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You're such a big ray of sunshine. To have an artist like you is such a blessing. (To be honest I followed you way back when and it was sad to see you gone) I saw you again by chance and I was wondering if you were the same artist as from before or not and you were!!!! I was so happy to find you again! And seeing how you are more active and just. You are great! Keep being you! Your comment about angst too is true, we need that cute fluff!!!! May happiness rain down on you!!!

I???? Wow I actually don’t know what to say, umm…….

Well first off, I really appreciate you being a long term follower of mine; it means a lot!! I apologize for leaving so suddenly back at that time, but I’m really glad to see that you found me again! I hope you enjoy your stay! Secondly, just know that seeing this made me really happy! You’re honestly too kind. I don’t think I can handle this?? I’m still pretty speechless actually…, but thank you so much for this! I hope happiness rains down on you too!!

ron weasley is so important

we need characters who have doubts and don’t always hide them. we need characters who are embarrassed, we need characters who have a bit of prejudice, and we need characters who can be selfish, because it actually gives them someplace to grow. it makes writing them important, because they are natural people.

ron weasley is everything we need, because in all his flaws, he matures, and he’s loyal, and he owns up to his mistakes. it’s important for readers to know that it takes time and effort to get to that point. recently i’ve been noticing this thing on tumblr where a naturally flawed person or character is completely disregarded and attacked, and i get it. we want to correct things, but ron weasley is the perfect example of being – well – normal, and actually transforming into a better person. he’s the prime example of the “problematic fave” because he’s awesome, and has flaws. but the thing is, that itself is normal, and we can’t treat it like the plague.

ron doesn’t refuse to change, and he doesn’t want to hurt people, but in his youth and jealousy, he can’t really help the way he acts all the time. and that’s completely okay, because what matters is that he actually tries to get there. but it lets readers who are familiar with “problematic traits” feel some sort of comfort, because things like jealousy and embarrassment can’t just disappear because someone tells you you need to get better.

i think this was already clear in the books, and i know we all praise book ron because he’s witty and a great friend, but it’s also really important to not only acknowledge his flaws, but accept and embrace them. because it’s cool to see someone like ron, who went from belittling house elves to wanting to make sure they were safe for example, actually go from point ‘a’ to point ‘b’

so seriously PLEASE REMEMBER RON’S FLAWS. don’t just attack a character because they have undesirable traits because lots of us can relate to ron, and he’s a huge source of inspiration and admiration. he shows us it’s possible to not be the “scum of the earth” just because we have resentment and doubts and insecurities

A Lunatic Mother

Prompt: Lucifer is readers father, and when reader asks about their mother and begins to relive bad experiences, reader gets unexpected comfort.
Fandom: SPN
Word count: 778
Tags:  @cinnafullydelicious @blossombarnes @ex-bookjunky @aufangirl
Note: I got this idea some time ago, and I’ve been working on it off and on since. This is a bit short, but it felt a bit weird when I tried to make it longer. This also has more dialogue than thoughts and things of that sort, so I apologize if you don’t like that sort of thing.♥♥

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“Can I ask you something?” I questioned.

“You already did, my annoying little deviled egg.” He said, still not looking up at me.

“Stop calling me that.” I whined.

“I’ll stop calling you deviled egg when you stop being annoying.” He said, finally looking at me with a smirk.

I sighed, crossing my arms on the table and resting my head on them. Dad and I’s banter was usually like this, and I usually didn’t take it so personally, but today was different. Today I had been feeling awful in general, and I had begun thinking about mom and dad again. I tried not to think about it, but today it’s been the only thing on my mind. Why did mom do everything she did? And if she really loved me, why did she abandon me like she did?

I saw dad look over at me from the corner of my eyes, but I didn’t return the eye contact. I was too busy with trying to answer my own questions to stir up new ones. Dozens of suppressed questions have been swimming through my head, and not one of them answered. Sometimes I wish I could forget about her, all the memories, everything. She doesn’t deserve a place in my thoughts, yet here I am. I heard dad sigh before talking to me.

“What’s up, black-eyed pea?”

“What happened?” I questioned.

“What do you mean?” He questioned back, clearly caught off guard.

“With mom.” I explained.

“I think I’m gonna need more context than that, Y/n.” He said warily.

“Why was she so mean to me?” I bluntly asked.

He was silent for a long moment, obviously not wanting to talk about this. He didn’t like the mention of her name, let alone full-on talking about his past with her. He hated her as much as I’ve grown to hate her, and the both of us were fully justified. I had tried to understand her hatred and malicious actions toward me. I had gone over all the possibilities a dozen times in my head, but I’ve never been able to know for sure.

Was it because I was the literal child of the devil? Is it because I was inhuman? Is it because their relationship ended badly? Was she jealous? What had I done to deserve such hate from my own mother? Lucifer set down whatever he had in his hands, and looked at me. He was giving me his full attention, which meant this was probably going to either be a long story, or an answer I really didn’t want to hear.

“Your mother was insane, Y/n.” He said after a moment.

“That still doesn’t give me a reason.” I said.

“Your mother and I had a rocky relationship, even from the beginning. She didn’t know I was the devil, and I never really bothered with telling her. Then one thing lead to another, and he ended up pregnant. Then, when you were born, and she saw your eyes, she went nuts. Then I told her I was, you know, Satan, and she just lost it. Literally. She said some pretty harsh things and disappeared.” He said.

“So she went crazy, and that’s why she hurt me?” I asked and he sighed.

“Yes, she went insane, apparently became a religious nut, and that’s why she hurt you, sweetie.” He said and I furrowed my brows.

“But why be mad at me? Why hurt me? I never did anything.” I said.

“She was trying to punish me by hurting you. She also probably thought that by hurting you, she’d be saved and you’d become human.” He explained.

“So she didn’t love me?” I questioned further.

“Y/n, I really don’t-” He began.

“It’s either you tell me now, or I live the rest of my immortal life thinking my mother hated my guts, and you’re only with me out of pity and guilt.” I interrupted.

“Is that what you think?” He asked.

“It very well might be.” I said a bit warily.

“Y/n, I’m not just in your life out of pity and guilt. You’re my child, I love you. Your mother was a lunatic, and she deserves the punishment she’s getting. It doesn’t matter what she thinks.” He tried to comfort.

“I think it matters, dad. She’s my mother. If my own mother hates me, then why would anyone love me?” I questioned.

“Y/n, stop thinking like that right now. That woman is the same woman that murdered 25 people and used religion as an excuse. She’s incapable of love.” He said, which finally made me feel a bit better.

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Gossip Girl Based Prompts 1
  1. “What names does he call you when you make love?”
  2. “Have sex with me.”
  3. “Why are you still holding my hand?”
  4. “I need you.”
  5. “Please make me feel alive.”
  6. “That hurt.”
  7. “I’m not some delicate little flower. Show me you want me.”
  8. “Sorry, I can’t right now.”
  9. “What kind of emergency?”
  10. “We have a few group rules here.”
  11. “It’s for your own good.”
  12. “You used to tell me you were afraid you couldn’t see the real you.”
  13. “What are you doing here?”
  14. “What about me?”
  15. “I have missed you.”
  16. “Did you hire someone to look into my past?”
  17. “Some of us just have nightmares.”
  18. “Eight letter, three syllables. Say them and I’m yours.”
  19. “I’m prepared to settle.”
  20. “You’re making me dizzy.”
  21. “You need to breathe.”
  22. “I’d love to give you a ride.”
  23. “Don’t act like I didn’t fight for you.”
  24. “Well, maybe I am a crazy bitch. Wanna think about that?”
  25. “I was looking for more of a congratulations.”
  26. “Things were getting a bit dull around here.”
  27. “You want me to trust you and I don’t think I even know you.”
  28. “I hope it’s broken.”
  29. “Actually, that sounds great.”
  30. “Well, that should be a shock for someone who thinks they know everything.”
  31. “I’m not gonna do it again.”
  32. “So you’re gonna give up on us?”
  33. “Please don’t go with him.”
  34. “We’re connected and we always will be.”
  35. “The truth is I wasn’t ready to have a baby.”
  36. “Whatever you do to yourself- Please don’t do to me.”
  37. “Can I have a little bit more time?”
  38. “Did we speak last night?”
  39. “We searched everywhere.”
  40. “When the truth fails you, make your own.”
  41. “Hey. Breathe.”
  42. “Once again the world has proven anything you can do I can do better.”
  43. “So you were just using me.”
  44. “You’ve got a good heart… you should give it to someone who cares.”
  45. “You’re just as bad as she is.”
  46. “I at least expect a denial.
  47. “I don’t know what’s happened to me.”
  48. “I don’t know what I’ve become.”
  49. “Did you ask about the missing money?”
  50. “Who does this guy think he is?”
  51. “I don’t want any excuses. They must have the hottest date ever.”
  52. “What are you doing? Trying to destroy the old you?”
  53. “I know you better than I know myself.”
  54. “Right. You see right through me.”
  55. “Sometimes morning is just the start to a very bad day.”
  56. “You’re like a green twig and a soggy match.”
  57. “We had plenty of spark.”
  58. “Are you with him because it’s easy?”
  59. “At least we can end things honestly, right?”
  60. “This is about you and me. No one else.”
  61. “I wanna have options.”
  62. “I just never want to see her again.”
  63. “You hate me.”
  64. “I’m so proud of you lately.”
  65. “It’s beautiful but it’s too much. I don’t deserve it.”
  66. “I was awfully good at getting folks to give me their money.”
  67. “It was always business first.”
  68. “I was gonna disappear.”
  69. “I should’ve just left town.”
  70. “Some things are just unforgivable.”
  71. “You just got tangled up in your own lies.”
  72. “See you at home.”
  73. “I love you so much it consumes me.”
  74. “Do you know you’re not afraid of my mother than I am?”
  75. “I have no idea who that woman is.”
  76. “You know, in a way I blame this all on you.”
  77. “She stole my shoes?”
  78. “Don’t think you can distract me.”
  79. “I see you’re not with your sidekick this evening.”
  80. “If this is what you need to do, we support you.”
  81. “I really think we should cool things off for a while.”
  82. “Right. No strings.”
  83. “Or do you need to be bribed?”
  84. “Have you ever thought about publicity?”
  85. “We’re going back to the old way.”
  86. “Stop! Stop! I’m not in love with you, you moron!”
  87. “It’s my wedding day, where are you going?”
  88. “Hey, I’ve been looking for you. You okay?”
  89. “It turns out he’s not the person I thought he was.”
  90. “It’s a compliment.”
  91. “Don’t you run away from me!”
  92. “Are you upset because you kissed a guy?”
  93. “I’m upset because I kissed somebody that wasn’t you.”
  94. “You’re still mad from before, it’s clouding your judgement.”
  95. “It’s not a game.”
  96. “I did this because I love you.”
  97. “I’m happy with my real boyfriend. Well, that’s not true. I could be a little happier.”
  98. “You really think I’m going to stand aside and let myself become collateral damage?”
  99. “I thought you said you were going home.”
  100. “We’re not friends anymore and that’s okay.”

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Can you do scenarios for the suitors based off the song Safe and Sound by Taylor Swift?


🎶 When all those shadows almost killed your light… 🎶

“What are you doing out here? Let’s go inside. You’ll catch a cold.”

“I don’t get sick that easily, (Y/N),” Leo said, a small smile appearing on his face when he turned to look at the princess who sat beside him. Former princess, that is.

“I meant your wounds, Leo,” she said. A sigh then escaped her lips when he just chuckled.

Leo reached out to her and smoothed the wrinkle on her brow with his index finger. “Don’t worry, okay? It’s been a month. My wounds are almost gone.”

And he was right. It had been a month since the two of them left Wysteria and sought refuge on a faraway kingdom, both of them abandoning their respective positions – him, a palace bureaucrat and her, the Princess Elect of Wysteria. All because of the incident concerning Leo’s family.

She actually wasn’t involved in the matter yet she chose to be because of her feelings for Leo. When she found him in town, recovering from his injuries, he told her he couldn’t come back to the palace anymore and that he had to leave. He wasn’t even finished speaking yet but the decision to come with him was already made up in her mind.

It was a no brainer for her. She needed to be with Leo whatever the cost.

Even if it meant abandoning her post.

And a month later, she was glad that she didn’t leave him. For the first two weeks after they eloped, he was exhibiting signs of someone who’s enduring post traumatic stress.

The revenge plot had taken a toll in him. In more ways than one.

She could still even remember that particular night when she found him gone. Panicked, not only because of his health but also wary of authorities spotting him, she hastily searched for him around the villa they were currently staying in, silently hoping that he was just nearby.

She eventually found him, half an hour later, on a clearing located behind the villa. He was kneeling on the ground, and was staring up ahead. She was just about to approach him when he suddenly punched the hard soil with both fists, all the while screaming and letting out all the mixed emotions bottled up inside him.

It was the first time she saw Leo lose his cool like that. It was also the first time she saw him cry.

And she hated the fact that she couldn’t do anything but watch as he fought his demons away.

The feeling of a cold hand touching her cheek made (Y/N) flinch, effectively pulling her back to the present time. Looking up, she saw Leo staring at him with the same soft yet sad smile on his face. “I’m sorry,” he said as he wiped the tears that stained her cheeks using his fingers.

And she knew what the sorry meant. He was apologising for all the things he had pulled her into. Shaking her head, she wrapped her arms around his waist and leaned her head against his chest. “We’ll get over this, Leo. Everything will be fine.”

Strong arms wrapped around her body and she felt herself being pulled closer to Leo. He rested his chin atop her head and murmured, “Yes, it will.”


🎶 I remember tears streaming down your face when I said “I’ll never let you go”… 🎶

“What are you saying?!” She whirled around to face Sid, series of emotions passing through her face swiftly as her mind processed his recent words. “Please do repeat because I’m not sure I heard it right.”

Sid, who was calmly sitting on the couch inside the room provided to them by Byron, stared at the princess, his expression unreadable. “I said you have to choose someone else for prince consort. With the way things are going, it’ll take long for me to settle everything. And we both know how the bureaucrats are pressuring you into marrying.”

“But I don’t want anyone else!” she snapped, which surprised the informant for a moment. She was a sweet and kind princess, someone who doesn’t look like she could break a vase, so it was kind of refreshing to see her reacting like this.

“Whoa, chill,” he said, trying to make light of their situation. Things were complicated right now and they shouldn’t have met up like this if not for Byron’s help. The King of Stein pulled some strings so he and the princess could see each other.

Even if it was to say goodbye.

“I don’t want anybody else, Sid,” she murmured, her angry facade fading as she approached him. “I only want you.”

“The same goes for me,” he said, voice quieter than before as he reached out and pulled her in his lap. She immediately snuggled on his chest, her hand clutching on his shirt tight as if she was afraid that if she let him go, he would just disappear. “But there are some things that are out of our control. You have to let me go, (Y/N).”

The princess had her eyes closed as she buried her face on Sid’s chest, her body trembling. When she was a kid, she thought that all princesses finds their princes and then they would live happily ever after. As simple as that. She wasn’t really thinking about palace intrigues, conspiracies, and scandals would destroy that image for her.

And she wasn’t going to let it stand in hers and Sid’s way. Not when she could do something about it.

A few silent moments have passed between them before she looked up at Sid, her expression determined. “I’m not letting you go, Sid. We’re in this together. I will help you.”

She was expecting some sort of mocking from Sid but to her utmost surprise, the informant smiled like he had never done before. And was he teary-eyed? She had no time to think about it for he pulled her to him and kissed her fully on the lips. “You’re an idiot, (Y/N),” he murmured when they parted breathlessly. “You better get ready then for I’m going to take you on your word.”


🎶 But all that’s dead and gone and passed tonight… 🎶

“If they learn about our relationship, they’ll have my head for sure,” Giles said as he and the princess were lying side by side on her bed after hours of passionate lovemaking. He frowned when she just gave him a smile. “So you find my predicament funny?”

“Not at all. Not at all,” she said as she bit her lip to control herself. “Stop worrying about things like that when we’re alone, Giles. You’ll just stress yourself out.”

Giles sighed at that, realising that she has a point. “I know but I just can’t help but worry. I don’t like seeing you in another man’s arms, (Y/N).”

“You can just steal me away.” She gave him a playful wink when he looked at her incredulously. “Oh, c'mon, Giles. Cheer up. We’ll think of something, okay?” When he just continued to look at her with a frown, she shook her head. Then without any warning, she got on top of him and straddled his waist. “How about I distract you then?” she asked as she playfully moved atop of him, eliciting a soft moan.

“If you keep that up,” Giles murmured as he gripped her hips and helped her hasten her movements. “I might just have to steal you away.”


🎶 I remember you said “don’t leave me here alone”… 🎶

When he decided to become a knight, Alyn Crawford knew that he would someday go to war in order to defend the kingdom he swore to protect. Going to war means death for some, if not all, of the parties involved.

Death has always been an inevitable by-product of war. Even the most skilled general cannot evade death once it targets him.

But that doesn’t mean Alyn likes death. On the contrary, he hated it. If he could prevent death from happening, he would without a moment’s hesitation.

But then, he was just a mere soldier, not a god.

The war with Stein went on for months with both opposing parties not showing any sign of raising the white flag. The captain, however, knew that it would only be a matter of time before Wysteria succumbs. Stein is out of their league when it came to military finesse.

He was studying the map laid out on the huge table in his tent when the flaps opened and in came the princess. She was there with his brother, Leo, who was the one tasked to negotiate with Stein. “What time are you leaving tomorrow?” he asked as he straightened his posture and watched her approach him. Oh how he missed this woman. The last time he had seen her was when he and his men left for war and that seemed too long to him.

Heck, even that time he caught her trying to scale the palace walls even felt like a lifetime ago.

“I’ll be leaving when Giles arrives,” she said when she stopped a few feet away from him. “How are you, Alyn?” she asked. It was the first time, since she and Leo arrived at the camp, that the two of them were able to be alone like this.

“Not good,” Alyn replied as his arm shot out and he pulled the surprised princess in his arms, hugging her tight as if he was trying to get some strength from her. “Let me hold you like this for a while, okay?” he asked, his voice muffled by her shoulder where his face was buried.

“Okay,” she replied as her arms slowly wrapped around him.

They stayed like that for several minutes before he lifted his head. “Stay for the night?” he asked, though with the way he was holding her, he was inclined to keep her by his side until her departure the next day.

“Of course,” the princess replied with a smile as she caressed Alyn’s cheek. He was rarely needy like this and she felt happy he was actually honest with his feelings. “I’m all yours, Alyn.”


🎶 The war outside our door keeps raging on… 🎶

“Al, what–”

“Hush,” Albert covered the startled princess’ mouth with his hand to shut her up. “Get dressed. We’re leaving,” he added as he pulled her out of bed.

“What’s going on?” she asked as she swiftly chose a dress from her luggage and changed without being bothered that she wasn’t alone.

Albert turned his head away, his cheeks slightly pink. “The castle’s under attack. We need to leave at once.”

The princess stared at the knight in surprise. For someone who just told her some bad news, he was awfully calm. “What about King Byron?” she asked when the two of them left her room. She was there in Stein for a diplomatic trip and she wasn’t really expecting something like this.

“Nico is with His Majesty,” Albert replied as he took a hold of her hand and led her along the dark hallway. “They’ll evacuate the palace after us.”

“They’re not coming with us?” she asked, her gaze on their intertwined hands. If it was any normal night, she would have been giddy.

But not tonight. For with the sounds of swords clashing all around her, she hardly felt excited.

“We decided it’s better for you and His Majesty to separate since either or both of you might be targets,” Albert explained as they entered the library. “That’ll give the enemy some difficulty.”

Although confused why they were in the library, she just followed his lead. “But shouldn’t you be with King Byron?” she asked. Nico, despite his allegiance to Stein, still serves as her butler and occasional bodyguard when Alyn isn’t available.

Albert shook his head and he let out an exasperated sigh as they stopped in front of a bookshelf located at the end of the west wing. “You don’t really think I’d let that brat protect you, do you?”

The princess was silent for a moment before she giggled, causing Albert to hiss at her. “Aww, are you still jealous of Nico, Al?” she teased as she clung onto his arm.

Albert, who had blushed at her teasing, didn’t grace her a reply. Instead, he placed a hand at the back of her head and pulled her in for a kiss. “I’m not jealous, if you must know,” he grumbled when he pulled away. “I just don’t trust anybody else to protect you,” he added as he pulled a few books. Seconds later, a secret passage opened to their right.

Instead of being awed, she just went on teasing Albert. “Admit it, you’re jealous.”

“If you don’t stop irritating me, I’m going to leave you here,” he threatened.

“Hah! As if,” she exclaimed, pretty confident that he wouldn’t really carry out his threat. “You love me so much you can’t even bear to part with me.”

“Good. Now that you know, can we go?” A smirk found its way on Albert’s face when he saw the princess’ stunned expression the moment he looked at her. “What? Not expecting that, were you?”

Pouting and blushing at the same time, the princess hit him lightly on the shoulder before she walked ahead of him. “I hate you.”

“And I love you, too.”


🎶 Hold onto this lullaby even when the music’s gone… 🎶

“That’s beautiful,” she said as she stood beside him and stared at the painting he was finishing. It was an image of a green field with lots of dandelions, some of them being blown by the wind.

“Thank you, (Y/N),” Robert said with a smile as he gave the painting finishing touches. “Don’t you have any lessons today?”

“It’s actually my day off,” she said, her eyes still glued onto the painting, a distant memory flashing in her mind. “Hey, Robert, this field looks familiar.”

“So you still remember it?” the court painter asked, his smile widening when she nodded. It was actually a wide field located in town, just behind the church, where all the children would play during sunny days.

It was also where a relatively young Robert got proposed to by an eight-year-old girl.

The princess stared at the painting even more before she noticed that Robert was staring at her. “What is it?”

“Do you remember when you and your friends used to play here and I would sketch all of you?” he asked, hoping it would make her remember the details.

He wanted her to remember everything, even her proposal.

Especially her childish proposal.

The princess tilted her head as if trying to remember that moment. Moments later, her face lit up in recognition. “Yeah! And then you gave us each of your drawings so we could take it home and then I–” her words halted then she blushed furiously when she was reminded of what happened next. “Oh my god!” Then without any other warning, aside from that surprised exclamation, she turned on her heels and ran out of his workroom.

Robert chuckled at the princess’ reaction, her expression forever embedded in his memory. Just like that image of hers when she asked him, with childish determination, if he would marry her when she’s all grown up. Humming softly, he continued giving final touches to the painting. He’d give it to the princess as a present later. She’d surely love it.

The princess, on the other hand, stopped to catch her breath when she reached the garden. Her cheeks flushed brighter when she recalled the exact words she told Robert years ago and his reply to her. “OMG…”

“Robert, I love you so so much, and I want to be your wife. Will you marry me?”

“Ask me again when you’re all grown up, (Y/N). I’ll be certain to say yes. Just don’t keep me waiting for too long, okay?”



🎶 Just close your eyes, the sun is going down… 🎶

The distant cry of a gull overhead, along with the lapping sound of the waves, was what filled her ears as she arrived at the beach that afternoon. The sun was already setting, painting the sky a mixture of vivid orange and yellow, which had her staring in awe.

Even though how many times she had seen it, the sunset always left her speechless.

After all the controversies involving a group opposed to the Princess Elect system was finished, the princess felt she had aged 20 years than her actual age. She never really thought that being a princess was difficult.

Life had never been easy when she assumed the role of the princess. Her belief and principles were constantly challenged, her actions judged, her background insulted.

Yet all of it paled in comparison to her heart getting broken.

When she became the princess, she not only learned of the hardships. She learned how to love as well.

Tragically, that love had ended even before it could begin.

Biting her lip to stop a sob from escaping, she focused her gaze onto the beautiful view in front of her. The vivid amber reminded her of Nico’s eyes, and she found herself getting lost in it as her mind wandered to the not so distant past.

Nico had dealt single-handedly with the opposing group and was fatally wounded. He was in a critical condition when she and Alyn found him at the garden of the safehouse where she was hidden.

She was there by his side, taking care of him night and day but his condition only worsened. One day, when she woke up, she was stunned to find him gone. She panicked for no one had seen him leave, not even Alyn.

They searched for him everywhere but apparently he was gone. It had been a year since then.

She didn’t even know if he was alive or not.

Ignoring the dull ache in her heart, she cupped her hands around her mouth and shouted towards the direction of the sea. “Nico Meier! Where are you?! You said you would protect me! Then why aren’t you here by my side?!”

“Sorry for the delay,” a familiar voice said from behind her which made her turn around immediately. (E/C) widened when she saw Nico standing a few feet away from her, a huge grin on his face. “Hello, my lady.”

Tears filling her vision, (Y/N) ran towards Nico and threw herself onto his waiting arms. “Y-You idiot! Where have you been? I was so worried!” she exclaimed as she hugged him tight. Not content with it, she buried her face at the crook of his neck and inhaled his familiar scent. Yes, this was her Nico indeed.

“Sorry if I worried you, (Y/N),” Nico said before he planted a kiss atop her head. “I’m here now, and I promise I won’t be leaving your side ever again.”

“You really mean that?”

“Of course. I promised you, didn’t I?”

“Words mean nothing to me. Actions do.” She blinked in confusion when he cupped her chin and let her look up at him. “Nico?”

Nico smiled at her as he slowly dipped his head. “Then let’s seal that promise, princess.”


🎶 You’ll be alright, no one can hurt you now… 🎶

–Knock Knock!

Groaning softly from being roused in his sleep, Duke Louis Howard slowly got out of bed. Ever since he had taken over the Duchy of Howard, he had trained himself to answer calls and summons even in the middle of the night, in case it was an emergency.

And even right now, when he wasn’t in his manor, but in the palace of Wysteria, he couldn’t shake that habit off.

Grabbing a robe, he headed to the door expecting for Giles or a servant to be waiting there. But he was surprised when instead of the ones he was expecting, he saw the princess, in her nightgown, standing there. He was about to open his mouth to ask what she was doing there when he noticed her swollen eyes.

It was as if she had been crying.

He took hold of her wrist without any word at all and pulled her inside the room. Once the door was locked shut behind them, he turned back to her only to be met by a warm embrace. “(Y/N)?”

“I had a nightmare,” she murmured against his chest, her hold on him tightening. “I dreamt you were taken to Stein again.”

Louis caressed her hair and he brought her to bed with him when she said those words. Even after several months, she still have nightmares of him being executed. “It’s just a dream, (Y/N). I’m here.”

The princess lifted her head and looked up at Louis. He met her gaze with his own and they stared at each other for a while before she lowered her gaze again. “I’m sorry. I just got scared that this was all just a dream and that I would wake up and–” she stopped rambling when he sealed her mouth with his.

“No need to apologise,” he said when he broke the kiss. He covered the both of them with the blanket as he let her use his arm as a pillow. “Why don’t you go back to sleep? I’ll just be here.”

The princess nodded at that, suddenly exhausted with her outburst. However, before she could fall completely asleep, she murmured, “I’m not going to let anyone else hurt you, Louis…”

Louis stared at her for a moment before he smiled and gave her a kiss on the forehead. “As do I, (Y/N). As do I.”


🎶 Come morning light, you and I’ll be safe and sound… 🎶

The news of the attempted rebellion of a few nobles and a faction supporting the former king of Stein spread throughout the kingdom and the neighbouring ones, including Wysteria, that day.

And it had worried the princess when she learned said news from Giles. The royal tutor told her that a fight erupted on Stein and there were reports of casualties but he knew nothing more than that. However, he promised he would get her more information later to which she was grateful.

Luckily it was her day off so the princess didn’t worry about being too distracted. She wanted to head to Stein instantly to personally ensure that her lover, and the king of Stein, Byron Wagner, was safe. However, she didn’t want to be a bother especially when they’re all busy with the recent incident so she decided to wait for more news, hoping that Byron and everyone else were fine.

The additional news, which greatly reassured her, arrived that noon not in the form of Giles but through a familiar snowy owl. She was trying to read a book, to take her mind off things, when she heard a soft thump on her window. Looking up, she saw Spinner outside. Swiftly letting the creature in, she took the rolled parchment bound to its leg.

As the owl helped itself to water and a treat she placed on the desk, the princess unrolled the parchment and began to read. As expected, it was from Byron. He wrote to reassure her that he was fine which made her heave a sigh of relief. She then composed a reply, telling him how glad she was that he’s fine. A few teardrops, caused by extreme relief, fell from her eyes to the parchment. Not paying attention to it, she rolled the paper and tied it to Spinner’s leg who promptly left.

That night, the princess found it easier to sleep knowing that Byron was fine. However, she was jolted awake when she felt the bed dip, like someone was climbing atop it. Swiftly turning around, ready to scream, she felt a pair of lips on hers, effectively silencing her.

She struggled for a moment but then felt the kiss being too familiar. When the stranger left her lips for a moment so they could breathe, she caught a whiff of the intruder’s smell. A smile crossed her face when the stranger dipped his head and kissed her again.

This time, certain of the stranger’s identity, she responded to his kisses in a more aggressive manner.

They were extremely out of breath when they parted once more. She felt him gave her a kiss on the cheek before he spoke. “Sorry if I woke you up.”

Looking up, she was met by a pair of beautiful grey eyes staring at her tenderly. She felt her heart skip a beat at his intense gaze yet she still managed to crack a joke. “Wait, was that you Byron?” She giggled when he growled and playfully bit her on the shoulder. “Why are you here? And how were you able to come inside?” Surely, if he passed through the front doors, she and Giles would’ve been notified.

“I wanted to see you immediately so I decided to sneak in,” the young king said. He grinned when she looked at him in surprise. “Albert and Nico are taking care of everything in Stein. They’ll be fine.”

“How did you sneak in?”

“I climbed the wall. Just like what you did when you first came to the palace.” He laughed when she gaped at him as if he’s got three heads. “What, you don’t think a king like me can climb walls like a seasoned thief?”

“Byron, the comparison you used is kinda disturbing,” she said but she was happy he was there with her. With him by her side, she had nothing to worry about. Closing her eyes, she snuggled against him, only to open them again when she heard him click his tongue. “What?”

“After the hours of travel I endured, after climbing a wall, you’ll just sleep on me?” he said, almost pouting like a petulant child. He then laughed when she blushed. “You’re really adorable, (Y/N).”

“What am I, a puppy?” she muttered which had him laughing again. “You have to explain to Giles why you’re here tomorrow. I’m not going to help you,” she added as he started to kiss her neck. “Byron…”

“Okay,” the king of Stein said as he lifted his head and stared at her eyes again. “Any other concern?”

“Yes. Kiss me again.” She wrapped her arms around his neck which made him grin.

“Your wish is my command, My Queen.”

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ive had a suuuper lowkey crush on this guy for a year or so. he's in his first year of college. today i found out that he has a girlfriend and idk why but it kind of made me sad? but i guess its good, so that i can move the heck on from him but he was the only boy i kind of liked after so long of not being interested in dating and i kind of wish i didnt know he had a girlfriend. not sure why im telling you this, just needed to get it out of my system, thank you :)

omg I’ve totally been there. it’s a weird feeling because since you were never completely falling for him, the fact that he’s taken kind of makes the thought of “what might/could have been” disappear? don’t take it too personally. some things just aren’t meant to be I guess. you’re doing just fine, pal!!

Riku isn’t exactly sure when he became so used to them. Maybe it’s because of the mornings he wakes up to Roxas in his arms instead of the boy he fell asleep with, or the times when Ventus calls him because he had no idea what Sora had been doing, Ven’s words soft and worried among the backdrop of a borrowed voice.

Maybe it’s all the times Riku comes home, tossing his bag onto the couch only to summon his keyblade a split second later, Vanitas smiling wild and angry from behind their crossed blades. Or when Roxas takes over in the middle of cooking dinner, turning nachos into full-fledged tacos. Or when Ventus stares at Kairi’s good-luck charm on Sora’s keychain, smile sad and just a little bit lost.

Really, in retrospect, Riku can’t believe that he ever got used to something so crazy, so bizarre, multiple people sharing one body (and one almost certainly insane). But it became a normal routine, checking Sora’s eyes to see who was home, letting Roxas steal cigarettes because he misses the smell of smoke, reassuring Ventus that the darkness couldn’t hold Terra forever, fighting off Vanitas because people became desperate for action when they no longer had a purpose.

Riku figures he wouldn’t have it any other way, really, and he tells Xion so on the rare occurrences when she can pull her conscious together enough to surface. Those are his favorite times, sitting and drinking tea while watching the sunset with her. She can’t always keep it together for longer than a handful of minutes, memories and thoughts and feelings pulled apart by Sora and Roxas both, but she always comes back.

Sora asks him occasionally, words slow against a hesitant tone, and Riku answers the same way every time, with a kiss and a smile.

“They’re a part of you, Sora, and you’re a part of them. It’s fine.”

And maybe he takes it back sometimes -silently, never out loud- when Vanitas hits too hard, or when Roxas won’t stop chain-smoking when the sun starts to sink, or when Ventus refuses to neither move nor talk. But it isn’t easy to be five people at once, sharing a body while knowing the feeling of once having your own, and those thoughts always pass quickly.

Always my savior // Part 6

PAIRINGS: Theo Raeken x Reader



A/N: I hope you like this part :) Please let me know what you think! Enjoy :)

Part 1 // Part 2 // Part 3 // Part 4 // Part 5  

Originally posted by ksulenda

I was lounging on the couch switching different programs trying to find something which would distract me. So many things happened this week. We managed to found what the Dread Doctors were searching for to create their chimeras. It seemed that whoever had two sets of DNA were potential victims. The bad thing was we figured it out after Liam’s friend Hayden had been transformed. We had done everything we could to protect her but in the end she and Liam had gotten kidnapped and probably tortured by the enemy. Thanks to Cory Theo and Lydia quickly had understood where they had been hidden. I remembered how my boyfriend had stormed out of the room going to a rescue mission and how for an hour Lydia was trying to comfort me, telling me that he would come back with our friends, all safe and sound. I had tried to believe her but when Theo got back I had jumped at him crying of happiness that he was back.

But lately that had been probably our only hug. All week I had seen him only on the pack’s meetings. He had tended to leave more and more often. No school rides together, no sleeping in each other houses, no hugs, almost no kisses. And that was hurting, all we had…had disappeared in just some days. But thing that overflowed the cup was this morning event.

Sadly we had lost Cody and we all knew Hayden was the next. No matter of our ‘protection’, the Doctors had found her and had injected something in her body. When early the morning I saw a message from Theo that he was in the Veterinary Clinic I had dressed immediately and went to the given me location. Seeing Hayden’s condition and everything that had happened these days I panicked. I wouldn’t bear seeing any of my friends dead. So I had done anything I could to help Melissa save her life.

“She’ll be okay, right?”, I had asked Scott’s mother when she had came next to me.

“I hope so.”

As I had been watching Liam holding Hayden’s hand I had tried to put on his place. I would have been broken if Theo was on that table with small chances of surviving. And then I heard him and Scott talking in the other room. Getting closer I had managed to hear the end of the conversation.

“We need help.”, Theo had said. I hadn’t been able to hear the next sentence he had said but surely I had heard the last. “I mean Malia, Stiles, Lyida. You need your pack, Scott.”

Those words had been enough for me. They felt like daggers sticking deep in my heart. And hearing them from my boyfriend, from the person I love so much made it so much worse. I had left as soon as I could from the back door and here was I now.

Every thought I had that Theo might had forgotten about me, that not talking to me, leaving me when his phone had rung, not calling me had been signals that he didn’t want me in his life anymore became true. I knew I was human, a useless living creature but I was doing my best to help the pack. And it seemed nobody cared. They were probably thinking I was a poor and helpless girl who needed protection. Anger filled me and I threw the remote towards the wall so hard that it scattered in pieces. I buried my face in the hands trying to stop the tears but without luck. I wasn’t the only human in the pack yet I was the only one who got forsaken.

I had to release the bad thoughts and maybe a walk outside was the way. But when I looked out of the window it was night and the moon had risen. Nevertheless I went upstairs and got dressed. When I was ready I went to living room to take my phone but when I looked at the screen I saw I had a missing call from Stiles.

“Hey, Sti-”, I started but was interrupted.

“(Y/N)! Why the hell aren’t you answering your phone?!”, he screamed. “D-did Theo hurt you ? Where are you?”, he began asking so much questions and didn’t give me the opportunity to answer them.

“Stiles, please slow down! What happened? You don’t sound okay.”

“I-I…”, I waited for him to finish but he didn’t

“Stiles, what happened?”, I questioned again

“Scott is in danger…”, he blurred out

“What do you mean ? Is it because of the super moon ?”

“It’s because of your freaking stupid son of a bitch you call boyfriend!”, he shouted again.”Sorry, but…I’m on my way saving dad and no one else is answering me. Liam is going to kill Scott and you have to stop them, (Y/N)! You are his only chance.”, and then he hung.

I grabbed my keys and stormed out. Running towards the school I tried to rationalize what Stiles had told me. What did he mean that it was Theo’s fault? Why in hell would Liam kill Scott? He trusted him, he was his beta. They were friends dammit! I had so many questions and no answers. When I neared the building I saw that Theo was entering the library. I was about to scream his name but I saw the way he moved. Even from that far I noticed the rage filling his body. My feet started moving again but this time towards the library. The doors were open but when I saw what was happening in front of me I froze – broken tables, the window too, there were books everywhere but the thing making me gasp were the people inside.

Mason was on the floor lying without moving while Theo had drawn his claws.

“I should have made sure.”

“Because now you have to kill me yourself.”, Scott replied and then Theo’s claws stuck in Scott’s body. Throwing him on the stairs he buried them deeper. I wanted to shout but I couldn’t, as though I was locked in a prison in my mind and wasn’t able to control my body. Inside I was screaming, begging Theo to stop, but nothing came out. When the boy I used to love stood and turned around he saw me. For a short time he stood there starring at me but then he tried to approach me. But with a step taken from him, I drew backwards.

“(Y/N), sweetheart…”, hearing that nickname opened a room in my mind full of our memories together. Tears filled my eyes and I started running fast, trying to get away from him as far as I could. But after some meters I felt a body stopping me and arms wrapping around me. I knew which arms were hugging me, I knew them so bad. No matter how much I missed this and wanted to hug him back, to hear that voice again, telling me everything is fine and it was all just a nightmare, I couldn’t. Pushing him I stepped backwards looking at his hurt expression. Through my blur vision I saw that Theo was crying, too.

“Princess, let me explain.”, he begged and got a little closer as though i had been a homeless dog and he didn’t want to scare me.

“Don’t-don’t call me that.”, were the only words that came out of my mouth. “I’m not your princess anymore.”


“How could you?”, I snapped. Despite the pain in my heart, rage filled my veins. “I believed you! The pack believed you! And you betrayed us! You betrayed me!”

“I didn’t have the purpose to hurt you.”

“But you did!”, I shouted as loud as I could. “You have no idea what I’ve been through lately because of you! You started putting me on the shelf. You weren’t coming back! Do you know how many nights I had suffering because of the bound we were losing? How badly I wanted you to comfort me? To tell me this is not real? Have you got any idea how worried I was about you although it seemed you didn’t care about me at all?”, my voice cracked due to the words that had been slowly killing me these days. “I don’t want to see you Theo Raeken! Not anymore!”

I noticed how the words affected him. As if he were slapped. Leaving him broken and shattered in front of the building I ran without any direction. When I made sure Theo was nowhere to be seen I finally fell on my knees splintered. He was using me the whole time, only to get to Scott and to kill him! He made me fall for him and then left me into pieces which weren’t going to form the same old me. ‘I should go back and help Scott. He can’t be dead!’

I stood up and as I spun around I heard a strange and indescribable sound. Soon three figures appeared in the distance but they were coming closer really fast. When they neared I managed to recognize them – The Dread Doctors.

I stepped backwards then started running but it was too late. One of them impeded me with his cane. I fell on the ground and tried to crawl away from them but I got pulled back. I screamed until my throat became sore. I was kicking and hitting with my hands but all in vain. I felt a strong pain in my neck. They injected me and soon the vision became blurring until I lost conciseness.

To be continue…

!IMPORTANT!: Would you want to see Theo’s POV in the next part ? Please tell me if you do or if you don’t :) 

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Your last post is concerning. Please tell us you are okay..

Omg OMG! I’m okay I’m okay! Sorry for disappearing all the time, there were just some things. but this time I’m back for real, and I’ve got like 6 fucking fics in progress in my drafts it’s not nooooormal!!!! I gotta finish them!

First got some asks to catch up with though! Oh, and a very very very very long dash. ohooho~ I’ll be scrolling until the finger hurtieess.

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Hate you still taking prompts? How about where Jean comes back from being away for like a year or something and he sees Marco who has grown up a lot (like got really attractive). They always liked each other but no one had the courage to do anything so Marco gets to be the dominant one that makes Jean blush when he meets him at the airport or something? I dunno. Your writing is magical.

I literally am not sure if this is at all what you were hoping for, but this kinda became it’s own little thing…. But I hope you like it, my dear nonnie. I actually really like how it came out. (Also, magical? Holy crap, that is SO SWEET!) 


When Jean enlisted, I was fairly certain it was the end of our friendship. Despite the years of history we had, despite the fact that I begged him not to, nothing could change his mind. And who was I to demand he stay? After all, it was his life, not mine, and whatever choices he made were his alone.

He enlisted the day after our high school graduation, and maybe it was selfish that I cried when he’d told me. Maybe it was selfish that I asked him one more time to please reconsider, even though the paperwork was already signed. Maybe it was selfish that I had hoped he would stay so that maybe he and I could have figured ourselves out together – because whatever we were, we weren’t meant to be apart.

But that was then, and what was done, was done.

Jean went off to Basic two states over and I went on with my life, because no matter how much it hurts, it’s what you have to do. I missed him, of course, but we still talked. He’d call or text, just to keep me updated or simply to say a brief hello.

He never said he missed me, but then again, neither did I. Maybe we didn’t have to, because when we talked, the way his voice would trail off when he had to say goodbye told me enough. I ended every call with “Bye, Jean. Call me soon. And stay safe.” and hoped he understood.

I hadn’t cried other than when he first told me he had enlisted. I hadn’t shed a single tear, because he was only two states over, and after all, that isn’t too far when you can still hear the other person’s voice.

I only cried again when he sent me a lone text message to say his unit was going to be deployed.

I didn’t ask him to stay, I didn’t tell him to come home, and I didn’t tell him I missed him. Because what was the point?

I told him what I always told him. “Bye, Jean… Please, call me soon. And stay safe.” and hoped he understood.

The night before he was set to ship out, he called me. I hadn’t heard his voice for a while; it was meeker than it had been in our previous calls. He spoke, though, as if all was well, despite the cracks in his tone, and I tried to return the calm illusion of normalcy as best I could. I told him about school, and how our friends were doing, and when the call wound down, I was ready to tell him goodbye. I was ready to let him go – to let him be a soldier, to be the strong person he was always cut out to be.

But he wasn’t ready.

As the call ended, he didn’t say goodbye. Instead, he said,

“I’m scared, Marco.”

I told him that I was too, but that I would be here when he got back.

Please, stay safe…” I begged him, and hoped he understood.

I didn’t say goodbye, and neither did he.


Once Jean deployed, I didn’t really hear from him anymore. Probably to be expected, though. Communications in a warzone can be spotty at best, and perhaps it made it easier for him. I’d like to say it made it easier for me, too, and maybe it did. If it did ease the stress, though, it wasn’t by much.

Four months into his deployment found me staring at my phone, constantly opening his contact and typing messages I didn’t want to send.

Six months into his deployment, I texted him.

“I miss you.”

Eight months into his deployment, I got an email from a military address I didn’t recognize.

“I miss you, too.”

Nine months in, I texted him one more time, and told him simply,

“Come home safe.” and hoped he understood.

Eleven months after Jean deployed, he finally replied.

“I’ll be touching down at the airport tomorrow at 11 pm.”

I didn’t call, even though I wanted to. But I texted him and told him I would be there.


Sitting in the airport at 10 o’clock – because I’d always rather be early than late – I watched with anticipation as the throngs of people crept by and by. Finally, after what felt like an eternity, I saw him. Coming down the escalator was a familiar figure dressed in camouflage, with a bag slung over his shoulder. He looked different, but not much so. A little broader in the chest and shoulders, hair cut shorter on top than when I’d last seen him, face tanned from the sun.

But it was still Jean.

I stood quickly, ready to greet him, stomach turning over inside myself, and I wondered if he felt the same. Jean, with his eyes focused down at his feet, inched his way down to my floor, until finally, those beige combat boots stepped off the escalator and onto the ground. He glanced up and scanned the room before finally settling his eyes on me.

He didn’t smile – I remember that – not at first. At first, he simply stared, blocking the bottom of the escalator until someone had to shove past him just to get off. I took a few steps towards him, as he did to me, until finally we stood, face to face almost two years down the road.

“Hi.” Jean said, fingers suddenly gripping the handle of his bag a fraction more tightly.


I’m not sure what inspired me – because two years sustaining on a couple of texts and phone calls is hardly enough for a friendship – but I couldn’t stop myself. With my hand on his shoulder, I dragged him forward, crushing him against me and wrapping my arms around him. His bag discarded, dropped to the floor, Jean’s arms steadily wound their way around my midsection.

I could feel his fingers as they curled into the fabric of my shirt, squeezing me tighter, and I thought that maybe this had been just as hard on him as it had been on me. And I thought that perhaps it was telling that it was me he’d asked to meet him – not his mother or father, not his brother – but me. I was the person he’d asked to see first upon returning home, and for a moment, I wondered if I looked different to him like he did to me.

With one more gentle squeeze, I eased my arms off of him. He relinquished me reluctantly, a small sigh on his breath as he did so. Gathering his bag back up, Jean gave me another look over, and I couldn’t help but notice the fluster of red that had built up on his cheeks.

Some things never change.

Jean smiled at me then. He smiled and sighed and shook his head with a chuckle.

“You… you got taller…” He stammered.

“And you got broader.” I told him, framing his shoulders with my hands.

“You look great, Marco…”

“So do you, Jean.”

Jean avoided my gaze, but smiled none the less, and I couldn’t remember the last time I’d seen him like this. I could barely remember the last time I’d really seen him smile. And my heart ached, because I had missed him so much.

But it fluttered too. Because after two years, the time apart felt like nothing now that he stood in front of me safe, alive, and real.

And as I looked at him, the thought crept into my head like a warm but fleeting breeze…

I could kiss him.

My hands on his shoulders, staring at him after so long, I could kiss him.

And I wanted to.

But I didn’t.

Instead, I cocked my head and beckoned him to come with me, leading the two of us towards the airport parking lot.


Sitting in my car, we didn’t leave the airport right away. He hadn’t told me anywhere he wanted to go, and I wasn’t ready to simply pick him up and drop him right back off again somewhere else. Maybe it was selfish, but that’s something I’ve come to terms with. I wanted him with me for even just a singe moment longer.

The radio was playing a song I can’t remember while we sat in the darkened parking lot. His face was illuminated by the flickering fluorescent lights, and I wanted to kiss him. I wanted to take his hand and grip his neck, and kiss him and tell him to please never go away again.

I wanted to.

But I didn’t.

Instead, I told him,

“You’re quiet…”

As if I weren’t quiet too.

“I just…” He started, but stopped when he turned his head to look at me, “I missed you, Marco.”

“Me too…” I paused, my hand reaching down to clutch at the gear shift. “Did you want me to take you home?”

Jean shook his head slowly.


“Does your family know you’re back?”

“Not yet.”

“Okay. We can relax at my place for a bit, if you want?”

Jean simply nodded, relaxing back into his seat a little bit. And from the corner of my eye, I swear I could still that calm and fresh 18 year old that had left some two years ago. Because some things just don’t disappear, and that was fine with me.


Sat inside of my apartment, dressed down into more comfortable clothes, we talked.

We didn’t talk about everything – but it was enough. Soft words about life and what the other had missed, as if we’d only been apart for a summer and not two whole formative years. But it was okay.

Jean was quiet – and he rarely used to be – but his smile… his smile was the same. And when he beamed it at me through quiet giggles, I questioned how I ever thought that what we had could have broken because of something as silly as time apart. Sitting on my living room floor, shoulder to shoulder with my friend, I realized quickly that I had never been ready to let him go.

When I took his hand gently in the quiet, he hadn’t questioned it. And when I scooted closer, he’d allowed my closeness in kind. And when I craned my head over to him, he’d met me half-way with tentative lips and a breathy sigh.

Jean kissed me as if afraid that I might disappear, as if perhaps his two years away were enough to drive me away. Because whatever we were, it had never been defined, never named, never concrete or solidified. But when his muscles strained and lips quivered, I’d kissed him deep enough to tell him that undefined didn’t mean intangible or unreal. I cradled his jaw, covered his body with my own, if only to tell him that undefined didn’t mean insubstantial or insignificant.

There were things I wanted him to tell me and things I still wanted to tell him – pieces I think the two of us were waiting to fill in. The why’s, the how long’s, the gaps and holes from the years we spent apart that I was desperate to re-stitch and reclaim. But those were for another time, and the moments we had right then – the kisses, the touches, the gentle moans of things that were a long time in the making – in those moments, it seemed that all we had to do was pick up where we left off.

Because whatever we were, whatever we are, we were never meant to be apart.


i hope that was sort of something you were looking for! though i do kind of like how this came out!

More MOTHERFUCKING SPACE DRAGON!jm cuz why not and it’s wicked fun to write for

First drabble

Third drabble


Jim being as charming and regal with visiting dignitaries as usual, except for the ones getting too close with Bones, and the doctor growling at him afterwards, Look, I know he was getting too flirty, but there was no reason to singe his eyebrows off. Jim apologizes to the offending man later on, making sure to end with his sweetest smile full of sharp, white teeth.

The ensigns catching their CMO arguing with the huge dragon, as he frowns and grouches, No, I will not ride you, and if you say ‘That’s not what you said last night’ one more time, I swear to god, I will get Sulu to run you over when you’re out there.

Bones finding a drawer in Jim’s room filled with jewelry and loose gems and precious metals and literally just shiny things including some of the nicer silverware that had disappeared a month ago. Along with that is one of the hypos that Bones had used on Jim that the doctor swore he had disposed of already.

Leonard once waking in Jim’s bed to find that very hoard surrounding him and Jim watching him bright eyed while Bones is less than pleased. When Jim’s eyes go slitted and teeth go sharp and he hisses, My treasure, Bones hypos him in the ass; Jim gets numb tail for three days.

Jim coming back from an adrenaline-filled and successful mission to crowd Bones against the wall in his office, with Bones needing to pull away to blow out smoke rings from his mouth as his boyfriend gets too excited.

The two getting stranded and lost on a freezing planet, with the crew finding the two taking shelter in a cave in the middle of a snowstorm. The doctor is injured and unconscious, but safe and warm with the gigantic golden dragon wrapped around him securely. Jim loses a few scales to the cold, and Bones both chides and thanks him afterwards.


And once, when they’re kissing and petting in the captain’s quarters after their shifts on Jim’s bed, and Bones pulls back with A little too much tongue, darlin’, I mean I’m into it, but I don’t need to choke, and Jim pulls back as well, gripping his wrists and hissing, eyes bright and slitted,

You’re mine, right? You’re mine, aren’t you, Bones?

And Bones can see the scales on his wrists and the fire in his eyes and he knows the dragon mind is taking over a bit so the doctor just pulls out of the grip (easily, of course, Jim always lets him go) and puts his hands on the captain’s face and smushes his cheeks saying, Again, Jim, I ain’t a thing to have, you get that right?

And Jim, face still smushed and looking abashed, nods, somewhat mournfully, and Bones sighs and pecks a kiss on his nose saying, But yes, I’m yours. And you’re mine, you got that?

And Jim just smiles like a damn sunrise, the dragon seeming to preen over the idea of Bones’ ownership of him, saying Yes, I’m yours, all yours, and he kisses him lightly on the lips, reveling in the words, And you’re mine.

Jim pulls back again to reveal still slitted eyes, now serious, nervous, as he almost fumbles reaching into his back pocket to reveal a small precious box filled with a small precious ring.

Bones’ eyes go huge, hand covering his mouth as his gaze races between the shining ring and Jim’s shining eyes, as the blonde says, Would you be mine…forever?

And Bones swears and then swears some more before grinning wide as he takes the ring and holds it up, eyes filled with mirth as he asks, Are you sure you’re willin’ to part with this, darlin’?

And the blue eyes linger on the ring, flashing bright at the shining silver, before he puts it in the palm of the doctor’s hand and closes it, holding his hand firmly as he says, You’re my greatest treasure.

And Bones huffs and laughs and says What’d I say about callin’ me- but Jim cuts him off with a kiss and Bones easily takes the distraction, only pulling away to say breathlessly, That was a 'yes’ by the way, and Jim can’t help but pull away and shoot a flame in delight at the ceiling and well, they didn’t like that light fixture much anyway.

And when the crew is next watching Jim fly around the Enterprise and they see the tiny golden ring fixed very carefully and securely on one of the front claws (which Jim is unsubtly showing off), they instantly look to McCoy to see its silver partner on his hand, and crowd him with congratulations and joy.

Not Afraid of the Dark

CHAPTER 3: How About a Hot Bath

Author: EddiPoo

Words: 3,858

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Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 

In the morning the sun was already high in the sky when you awoke. It must have been approaching noon. You never understood why crying was so exhausting, but you had slept for hours longer than you ever had before. Dean had stayed with you the whole night, holding you close to him. But now he was sitting across the room, laptop open on the little table and papers spread out across its surface. Dean noticed that you were awake.

“Good morning,” he said, smiling up from his work.

You blushed deeply.

“I thought I’d let you sleep as long as possible. God knows you needed it. How long has it been since you have slept a full night like that?”

“It’s been a while,” you confirmed, looking him in the eyes as you spoke.

“I’ve just been doing some research. Again. I’m not always this boring I promise.”

You gave a shy smile at his joke.

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