooner.” Joe lifted his head to look at her, eyes rimmed red.

“No, oh Joe. No. Don’t think like that.” Y/N brought her hand to his cheek gently, thumb rubbing against his skin. “You weren’t ready to tell me until now. And that’s fine. I hate that I asked you a few weeks back. It wasn’t my place to decide, it was yours. You could have waited years yet to tell me, and I’d still understand.”

“There were other times I wanted to tell you…but I was scared.”

“What of?”

“Honestly? You leaving me.”

“Why would you think that?” She felt as if she could cry all over again.

“My mind works in mysterious ways.”

“I’m not leaving you, you’re stuck with me.” Y/N offered him a small smile.

“Good, cause you’re stuck with me too.” Joe smiled back at her before leaning in to place a soft kiss on her lips. “I love you.”

“I love you too, Joe. Marks and all.”

The property of grief

So I have this headcanon that, since grief has actually a 5-stages cycle IRL, TPoH’s griefs aren’t spawned out of thin air but they have a pretty regulated life cycle like some parasites.

First stage: Isolation and Denial

Big things have small beginings. Usually they begin as minigriefs. They tend to herd in groups of 9. 

if they come across a being that is in this first stage of grief they will group and lock it up in a cage

Usually they only roam around pointlessly but sometimes herds start to fuse spontaneously untill they reach the critical mass and become “an anger”. But there is an special case: if a being that is locked up transitions from isolation/denial into anger this will trigger the recruitment of more herds and the subsequent transformation into “an anger”. If the being survives being suffocated/crushed under the weight it will die calcinated when it turns into  “an anger” since it’s made of what looks like magma.

Second stage: Anger

What could be defined as a sliding volcano. This is by far the most dangerous and lethal stage of the grief: it will not doubt to throw explosive punches at you as soon you are in its field of view. But you better run if it turns into his “burst” form (that submarine mine-like thing): if it explodes it will wipe out anyithing in a 15m radius.
The explosion tends to be triggered if they come across any being that is experiencing this stage too. After it “explodes” it will revert to the normal “anger” form.

Just time will let it cool down and evolve into “a bargain”

Third Stage: Bargain

Bargain has all its body covered in black polished glass. If any being has the missfortune of meeting it while experiencing this stage, or even if they aren’t experiencing any grief at all, the bargain will show them on its surface anything they could have done to avoid their grief, past or present. 
This could lead to disable its victim inducing remorse and regret of any kind to them and, in the worst case scenario, drive them insane or causing them a depression.

That last case that would trigger the evolution of the bargain into “a depression”. Although it can evolve naturaly given enough time.

Fourth Stage: Depression

This towering pile of black sludge will pin you down with its hands and pour water on you till you drown. Individuals suffering from depression are more susceptible of being attacked by it. 

In this case only time will lead to the end of its life cycle: the stage of acceptance

Fifth Stage: Acceptance

A pile of grey ash. Does nothing but crawling around. It Wont attack anybody. 
Given enought time wind will erode it and scatter the ashes untill nothing of it is left.

In some cases part of those ashes will spawn a new minigrief under external influences (IE. the influence of any being suffering from grief) 

Ok, but what about the one that appeared in the plains?  

Since grief is experienced differently by every individual it can happen that they don’t fully cycle through all the stages. Maybe they will pass from anger to depression, maybe both stages will even overlap. And this applies to these Griefs too.

So, following my headcanon, this looks like the last case mentioned before: this is a Grief in anger and depression stages all in one. More depression that anger, judging by the way it tried to kill RGB. 

First in a series I am doing that I am calling WinterBones Tango :)

My parents always said that the original tango (as originated around Rio de la Plata) was danced by single men as a sort of peacock exhibition for women, a way to display their passion, flexibility, and virility in the hopes of attracting some companionship since the interaction between unattached men and women was restricted. There is a pretty good documentary about it (I’ll see if I can track it down).

Wiki article about tango can be read here.

If you want to see what the tango danced by two men might look like I would suggest you check out these youtube videos: x, x, and x (my favourite!)

I have seen some pretty fantastic art of Bucky and Natasha dancing ballet with the understanding that Bucky was taught ballet by the Russians for the same reason Natasha was.

This got me thinking of WinterBones and what could be appropriate for them if we went ahead and tossed over everything we knew about them (no HTP trash here please and thank you).

This got reeeeally looong….

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Until Next Summer Pt. 2

Part I / Part II

Summary:  You’re not even an SM artist, but due to a close bond with SHINee, you are often found wandering the halls of the company. And that’s when you first met a certain trainee that catches your eye.

Idol: Johnny of NCT

Word Count: 1.5K

Warnings: None

For the past two summers, you weren’t able to visit SM even once. In the summer of 2010, you had taken time to promote in Taiwan, which was a huge success much to the delight of your company. The summer in 2011, you had been in Japan, half for work, half for free time. At this point, you had doubted Johnny had remembered you, but you just couldn’t seem to forget him. You had missed shyly giving him advice whenever he got frustrated for not being able to perfect something. All you wanted was to go back to the summer of 2009 and see him smile at you again. Now, that you were entering the summer of 2012 with no overseas schedules, you had hoped you would finally get to see him again.

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Woozi: Flustered mess

Anon said: “fluffy woozi imagine where he’s like a huge fan and reader is friends with wonwoo so u visit their dressing room to see wonwoo then he introduces reader to the rest of svt and like whatever idea u have then in the end woozi and reader get together!!!! can reader also be famous here!!! thank you!! ❤️”

Word count: 2,400 (I don’t even know how I’m still alive, help me)

Summary: Who could be the favorite artist of Lee Jihoon? Maybe… You?

-Admin Haruna (& admin Syrup editing, thank u ❤️)

“1, 2, 3, 4…”

You followed your body through the mirror, the song that was on the background and the one you were dancing to was a really chic song. It wasn’t too “sensual” but it wasn't “sweet” neither. You weren’t that focused on dancing, as your mind was filled with your memories of when you were a trainee, when it was really hard for you. 

You had to overcome the difficult times alone, eat alone, wipe your own tears without anyone having your back and then having to deal with the depression of not knowing if you were even going to debut someday. So now, dancing in front of a mirror, with your voice in the back, was the most amazing feeling you had ever felt.

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You’ll be my sunshine (And I’ll be your moon)

A little belated New Year’s Eve Olicity fluff for y’all :)

Title from Lou Rhodes ‘Sun & Moon’

“Ok, enough is enough,” Oliver muttered as he opened his front door and crossed the hall before banging on his new neighbour’s door.

He half expected her not to hear it over the ruckus coming from her apartment, so he was startled when the door opened immediately.

“Oliver Queen. What can I do for you?”

Felicity Smoak. The bane of his existence.

He cleared his throat, ignoring how cute she looked in her work out clothes and how the flush on her cheeks brought out her blue eyes.

He didn’t notice any of that. Not at all.

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This ficlet is part of the Faith lives AU which starts with A Garden of Worries.

This ficlet is a direct continuation from Settling In

My Fanfiction Master List

Available on AO3 as Faith Restored.

This Outlander canon divergence AU ficlet alludes to information/events that appear in Dragonfly in Amber.

Let me know what you think.

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It’s not your fault.

Imagine comforting Dwalin through his grief and rage one night after the Battle of the Five Armies

You were sitting in the medic’s tent, on the outskirts of the mountain since the healer’s ward inside was yet to be rebuilt. Some Elf was checking the seeping wound on your side to monitor the progress of the infection. Orcs were nasty things and it seemed the blade that had pierced you was coated in something foul causing the wound to not heal right. Wincing at the gentle prods you suck in a deep breath and lean back, closing your eyes to the pain until a loud clatter of utensils and some broken ceramics ring in your ears.

You bolt upright looking around for the cause, hand darting to the sword you had kept close since the battle, still not feeling safe. The Elf glared at you, but you couldn’t care less and perking up your ears to catch the raised voices, trying to determine the cause of the outburst.

“Get ‘yer hands off me!” you recognized the deep bellow anywhere. Dwalin.

If you thought you had a hard time coping, let’s not even get into what he was feeling. Through the slitted entrance of the tent you saw him stomp back off towards the causeway and to the Mountain. “Are you done yet?” you seethe to the Elf as they slather some more goop on the sore flesh, to which they just mutter under their breath in that pretty language of theirs before forcibly shoving a pile of herbs into your hand.

With a grimace, gently squeezing the herbs you feel the guilt twist in your stomach. “Sorry.. I didn’t mean offense..” you mutter softly, before finding your courage “Thank you for healing me. I may have lost a lot, but so has everyone.”

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Lines that need to Happen in New Who
  • *The Master Reappears*
  • The Doctor: Master? But why are you killing everyone? The drums should be gone now!
  • The Master: Oh my dear Doctor, you really are nieve. You really believed that percussive instrument nonsense?
  • The Doctor: But I heard it!
  • The Master: Simple psychic radio Doctor. You really are quite easy to manipulate. It almost isn't fun.
  • *Rassilon Reappears*
  • Clara: But wait, Doctor. That's a different Rassilon from the one in your Time War book.
  • The Doctor: Oh yeah, Rassilon's a common name. Important figure and all that. The guy in the Time War was a totally different Rassilon. Had to be. Wouldn't make any sense otherwise.
  • Clara: Oh yeah, from what you told me about him it did seem weird that he wanted to be immortal in the Time War. Guess I didn't think that one through. I mean, who'd possibly think that could reasonably be the same guy?
  • *Luke Reappears*
  • The Doctor: I heard about your mother passing... I'm so sorry.
  • Luke: Yeah...
  • The Doctor: Especially since.... You know... She had that thing for me...
  • Luke: What the hell? No she didn't. Where did you get that idea.
  • *Davros Reappears*
  • The Doctor: Davros! Still a religious nutter are we? Following some form of new Dalek prophecy?
  • Davros: Yeah, we all experiment. I'm over that now. Try not to rub it in dude.
  • *Rose Reappears*
  • Rose: Doctor! Now we can be together forevers!
  • The Doctor: Nah, sorry. First couple regenerations after the war potion were a bit off. Not into humans anymore. You're like 12.
  • Rose: Aww nuts. If only you had found this out earlier, then Martha could have gotten reasonable character development and she wouldn't have been haunted by my shadow constantly and ruined.
  • The Doctor: How's that weird clone of me doing?
  • Rose: It seemed too silly, so I killed him and moved on with my life.
  • *Drax, Iris Wildthyme, and Salyavin Reappear*
  • The Doctor: You guys! I thought you were locked out in the Time War!
  • Drax: Oh come on, you can't possibly think I'd fight in something like that.
  • Iris Wildthyme: To be honest, I forgot luvvie.
  • Salyavin: Now where did I put that book...
  • The Doctor: Oh yeah, the idea that I've been alone in the universe this whole time is pretty stupid once I think about it.
  • *Everyone laughs together in unison as the credits roll*
Daddy’s Girl (Stiles NSFW)

 Everybody knew with how sexually repressed and weird Stiles is, he had to be into some interesting kinks. You knew first hand.

“You’re telling me that you’ve never done anything even remotely kinky during sex?” you asked him. The two of you were playing Never Have I Ever to pass some time since neither of you wanted to do homework. 

“I’d never even had sex before I met you,” he retorted.

“True. So, would you be interested in trying some new things?”

“Wait, right now?”

“It’s either that or homework.”

“Let’s go to the bedroom.”

Rolling your eyes, you followed your overly excited boyfriend up the stairs.

“So, where do we start?” he asked, eyes wide with happiness.

“Start by kissing me Stiles,” you told him. He nodded, calming down a bit before pulling you closer to him and pushing his lips onto yours. Wrapping your arms around his neck, you deepened your kiss as Stiles walked you over to the bed. After lying you down on the sheets, he stripped himself of his shirt before coming back to you and kissing you again. You whimpered when he grinded down onto you and he smirked against your lips. The friction Stiles’ was providing was great but it wasn’t enough. 

“Those pants need to come off,” you said when you pulled away from his lips.

“Beg,” he said before he moved to leave love bites against your neck.  


“You heard me. You want me out of these pants? Beg.” 

His hips rocked into you again, not fully providing what you wanted.


“Please, what?”

“Please, sir.”

“No, don’t call me sir. Call me Daddy.”

Kinky. You knew he was repressed.

“Yes, Daddy.”

“Do you want Daddy to take off his clothes?”

“Yes, Daddy. Please.”

“Anything for my babygirl.”

He stood from the bed and slowly undid the button and zipper of his pants before sliding the fabric down his legs. Once his pants were off, you pulled him back onto the bed

“Now babygirl, as much as I love kissing you,” he began. “I think it’s a little unfair that Daddy had to take off his clothes and you still have everything on. Why don’t we fix that?”

“Yes Daddy,” you said. You hauled your shirt over your head, your bra following it to the floor soon after. He unbuttoned your pants and pushed them down your legs, leaving you in only you lacy red underwear.

“You know how much I love those on you, babygirl,” he growled into your ear before pinning you to the mattress His hands pulled you up onto his hips and his lips met yours in a kiss. Lips kissed down your body until he came to the band of the panties he was more than happy to take off of you. You writhed with the feeling of need and Stiles chuckled.

“Babygirl, I’ll give you what you want soon enough,” he told you.

“Please, Daddy,” you whimpered in response. That whimper turned into a gasp when his tongue slowly licked up your slit. He did that couple more times until your hands wound into his hair and you urged him to do something more.

“As my babygirl commands,” he said before going to work on you. His plump lips wrapped around your swollen clit and sucked, making you jerked against his mouth.You couldn’t stop your hips from grinding down onto his face when his tongue lapped at your entrance. You knew he enjoyed this as much as you did.

“My babygirl tastes so sweet,” he commented when he came up for air. He immediately went back to work, tongue licking up and down your aching core once more. He moaned against you, sending vibrations through you which made you groan. After putting work in, you felt yourself nearing the edge and your thighs clamped around his head.He chuckled again before pulling apart your legs and lifting himself away from your core.

“Not yet,” he said. “Daddy wants to do one more thing before he lets you come.”

Getting up of the bed he reached into one his cabinets and pulled out a tie that he barely ever used.

“Now, I’m gonna tie these around you wrists and you’re not gonna say a word about it. Got it?”

“Yes, Daddy.”

“Good. Now get on your tummy, babygirl. Ass up, hands behind your back.”

You did as you were told, the position a bit uncomfortable but it was worth it for what was to come later. You felt the fabric being wrapped around your wrists, limiting your movement. You felt the bed dip under his weight and heard the tear of a condom wrapper but you couldn’t see him. 

“You look so sexy like that,” he said to you. You felt his fingers graze the heat between you legs. “Still so wet.”

“Please Daddy,” you whimpered.

“Please what princess? You’re going to have to be more specific.”

“Please fuck me, Daddy. I need you.”

A growl came from the back of his throat and you felt his shaft plunge into your wet heat.

“Anything for your babygirl,” he said. He started out slow, allowing you to adjust to his length. You moaned at the feel of him moving within you and pleaded that he go faster. You could imagine the grin on his face as he speed up the pace of his thrusts.

“Thank you Daddy,” you said, a gasp separating some of your words. The fabric was digging into your wrists, but it only added to the heat of the situation. Stiles was exploring his sexual side and you were both proud of him and so utterly turned on for the potential that he has.

Your thoughts were cut off when he thrust straight into your g-spot. You mind went blank with pleasure and the restraints on you hands made you feel uneasy all of the sudden.

“Right there?” he asked once he saw your reaction. You nodded against the pillow your face was buried in. A heavier thrust was delivered straight to your sweet spot and you moaned, you hips grinding back against his.

“So tight,” you heard him say. “My babygirl is so wet and tight for me.”

“Just for you Daddy.”

His hips grinded down on you, providing you with the perfect amount of friction for the two of you. There was a constant exchange of moans, whimpers, and groans and when his hand met clit, you felt at knot in your stomach ready to burst. And Stiles knew that too.

“Is my babygirl gonna come?” he cooed.

“Mmm-hmm,” you said as is thrust got even faster and rougher. The knot in your stomach coiled tightly.

“Go ahead,” he urged. “Come for me babygirl.”

You did what he told you to do. Letting yourself have an intense orgasm. Your vision went to white and you vaguely heard him moan and come into the condom. While you caught your breathe, he slipped from you, took off the condom, tied it off, and threw it out.

“That was fun,” he breathed. He untied your wrists and tossed the tie somewhere on the floor with you clothes. He pulled you into his arms and even though your sweaty bodies together should have disgusted you, the moment was endearing.

“We should explore more of your kinky side,” you told him. “I have a feeling that was just the tip of the iceberg.” 

A “grandfather clause,” or being “grandfathered into” something, means that a new law or rule has been passed, but some people still get to abide by the old rules by virtue of having been around for a while. It’s like how the newbies at the go-kart track aren’t allowed to bring lances, but you still can, because you’ve been doing it the whole time, and also because the attendant is terrified of you.

Following the end of slavery, African American men were finally given the right to vote, but not every state was so keen to extend these liberties. Since flat-out forbidding them from voting was now illegal, many states tried to circumvent the law by coming up with a bunch of new rules to exclude black voters. Mandatory literacy tests and constitutional quizzes were instituted, which most African Americans at the time probably couldn’t pass – but not strictly because of their skin tone, see, so it wasn’t technically racist.  

The plan had one Achilles’ heel, though: A lot of uneducated white folks couldn’t pass these tests either. So to get around that, the states came up with the so-called grandfather clauses. If someone had the right to right to vote before African Americans could do so, then they could vote without having to pass an additional test. They also decided that if your descendants could vote, then you still had the right as well, because stacking odds is fun – like a game of racist Jenga.

5 Totally Harmless Phrases (Are Secretly Offensive Jokes)

1436 |

1436 years have passed since the greatest man ever journeyed from Makkah to Madīnah, his personal sacrifice helped shape some of the greatest hearts and minds. His story and legacy transcends time, permeating the darkest of places and enlivening them with light and love. His ways and methods are still followed to this very day, from the harsh deserts of Arabia peninsula, to the tall soulless unforgiving cities. His memory lives on in many hearts.

As we enter this New Year, let us reflect on where and whom we are journeying to, let us pray that we enter this year with a deep conviction, renewed vigor and aspiration to seek nearness in every glance and every breath to Allāh and His Beloved (ﷺ). Amīn! al-Fātiḥah.

Happy New (lunar calendar) Year to all!

Image © Salman Jafri

i’m probably going to end up rewriting this like fifteen times but hey  !  yo  !  how’s it going it’s ya gal val here to lay down some way overdue thanks  !  this isn’t a milestone thing,  or whatever the heck,  but i’ve never done one of these,  and i passed 500 a little bit ago so i thought,  hey,  why not now,  right  ?  this isn’t going to be something super duper long,  i’ll save that for 1k,  if i ever get there ahah,  and i promise i’ll be better at making graphics at that point.  i’m just gonna write a little message to all my mutuals and followers,  so please bare with me  !

it’s been a pretty long road so far,  eight months n going strong baby.  this is my very first blog,  and also my very first time role playing on tumblr,  and even if i’ve got a few more up my sleeve now,  i’m so happy my first one ended up being kaneki.  i can’t even begin to explain to you guys how absolutely fun it’s been for me,  how much i’ve seen my writing grow,  how many straight up spectacular writers i’ve met along the way.  i’m so proud to be a part of this community,  and i don’t think any amount of thank you messages will ever be able to convey just how much  ??  everyone’s always been so welcoming,  especially at the beginning when my lost ass stumbled onto this platform head first.  i didn’t know what the hell i was doing,  what i wanted to do,  where i wanted to go with this blog etc.  but ya’ll have been super duper supportive regardless and i’m just really fuckin floored  ??  like,  i honestly love each and every one of you,  whether we’ve been mutuals since the beginning or yesterday,  it means just as much either way.  people being interested in my shitty blog  ??  that’s fuckin amazing like  ? i’m gonna try to keep this as short as possible,  since i tend to get really gushy,  and end it here.

i’m going to go thru my followers and mention some neato people that i’ve a ) interacted with b ) seen around and thirst over c ) have made friendos with  d ) just generally enjoyed their presence on my dash because they’re a doll and e ) all of the above  !  i’ll save the mushy personal messages for a different time,  lmao.

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Arrow Fic: Where You Lead (I Will Follow), Ch. 4

Summary:  Lizzie has a birthday–with some familiar rituals, and something new.

[Notes:  I deliberately did not give Lizzie’s age here, since I’m not exactly sure about the time passing in this fic, but she’s around 8 or 9. And, as always, I’m trying to combine moments from the show with what I feel is true to these characters and these different circumstances, so some things may be familiar to those who know the show but they’re not exactly the same. :) Hope you enjoy! And I blame @sailorslayer3641 and her GG gifsets for prompting this tonight, giving me all the Luke/Rory feels.] 

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The old floorboards of the house creak beneath her feet as Felicity tiptoes through the kitchen in the shadows of early morning, easing open the door to her daughter’s bedroom to see the little girl curled up in her pink bed sheets, sleeping peacefully.

It is about time to put an end to that.

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“ Let’s try something new and positive; pick some of your favorite blogs and write a compliment about either the blog or the blogger. Then pass this on on anon to those you tagged/wrote about so they can share something positive about others too. The kpop fandoms are sometimes too negative so let’s try to spread some positive in them!”

Alright so i got this ask a good 6 times, and since i just reached 2K I thought id turn this into a mini follow forever!  honestly this would be the absolute longest post ever [even though it is already lengthy] if i did this for everyone i want to, so i wrote about 12 people who are very special to me! [and i tagged my other faves below :)] alright lets gooo

@lattecoups tiff, i say this all the time but i loved watching you transform into coups trash, and i will continue to torture you with him >:) you ARE like a big sister to me! you’re super easy to talk to and always say the sweetest things, you just give off that thoughtful/positive aura :) [plus your blog is 11/10 okay] i love ya :)

@radicalwoo : rj, i think out of all the people i talk to on tumblr ive been talking to you the longest, and im so so thankful. you’re such a chill friend and we have a bunch of things in common! i love your blog and it SCREAMS aesthetic. thanks for all of your song and drama recommendations, for continuing to talk to me for this long, and for being my best friend [and my fav wonwoo stan haha]  :-)

@fairymyungho : shevta, can i just say that you are one of the strongest people ive ever talked to, I look up to that so much! you’re always so kind and thoughtful and genuine to me :) thanks for informing me all about my astrological sign [you are a genius i swear] and for always making me smile :)

@woojeez : rachel, your fics make me want to scream & cry, and the way you talk about joshua makes me laugh like heck. youre absolutely hilarious and super nice; we talk just about every day and i always feel comfortable talking to you :) lets keep crying over jun together and torturing each other with seventeen posts. I love you just as much as you love joshuas upper lip [hehe]

@verhnon :  bridieeee i dont even know where to begin, our conversations are literally 20 paragraphs long at a time and we say so much i cant point out every little detail! ill jesus-lizard-run across the pacific one day and come to australia where you can teach me to surf and meet cute surfer guys and we can play wii sports and dominate in bike riding [or maybe not] and we can eat all the bread from your freezer while crying over seventeen okay? youre absolutely hilarious/sweet/easy to talk to/nice/literally every form of the word, and i love you to pieces!

@vividvernon :  juilane, my fellow hansol [and now rocky] stan B). i love coming to talk to you about everything and anything hansol: we share a common strong love for this boy aha. you are absolutely hilarious and so sweet, and i will continue tagging you in vernon vines and vernon posts [so we can both suffer together] ;)

@dirty-jamjam17 : dian, you literally have it all, not only are you super sweet and helpful towards me but you are like that to everyone. you make a+ edits and run an a+ blog and you yourself are an a+ person! thank you for helping me become astro trash and for always tagging me in the best hansol posts [I greatly appreciate that] and for always helping me out, i cant thank you enough :)

@wonwooxk : elyssa, our talks have been dwindling :( i still love you to pieces though. i love listening to all of your college stories and ranting on and on about the randomest things, youre so cute n sweet and thanks for being such a great friend :) [and i promise you i will try halal guys when i get the next chance lmao]

@mingyu-baby : stella, thank you for taking the first step to come talk to me! i know we dont talk every day but i see you all over my dash and you run such a great blog [one of my favs tbh] you are so pretty and always say the nicest things :) ill keep on tagging you in mingyu for ya!

@vernonjeonghan : kat, we need to go raid bath and body works. now. and we need to sit down and watch every single bts video in existence, we cant seem to stop freaking out over them! you are so special and you are like a younger sister to me in a way :) and we need to get that teleporter working lmao, i love ya :)

@minqyew :  tricia, i feel honored to have been one of your first friends in the fandom, you literally always know exactly what to say to make me blush okay you are TOO SWEET! i hope we can keep on obsessing over seventeen together, and we’ll surely get the #mingcia ship sailing away!

@jihoons-guitar :  katha, i know we dont talk much anymore and that makes me sad :( i still wont forget about ya though, you were the one who introduced me to bts and made me become absolute trash. thank you for allowing me to see the light hehe :) you are so beautiful and super sweet, and thanks for sticking around me this long ^^

some other people who i absolutely adore/admire (and would love to write about but then this would get overly long aha) :

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[and there are so many more people i want to put but omg this is getting long and i thought of these off the top of my head], whether i have talked to you guys or have admired you from afar, please know i appreciate each and every one of you :) also, thank you guys so much for 2K!

A Light That Never Goes Out: Chapter 6

Summary: Sakura knows the anatomy of a human heart like the back of her hand—as if the dark, green veins that snake across her bony knuckles made up a map to the various chambers of the organ. Her own heart is more of a mystery. All she knows about it is that two idiots make the whole of it, and she will not let one die, when the other has just come home.

Pairing: sasusaku

Rating: M

Prologue | Chapters 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

Chapter 6: Chaos and the Calm

Kakashi looked out his window.

The sun was out, bright and eager against the deep turquoise of the morning sky. Engulfed in light and unapologetic vigor, the village bustled about its business, unperturbed by the subtle echoes from the recent war that still rang against the cobbled ground under their feet. From within the confines of his office, Kakashi could imagine the smell of the fresh, crisp air permeating across the streets of Konoha, feel the cool breeze undulating against the thick veil of his mask. It was that kind of a day, the kind that urged you to unclasp the albatross from around your neck and will it away.

And yet here he was—dangling somewhere between mild amusement and near, definite aggravation. The carcass around his neck very much still there.

He turned around and considered the man pacing about in his office.

He did not know the Raikage very well, but he did know two things about the burly Kumo leader for certain; he valued his little brother more than life itself (despite said brother’s inane fixation with desecrating rap music), and he despised Sasuke beyond all reason. Kakashi understood his potent dislike to an extent. Sasuke had indeed set amaterasu on the Raikage, forcing him to cauterize his own arm. But calling an international summit for the sole purpose of discussing his prison break seemed a bit much, especially considering every village was knees deep in post-war rehabilitation. Rumor had it that when the news reached Kumo, the Raikage had punched a wall into oblivion. Coupled with some of the other rumors that Kakashi had heard about the man, this did not seem all that unlikely.

The Hokage office was quite large, but given that the Raikage was a man of considerable build, the wide space in front of Kakashi’s desk was easily swallowed whole by three or four of the bigger man’s steps. As he moved about the room, the exposed muscles of his arms rippled with ire and indignation. Behind him, the representatives sent by the rest of the three hidden villages sat mutely, their nervousness evident in the twiddling of thumbs and the pursed lips that gave a lot more away than they probably would have liked.

“Unacceptable,” the Raikage bellowed, voice just severe enough to suit his impressive stature. “This is absolutely unacceptable!”

“Heinous, really,” Kakashi added, hoping some positive affirmation would be just the key to getting his guest of honor to calm down. “Not that any of the representatives in presence here today are to blame for this, but when a Kage calls for an international summit over a matter as urgent as this, you don’t send in people of lesser ranking to represent you.”

He was wrong, however; as he most often was about reading people.

The Raikage stopped pacing and shot him a sharp look, but before he could say anything, Temari spoke up from the back of the room.

“Gaara sends his deepest regrets for not being able to attend. With all the rebuilding work underway, he just could not afford to leave the village at this moment.”

Kakashi did not fail to notice the slight huff of her words, surely telling of her own disapproval of the Raikage’s overreaction. He found some comfort in the fact that no one in the room, save for the Raikage himself, thought that Sasuke’s escape stood to threaten the recently restored peace across their countries.

The Raikage seemed unmoved by Temari’s apology. He did not even acknowledge it. Instead, he stepped up to the edge of his desk, slamming his hand down on the smooth mahogany top.

“Don’t think for a second that I can’t see right through your poorly disguised stunt. You let this happen. You facilitated the escape of an international criminal. Explain to me how else this could’ve happened, explain to me how Konoha could not keep a boy—a boy, not even a man—under its captivity. Are your walls really so thin that a prisoner can just crush through them and make a run for it?”

Kakashi let his gaze harden on the man in front of him. He had not navigated this situation with as much tact as he should have from the beginning. Wary of the power and clout the angry man in front of him possessed, Kakashi remained silent for a moment to consider his response.

“The boy in question here, Raikage-sama, is the last descendant of the famed Uchiha clan and the sole remaining wielder of the rinnegan, among other things,” he began, unceremoniously dropping the pretenses he’d embraced earlier. “Additionally, his accomplice, the one who broke him out—as the breakout was executed from the outside in, and not inside out, as I’ve tried articulating to you several times—was the strongest kunoichi in all of Konoha, possibly across all lands. I can assure you that the walls in this village are anything but paper-thin. I understand you are a fan of breaking down walls yourself. Perhaps, you would like to take a walk down to the site of the incident, so you may admire the handiwork of Haruno Sakura?”

Kakashi saw a vein twitch on the Raikage’s temple, like a small caterpillar might be writhing to spill out of the tan cocoon of his skin.

Had he gone too far? Possibly, but he’d been left no choice. He couldn’t keep dawdling about the issue like he did not have anything to lose. If anyone got wind of what had actually transpired, of how he had orchestrated the entire thing, Kakashi would be losing much more than just his office.

The room was taken by silence for a few moments. It was Darui who eventually broke it.

“What steps have been taken so far? How many tails have been sent out?”

“We’ve sent out the best of our hunter-nins after them. The Interrogation Division has also been gracious enough to lend some of its personnel for the mission.” And then, to add a flourish of frustration, Kakashi sighed loudly. “Believe it or not, Konoha is just as invested in bringing Sasuke back for trial as you, Raikage-sama.”

That seemed to soothe over his burn a little. The Raikage maintained his harsh frown and cold eyes, but he slowly retracted his hand and took a step back, in the manner of propping up a white flag.

“You have Kumo as your ally in this. We shall offer support in whatever measure needed to capture that nefarious child.”

Kakashi cracked a cynical smile under his mask. It was funny, he thought. Kumo was supposed to be an ally of Konoha in all things now that the illusion of peace was finally settling over their countries. But he knew better than to point out the obvious meaning behind this slip of tongue. Being the leader of a hidden village, Kakashi was quickly learning, was a great exercise in picking the right battles.

Some you instinctively bet your life on, and some you turned your one good eye away from.

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It’s been 20 years since I made a Follow Forever. I’m trash for not doing one for X Mas nor when I hit my 1k milestone. But for real now… 2 years have passed since I made this blog and I want to thank everyone for following. Some for following back after the silly delete mistake or the new babes I followed me for the first time. Thank you for dealing with my weird sense of humor and obsession with 1D and Beyonce. I love you all and be happy. Eat candy if you can and hug your dog. If you don’t have a dog, hug yourself. <3

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