some things eee

taking a bath with calum would be so romantic because inside he is romantic too and a bubble bath is exactly what you would need to unwind from all the finals and holidays stress.  just like you two would plan a date he would plan this bath but you weren’t expecting the whole nine yards like calum made it.  the room would be lit with candles some smelling of rose and some there simply to illuminate the little space.  he might even throw little rose petals or a bath bomb in there idk but there would be lots of bubbles that’s for sure.  you would not hesitate to strip down, something that at the beginning of your relationship would have terrified you.  in the start of your relationship with calum being chubby made you feel a little insecure but now you have blossomed into a person with your head held high and a lot of love for yourself in your heart.  calum would be in love with every part of you, too.  you and cal would probably switch positions in the bath a lot sometimes across from each other sometimes next to each other with your legs swung over the edge but the sweetest was when you were in between calum’s legs.  your head resting in the space where his neck and his head meet and his hands would rub up and down your legs and lay on your tummy and even though the only noise would be the water running you could feel how much love was in the air in the bathroom of your apartment.  calums arms would find a comfortable place hugging your waist and his lips would find a spot on your temple and this just seems like such a relaxing situation.  please let me be wrapped up in calum’s arms and the sweet smell of flowers forever i don’t think i’d ever want to leave.