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The jacket origin story that no one asked for

I’ve always felt sorry for Thief King Bakura.

When he was a child, he had to watch the cruel murder of all his friends and family members so that the Millennium items could be created. After that he was all alone. His grief, hatred and loneliness slowly made him go mad. Everything got even worse when Zorc took control of him.

Of course Bakura did some horrible things. Revenge is never a solution, but he didn’t deserve this destiny. It would have been great if only the darkness in his heart was destroyed and he finally found peace.

After all Bakura was a victim as well.

petition for the fourth AOS Star Trek to be about going back in time to save the whales.

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Still need to know what tem is drinkimg, TQ. IT IS MY DESTINY! ...or just some random thing I wanna know... BUT MOST LIKELY MY DESTINY!

MTT brand Purple Wine. It tastes like purple. Incidentally, purple tastes nothing like grapes. Or wine.

What He Says: I’m fine

What He Means: BotW!Zelda is not a failure of a princess nor should she ever be accused of that. The poor thing was told since day one she had some grand destiny to fulfill because of her bloodline, and was so stressed out about it that she took frustrations out on Link for a moment before realizing that he wasn’t to blame and that he didn’t judge her at all. Leave poor egghead stressed Zelda alone. 

fuck the idea
that there is 
such a thing
as destiny,
that there exists
some kind of
mysterious master plan,
that there is a god who
does not
give us anything
we cannot

the pain
did not
make me
a better person.
it did not
teach me not to 
take anything
for granted.
it did not
teach me anything
except how
to be afraid
to love anyone.

i am
far too
to be so
if i could go back
in time
& give
her childhood
                 i would.

—  amanda lovelace, what was the point?
blinded by your love

A/N: This is my first imagine I have ever posted and I’m very nervous but also proud that I actually got myself to post it. I welcome any and all criticism. Thank you for reading, all the love xx.

Word count: 1,537

He was so gentle. Her angel with cheeks as plush as cotton and heart as rare painite. She’d never seen someone so content with the fate God has given them and to have them be so selfless at the same time. He was blinded by the darkness. He couldn’t see the love she held for him, or how happy he made her. But he felt it. 

 And nonetheless she loved him unconditionally. He was the sun, moon and stars and the universe was nothing without him. Often times she would tell him to rub his eyes tightly, and he could see all the stars that he held inside him. The stars that shined through and lit her up. 

 One of the many things they had in common was their love for literature. He loved to hear her writings. Little did he know everything she’s ever written had a piece of him in it. His smile was her reward and was what fueled her to excel in her passion; to learn new words and create phrase that will be used by future authors years from now. 

The smile lines that creased along the corners of his mouth where his plump pink lips lay. The dimples she would poke to activate his hearty laugh. “God, I adore that smile.” She’d always say. “I adore you.” Twas his response. Always.

She treasured their first ‘I love you’, and didn’t mind one bit that she had said it first, his reaction was precious. She cupped his cheeks as shallow tears slid down them, her thumbs reacting like windshield wipers in the cool rain. “Unbelievable, if only you knew how much I love you, darling.” 

And they made love like devils that night. 

But they both could agree that the saying was overused by many who don’t know how to use it. The couple pledged that when they were older and wiser, with greater knowledge, they’d create their own phrase. One that future authors would use in their novels and lovers could say full-heartedly to each other. Maybe that’s what set them apart from their friends, their want to change the world. 

 The first time the pair had met was just something so casual it frightens her to think of a slight shift in detail. Had she not waited an extra few minutes in the little record shop, being keen on finding the old vinyl of a beloved band, she would have not come across who lays beside her holding the title of her lover.

 He walked into the small shop, his cane ahead of him leading him through the store. Her eyes immediately softened, feeling ashamed as she examined him. After a moment of looking down his frame, Y/N cleared her throat, letting him know of the extra company. 

 He became alert, taken aback at how close she was. His forehead creased and he took a few steps back, looking straight ahead, but seeing nothing but darkness. “Hello?” His accent was like butter. His deep and raspy voice made her eyes flutter, it was ever so comforting. A soft smile made its way onto her face before greeting him back, wanting him to feel at ease. 

 “Do you mind helping me? I’m in search of a vinyl which I can’t find anywhere. Well, for reasons other than the obvious.” He smiled, letting out a short laugh. She giggled softly at his humility. He was a strong man, seeming he could be content and make a bit of humor out of himself. It just furthered her interest in him. He was definitely a fighter and didn’t view his disability as a disadvantage. “And what vinyl would that be uhm…?” 

“Harry.” He smiled, dimples poking through cocking his head to the side awaiting for the name of the intriguing woman before him. “Harry…” the name was foreign to her tongue , but oh did it rest well. “Nice to meet you Harry, I’m Y/N-” 

 “It took a bit of searching but here it is!” The shop keeper barged in, holding up the vinyl they’d both been searching for throughout town. “The last Blondie vinyl in the store.” 

 “I must be in luck, that’s exactly what I’ve been scattering to find.” Harry says from beside her, while she stood stunned for a moment. Her and the shop keeper exchanged a look, before he opened his mouth to speak. 

 “Actually sir, thi-” 

 “This must be your lucky day!” She exclaimed, blocking out the man’s voice and giving him soft a look. At that moment she would do anything not to have the smile on Harry’s face drop, this was only a small price to pay. 

 The shop keeper smiled, ringing him up. “That’ll be $64.95 sir.” 

 Harry reached into his pocket unfolding 4 bills before handing them to Y/N. “Could you double check if these are 4 twenties?” She nodded before examining the bills, and as she did her face fell. The pity she had felt for him began to appear as she gave him a frown. 

 “Harry… these are 4 singles.” His face twisted, and she heard him curse to himself, groaning in frustration about grabbing the wrong stack. He muttered a small apology to the man, excusing him for wasting his time. He rubbed his hands over his face as he began to take small strides to the door. 

 “Wait,” Y/N called as Harry stopped in his tracks. She reached into her purse, pulling out 3 twenties and a five dollar bill and handing them over to the shop owner. “Here you go.” She smiled as he rung her up, handing back the change. 

 Y/N walked up to the lovely brunette, taking the bag with the beloved record and placing it into his hand, watching his eyebrows furrow in confusion before he shook his head. “No no.. I can’t. There’s no way I can take this, please-” 

She cut him off by squeezing his shoulder softly, smiling as she looked up at him. “Let’s make a deal.“ She grinned, although he couldn’t see her expression. “You can have the vinyl, as long as you and I can meet again. Somewhere we can get to know each other, I’d love to gain a friend.” His head shook, a smile spread across his face while his cheeks turned rosy. She took his phone number and provided a promise to call for an arrangement. 

 With an exchange of smiles, destiny rose to the occasion. 

 But some things were just never fair. This wasn’t fair. Her tears would stain her pillow and without making a sound, he would know. “We’ll be alright, baby. I promise we will.” His arms locked her in, securing their bodies together like a lock and key. He left kisses down her neck as she sighed contently, forgetting momentarily about her worries for him. Cause no matter what happened, she would always be by his side. 

 “I wish you could just-”

“I know…” he whispers. “But I can always imagine.“
He studied her face with the tips of his fingers until he memorized it like the back of his hand. He knew all her perfections, flaws and traits better than she did. 

She loved him with every atom in her. She was attached to his mentality, she loved his views on the world. He believes beyond this world lies another universe where he acquires all 5 senses, where he would be able to use them to appreciate their love. 

 “No matter what universe we lived in, I would still love you the same nonetheless.“ Y/N confessed as she sat comfortably on his lap, her own lips coming in contact with his plump pink ones. 

 “You think so?” He mumbled into the kiss before pulling away, holding her tight leaving little to no space between them. She nodded, taking his pointer finger and placing it on her cheek, wanting him to outline her face. He smirked before doing just that, knowing how much comfort it brought her. 

 “God, I fell in love with a psycho.” Y/N gasped as Harry chuckled, leaving a sloppy kiss on her neck. “As psychotic as she turns out to be, I’m still fucking whipped.” 

 Hearing how much he loved her was a drug she got high off. It was all she needed to survive, and she never took advantage of what he provided for her. “Fuck, you make me feel like a damn princess baby.” 

 “You’re my princess.” He smiled, now resting his entire palm on her cheek, swiping his thumb along the soft skin. “And it doesn’t take sight to know that. Your strength and care could carry a kingdom, you sure as hell carry me. I am blind, that’s something we both have faced conflict with in our relationship before. But the one thing that’s greater than my blindness is the love you give me, the love I have for you. I am not blinded by the darkness; I’m blinded by your love. You helped me to remove the negative thoughts and the loneliness I felt. You put light in me. Thank you so much, darling. I don’t have my sight, but I am also robbed of my heart. You’ve stolen it, and it’s yours to keep.”

Hey Tumblr if you like American Gods maybe check out Kings

So I know folks on Tumblr loooooooove Bryan Fuller. I do too! Hannibal was great and it’s cancellation was sad. Also, Bryan Fuller’s kind of mastered the art of how a showrunner can interact with fans on social media.

But did you know that American Gods is co-created by Fuller and this guy named Michael Green?

And did you know that Michael Green was the creator of a little gem of a show called Kings which ran for a season back in 2009?

It’s basically a modern AU of the Biblical story of King David (from the David and Goliath story). Only, David takes out the show’s version of Goliath in the first half hour. Cuz it’s all about what happens afterward - the king invites David to the palace and it all kicks off from there. Family drama and political drama and what if God is real? And is there such a thing as destiny?

Some highlights in the cast:

  • Ian McShane is the king! 
  • Sebastian Stan is the king’s gay son!
  • Macaulay Culkin shows up halfway through the series and chews the scenery
  • Frustratingly, it’s a pretty white show (especially when it comes to the main cast), but - Marlyne Barrett and Eamonn Walker are both in every episode (Maggie and Wallace from Chicago Fire!)

It’s definitely not a perfect show but it’s worth a watch. It’s on YouTube and Amazon and all that (in the U.S. anyway).

Wow, the entire time on #Scandal , we have been watching what happens to a woman (OP) who chooses the 'smart' path (ultimately one of fear), and #Scandal100 shows...

that same woman considering taking the ‘right’ path instead. Some bumps along the way (that’s life), but ultimately she still found a way to accomplish her goals without the access to the WH she thought was the only path. Some things are just destiny.

I was never the type of person to believe in destiny, but I do believe there are some things in the universe that just fit. The rivers and rainforest, the stars and the skies, feathers and flight. Every one of them less complete without the other. That’s just what we were; bounded"

- cy

Keep What Remains, Part III [Gladiolus Amicitia/Reader]

“What do you think about holding onto something when you’ve lost everything else?”

Remember how Gladio mentioned getting a girlfriend during all those years of darkness? Here’s how that happened. Spoilers up to Chapter 13 of the game, so proceed with caution!

Part I | Part II

D’you think something can mean everything and nothing at the same time?

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Petra hangs above the void, kicks her feet as she has not done since she was a child, since before the witches claimed her. Amethyst clouds swirl before her, casting shadows across the spars and wreckage that litter the Reef. Beside her, a knife-edge of reclaimed metal juts into empty space.

She has come from her charge’s cell, his four arms eternally clutching blades and gemstone. Focused, as always, on carving something beautiful. In a way, she envies him - he has nothing left to lose.

She stands, rolls her shoulders. And places a single, tentative foot on the beam next to her. Ship or Ketch or the detritus of a dead civilization she cannot say, but it remains solid beneath her despite the shifting mists and the pounding of her heart. The Tower has three, but now the Reef has only her single eye and all the rickety balance she can muster.

She does not slip. It has been years, but her feet and heart remember. She had worried it would not be so - strength hard-won is too easy to forget, and the sureness of bare feet atop cold metal is an unexpected relief.

They call him the Warden. She wonders if it makes him chuckle, alone in his barren chamber - the Warden, more a prisoner than anyone. To the Reef, yes, but to himself as well; to the histories he has crafted, to his house, to the Fallen - to the Eliksni. She watches his eyes when he thinks that no one else does. Sees them widen in surprise and narrow in hurt. Saw the pain it caused when errant Wolves cast off their chains. 

What he was planning, she could not say- but dreams have their price, as she well knows. At least her prison is larger.

And yet, when she enters the poisoned atmosphere of his dungeon, she is always thankful for her mask and the anonymity it grants. She does not doubt that he would burn the Reef to ash if it meant the rebirth of his house. She does not fault him for it.

They are both loyal in their own way, and as she looks beneath her into emptiness she swears an oath - swears it seven times: as long as he stands with his head high, so will she. They are needed, both of them.

She pirouettes atop the beam. Smiles to herself at the accomplishment, but feels her throat catch. Variks knows it as well as she does: there is a gravity that comes from the Last City to which she cannot put a name, despite witch-born knowledge, despite battle-earned cunning. His Great Machine has brought its grudges with it. And she could not care a whit, because -

Because her Queen lives. And if claiming her once more means the Reef must burn, so be it. She will light the match with laughter in her heart and dance among the flames.

I saw Moana today, and there was so very much to love about it.  But I think I’m just going to talk about one thing for now.  And that’s the “princess upgrade.”  (Well, that’s what I’m calling it.)

Moana has the usual Disney heroine trope of “I want more than being a princess/royalty/whatever!”  (It’s a good trope for a fairy tale.)  But with a lot of Disney princesses, there’s really nothing for them to DO as princesses.  They exist, and that’s good and right for the kingdom, your prince will come and evil will be defeated, the end.  There’s no actual ruling or governance or anything you have to be trained for, don’t be silly!

Moana is the daughter of a chief, and the main point her father uses to keep her at home and out of trouble is saying, “hey, you’re gonna be chief someday, here are your people, you’ve got to take care of them!”  And the next montage shows her…doing exactly that.  We see her making decisions in day-to-day life, talking to her people, doing her job to keep the island and her people happy and prosperous.  We see her, in short, being trained to be a leader.  Her birth position is both a job and a serious responsibility that has to be performed right to keep things good.  Destiny, of course, has some extra things in mind for her, but those things are also in the best interest of her people.  They’re tasks that need to be done, and she was the person picked for the job.

That was EXTREMELY refreshing to see.  And that alone would have made the movie worth it to me, but again, there was SO MUCH MORE TO LOVE.

Sparks - Vampire!AU

Word Count: 1614
Summary: ‘To be loved, and to be in love.’ 

Drabble of Baekhyun!Vampire series.

Life was a beautiful thing, that’s what he had said. And you couldn’t agree more; beside the disturbing thoughts humans had, the selfish actions and the obvious destroying of what nature had to offer; it was pretty, stunning. Especially when you can share it when someone dear to you.

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Who are you most to least favorite Zeroes and why

akane-sigma-delta no contest

i’m gonna have to say putting akane in front is largely on impulse because i fucking love her so goddamn much, but sigma is pretty close in terms of… i dunno, how good being zero was for his character

akane is extremely interesting in her motives… she was saving her own life, of course, and in some ways can be seen as Poor Innocent Akane Has To Do This Or She’ll Die– and i mean, yeah, unless she wants to sit down and accept death, she does have to do this, she kinda is being forced. but it’s also for revenge. she HATES hongou, kubota, musashidou, nijisaki. she wants them to pay for what they’ve done! she says so in her letter! she’s vengeful, she’s willing to sacrifice lives in order to save her own and punish those who need to be punished, and i fucking love her for that. in doing all of this, she had to sacrifice some things like morals… she ends up being amoral/morally grey, but not in that she does evil things– but rather, she does what she must and doesn’t let morals get in the way of it. this, of course, involved giving up a bit of her humanity… although motivated in part by hatred, it’s still taxing on somebody to do what she’s done, and so she had to detach herself from what she was doing in order to survive those nine years. she’s cunning, she’s machiavellian, she took her fate into her own hands. she did it to save herself, to save the world, to exact revenge… she’s wildly complex (cough) and ztd did her a disservice in attempting to simplify that

sigma is another interesting case. it’s still an important characterization point that he chose to do this– again, he was technically ‘forced’ in that he had to or the world would end, but he still dedicated his life to this nearly immediately. whereas akane spent nine years preparing, sigma spent forty five. he gave up his entire life for this project. he gave up his home and life and traveled to the fucking moon to save the earth he left behind! he’s one man, isolated, trying to save billions of people that are a lifetime away from him! akane’s nonary game almost seems straightforward in comparison– sigma’s is so much more complex due not only to the timeframe but due to the factors involved. he even has to account for things like what if he doesn’t survive forty five years, because fuck, he’s on the moon! he can die at any moment! akane giving up part of her humanity and morals wasn’t as hard for her because of her desire for revenge, but sigma? he has strongass motives when he’s young. he even does things that are pretty objectively hurtful to people such as leaving phi to escape alone just to stay consistent with his morals. but he kind of… has to do some pretty horrible things to fulfill his destiny. not that it makes them right– he treated kyle horribly, for example, and that’s not something i’ll forgive, especially when it’s ignored by the plot so blatantly– but he has some tough decisions to make. you can see the same zero persona take over akane and sigma and twist them in unique ways… they really do have a shared experience that nobody else will ever know

meanwhile. delta. is awful. and horrible. and i Hate Him. total letdown in every way– we never could’ve guessed who brother was before playing the game because he was never hinted to exist. there was no attempt to properly humanize him using the left backstory. there was no attempt to fucking understand his motives at all, none of which made sense, and instead of demonstrating someone’s complex motives like in the case of akane and sigma, the game felt the need to shove it up your ass until you come out of the game muttering “complex…. complex….” and make memes about it because that’s the only fuckin thing you got from that game. FUCK delta. worst zero. not allowed in the club. goodbye