some things to look forward to though

Important Fall Television Premiere Dates! Bold Your Faves & Reblog!
  • September 7th: Utopia
  • September 7th: Boardwalk Empire 
  • September 16th: New Girl
  • September 16th: The Mindy Project 
  • September 21st: Madam Secretary 
  • September 22nd: Gotham
  • September 22nd: The Big Bang Theory
  • September 22nd: Sleepy Hollow
  • September 23rd: S.H.I.E.L.D.
  • September 23rd: Awkward 
  • September 24th: The Mysteries of Laura 
  • September 24th: Modern Family  
  • September 24th: Nashville
  • September 24th: South Park
  • September 25th: Bones
  • September 25th: Grey’s Anatomy
  • September 25th: Scandal 
  • September 28th: Once Upon a Time
  • September 28th: The Simpsons 
  • September 28th: Brooklyn Nine-Nine
  • September 28th: Family Guy
  • September 28th: Revenge 
  • September 29th: Mom
  • September 29th: Castle 
  • October 1st: Criminal Minds
  • October 2nd: The Vampire Diaries 
  • October 2nd: Bad Judge 
  • October 3rd: America’s Next Top Model
  • October 5th: Bob’s Burgers 
  • October 5th: Homeland
  • October 5th: Mulaney 
  • October 6th: The Originals
  • October 7th: Supernatural 
  • October 8th: Arrow
  • October 8th: American Horror Story: Freak Show
  • October 9th: The Walking Dead 
  • October 22nd: The 100 
  • October 22nd: Web Therapy 
  • October 24: Grimm 
  • October 27: 2 Broke Girls 
  • October 30: Elementary 

Please feel free to add to the list if I missed one of your faves!

Today is an anniversary.

Three years ago today, the 11th of August, I made my first berry sim called Sunnie Rudolph and her story snowballed into the Rudolph Legacy.

It’s been a whole year since I posted a proper Rudolph update and I’ve grown a lot as since. Even though I have more space to grow, I’ve come leaps and bounds in my understanding of what’s important when it comes to keeping creativity alive and healthy.

As much as I want to pump out golden content every day, I need to be realistic and take my health, my life, my work and my happiness into care and consideration, just as much as I do of other people’s. I need to not force myself into writing/posting more than I can or want to and I need to make sure that when I write, I’m in a good space so that I don’t wast my, or anyone else’s, time on a half arsed post. Why half arse it when you can whole arse it?

All this serious sounding mumbo-jumbo out the way, I’m posting this here, on the Rudolph’s own simblr, to say that a reboot in in the works! I hoped to start today, as it’s the anniversary, but work, health and life in general has halted my plans. But you know what? That’s okay. It’s good that I’ve identified it and stopped to take the time to make sure I’m okay before I even think about posting.

So, with all that said, watch this space for updates and Rudolph posts coming soon!

So I just got home from gamescom and I already saw so much today! First stop was of course Namco to see if they brought any Dark Souls related stuff only to be disappointed.
So I went directly to Bethesda and they showed new footage of Dishonored, which was simply amazing. The gameplay looks incredible and the #aesthetics are beautiful. Also Emily comments a lot and she does so beautifully.
They also showed Prey gameplay and it wasn’t any less interesting. It has a skill system similar to Deus Ex HR, where you have a lot of various abilities. There were also some enemies shown, the most memorable being Mimics which can transform into things like dustbins or coffee pots which can lead to some nice jumpscares. I think that’s one of the titles I’m looking forward to most. 
I also went to play For Honor both multiplayer and singleplayer and I was convinced yet again that the gameplay is really fun. I’m not sure for how long it will be, though, that depends on the depth of the story as well as on various multiplayer modes.
And of course there was a lot of VR, but I only tried one, got nauseous and was glad when it was over.

Rogue One thoughts

  • there’s a severe lack of women, especially women of color
    • there’s Jyn and Mon Mothma, and a female led movie is great! but if that comes at the expense of any other women at all, that’s…less great
  • although the sheer number of men of color is wonderful to see
  • the main white guy is the villain! it’s great!
  • (i’m kind of leery of the whole chinese warrior monk thing, though)
  • (and i’ve seen some quotes that i’m definitely nervous about)
  • but hey, i’m still looking forward to it

regolithheart  asked:

Since you're also apart of the SOSN Salt Squad, how would you like to have seen the epilogue unfold?

It’s hard for me to say how it should have gone because it’s not my story. I can tell you, though, some things that I wish we would have seen:

- The Kaider wedding?? Nothing against Scarlet and Wolf but when a TLC book is advertised as ‘the wedding of the century’ I didn’t think it would be Scarlet and Wolf so right away I felt misled. One of the things that I was particularly looking forward to for a Kaider wedding was for it to be a little further down the road than just two years.
-More information about what had happened on Luna. To me it felt rather unrealistic that in just two years everything was peachy and Cinder could step down. How did the Shells reintegrate? What’s been happening with glamour and the chip? What happened to the Lunar Court? Why didn’t Cinder ever go visit Kai or vice versa besides the peace ball when it only takes a few hours to arrive to Luna? Etc
- Just more Creswell!! I didn’t like that they literally had no interaction besides one line and leaning on each other. I’m glad that they’re happy and Cress isn’t jealous anymore and I’ve accepted this but I dislike that we found out literally nothing about them?
-I’ve also been waiting for Marissa Meyer to release some deleted scenes or just any more information about Thorne’s past since Carswell’s Guide to Being Lucky. I was hoping that the epilogue might hint as to whether he ever reunited with his family or something about what changed the situation so much that he ended up stealing the Rampion?
- I kind of feel like since there was no Kaider wedding she had to appease the Kaider fans by making them engaged at the end. But I didn’t really like the way it fit into the story because it seemed rather tactless to propose to someone on the same day of a friend’s wedding.
- I did enjoy Scarlet and Wolf’s wedding though and thought it was cute. Seeing the Rampion Crew in a domestic situation was fun.
- I’m not a big fan of Jacinter but I also felt like we got nothing about them either. So they share a room, so they’re together then? How is her life with the chip, etc?
- I might add some more later but those are the big things that come to mind right now. Maybe some of this will explained in Wires N Nerve. But I hate the idea of Kiko, so, that’s another thing I could have done without in SOSN.

Jack and kent were a thing right? Like some kind of thing. Like they probly at least came out to each other thing right?
Well our boy kent wasn’t out persay but he was a whole lot less careful about it than jack ever was (not in a way that wpuld out Jack though of course)
This probly lead to bullying in the locker room and Jack can only look on and he can’t step in to help kent because he’s not about to let anyone have any reason to belive he’s anything but stright.
Fast forward to his junior year when people are bullying one of the frogs for the same reason and Jack steps in and stops it and maybe it has something to do with the fact that this kid is small and blond and looks just as vunrable as kent use to, but Jack steps in because he’s not going to stand by anymore.

How do you plan your writing?

Wrote out my writing schedule for the next month and feeling a bit

but it’s hard to be too upset when it’s all things I’m incredibly excited for! I’ve just turned in revisions on #rasputinbook and survived the middle section of Cold Witch Season 2. Aside from a few lingering commitments (some paid, some hopefully-paid, some lots fic, all prisons of my own devising) I’m looking forward to drafting a new fantasy throughout September and October as well as revisiting and reworking an old manuscript.

Each month I try to always have one project each that I am:

  • Outlining/brainstorming
  • Drafting
  • Revising
  • Critiquing for someone else

Though in reality, there tend to be multiples of some of these. ;)

How do you like to organize and plan your writing schedule?

OFFICIALLY in two weeks I get my paid vacation with my partner! <3
I’m seriously so stoked and relieved. I have two 40 hour work weeks to get through that hopefully won’t kill me (working 8+ hours a day wearing a chest binder is what leaves me the most exhausted honestly, on top of my hormones being upped a bit). im sorry for delayed replies to chat messages but I promise I’ll get to them when I have time to sit down and reply. It’s been very work sleep repeat lately. but we’re working our asses off to get our shit together and tackle some expensive things we need like a new windshield on one of our cars, new bed and other horribly expensive adult-y things, which is why we’re both working so much.
I have a ton of projects i can’t wait to wrap up though so I promise there’s lots to look forward to

hi everyone im here. i had a really rough past couple days and im quitting drinking for a lil while. i miss it but i lost my marbles and a lot of bad things happened. everythings okay now though
im going to be using social media less to focus on my irl life and the things that matter. gonna apply for some jobs. move into a new house. plant a garden. renovate a home. build a tiny house. practice kundalini yoga. other stuff

the small handful of yall who still interact w/ me on here: let’s be penpals! message me and we can exchange email addresses
im looking forward to escaping social media for a little while and reclaiming my interests and motivation. xoxo

Hey folks! Lotus here!
It has come to my attention that we’ve passed 1000 followers! While it doesn’t quite compare to the huge following the old blog had before it got sniped, this is one heck of a milestone for a blog that’s only been up for a few months!
We’re actually a bit past 1100, but I have only been active in the sense that I’ve just been occasionally checking the inbox and queuing up any submissions we get. I hadn’t checked the follower count in a while, but when I did, I was pleasantly surprised with the number.
Speaking of submissions though, they’ve been coming in rather slowly, and I would very much appreciate you guys submitting things.
I know I said before that I would post some of my own old stuff, but I just never got around to it.
I may, however, try to ACTUALLY get to it this time around, especially for the occasion of hitting 1k.
So you can maybe look forward to that.
Have a lovely day~

vashanatasha  asked:

22, 35, 71

22. Do You Watch The Olympics?

Not really. Sometimes, I’ll flip to it on TV. But it doesn’t really hold my interest for long, because sports in general don’t interest me.

I do have a lot of friends that watch it, though, and they pretty much live-text me what’s happening, haha. Also, post-game articles all over social media are good enough for me.

35. Do You Believe In Magic?

Yes! There are just some things that cannot be explained by science. Also, the idea of this vast universe having no magic is kind of ridiculous, if you ask me. There’s gotta be some, somewhere, no matter how little it is.

71. What’s The Next Movie You Want To See In Theaters?

Tied between a couple, actually. I’m really looking forward to Justice League, but mostly because I want to see how Ezra Miller portrays Barry Allen.

But I’m also really really excited to see Spiderman: Homecoming! They have an actual teenage cast playing teenagers! Or, at least around the teenage years (Tom Holland is 20). Also, I love the idea of Zendaya as MJ. But also, basically any Marvel movie coming out, I’m hype for.

Wonder Woman I’m going to go see because finally we’re getting a woman superhero movie! Gotta be there for that. Iconic. Also, my favorite part of the trailer is when Chris Pine tells her, “I can’t let you do this,” and she shoots back with, “What I do is not up to you.” AHHHHHH, I AM SO HERE FOR THIS.

Also, obviously, The Flash when that comes out in 2018. Just because I love the Flash so much, haha. This list is so long, omg.


It’s so nice having something to look forward to! Saturday is the day I move into my apartment (though I don’t plan on staying there until my school starts next month) and then I have some fun things planned early September for my break! It’s going to be so nice to be productive in moving forward! To finally feel like I’m going to a university and starting the next chapter of my life!

timeship  asked:

14 & 22 <3

14:(truth) If you could only wear one outfit for the rest of your life (consisting of clothes you already own), what would it be? (dare) Tag someone you follow who has amazing fashion sense.

i don’t really know the fashion sense of people i’m following ngl? soooo my outfit would probably be a colourful sleeveless top and blue shorts, i like how that looks! though i also get cold very easily so maybe i should change that to jeans and add a cardigan haha

22:(truth) What are three things you’re looking forward to? (dare) Tag the last three people you reblogged posts from, and estimate how many followers they have.

i’m looking forward to going back to uni (kind of), seeing chitty chitty bang bang at the theatre and seeing louise pentland on her tour :)

send me some of these?

I am moving to Indianapolis tomorrow I am terrified but excited

I’m thinking about fall and listening to all the luck in the world, I’m at peace and I know everything will eventually be okay

I’m going to be living with the three people who love me most even though they each have different ways of showing it

So I’m going to smoke some weed and try to fall asleep happy so I wake up happy and energized and excited. I’m doing acid soon too, there’s so many things to look forward to. Last year right now I was happy and content sleeping in my new apartment for the first night, I haven’t talked to any of the people I thought were my best friends from there in months, but I am okay. This is a new chapter and I will be okay. Maybe winter won’t hurt as bad this time around if I’m surrounded by love.

captainamericlarke  asked:

I just wanna say that I love your story so much that I made myself wait until I finished my final portfolio for my summer class to read this next chapter so I could have something to look forward to :)

First off congrats on finishing your portfolio! Summer classes are killer and I do not miss them one bit. I’m glad you had some motivation though, and thank you for letting me know. Things like this make me happy :)