some tarzan action going on there

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pairing: bokuakakuroken

It was a normal day for Bokuto, Kenma, Akaashi, and Kuroo. In other words, Kenma was quietly existing with the only sound coming from wherever he was from his gaming device. Akaashi was going between reading a book and studying. Kuroo was going between screaming in agony over an essay he had to write and sending various horrible pickup lines to Akaashi via snapchat for stress-relief, and Bokuto had given up on school completely and was currently laying on the couch buried in multiple layers of blankets and all the pillows he could find–creating a nest of sorts.

The first few times the “school sucks” nest—as dubbed by Kuroo–had appeared there were various inquiries over its existence. However it was now a given that when Bokuto was stressed by school the nest would appear and he would disappear.

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