some things that i've bought this month

alexiealducsdrawings  asked:

Hello! I love the design of Zaraste (and all your stuff in general, even if I don't play some of the games you depict)! I was wondering, will she have a faithful pet like the others, or is she too high and mighty to have one?

Aww, thank you so much! Yes, actually - the little fennec fox I bought once upon a time has finally found a home with her. Double fancy.

anonymous asked:

Retail employee complaining about other retail employee: A guy got a freebie of 12 months on some subscription tv show-type service (not Netflix, some other thing I've never used), because he bought a phone from a different retailer, he asked the guy at that retailer to set it up for him because he kept having problems, and the dude there told him he had to come to our store for help. Um??? We're a different company, we don't have the same offer, it's not our job to do your job. What the hell.

thelolzer  asked:

Oh jeez, that early, huh? Whelp, might as well get some coffee, look at your steam library consisting of 100+ games and go, “I have nothing to play” for a couple of hours, just like the rest of us. Either that, or do something sensible. Whatever floats your boat.

Hnghg, I wish I had 100+ games to play on Steam (I still haven’t finished Dream Daddy or Owlboy yet, & I bought those months ago). Coffee’s never been my thing, but a nice warm mug of breakfast tea?? Sign me the Funk Up.